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. (Remedy) Add VxWorks 6.x kernel mode with shared library support


. Deprecated Visual Age 5 and older

. Closed a rare race condition hole whereby ACE_Atomic_Op<> function
  pointers would not be fully initialized prior to use.  See bugzilla
  3185 for details.

. Tweaks to support MacOS X Leopard (10.5 and 10.5.1) on Intel

. Fixed compile problems with MinGW with GCC 4.2. Do note that we do see
  much more test failures then when using GCC 3.4.

. Changed to use synchronous exception handling with msvc 8/9 which is the
  default. Asynchrous exception handling does catch access violations but
  it leads to lower performance and other problems. See also bugzilla 3169

. Make ace_main extern C with VxWorks so that it doesn't get mangled

. Fixed compile errors and warnings for VxWorks 6.6

. Added an MPC generator for the WindRiver Workbench 2.6 which is shipped
  with VxWorks 6.4

. Added support for CodeGear C++ Builder 2007 with December 2007 update

. Added support for VxWorks 5.5.1

. Implemented the const reverse iterator for ACE_Hash_Map_Manager_Ex

. Increased support for using ACE_Hash_Map_Manager_Ex with STL <algorithm>
  functions based on latest standard C++ draft


. ACE-ified the UUID class, which will change user applications slightly.

. Added support for Sun Studio 12

. Added support for Intel C++ 10.1

. Fixed runtime problems with VxWorks 6.x in kernel mode, several improvements
  have been made to ACE, but also some problems in the VxWorks kernel have
  been found for which WindRiver has made patches.

. Added support for VxWorks 6.5 kernel mode

. Added support for MacOS 10.5

. Support for MacOS 10.4 is now deprecated.

. Added support for OpenSuSE 10.3

. Added support for RedHat 5.1

. Added support for Microsoft Visual Studio 2008

. Added support for Fedora Core 8

. Added support for Ubuntu 7.10

. With Ubuntu 7.04 and 7.10 we can't use visibility, that results in
  unresolved externals when building some tests. With lsb_release we
  now detect Ubuntu 7.04 and 7.10 automatically and then we disable

. Removed deprecated (un)subscribe methods from ACE_SOCK_Dgram_Mcast

. Added an additional replace() method to ACE_OuptutCDR for replacing a
  ACE_CDR::Short value. Also added write_long_placeholder() and
  write_short_placeholder() to properly align the stream's write pointer,
  write a placeholder value and return the placeholder's pointer. The pointer
  can later be used in a call to replace() to replace the placeholder with a
  different value.

. Initial support for VxWorks 6.6

. Removed support for pthread draft 4, 6, & 7. This makes the ACE threading
  code much cleaner

. Improved autoconf support

. Fixed TSS emulation problems

. Changed ACE_thread_t and ACE_hthread_t to int for VxWorks kernel mode. All
  thread creation methods do have an additional const char* argument to
  specify the task name, this now also works with pthread support enabled

. Use bool in much more interfaces where this is possible

. Added support for Debian Etch

. Fixed ACE CDR LongDouble support on VxWorks 6.x

. Added Microsoft Visual Studio 2008 project files to the release packages

. Fixed a few bugs in the ACE_Vector template


. Added support for CodeGear RAD Studio 2007

. Added support for CodeGear C++ Builder 2007 Update 3

. Modified the definiton of ACE_DEFAULT_THREAD_KEYS on Windows so it
  is based on the version of the OS as defined by Microsoft in this web
  This fixes bugzilla #2753


. OpenVMS 8.3 on IA64 port

. Added autoconf support for Intel C++ 10.0

. Improved autoconf support on Linux, Solaris, NetBSD and HPUX

. CodeGear C++ Builder 2007 Update 2 support

. The netsvcs's client logging daemon has a new configuration option,
  -llocal-ip[:local-port], which can be used to specify the local IP
  address and port number for the client logging daemon's connection to
  the server logging daemon. If the -l option is specified with an IP
  address but not a port number, an unused port number is selected.

. A new ACE+TAO port to LabVIEW RT 8.2 with Pharlap ETS. The host build
  environment is Windows with Microsoft Visual Studio .NET 2003 (VC7.1).
  Please see the ACE-INSTALL.html file for build instructions.


. The ACE_utsname struct, used in the ACE_OS::uname() function when the
  platform doesn't provide the standard utsname struct, was changed. It
  defines a number of text fields and their types were changed from
  ACE_TCHAR[] to char[] in order to be consistent with all other platforms.
  This removes the need to write different code for platforms where
  ACE_LACKS_UTSNAME_T is set and that have wide characters (most probably
  Windows). Fixes Bugzilla #2665.

. The ACE::daemonize() "close_all_handles" parameter was changed from
  an "int" to a "bool" to better reflect how it is used.

. VxWorks 6.5 support. Compilation of the core libraries has been validated
  but no runtime testing has been performed.

. CodeGear C++ Builder 2007 support.

. The FaCE utility was moved from the ACE_wrappers/apps directory to
  ACE_wrappers/contrib. It is used for testing ACE+TAO apps on WinCE.
  See the ACE_wrappers/contrib/FaCE/README file for more information.

. ACE_INET_Addr::set (u_short port, char *host_name, ...) now favors IPv6
  addresses when compiled with ACE_HAS_IPV6 defined and the supplied address
  family is AF_UNSPEC. This means that if host_name has an IPv6 address in
  DNS or /etc/hosts, that will be used over an IPv4 address. If no IPv6
  address exists for host_name, then its IPv4 address will be used.

. Intel C++ 10.0 support

. Support for the version of vc8 for 64-bit (AMD64) shipped with the Microsoft
  Platform SDK.

. Fixed ACE_Vector::swap() (bugzilla #2951).

