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2003-03-23 11:17  mrq

	* Client/MessageView.cpp: * MessageView.cpp fixes.

2003-03-23 00:51  mrq

	* Ark/ArkFontBitmap.cpp, Client/MessageView.cpp,
	Client/MessageView.h, Client/UIStyle.h, Engine/Engine.cpp,
	Engine/Script.h, Modules/Lua/LuaScript.cpp,
	Modules/Lua/LuaScript.h, Modules/Lua/LuaWorld.cpp,
	libltdl/ * Font / MessageView fixes..

2003-03-20 20:39  mrq

	* Client/: MessageView.cpp, ScrollWidget.cpp, TerrainView.cpp,
	UIRenderer.cpp, UIRenderer.h, UI/Label.cpp: * Compilation fixes.

2003-03-20 20:18  mrq

	* Ark/ArkSkeleton.cpp: * Fixed a compilation problem.

2003-03-20 18:23  zongo

	* Ark/ArkFont.h, Ark/ArkLoader3DS.cpp, Ark/ArkLoaderMDL.cpp,
	Ark/ArkMath.cpp, Ark/ArkMath.h, Ark/ArkModelRead.cpp,
	Ark/ArkModelState.cpp, Ark/ArkModelState.h, Ark/ArkSequence.cpp,
	Ark/ArkSequence.h, Ark/ArkSkeleton.cpp, Ark/ArkSkeleton.h,
	Ark/ArkSkin.cpp, Ark/ArkSkin.h, Ark/ArkTexture.cpp,
	Ark/ArkTexture.h, Client/UI/Container.cpp,
	Client/UI/UIRenderer.cpp, Modules/HeightField/HFQuadtree.cpp,
	Modules/HeightField/HFWorld.cpp, Modules/Lua/LuaWorld.cpp,
	Modules/Renderer/Visual.cpp, Modules/Renderer/Visual.h: still doing
	some Unref-hunting only a few are left now...

2003-03-19 10:25  zongo

	* Ark/ArkMaterial.cpp, Ark/ArkMaterial.h, Ark/ArkModel.cpp,
	Ark/ArkModel.h, Ark/ArkModelState.cpp, Ark/ArkModelState.h,
	Ark/ArkSkin.cpp, Ark/ArkSkin.h, Ark/ArkTexture.h,
	Modules/HeightField/HFWorld.cpp, Modules/HeightField/HFWorld.h:
	more ArkPtr use

2003-03-19 03:47  mat

	* Ark/ArkFontBitmap.cpp: quick hack to have a better defaut font
	without changing everything.  the factor should at least be a
	define or a const somewhere imho.

2003-03-18 22:54  zongo

	* Ark/: ArkFactory.cpp, ArkRenderer.cpp: More information output
	when crashing due to not reading the INSTALL...

2003-03-18 19:23  zongo

	* Ark/ArkCache.h, Ark/ArkLoader3DS.cpp, Ark/ArkLoaderMDL.cpp,
	Ark/ArkMaterial.cpp, Ark/ArkMaterial.h, Ark/ArkPtr.h,
	Client/MenuView.cpp, Client/MessageView.cpp, Client/MessageView.h,
	Client/ScrollWidget.cpp, Client/SplashWidget.h,
	Client/UIRenderer.cpp, Client/UIRenderer.h, Client/UIStyle.cpp,
	Client/UI/Style.cpp, Client/UI/Style.h, Client/UI/UIRenderer.cpp,
	Modules/HeightField/SkyDome.cpp, Modules/HeightField/SkyDome.h,
	Modules/Renderer/GLRenderer.cpp, Modules/Renderer/GLRenderer.h,
	Modules/Renderer/Visual.cpp: Massive use of Ark::TexturePtr. The 2
	maps are still not freed at the end, I'll look closely later.

2003-03-18 19:22  zongo

	* libltdl/:,, acinclude.m4, aclocal.m4,, configure, ltdl.c: upgraded libltdl, but this still
	does not compile under win32, will have to patch it

2003-03-17 07:03  zongo

	* Modules/HeightField/SkyDome.cpp: check images before computing

2003-03-17 06:55  mrq

	* Client/ * Forgot to put SplashWidget.h in the Client

2003-03-17 06:04  mat

	* Client/MessageView.cpp: changing default timeout

2003-03-17 01:00  zongo

	* Ark/ArkPtr.h, Modules/HeightField/HFWorld.cpp,
	Modules/HeightField/HFWorld.h, Modules/HeightField/SkyDome.cpp,
	Modules/HeightField/SkyDome.h: ambient light auto-tracking

2003-03-17 00:22  mrq

	* Modules/Lua/LuaScript.h: * Added a ark.get_env function.

