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Version 2.1.0

  20090715 awalther - new directory structure to fit usual COIN project standards
Version 2.0.0
Version 1.11.0

  20060503 kowarz:  - new tape handling merged into trunk

  20060428 kowarz:  - bug fixed that caused seg-fault when running standalone
                    - some additional security checks in tape_handling.cpp

  20060424 kowarz:  - bux fixed that caused a SEG-fault when reading tape
                      stats for a tape written by a different ADOL-C run

  20060405 kowarz:  - taping code rewritten to "nullify" all pointers that
                      were object to delete or free

  20060301 kowarz:  - last bugfix for the taylor tape forced the writing of
                      the corresponding file even if the taylor buffer could
							 be hold the overall taylor tape => fixed
						  - buffer sizes in usrparms.h set to default

  20060301 schlenk: - value() function added for compatibility reasons
  20060228 kowarz:  - bug in taylor tape handling corrected
						    => last taylor buffer from taping is now available for
							    multiple reverse sweeps

  20060224 kowarz:  - function 'value' in adouble.* changed to 'getValue'
                      + corresponding updates in other files

  20060215 schlenk: - code for fixpoint iteration added

  20060215 kowarz:  - bug in extern diff. function code corrected
                      (cross-over assignment)
						  - ext_diff_fct_index is now part of TapeInfos
						    - it is set by forward and reverse sweeps (from tape)
							   and can be accessed via currentTapeInfos

  20060203 kowarz:  Summary for the last two months:
                    - taping strategies rewritten => should work with nested
                      tapes now
                    - enumeration for tape stats introduced => docs need to
                      be updated
                    - "theCleaner" code extended => should now be available in
                      static versions, too
                    - extern diff. function capabilities extended to fos_rev.
                    - checkpointing interface based on extern differentiated
                      function context and nested taping added
                      => documentation will follow soon
                    - configure system updated: --enable-debug and
                      --enable-harddebug set appropriate compile flags, now
                    - many minor changes :)

  20051219 kowarz:  - TBUFSIZE (dvlparms.h) is now treated as number of
						  - tape files (operations, locations, values) are now
						    deleted at the end of the program for all tapes which
                      could hold at least one within the main memory
                    - file removal works for static and dynamic library now

  20051214 kowarz:  - new file names for tapes
                    - bug fixed that caused the writing of all tapes
                      (op+loc+val) even if not all exceeded the buffer size
                    - implemented the usage of different buffer sizes for
                      different tapes (op, loc, val) => see "usrparms.h"

  20051123 kowarz:  - rpl_malloc/rpl_calloc/rpl_realloc handling corrected

  20050928 kowarz:  - Windows version updated. (Several problems in the sparse
                      directory fixed) Should compile now!
                    - PDF version of the documentation added

Version 1.10.0

  20050704 kowarz:  - initial makefile set for Windows
                    - Windows section added to INSTALL

  20050630 kowarz:  - function value(badouble x) removed from badouble
                    - function value() added to badouble
                      => use x.value() instead of value(x)
                    - minor updates in the documentation

  20050630 walther: - all includes of <malloc.h> changed to <stdlib.h>
                      <= malloc.h not available in all operation systems
                         (e.g. MAC OS)
                    - changed min, max to MIN_ADOLC, MAC_ADOLC
						  - changed maxinc to MAXDEC

           kowarz:  - some minor style changes, error corrections, comment
Version 1.9.1

  20050627 walther: - revised documentation
                    - new coloring algorithms in graph_hess.*
                      to generate seed matrix

  20050617 kowarz:  - replacement functions for malloc, calloc, realloc added
  20050419 walther: - partial fix of the pow-function bug
	                     (pow evaluated at 0):
                          forward mode: all orders
                          reverse mode: up to order 1
                    - log_op corrected for hos_ov_reverse
                    - hess_mat driver:
                          change to static variables to reduce runtime
                    - new drivers for sparse Hessians:
                      * compute sparsity pattern
                      * compute seed matrix from sparsity pattern
                        using 3/2 coloring
                      * compute Hessians in sparse format
                    - new drivers for sparse Jacobians
                      * compute seed matrix from sparsity pattern using CPR
                      * compute Jacobians in sparse format

  20050115 kowarz:  - two shell scripts added for cross compiling (32-bit and
	                   64-bit mode)

  20050114 kowarz:  - documentation for tapeless ADOL-C added
                    - ADOL-C debug mode corrected (
                      hard debug mode added to

  20050103 kowarz:  tapeless tangent corrected

  20041110 kowarz:  tapeless forward version added (scalar / vector)
                    documentation will follow soon

  20041013 kowarz:  another memory bug in jac_pat fixed => jac_pat seems to
                    be clean now ( thanks to valgrind ;-) )

  20041007 kowarz:  fixed memory bug in jac_pat (sparsedrivers.c), hopefully
                    ( memory allocated for NULL rb and cb is freed at the end
                      of jap_pat now )
                    thanks to Andreas Potschka

  20041007 walther: partial fix of the pow-function bug (reverse mode)

  20040913 kowarz:  added driver jacobian_partx in drivers/drivers.c and
                    drivers/drivers.h that was written down earlier but was
                    not added to the repository

  20040717 kowarz:  bug fixed in tayutil.c (taylor_begin)
                    ( old temporary files were never closed
                      => could result in program crash due to too many file
                         handles -> system dependend )
                    => old files are closed now before new ones are opened
                    thanks to Andrej Ponomarenko
  20040607 kowarz:  bug fixed in tayutil.c (taylor_begin)
                    (old taylor memory was never freed
                      => chance to run out of memory if used many times on
                         same tag -> dependend on memory size )
                    => moved "free( ... save_taylor)" ahead of
                       " ... save_taylor = 0"
                    thanks to Teijo T Arponen
  20040524 kowarz:  changed include of adolc files from standard notation
                    (#include <...>) to user file notation (#include "...")

! started with ADOL-C version 1.9.0 !

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