. Make use of the Atomic_Op optimizations on Intel EM64T processors. The
  Atomic_Op is now several times faster on EM64T then with previous versions
  of ACE


. Use Intel C++ specific optimizations for Linux on IA64

. Improved support for ACE_OS::fgetc. Added support for ACE_OS::fputc,
  ACE_OS::getc, ACE_OS::putc and ACE_OS::ungetc.

. Added support for ACE_OS::log2(double) and improved support for

. Shared library builds on AIX now produce a file instead of the
  previous practice of producing libxxx.a(shr.o).

. GCC 4.1.2 that comes with Fedora 7 seems to have a fix for the visibility
  attribute we use for the singletons. F7 users will therefore need to
  define the following in your config.h file.

. Fixed (rare) problem in TP_Reactor where incorrect event handler was

. Reduced footprint on some platforms, particularly those that use
  g++ >= 3.3.


. Extended ACE_Event constructor with optional LPSECURITY_ATTRIBUTES

. Added support for QT4

. Added support to integrate with the FOX Toolkit (

. Added support for Microsoft Visual Studio Code Name "Orcas", which is
  the msvc9 beta

. Added ability to provide an optional priority when calling
  ACE_Message_Queue_Ex::enqueue_prio(). There was previously no way
  to specify a priority for queueing.

. Removed support for Visual Age on Windows.

. ACE will compile once again with ACE_LACKS_CDR_ALIGNMENT #defined.

. ACE_Process_Manager::terminate() no longer removes the process from the
  process descriptor table; the pid remains available in order to call


. ACE 5.5 contained a set of pragmas which prevented Visual Studio 2005 (VC8)
  from issuing warnings where C run-time functions are used but a more
  secure alternative is available. For more information on the C run-time
  issues and Microsoft's response, please see the following MSDN page:
  In this beta, the pragmas which prevented the warnings have been removed.
  The ACE library has been reviewed and most of the use of "unsafe" functions
  has been fixed where possible. Since not all of the warnings emanating from
  ACE are situations that can or should be fixed, the ACE VC8 projects will
  prevent the warnings while building the ACE kit and its contained examples,
  tests, etc. The warnings are disabled by adding Microsoft-specified macros
  to the compile line via MPC. If desired, the warnings can be re-enabled by
  regenerating the project files with different MPC features. Note, however,
  that while ACE without warnings caused by the new C run-time functions, your
  application builds may trigger these warnings either by use of the "unsafe"
  C run-time functions or via use of an inlined ACE_OS method which uses it.
  If the warning is caused by an ACE_OS method, there is a more safe alternate
  available, probably located by appending _r to the method name (e.g.,
  instead of using ACE_OS::ctime(), use ACE_OS::ctime_r()).
  There are other cases where the compiler may have issued warnings and ACE
  prevented this via a #pragma. These #pragmas have been removed as well.
  This may cause your application builds to trigger more warnings from VC8
  than past ACE versions. You should review your code and either correct
  the code or disable the warnings locally, as appropriate.

. The "release" argument to a number of ACE_String_Base<> methods was changed
  from int to bool to more accurately reflect its purpose. The following
  methods were changed:

            ACE_String_Base (const CHAR *s,
                             ACE_Allocator *the_allocator = 0,
                             int release = 1);
            ACE_String_Base (const CHAR *s,
                             ACE_Allocator *the_allocator = 0,
                             bool release = true);

            ACE_String_Base (const CHAR *s,
                             size_type len,
                             ACE_Allocator *the_allocator = 0,
                             int release = 1);
            ACE_String_Base (const CHAR *s,
                             size_type len,
                             ACE_Allocator *the_allocator = 0,
                             bool release = true);

            void set (const CHAR * s, int release = 1);
            void set (const CHAR * s, bool release = true);

            void set (const CHAR * s, size_type len, int release);
            void set (const CHAR * s, size_type len, bool release);

            void clear (int release = 0);
            void clear (bool release = false);

  Since ACE_String_Base forms the basis of the ACE_CString and ACE_TString
  classes, this may ripple out to user application code. If you encounter
  errors in this area while building your applications, replace the
  int argument you are passing to the method now with either true or false.

. Solutions for the eVC3/4 platform have been removed from this
  release.  Note that we package WinCE projects/workspaces for use
  with VC8.

. There were 3 new ACE_Log_Msg logging format specifiers added to make logging
  easier for types that may change sizes across platforms. These all take one
  argument, and the new formats are:
    %b - format a ssize_t value
    %B - format a size_t value
    %: - format a time_t value

. The ace/Time_Request_Reply.h and ace/Time_Request_Reply.cpp files were
  moved from $ACE_ROOT/ace to $ACE_ROOT/netsvcs/lib. The time arguments in
  the public API to ACE_Time_Request were changed from ACE_UINT32 to time_t
  and the portions of the on-wire protocol that contains time was changed from
  ACE_UINT32 to ACE_UINT64. Thus, code that uses the ACE_Time_Request class
  to transfer time information will not interoperate properly with prior
  ACE versions. This will affect uses of the netsvcs time clerk/server.

. The portion of the ACE_Name_Request class that carries the on-wire seconds
  portion of a timeout value was changed from ACE_UINT32 to ACE_UINT64. This
  means that Name server/clients at ACE 5.5.7 and higher will not interoperate
  properly with previous ACE versions' name servers/clients.

. In the ACE_Log_Record (ACE_Log_Priority, long, long) constructor, the
  second argument, long time_stamp, was changed to be of type time_t. This
  aligns the type with the expected value, a time stamp such as that returned
  from ACE_OS::time().

