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uBLAS test director
	Use boost::test to test various uBLAS containers and expressions

The tests can be used individually or automaticaly as part of the uBLAS regression tests.

The tests are broken down in directorys as follows:

test1 - dense vector and matrix tests
test2 - BLAS tests
test3 - sparse vector and matrix tests
test4 - banded/diagonal matrix tests
test5 - triangular matrix tests
test6 - symmetric matrix tests
test7 - dense vector and matrix tests with boost::numeric::internal values

Each test directory contains:
	testX.hpp	Headers and types to be tested
	testX.cpp	Call the test functions for the defined types
	testX1.cpp	Implements vector tests	
	testX2.cpp	Implements vector/matrix tests	
	testX3.cpp	Implements matrix tests	

Missing in these tests
	a) Runtime result validation.
	b) Iterator interface tests. Only complete container expressions are tested
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