2003-03-17 00:15  mat

	* Ark/ArkEntity.cpp: I hate warnings.

2003-03-17 00:12  mat

	* Client/TerrainView.cpp: Changing camera key from backspace to tab

2003-03-17 00:10  mrq

	* * Fixed lua.h check (hopefully).

2003-03-17 00:00  mrq

	* Modules/Lua/LuaScript.cpp: * Added a ark.get_env function

2003-03-16 23:48  mrq

	* * Added blocking lua checks.

2003-03-16 23:11  mrq

	*, Modules/Collision/Collision.cpp,
	Modules/Collision/Raytrace.cpp: * Fixed some bugs related to shared
	collision models.

2003-03-16 18:10  mrq

	* Client/: GLClient.cpp, MessageView.h: * Added a very basic music
	support (a music needs to be placed in

2003-03-16 16:20  mat

	* Modules/HeightField/SkyDome.cpp: removing the bla :)

2003-03-16 03:24  zongo

	* Ark/ArkImage.cpp, Ark/ArkMath.h, Modules/HeightField/HFWorld.cpp,
	Modules/HeightField/SkyDome.cpp, Modules/HeightField/SkyDome.h:
	automatic fog color tracking

2003-03-15 21:35  mrq

	* Ark/ArkConfig.cpp, Modules/HeightField/HFWorld.cpp,
	Modules/HeightField/SkyDome.cpp, Modules/HeightField/SkyDome.h: *
	HFWorld.cpp: additional config file: world-misc.cfg *
	ArkConfig.cpp: fixed a bug : when a variable was initialised a
	second time   the first value was kept.  * SkyDome.cpp: fixed a ref
	counting bug.

2003-03-15 18:49  mrq

	* Ark/ArkImage.cpp, Ark/ArkLight.cpp, Ark/ArkLight.h,
	Ark/ArkRenderer.h, Ark/ArkWorld.cpp, Ark/ArkWorld.h,
	Modules/HeightField/HFWorld.cpp, Modules/HeightField/HFWorld.h,
	Modules/Lua/LuaWorld.cpp, Modules/Lua/LuaWorld.h,
	Modules/Renderer/GLRenderer.cpp, Modules/Renderer/GLRenderer.h: *
	Changed a bit the light interface (World now has a vector<Light>
	instead of   a vector<Light*>).  * Tiny modifications in
	ArkImage.cpp to prevent some compiler warnings.

2003-03-15 01:20  zongo

	* Ark/ArkCache.cpp, Ark/ArkImage.cpp, Ark/ArkImage.h,
	Ark/ArkLoaderPNG.cpp, Ark/ArkMath.h, Ark/ArkTexture.cpp,
	Ark/ArkTexture.h, Modules/HeightField/SkyDome.cpp,
	Modules/HeightField/SkyDome.h, Modules/Renderer/Visual.cpp,
	Modules/Renderer/Visual.h: sky changes... but not visually, I hope

2003-03-14 23:20  mrq

	* Client/MessageView.cpp: * Padding in MessageView only affected
	the top of the window.

2003-03-14 23:08  mrq

	* .cvsignore, Client/MessageView.cpp, Client/MessageView.h,
	Client/UI/.cvsignore: * Updated .cvsignore * Added a configuration
	file for the message view (to set padding, etc).

2003-03-14 22:50  zongo

	* Modules/HeightField/HFQuadtree.cpp: yeah, forgot that with the

2003-03-14 22:20  mat

	* Ark/ArkFontBitmap.cpp: std anyone ?

2003-03-14 22:09  mrq

	* Ark/ArkMaterial.cpp, Ark/ArkPtr.h,
	Modules/HeightField/HFWorld.cpp: * Bugfix in GLClient.cpp (pressing
	the "ESCAPE" did not get the user back to   the menu ; related to
	the lack of a == operator for Ptr) * Added a missing semicolon in
	ArkMaterial.cpp * Removed legacy light code from HFWorld.cpp

2003-03-14 21:54  mat

	* Modules/Lua/LuaScript.cpp: I need the lua math routines

2003-03-14 19:12  mrq

	* Ark/ArkFontBitmap.cpp: * Added support for html-like entities in
	texts (ie © &Oelig; and so on).

