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Configuration Viewer 1.0

This is something I quickly threw together to allow GUI editing of 
ACE_Configuration files.  I thought it would be useful and serve as a
better example of how to use ACE_Configuration.  I developed this under
Windows 2000, but it should easily port to any platform that wxWindows
supports (see  

All functionality is delivered through the file menu and right mouse button
context menus.  The file menu lets you create the different types of 
ACE_Configurations such as a transient heap, persistent heap or Win32
Registry heap.  A new persistent heap may be created, or an older one
may be opened.  The win32 registry will require you to enter the path
from HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE that you want to open.  For example: "Software/TAO"
would set the Win32Registry's root to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE/Software/TAO.
Note that this quick implementation loads the entire tree, so if you
enter "Software" it may take a minute to load up - beware!  Next you
may import or export entries from a heap to an INI file using the
Import/Export file commands.

The right mouse button opens up a context menu in both the tree control
and the list control.  
From the tree context menu, you can:
1) Create new keys (these hold name/value pairs)
2) Create new string values
3) Create new integer values
4) Delete a key (beware, everything beneath it will be removed as well)

From the list control context menu, you can:
1) Modify a the value of an entry
2) Delete the entry
3) Rename the entry

Known Bugs/Issues:
*) You cannot enter/edit binary types
*) Adding a new string/integer value with the same name as an existing
   entry will overwrite the existing entry without warning.  I think there
   is a memory leak that occurs as well.
*) You can add entries to the root key, but they will not be imported
   or exported.  I think this is by design and the GUI should prevent
   this.  I need to investigate this further.
*) The entire configuration file is loaded into the tree when it is opened.
   For large configurations, this may take a while.  A good improvement
   would be to load items as the user expands them.
*) At the time of this writing, there is a nasty bug in 
   ACE_Configuration_Heap that has to do with changing the value
   of an existing entry.  I have submitted a patch to fix this, but
   it may not go in until 5.1.3 (current version is 5.1.2).  I strongly
   recommend that you get the patch/newer version!
*) Renaming of Keys is not supported.  This requires an enhancement to
   ACE_Configuration first.
*) No makefiles for other platforms exist, can you donate one?
*) This has only been tested for non MFC DLL builds of ACE, it
   should work fine in the other configurations, but I haven't tested it.


This was developed using:
*) wxWindows 2.1.15
*) ACE 5.0.16 + My patch to fix a bug in ACE_Configuration_Heap
*) Windows 2000
*) MSVC 6.0 + SP3

If you have any questions or comments, please send me an email.  I really
enjoy hearing about others that find this contribution useful!

Chris Hafey
May 2, 2000

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