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The source tree starting here keeps the (verbatim) upstream sources which
we need to access for subclassing them and which are not accessible from outside
the evolution-data-server sources (which is where we are as standalone plugin).

There is a dedicated branch (currently EDS_IMAPX_nobuild) for keeping
verbatim copies of upstream sources. Do add new upstream sources there, but
do not edit them. Instead, do a merge into your own devel branch and apply
the changes there in a way which allows to diff against the EDS_IMAPX_nobuild

When adding new upstream sources, do so in the EDS_IMAPX_nobuild branch
and edit the VERSIONS file accompanying this readme to reflect your additions
(i.e., add the exact upstream version from where you took the sources).

The EDS_IMAPX_nobuild branch is a temporary solution which we hopefully
will be able to decommission in future.
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