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Alog README File

Alog is a stackable logging framework for Ada. It aims to be straight forward to
use and easily extendable. It provides support for various logger types, log
facilities, loglevel policies and message transformations.

Alog is written in Ada so you need to have GNAT (the GNU Ada Translator)
installed to compile Alog. The library comes in two flavours: base and full.
The base build includes facilities to log to files and syslog while the full
version provides more advanced log facilities like SMTP, Jabber/XMPP or
PostgreSQL. For the full version you need to have AWS (Ada Web Server) and APQ
(Ada95 database binding) installed (see the 'Installation' section).

GNAT is available for most distributions. Since Alog uses pedantic compiler
flags to check the code, make sure you have gnat version 4.3 or later installed
on your system.

The base build of Alog has no special library dependencies. To run the testcases
(for both builds), you need to have the Ahven Unit Test-Framework installed:

* Ahven (Test-Framework):

To compile the full build, you further need to have the following libraries
installed on your system:

* AWS (Ada Web Server):

* APQ (Ada95 database binding):

The building and installation process of Alog is simple. Just type in the
following commands. You must be root to install the library system wide.

  $ tar -xzf libalog-{revision}.tar.bz2
  $ cd libalog-{revision}
  $ make
  $ make PREFIX=/usr/local install

This will compile and install the base build (default). To do a full build, you
need to set and export the environment variable `TARGET` to "full" like so:

  $ tar -xzf libalog-{revision}.tar.bz2
  $ cd libalog-{revision}
  $ export TARGET=full
  $ make
  $ make PREFIX=/usr/local install

If no `PREFIX` is specified, `$(HOME)/libraries` is used as installation

After compiling and linking Alog, you can test if everything works as
expected by typing the following command:

  $ make tests

You should then see `PASS` behind each of the tests.

The XMPP facility is considered experimental. To use this facility the AWS
version from the AdaCore subversion repository must be installed. Older
AWS versions are not fully XMPP/1.0 compliant.

Obtaining Alog
The latest Alog version and online documentation can be found at

Copyright (c) 2009 Reto Buerki, Adrian-Ken Rueegsegger. Free use of this software
is granted under the terms of the GNU Lesser General Public License (LGPL).
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