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This code illustrates how to write a single set of source code (for a
client and server) and then parameterize in the desired IPC mechanism.
In this case, the IPC mechanisms include sockets, TLI, and STREAM
pipes.  The single set of source code is located in CPP-acceptor.cpp
(which is the server) and CPP-connector.cpp (which is the non-blocking

Here's how I typically run these tests:

% test_sock_acceptor localhost:10020 &
starting up daemon ./test_sock_acceptor
starting server addr on handle 5
client addr on handle 6

% test_sock_connector localhost:10020
starting up daemon ./test_sock_connector
activating 5
in handle_output
please enter input..: hello
in handle_output

There are a number of other options that you can provide.  Please see
the source code for details.

Note that only the sock tests work on all platforms.  The other tests
reply on features (in particular, non-blocking connections and TLI)
that are mostly found on UNIX platforms.
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