. Added support for VxWorks 6.x cross compilation using a Windows host

. Added support for VxWorks 6.x using the diab compiler

. The destructor of ACE_Event_Handler no longer calls
  purge_pending_notifications().  Please see bugzilla #2845 for the full


. The ACE_TYPENAME macro has been added to those that are not
  available when the ACE_LACKS_DEPRECATED_MACROS config option is set
  (it is not set by default). You are encouraged to replace the use of
  ACE_TYPENAME with the C++ typename keyword before the ACE_TYPENAME
  macros is removed from ACE in the future.

. A new script,, has been added to help users
  remove the use of the ACE exception macros from their own code.


. The prebuild MPC keyword is now supported by the gnuace project type.
  This fixes Bugzilla #2713.

. Support for Windows earlier than NT 4 SP2 was removed. ACE will not build
  for Windows 95, 98, Me, etc. out of the box any longer.

. Reformat stringified IPv6 addresses to use [addr]:port when printing
  addresses that contain ':' such as "::1".

. Added method to ACE_INET_Addr to determine if address is IPv6 or
  IPv4 multicast.

. Fixed a bug in ACE_Async_Timer_Adapter_Timer_Queue_Adapter<TQ> where the
  gettimeofday function of the timer queue was ignored when setting the alarm.

. Fixed a problem where, on Solaris 9 onwards, calling
  ACE_OS::thr_create(THR_NEW_LWP) more than 2^15 (65535) times in a
  process will fail.  See changelog entry from "Wed Jan 3 22:31:05 UTC
  2007 Chris Cleeland <>" for more information.

. Fixed a bug in ACE_QtReactor where the two select() calls in that function
  might select on different handler sets.

. ACE_SOCK_IO::recvv(iovec[], size_t, const ACE_Time_Value* = 0) and
  ACE_SOCK_IO::sendv (const iovec[], size_t, const ACE_Time_Value* = 0) methods
  were changed to specify the iovec count argument as int instead of size_t
  since it gets reduced to int in the underlying OS calls (usually).

. The following deprecated methods were removed:

    ssize_t ACE_SOCK_IO::recv (iovec iov[],
                               size_t n,
                               const ACE_Time_Value *timeout = 0) const;

    ssize_t ACE_SOCK_IO::recv (iovec *io_vec,
                               const ACE_Time_Value *timeout = 0) const;

    ssize_t ACE_SOCK_IO::send (const iovec iov[],
                               size_t n,
                               const ACE_Time_Value *timeout = 0) const;

    These were previously replaced with more specific recvv() and sendv()

. The ACE_Service_Repository::find(const ACE_TCHAR name[],
                                   const ACE_Service_Type **srp = 0,
                                   int ignore_suspended = true) const
  method's 'ignore_suspended' parameter was changed from int to bool to
  reflect it's purpose as a yes/no indicator.

. Added --enable-ace-reactor-notification-queue configure script
  option to the autoconf build for enabling the Reactor's userspace
  notification queue (defines ACE_HAS_REACTOR_NOTIFICATION_QUEUE in

. The int ACE_OutputCDR::consolidate(void) method was contributed by
  Howard Finer at Sonus Networks. This method consolidates any continuation
  blocks used by an ACE_OutputCDR object into a single block. It's useful for
  situations which require access to a single memory area containing the
  encoded stream, regardless of its length, when the length cannot be known
  in advance.

. There are a number of new methods defined on ACE_String_Base<CHAR>:

        size_t capacity (void) const:  This method returns the number
            of allocated CHAR units in the string object.

        void fast_resize (size_t): This method manage the sizing/reallocating
            of the string, but doesn't do the memory setting of resize().

        bool operator!= (const CHAR *) const
        bool operator== (const CHAR *) const: These methods compare the
            string with a nul-terminated CHAR* string.

        nonmember functions operator== and operator!= where also added
            that compare const ACE_String_Base and const CHAR*; these make
            it possible to switch ACE_String and CHAR* on either side of
            the operator.

  Thank you to Kelly Hickel <kfh at mqsoftware dot com> for these additions.

. There are 2 new build options on the traditional make command:
  dmalloc and mtrace. When specified at build time (e.g. make mtrace=1)
  are added to CPPFLAGS. For dmalloc, the PLATFORM_DMALLOC_LDFLAGS and
  PLATFORM_DMALLOC_LIBS are added to LDFLAGS and LIBS, respectively.
  Thank you to Howard Finer for supplying these additions.

. Added the ability to specify additional purify and quantify command-line
  respectively. Thank you to Howard Finer for supplying these additions.

. Added the ability to use trio (
  if platform lacks decent support for vsnprintf. trio support is
  enabled by defining trio=1 in plaform_macros.GNU

. Removed Irix 5, DGUX, and m88k support

. Improved LynxOS 4.2 support

. VxWorks 6.4 support

. Added support for FC6. Because the GCC 4.1.1 version that gets shipped
  has a fix for the visibility attribute we use for the singletons
  you will need to define the following in your config.h file. This can't be
  done automatically because SuSE 10.2 gets shipped with GCC 4.1.2 but
  doesn't have the same fix

. RTEMS port


. Added appropriate intptr_t and uintptr_t typedefs on platforms that
  don't provide them (i.e. when ACE_LACKS_INTPTR_T is defined).

. Added ability to explicitly choose support for 32 bit or 64 bit file
  offsets on all platforms.  Define the _FILE_OFFSET_BITS preprocessor
  symbol to either 32 or 64 to choose the desired number of file
  offset bits.  This preprocessor symbol is supported natively by most
  UNIX and UNIX-like operating systems, and supported by ACE on
  Windows.  Use the new ACE_OFF_T typedef to refer to file offsets
  across UNIX and Windows portably.

. 64-bit file offsets are now enabled by default in Win64

. Improved support for 64 bit platforms (64 bit addresses, etc).

. Added STL-style traits, iterators and a swap() method to the
  ACE_Array_Base<> class template.