2003-03-14 00:35  zongo

	* Ark/ArkCache.cpp, Ark/ArkImage.cpp, Ark/ArkImage.h,
	Ark/ArkLoaderJPG.cpp, Ark/ArkLoaderPNG.cpp, Ark/ArkLoaderTGA.cpp,
	Ark/ArkMaterial.cpp, Ark/ArkPtr.h, Ark/ArkTexture.cpp,
	Modules/HeightField/HFWorld.cpp, Modules/Renderer/Visual.cpp: -
	added a few image modes (alpha 8, intensity-alpha 16) - explicit
	inlined functions in ArkPtr

2003-03-13 18:08  mrq

	* Ark/ArkConfig.cpp, Client/GLClient.cpp, Client/MenuView.cpp,
	Client/MessageView.cpp, Client/MessageView.h,
	Client/ScrollWidget.cpp, Client/TerrainView.cpp,
	Client/TerrainView.h, Client/UICutText.h, Client/UIStyle.cpp,
	Client/UIStyle.h: * The dialogs are now in a wonderful window..  *
	Tons of bugfixes.

2003-03-13 00:45  zongo

	* Ark/ArkVBuffer.cpp, Ark/ArkVBuffer.h, Client/Client.dsp,
	Client/GLClient.h, Client/ScrollWidget.cpp, Client/TerrainView.cpp,
	Client/UIStyle.cpp, Client/UIStyle.h,
	Modules/HeightField/SkyDome.cpp, Modules/Renderer/GLRenderer.cpp,
	Modules/Renderer/Renderer.dsp: This will probably be my check-in of
	the week, many changes, small and not so small: - win32
	compilation, as usual (you people should write portable code) -
	added a UV offset in vertex buffer to choose the UV when drawing
	the sky - did I mentioned stars ? well stars there are now

2003-03-13 00:35  mat

	* changing minor version to 3 (hey we did some work,
	that deserves a version change :)

2003-03-13 00:05  mrq

	* Client/: MenuView.cpp, ScrollWidget.cpp, ScrollWidget.h,
	UIStyle.cpp, UIStyle.h: Integrated XFred "Style" class into Ark..

2003-03-12 23:51  teuf

	* ChangeLog, Ark/ArkLight.cpp, Ark/ArkLight.h, Ark/ArkRenderer.h,
	Modules/HeightField/HFWorld.cpp, Modules/HeightField/HFWorld.h,
	Modules/Renderer/GLLight.cpp, Modules/Renderer/GLLight.h,
	Modules/Renderer/GLRenderer.cpp, Modules/Renderer/GLRenderer.h,
	Modules/Renderer/ 2003-03-12 Christophe Fergeau 
		* Modules/HeightField/HFWorld.cpp
		* Modules/HeightField/HFWorld.h
		* Modules/Renderer/GLLight.cpp (removed)
		* Modules/Renderer/GLLight.h (removed)
		* Modules/Renderer/GLRenderer.cpp
		* Modules/Renderer/GLRenderer.h
		* Modules/Renderer/ stuck lights handling in
		the code was a bit too clean with cleanly separated classes

2003-03-12 23:32  mrq

	* Client/:, SplashWidget.h: Moved the "SplashWidget" in
	its own header.

2003-03-12 22:56  mrq

	* Client/:, ScrollWidget.cpp, ScrollWidget.h,
	UICutText.h: Added missing files for the ScrollWidget (I'm being
	silly from time to time..)

2003-03-12 22:50  mrq

	* Ark/ArkPtr.h, Client/Client.cpp, Client/Client.h,
	Client/GLClient.cpp, Client/GLClient.h, Client/,
	Client/MenuView.cpp, Client/MessageView.cpp, Client/Widget.h: Added
	a ScrollWidget for the credits, story telling, etc..

