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Ark - Ark Roleplaying Kernel TODO File
($Id: TODO,v 1.9 2003/03/23 20:41:32 mrq Exp $)


* Create a real physic engine now we have collision detection. Objects
  and players should react as they would in real life (more or less,
  especially have a look at gravity : Ark/ArkEntity.cpp "Entity::Update")

* Write an utility to handle game resources, check dependencies,
  precompute what needs to be (optimized meshes, multi resolution meshes?, 
  compressed textures, data needed for terrain LOD, etc) with a nice

* Write an utility which computes lower polygon count versions of the given
  model, and offers a way to edit it later (to fix texture coordinates, 
  indicate what bones can be removed, etc).
* Write more lua bindings. Right now we cant do much in lua... We
  need to be able to do nearly everything the engine can do :)

* Add Music / Sound support, using SDL_mixer and Ark's cache system. (mat)

* Add real UI support with windows and such (xfred and mrq).

Bugs :
* Pathfinding kinda sucks. (so much, in fact, that it was disabled for the

* Collision isn't finished : there should be "animated model"-"animated
  model" collision.
* Have a look at the FIXME in source file. grep FIXME */*.h */*.cpp

* Ark need some profiling. One way to enhance performance is to create some
  dynamic LOD

Code design:
* Write a FAQ, update with new docs & website

* Enhance the renderer interface in order that it is possible to do
  everything we need without having to write a single line of opengl
  (for renderer-independency). Someone should have a look at
  multitexturing and blending issues (GL_TEXTURE_ENV).

* Put a lot of comments in the headers at least. All the classes in
  Ark/Ark*.h should be documented.
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