. Added STL-style traits and iterator accessors to the
  ACE_Hash_Map_Manager_Ex<> class template, as well as new find() and
  unbind() methods that return (as an "out" parameter) and accept
  iterators, respectively.

. Greatly improved event handler dispatch performance in
  select()-based reactors (e.g. ACE_Select_Reactor and ACE_TP_Reactor)
  for large handle sets on Windows. Previous event handler search
  were linear, and are now constant on average.

. Addressed a number of Coverity errors (CHECKED_RETURN, DEADCODE,

. Added STL-style "element_type" trait to all ACE auto_ptr class

. Removed support for LynxOS 3.x.

. Resolved Bugzilla #2701 to ensure fini() is called for all
  Service Objects upon calling ACE_Service_Config::close()

. VxWorks 5.5.2 has been tested, for ACE the support is exactly
  the same as for VxWorks 5.5.1. No specific defines or flags have
  to be used.


. Added the base projects for executionmanager_stub and plan_generator.

. Added the ACE_Hash_MultiMap_Manager class and its test file.

. Changed the ACE_Synch_Options::operator[] method to return bool rather than
  int. The value returned is a yes/no indication of whether or not the
  specified option(s) are set in the object.

. Changed the prototype(s) for ACE::debug () to return (and take) a
  bool. This is consistent with the original intent for this
  feature. If you have been using it like 'ACE::debug () > 0' or
  'ACE::debug (1)', you may have to rebuild ACE. The value of the
  ACE_DEBUG environment variable can be used to specify the initial
  value for ACE::debug(), at the process start up.

. An assembler (within a C source file) based implementation for SPARC
  of atomic operations suitable for use with the
  ACE_Atomic_Op<ACE_Thread_Mutex, long> and
  ACE_Atomic_Op<ACE_Thread_Mutex, unsigned long> specializations has
  been added.  Currently, it can only be enabled by setting the
  atomic_ops_sparc make macro to 1 when using the GNUACE build system with
  the Solaris SunCC compiler.  It should be noted that this requires the
  -xarch=v8plus (or higher) be added to the CFLAGS make macro or the
  assembler code will not compile.

. The ACE_Message_Queue_Ex_N<class ACE_MESSAGE_TYPE, ACE_SYNCH_DECL> class
  is new, contributed by Guy Peleg <guy dot peleg at amdocs dot com>.
  ACE_Message_Queue_Ex_N<class ACE_MESSAGE_TYPE, ACE_SYNCH_DECL> is
  similar to ACE_Message_Queue_Ex in that the object queued is a
  template parameter. However, ACE_Message_Queue_Ex_N allows the
  enqueueing and dequeueing of multiple chained objects at once. This
  wasn't added to ACE_Message_Queue_Ex because the chained object
  functionality requires the ACE_MESSAGE_TYPE class to have a
  ACE_MESSAGE_TYPE *next (void) const method, analogous to
  ACE_Message_Block::next(), to follow the chain and this would
  probably break existing applications using ACE_Message_Queue_Ex.
  The ACE_wrappers/tests/Message_Queue_Test_Ex.cpp test has an example of
  how to use the new class.

. The selector and comparator function pointer arguments to ACE_OS::scandir()
  and ACE_Dirent_Selector are now marked as extern "C" to enforce their
  use with a C RTL function. User code that defines functions which are
  passed as the selector or comparator arguments which are not declared
  extern "C" may generate compile warnings. To resolve this, add extern "C"
  to the function's signature. See ACE_wrappers/tests/Dirent_Test.cpp for
  an example.

. To address a problem in the ACE string interface that prevented
  substring or character searches in very large strings (e.g. greater
  than the maximum value of an ssize_t type) from being correctly
  reported to the caller, the find(), rfind() and strstr() methods now
  return an unsigned integer (size_t) instead of a signed one
  (ssize_t). Affected classes include:

    * ACE_CString
    * ACE_WString
    * ACE_TString
    * ACE_NS_WString

  Unless you have been explicitly using -1 instead of npos when
  comparing the return value of find(), rfind() and strstr(), and/or
  assigning the return value to ssize_t you should not see any
  difference. A new size_type typedef has been added to the ACE string
  class to aid developers.  This typedef is analogous to the standard
  C++ string::size_type typedef.

  The ACE_String_Base<>::strstr() documentation and the default
  rfind() argument erroneously referred to -1 instead of npos. Those
  instances have been corrected.

  To summarize, a "no position" condition is denoted using the npos
  constant, not -1. It can be referred directly by scoping it with the
  appropriate string class (e.g. ACE_CString::npos, ACE_WString::npos,

. Changing the shared library extension for hpux ia64 to ".so". On
  HP-UX 11i Version 1.5 the naming scheme is lib*.sl for PA and
  lib*.so on IPF.

. The ACE_Refcounted_Auto_Ptr reset() and release() methods were changed
  per Bugzilla #1925. They will both now detach from the underlying
  ACE_Refcounted_Auto_Ptr_Rep object; reset() will create a new one for
  the new pointer specified as its argument. This change may cause referenced
  objects to be deleted in cases where previous ACE versions would not have.

. The return type of "ACE_Refcounted_Auto_Ptr::null (void) const" changed
  from int to bool. It's possible values, true and false, have not changed.

. TTY_IO now accepts "none" as a valid parity value. Due to this change
  'parityenb' member is now deprecated and will be removed in the future.
  The users of TTY_IO class should change their code to use only 'paritymode'
  member for parity control and leave 'parityenb' unchanged (it is
  enabled by default in class constructor).

. Support for Intel C++ 9.1 on Windows and Linux

. VxWorks 6.3 support

. Fixed Bugzilla #2648 to make sure ACE_Service_Object::fini()
  is called iff ACE_Service_Object::init() succeeded, as per

. Added preliminary support for Mac OS X 10.4 on Intel CPU's.