2003-03-12 20:17  mrq

	* Ark/ArkPtr.h: Added ArkPtr.h

2003-03-12 19:29  mrq

	* Ark/Ark.h, Ark/ArkCache.h, Ark/ArkFont.h, Ark/ArkImage.h,
	Ark/ArkLight.cpp, Ark/ArkMaterial.h, Ark/ArkModel.h,
	Ark/ArkObject.h, Ark/ArkRenderer.h, Ark/ArkSequence.h,
	Ark/ArkSkeleton.h, Ark/ArkSkin.h, Ark/ArkTexture.h,
	Ark/, Client/GLClient.cpp, Client/MenuView.cpp,
	Client/MenuView.h, Client/TerrainView.cpp: - Fixed a bug in the
	menu (refcounting related..) - Added a smart pointer class, and
	declared classPtr for most refcounted	classes (ie. TexturePtr,
	ModelPtr, etc..). They are not used yet, but   you are encouraged
	to do so !

2003-03-12 02:26  zongo

	* Modules/HeightField/: SkyDome.cpp, SkyDome.h: starmap changes
	(still nothing renderable yet)

2003-03-12 01:51  zongo

	* Ark/ArkInvSqrt.cpp, Ark/ArkLight.cpp, Ark/ArkMath.cpp,
	Ark/ArkMath.h, Client/Client.dsp, Client/MenuView.cpp,
	Modules/HeightField/SkyDome.cpp: win32 menu compilation fix math
	simplifications (who uses degrees anyway in 3D graphics) skydome
	star map (UV-only for now)

2003-03-12 00:42  mrq

	* ChangeLog, Client/Client.cpp, Client/Client.h,
	Client/GLClient.cpp, Client/GLClient.h, Client/Main.cpp,
	Client/, Client/MenuView.cpp, Client/MenuView.h,
	Modules/HeightField/HFQuadtree.cpp: * Added a menu to the game.

2003-03-11 00:23  zongo

	* Ark Win32.dsw, Ark/Ark.dsp, Ark/Ark.h, Ark/ArkImage.cpp,
	Ark/ArkLight.h, Client/GLClient.cpp, Client/GLClient.h,
	Modules/HeightField/HeightField.dsp, Modules/Lua/ScriptLua.dsp,
	Modules/Renderer/GLLight.cpp, Modules/Renderer/GLLight.h,
	Modules/Renderer/Renderer.dsp: win32 compilation and runtime fixes
	(int, dll spec, lib dependencies)

2003-03-09 23:34  mat

	* Modules/HeightField/HFQuadtree.cpp: 
	std:: fix.

2003-03-09 22:51  mrq

	* Ark/ArkCollision.h, Ark/ArkModel.cpp, Ark/ArkModel.h,
	Ark/ArkModelRead.cpp, Modules/HeightField/HFQuadtree.cpp: * Added
	the possibility to have a SharedCDModel in a model, ie. a specific 
	 (and simpler) model for collision queries. For example the
	characters'   collision computations can be done using cylinders.
	* Fixed a bug of the raytracer (the closeness of objects was not
	taken into   account when the ray collided with several objects).

2003-03-09 22:50  teuf

	* ChangeLog, Ark/ArkLight.cpp, Ark/ArkLight.h, Ark/ArkWorld.cpp,
	Ark/ArkWorld.h, Ark/, Modules/HeightField/HFWorld.cpp,
	Modules/Renderer/GLLight.cpp, Modules/Renderer/GLLight.h,
	Modules/Renderer/ 2003-03-09  Christophe Fergeau 
		* Ark/ArkLight.cpp (added)
		* Ark/ArkLight.h (added)
		* Ark/ArkWorld.cpp
		* Ark/ArkWorld.h
		* Ark/
		* Modules/HeightField/HFWorld.cpp
		* Modules/Renderer/GLLight.cpp (added)
		* Modules/Renderer/GLLight.h (added)
		* Modules/Renderer/ added more flexible light
		  To add a light, edit world.cfg (will commit one with an
	example soon)
		  The only tested lights are directional and ambient

2003-03-09 22:32  teuf

	* ChangeLog, Ark/ArkString.cpp: 2003-03-09  Christophe Fergeau 
		* Ark/ArkString.cpp: removed ^M

2003-03-05 20:32  mrq

	* Client/: MessageView.cpp, MessageView.h: Added a timeout for
	messages without answers.

2003-03-05 19:14  mrq

	* Ark/ArkEntity.cpp, Ark/ArkLoader3DS.cpp, Ark/ArkMaterial.cpp,
	Modules/HeightField/HFWorld.cpp: Corrected a bug in the ArkMaterial

2003-03-02 13:59  mrq

	* Ark/ArkMaterial.cpp, Modules/Lua/LuaWorld.cpp,
	Modules/Lua/LuaWorld.h: Fixed a bug in the animated texture reader
	code (ArkMaterial.cpp), added Lua functions to change the
	athmospheric parameters of the World.

