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The point of mod_index_rss is to give you an easy
way to generate RSS files for you static content.
It will build an RSS file for any directory that
can be reached via a URL (keep this in mind for
security, this is beta and I haven't added in 
pieces to restrict it from certain directories).
Once installed you just have to put in
the browser:

The following are a couple of examples:

This would enable mod_index_rss for a virtualhost
and only allow for file that have .htm and .html
extensions to be sent.

	IndexRSSEnabled "*.htm"
	IndexRSSEnabled "*.html"

This example would allow all files to be published
except gif and jpeg files.
	IndexRSSDisabled "*.gif"
	IndexRSSDisabled "*.jpg"

You will find a faq at

Have fun,
	-Brian Aker
	 Seattle, WA.
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