. Fixed Bugzilla #2602 to re-enable XML Service Configurator
  file support.


. Added support for:
   - VxWorks 6.2 for the rtp model using pthread support
   - OpenVMS 8.2 for Alpha

. Removed code and configurations that provided support for:
   - Visual C++ 6.0 and 7.0
   - Chorus
   - pSOS
   - KAI C++ on all platforms

. Explicit template instantiation support has been removed. This effectively
  removes support for Sun Forte 6 and 7 which required explicit template
  instantiation to build ACE reliably.

. Added support for multiple independent Service Repositories through
  configuration contexts called "Gestalt". Full backwards compatibility
  is maintained through the existing ACE_Service_Config static methods,
  while direct individual repository access is enabled through instances
  of the new ACE_Service_Gestalt class. ACE_Service_Config has changed to
  a specialization of ACE_Service_Gestalt and is only responsible for the
  process-wide configuration.

. To support dynamically-sized ACE_Log_Record messages, the netsvcs
  logging components now use ACE CDR encoding and transfer mechanisms
  inspired by the examples in Chapter 4 of the C++NPv1 book.
  The client and server logging daemons in ACE 5.5.2 and forward will
  not interoperate with those in previous ACE versions.

. Added a wrapper for the sendfile API (ACE_OS::sendfile()).

. Added support for netlink sockets on Linux.

. Added a new method, ACE_Task::last_thread(). This method returns the thread
  ID (ACE_thread_t) of the last thread to exit from the ACE_Task object.
  Users checking to see if a thread is the last one out (for example, to know
  when to perform cleanup operations) should compare the current thread ID to
  the return value from last_thread(). This is a change from the previously
  recommended practice (C++NPv2, page 189) of comparing the return value of
  thr_count() with 0.

. Changed the first argument to ACE_OS::strptime() to be 'const' which
  matches its usual usage in POSIX strptime(). This change allows users to
  pass const strings in - a common use case.

. Made part of the file support in ACE 64bit but we have some places where
  32bit types are used, this could lead to some conversion warnings which
  will be addressed in the near future, but getting everything 64bit
  compliant is a lot of work.


. Added support for the --enable-symbol-visibility configure option
  to the autoconf build infrastructure instead of solely relying on
  feature tests to enable/disable symbol visibility support.  This
  avoids build problems with icc, etc.

. Added support for the --enable-fl-reactor configure option to the
  autoconf build infrastructure to build the ACE_FlReactor library.

. Added support for the --enable-qt-reactor configure option to the
  autoconf build infrastructure to build the ACE_QtReactor library.

. Added support for the --enable-xt-reactor configure option to the
  autoconf build infrastructure to build the ACE_XtReactor library.

. Fixed a bug that would cause timer IDs from ACE_Timer_Heap to be
  improperly duplicated under certain conditions (Bugzilla #2447).

. Fixed ACE_SSL_Context::private_key(), context(), and dh_params() methods
  to allow retrying a file load after a failed call.

. Fixed ACE_SSL_Asynch_Stream so it can be instantiated; also moved the
  declarations for ACE_SSL_Asynch_Read_Stream_Result,
  ACE_SSL_Asynch_Write_Stream_Result, and ACE_SSL_Asynch_Result classes
  to the ace/SSL/SSL_Asynch_Stream.h file so applications can see them.


. Added a platform macros option "templates=manual", currently only
  applies to AIX 5.3 with XL 7 compiler.  It allows the user to tell the
  compiler to set -qnotempinc and -qnotemplateregistry and works well
  in static builds.

. ACE and its tests compile error free with GCC 4.1 pre release.

. ACE_Recursive_Thread_Mutex::get_nesting_level() fixed for 64-bit Windows
  XP on amd64/EM64T hardware.

. Many build-time fixes for Windows Mobile 5 and Windows PocketPC 2003 using
  Visual Studio .NET 2005 (VC8).

. Added support for the --enable-tk-reactor configure option to the
  autoconf build infrastructure to build the ACE_TkReactor library.


. Fixed a bug in ACE_Timer_Heap_T::cancel().

. Improved ACE_Time_Value support for boundary conditions.

. Fixed problems with operator placement delete on certain C++ compilers.

. Fixed a bug with the ACE_SPIPE_Acceptor on Windows.

. Correctly set sockaddr_in.sin_len and sockaddr_in6.sin6_len on
  platforms that have these fields.

. Avoided problems with namespace pollution for max() macros.

. Many fixes for ACE_LACKS* and ACE_HAS* macros for autoconfig.


. Added dozens of new ACE_LACKS and ACE_HAS defines which are used to
  simplify the ACE_OS layer

. Constructors of ACE_Time_Value have been made explicit to prevent
  implicit conversions.

. Added a shutdown() method to ACE_Barrier. The new method aborts the
  wait by all threads.

. Changed the behavior of ACE_Message_Queue::enqueue_head() and
  enqueue_tail(). If the enqueued message block has other blocks
  chained to it via its next() pointer, the entire chain of blocks
  will be enqueued at once.

. Improved the support for high-resolution timers with

. Make it possible to disable file caching in JAWS.

. Improved ACE_Pipe implementation so that it uses localhost to avoid
  firewall problems.

. Added Unicode support to the Service Configurator.


. Improved IPv6 support

. Improved 64bit portability

. TTY_IO overhaul
  - Improved documentation.
  - It is now possible to request infinite timeout in portable manner.
    This can be achieved by setting negative value to readtimeoutmsec.
  - Various bugs fixed and portability issues resolved.

. Subset ACE for TAO and TAO Services

. Support for Intel C++ 9.0 on Windows and Linux

. Support for Microsoft Visual Studio 2005 (aka VC8) for Win32 as well
  as the Windows CE platforms Pocket PC 2003 and Windows Mobile 5.
  Solution/project files are generated with an appended "_vc8" for
  Win32 and "_WinCE" for the CE platforms. See
  ACE_wrappers/docs/CE-status.txt for more information.

. Completed implementation of ACE_Dev_Poll_Reactor using the Linux epoll
  facility; tested on Red Hat Enterprise Linux 4.

. The in-memory size of an ACE_RB_Tree will be smaller due to rearranged
  placement of pointers.

. Added an optimization to CDR stream to ignores alignment when marshaling
  data.  Use this new ACE_LACKS_CDR_ALIGNMENT compile-time option only
  when the ACE_DISABLE_SWAP_ON_READ macro is enabled.  This new option
  requires ACE CDR engine to do both marshaling and demarshaling, and
  when this option is enabled the encoded streams are no longer
  compliant with the CORBA CDR specification.

. Developed Feature Oriented Customizer (FOCUS) tool to enable
  specialization of middleware frameworks such as Reactor and Protocol
  framework.  FOCUS provides an XML based transformation engine, where
  the transformations to specialize the components are captured in XML
  file and a weaver specializes the code.

. Added support for unrolling ACE_OS::memcpy copy loop where
  applicable to improve performance. Autoconf tests empirically
  determine whether loop unrolling is at least 10% better than default

. Added support for an ACE "versioned" namespace.  When enabled, ACE
  library sources will be placed within a namespace of the user's
  choice or a namespace of the form ACE_5_4_7 by default, where
  "5_4_7" is the ACE major, minor and beta versions.  The default may
  be overridden by defining the ACE_VERSIONED_NAMESPACE_NAME
  preprocessor symbol.  Enable overall versioned namespace support by
  adding "versioned_namespace=1" to your MPC default.features file.


. Support for shared libraries with VxWorks

. Support for Solaris 10 on x86 with Sun Studio 10 (C++ 5.7).

. Extended ACE_OS::event_xxx implementation to support platforms
  having either PThread support with Process Shared condition
  variables or POSIX semaphores with named (process shared)
  semaphore support or using the new FIFO based semaphores.

. ACE_OS::closesocket() no longer calls ACE_OS::shutdown() on any platform
  while closing the socket. It previously called ACE_OS::shutdown() on
  HP-UX. Removing this call fixes the fork-and-close programming paradigm
  that's common to many networked applications.

. RMCast
   - Support for message fragmentation. This will allow
     for messages larger than 64K.
   - Support for flow control.
   - Timed recv() in RMCast::Socket.
   - Per-instance configurable protocol parameters (e.g., message
     retention time, NAK timeout, etc).


. Updated RMCast to include
   - Reactor-compatible interface.
   - Message unavailability reporting.
   - Protocol documentation.

. Added support for 64bit Visual Age on AIX

. Improved g++ 4.0 support.  A number of RTTI related problems have been

. Smaller footprint.

. Fixed memory leaks ACE_DLL and ACE_Log_Msg classes.

. The ACE::ICMP_Socket and ACE::Ping_Socket classes were moved out of
  the ACE namespace and "flattened" to ACE_ICMP_Socket and
  ACE_Ping_Socket to be consistent with the rest of ACE.

. ACE_INET_Addr::set_address() - fixed a possible struct member
  alignment issue when building an IPv4-mapped IPv6 address.

. Added a new ACE::wild_match() function to match a string based on

. Added efficient overloads for string concatenation to the
  ACE_String_Base class.

. Added support for the use of pthread_getschedparam on MacOS X.

. Fixed an issue with static initialization of TSS related classes on
  static builds for Windows.


. Remove special handling in the Thread Specific Storage(TSS) code
  that released the TSS key for ACE_TSS<TYPE>.  ACE_TSS<TYPE> has
  been changed to explicitly free the TSS key when necessary.

. On Win32 systems: detect thread termination via a hook in DLLMain
  for ACE.dll.  This allows cleanup of TSS objects for non-ACE threads
  that use ACE functions.  The most common case was threads that used
  ACE logging.  Formerly any TSS objects created by these threads would
  be leaked.

. Added support for GNU G++ 4.0.  The x.4.5 beta takes advantage of
  g++ 4.0's symbol visibility.  This feature is conceptually similar
  to MS Windows "__declspec(dllexport)" DLL functionality.  Using this
  new g++ feature results in substantially improved ACE/TAO/CIAO
  shared library binaries.  A subset of the improvements include the

      * The number of unnecessarily exported DSO/DLL symbols is
        greatly reduced, resulting in faster program start times.
      * Smaller footprint.
      * Improved performance since run-time indirection of internal
        symbols is no longer needed.

  No changes to the ACE/TAO sources were necessary to support this
  feature since the required visibility attributes were hidden behind
  the various "*_Export" macros (formerly only useful for MS Windows
  DLLs) used throughout ACE/TAO.

. The ACE_Reactor destructor will now call close() on the referenced reactor
  implementation. This assures that all handlers are notified before the
  ACE_Reactor object that's most likely referenced in these handlers is
  invalid. Although this should not be a user-visible change, it did catch
  some ACE tests off guard destroying reactor implementations and ACE_Reactor
  interfaces in the wrong order, so it may come up in the field as well.
  When using dynamically allocated reactor implementations, do not destroy
  the implementation object before the ACE_Reactor interface object. Use of
  the ACE_Reactor constructor's delete_implementation argument (with a value
  of 1) is recommended when dynamically allocating reactor implementations.

. Improved performance of HTBP by not requiring a lookup of peer hostname.

. Added new ACE_SizeCDR stream which allows one to calculate size of the
  representation without writing anything.

. Number of improvements in RMCast, reliable multicast implementation.


. The ace-config script has been replaced by pkg-config metadata files
  which are installed in ${prefix}/lib/pkgconfig by the automake build.

. Remove ACE_OS::gets() implementation.  While this ACE implementation
  of gets() did not contain the security holes that all standard
  gets() implementations have, keeping it around only serves to foster
  confusion since (1) some may incorrectly assume that this
  ACE-specific gets() implementation has the same holes as standard
  ones, and (2) invoking it with a default size argument so that it
  looks like a standard gets() call results in behavior that is
  different from the standard.  Use ACE_OS::fgets() instead.

. Removed ACE_Unbounded_Set_Ex, this gave the false idea that it had
  thread safe iterators. Use ACE_Unbounded_Set instead

. Improved VxWorks support for static libraries. Shared libraries do cause
  several known problems which will be fixed in the x.4.5 release.

. Removed the usage of the ACE_x_cast macros, we are using the C++ casts
  from now on. The ACE_x_cast macros are deprecated and will be removed
  after the x.5.1 release

. Some improvements in autoconf support; better detection of available
  OS and compiler features.

. Fixed bugs in ACE TSS emulation


. Improved Cygwin 1.5.12 support, 90% of the tests now succeed

. Improved OpenVMS support.

. Added ability to use fltk with Cygwin/MinGW

. Added ACE_INT64 that defines a native 64 bit type.

. Added 'q' as usable specifier for ACE_Log_Msg to print out int64 bit number.

. Added better support for Intel C++ compilers.

. Improved HPUX support.

. Added a new directory ("ACE_wrappers/protocols/ace") for new protocols
  that are not directly components of ACE, but are relate to ACE and
  defined a new protocol, HTBP (Hypertext Tunneling, Bidirectional
  Protocol) providing ACE_Acceptor/Connector/Stream semantics over a
  connection owned by an HTTP proxy. Test cases in
  ACE_wrappers/tests/HTBP provide examples of use.

. Performace enhancement in TP_Reactor's handle_timer_events method [Bug

. Various changes to permit ACE to execute on HP NonStop platform (e.g
  support for its pthreads version).

. Updated HP NonStop configuration files (config-tandem-nsk).

. The "ACE" pseudo-namespace is now a true C++ namespace.  Transitional
  pseudo-namespaces that were only meant to be used internally by ACE,
  such as "ACE_Sock_Connect", no longer exist.

. ACE_CDR::Boolean type is now a true C++ "bool" on all platforms except
  MSVC++ 6.  We plan to deprecate MSVC++ 6 support sometime after the
  x.5 release of ACE+TAO+CIAO, so we recommend you start migrating to a
  later version of MSVC++.

. More GNU g++ 3.4.x fixes.

. Added ICMP and "ping" socket support.

. Added mkstemp() emulation.

. Fixed problem on Linux < 2.5.47 platforms where equality comparison of
  two logically equal sockaddr_in structure instances would incorrectly

. Support for wide characters has been improved on non-Windows

. A number of Windows CE problems have been fixed.

. ACE's loading of DLLs (for example, as a result of loading synamic
  services) has been changed to use the native OS's facilities for
  locating the DLL instead of searching LD_LIBRARY_PATH (or its
  equivalent) then loading the DLL using a full pathname. This restores
  enforcement of a platform's loading and security policy.  To use the
  old DLL locating method, add ACE_MUST_HELP_DLOPEN_SEARCH_PATH to your
  config.h file before building ACE.

. A number of errors in the APG example programs have been corrected.

. Select_Reactor and Priority_Reactor performance improved. [Bug 1890]

. Wide-char functionality on POSIX (Linux, etc.)

. TSS memory leak fixes [Bug 1542]

. Ported to HPUX 11i v2 on Itanium

. Added code to ACE for platform RedHat AS 3.0 on Opteron.

. Changed ACE::crc32() family of functions to NOT fold in the length of
  the string/buffer/iovec into the CRC.


. Support for g++ 3.4.1.

. All ACE Makefiles, project files, etc, are now generated by OCI's
  "MakeProjectCreator" (MPC) tool.  Makefiles and project files for
  commonly used configurations have been pre-generated and distributed
  with the beta(s).  Please see:


  for information on how to use MPC with ACE.

. Improved Doxygen documentation.

. Reduced header file dependencies, which should speedup compilation
  and help minimize static footprint.

. ACE now requires support for the following standard C++ features:

  - "bool" keyword

  - "mutable" keyword

  - "explicit" keyword

  - C++ casts (e.g. static_cast<>, reinterpret_cast<>, dynamic_cast<>
    and const_cast<>)

  If you're using a compiler that does NOT support these features
  please contact Steve Huston <> for support.

. Changed the select()-based reactor implementations to scan for
  broken handles to remove based on the registered handles, not on
  event handlers.  This allows for bad handles to be removed from the
  reactor even if the event handler doesn't implement get_handle() the
  way we expect.

. Support for Pthreads native recursive mutexes was added. This
  capability is specified to ACE_OS::mutex_init() as an optional
  argument, lock_type. To fix confusion from an earlier attempt to add
  this functionality, the meaning of the old 'type' argument to
  ACE_OS::thread_mutex_init() is changed. It previously combined the
  scope and type. Now it is just the type (e.g. recursive), as the
  scope is inherent in the method used. For clarification on
  ACE_HAS_RECURSIVE_MUTEXES, it means that the platform is capable of
  them, not that they always are, as one would expect. However, before
  Pthreads had recursion added, it was never optional. Now it is.

. Initial support for new Linux sys_epoll() interface in
  Dev_Poll_Reactor.  The obsolete Linux /dev/epoll interface is no
  longer supported.

. Improved Cygwin support.
  - Threading works without problems.
  - Problems with shared memory, process shared mutexes, multicast and
    some other small things still exist.

. New OpenVMS port.
  -  This is for the latest version of OpenVMS with all available ECOs
     applied. Basic stuff works without problems.  Advanced features
     still need some work.

. Usage of ASYS_INLINE is deprecated in ACE.  Use ACE_INLINE instead.

. All inline source files now end in ".inl".  The previous ".i"
  extension is generally used for preprocessed C sources.

. Autoconf support has been improved and fixed on a number of
  platforms, including the BSD variants (e.g. FreeBSD).  It is still
  not the preferred way to configure most platforms, but it is ready
  for wider testing. Please report any problems found to

. A number of fixes were made to quiet compile errors and warnings on
  64-bit Windows.

. For builds on AIX using Visual Age C++, the make rtti option default
  was changed to 1, enabling RTTI by default.

. ACE_Service_Repository::remove() has a new, optional argument that
  can receive the service record pointer for the removed service. If
  the pointer is returned to the caller, it is not deleted. If the
  pointer is not returned to the caller (the default) it is deleted
  (this is the historic behavior).

. The tutorials in ACE_wrappers/docs have been removed. They were not
  being maintained and caused confusion in a number of cases. Now that
  there are complete examples that match the printed books (C++NPv1,
  C++NPv2, APG), the older tutorials are no longer useful.  Please see


  for the source code of the examples in those books.

. ACE_String_Base::fast_clear() is a new method which sets the string
  length to 0. Doesn't release string-allocated memory, but if the
  memory was externally supplied, it is no longer referenced from the
  string object.

. A true C++ "bool" is now used as the CDR stream boolean type, if
  supported by the compiler.

. Renamed AIX 5L configuration header from config-aix5.1.h to

. All C++ equality, relational and logical operators now return bool
  instead of int, as is the norm for modern C++.

. Added new ACE_OS::realpath() implementation.  Contributed by Olli
  Savia  <ops at iki dot fi>



. Fixed "make install" support in ACE+autoconf configurations.

. Fixed autoconf support on Solaris.

. Corrected invalid `aux' directory (on MS Windows) found in ACE

. ACE/TAO build now without problems with MinGW and all ACE tests run
  now without problems

. Added some more support for the new CBuilderX Preview compiler, this
  is not 100% ready yet because the compiler is still a preview and
  has its own problems.

. Added Visual SlickEdit 8.1 MPC template

. Added workaround for compile problems in Borland Release builds

. Cygwin 1.5.9 is now supported

. Tests for IPV6 have been added

. Implement lstat() so that it'll use stat() on platforms that don't
  support lstat().

. Problems related to ACE_Event_Handler usage in WFMO_Reactor was

. A wrapper for rmdir () has been added.

. Threads spawned in thread-per-connection mode never inherited the
  priority. This problem was fixed and this fix is consistent with the
  C++ NPV* books.

. Fixed memory leaks with ACE_String_Base::resize ()

. Enable the usage of native recursive mutexes for the implementation
  of ACE recursive mutexes on Linux.

. The ACE Proactor framework can now be enabled for AIX 5.2. Since AIO
  functionality is not run-time enabled by default on AIX 5.2, the ACE
  Proactor code is not built by default on AIX. To enable it, the
  config.h file must contain #define ACE_HAS_AIO_CALLS before
  including the config-aix-5.1.h file.

. The ACE_POSIX_CB_Proactor implementation is now built on all
  platforms except LynxOS.


. Added a new makefile commandline flag, static_link, that can be
  used to force static linking when static_libs_only is turned on. It
  uses the new STATIC_LINK_FLAG variable and is currently only
  implemented for for GNU ld, i.e., it adds the "-static" option to
  LDFLAGS. It's turned off by default since using it causes the
  footprint to go up by almost 1 MB on Linux, since it links all the
  system and compiler .a files, but can be turned on if users
  want/need to use it, by enabling both static_libs_only and static_link.

. Added macros ACE_USES_GPROF which enables users to use gprof in a
  multithreaded environment with ACE libs.

. Added a new functor template class, ACE_Malloc_Lock_Adapter_T,
  that's used by ACE_Malloc_T as a factory for the ACE_LOCK template
  parameter, and allows the use of locking strategy classes, like
  ACE_Process_Semaphore and ACE_Thread_Semaphore that don't have a
  satisfactory ctor taking a single required ACE_TCHAR* parameter, to
  be adapted to work with ACE_Malloc_T.

. The source code examples from "The ACE Programmer's Guide" book by
  Huston, Syyid, and Johnston, are now located in

. Support for GNU autoconf is now in ACE. Please see ACE-INSTALL.html
  for details.

. Fixed problems that prevented ACE from being compiled on LynxOS

. Fixed compilation error which prevented ACE from being compiled when

. Preliminary support for Tandem NSK has been added.

. Lots of bug fixes with TLI and XPG5. Please see $ACE_ROOT/ChangeLog
  for details.

. Fixed ACE_OS::event_timedwait() and ACE_OS::event_wait() so that
  they use a while loop around the ACE_OS::cond_[timed]wait() calls to
  avoid problems with spurious wakeups, etc.

. ACE's wrapper around getipnodebyname() and getipnodebyaddr () has
  been made go through the IPv4-only case on ACE_WIN32. Since Windows
  IPv6 implementation doesn't offer support (at thistime) for
  getipnodebyname() the code has been changed to use the IPV4 part of
  the code.

. Install with Borland C++ of ACE library fixed


. Fixed memory leak in ACEXML parser.

. Fixed implementations of rewind() in all the CharStreams. They were
  broken previously.

. Fixed bugs in the parser associated with incorrect handling of PE
  References for keywords.
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