2003-02-23 20:17  mrq

	* depcomp, Client/, Client/UI/,
	Modules/Lua/, Modules/Renderer/,
	Server/ Automake 1.7 fixes. (added depcomp)

2003-02-22 19:37  zongo

	* Ark/ArkCache.cpp: std::

2003-02-21 00:47  mrq

	* Ark/ArkCache.cpp, Ark/ArkCache.h, Client/Client.cpp: Added a
	memory reporter in the cache (it currently displays an estimated
	texture memory usage only).

2003-02-21 00:31  zongo

	* Docs/whitepapers/: environment.txt, water.txt: added water with 1
	link for waves

2003-02-20 14:20  mrq

	* README: Updated the README.

2003-02-20 01:37  mrq

	* Ark/: ArkModelRead.cpp, ArkModelWrite.cpp, ArkSkeleton.h: Some
	Model::Write and Skeleton::Write changes (file format changes in
	the reader which weren't propagated..)

2003-02-16 20:47  zongo

	* Ark/ArkRenderer.h, Client/TerrainView.cpp, Client/TerrainView.h,
	Modules/Renderer/GLRenderer.cpp, Modules/Renderer/GLRenderer.h:
	removed some gl calls from TerrainView

2003-02-15 16:14  mrq

	*, Ark/, Client/UI/ 'make dist'
	now works.

2003-02-15 15:43  mrq

	* Client/TerrainView.cpp: Changed the default xMinThreshold in the

2003-02-15 00:36  zongo

	* Client/TerrainView.cpp: just check-in these no-op changes, I'll
	go on at home this week-end

2003-02-15 00:23  mrq

	* Modules/Renderer/GLRenderer.cpp: Fixed a bug in the DumpNormals
	debug code.

2003-02-14 23:35  mrq

	* INSTALL: Updated INSTALL file (corrected instructions for the CVS

2003-02-14 22:50  teuf

	* ChangeLog,, 2003-01-14  Christophe
	Fergeau  <>
		*, honour ACLOCAL_FLAGS, correctly
		if lualib is present

2003-02-14 22:35  zongo

	* Client/: TerrainView.cpp, TerrainView.h: added CameraControl
	class to handle camera movements

2003-02-14 22:35  zongo

	* Engine/Engine.cpp: this could be the reason for collision not
	working for g++3.2

2003-02-14 18:27  mat

	* Client/MessageView.cpp: 
	changed font size for message && answers

2003-02-14 14:40  mat

	* Modules/Lua/: LuaEntity.cpp, LuaEntity.h: 
	play_music fondations

2003-02-14 06:21  mrq

	* Ark/ArkEntity.cpp, Ark/ArkEntity.h, Ark/ArkModel.cpp,
	Client/TerrainView.cpp, Engine/Engine.cpp, Engine/Entity.h,
	Modules/Collision/Collision.cpp, Modules/Collision/Collision.h,
	Modules/HeightField/HFCollision.cpp: Basic collision detection
	(cannot slide on walls though ; and one's can sometime get locked
	on a wall...)

2003-02-14 03:08  mat

	* Modules/HeightField/HFCollision.cpp: 

2003-02-14 02:42  mrq

	* Ark/ArkModelRead.cpp, Client/TerrainView.cpp, Engine/Engine.cpp,
	Modules/HeightField/HFCollision.cpp: Fixed the default rotation for
	animated models.

2003-02-14 01:39  zongo

	* Ark/ArkEntity.cpp, Ark/ArkLoaderMDL.cpp, Ark/ArkMath.cpp,
	Ark/ArkMath.h, Ark/ArkModel.cpp, Ark/ArkModelRead.cpp,
	Ark/ArkModelState.cpp, Ark/ArkPath.cpp, Ark/ArkSequence.cpp,
	Ark/ArkSkeleton.cpp, Client/TerrainView.cpp: playing with matrices

2003-02-13 23:58  zongo

	* Ark/ArkMath.cpp, Ark/ArkMath.h, Ark/ArkModelRead.cpp,
	Client/TerrainView.cpp, Modules/HeightField/HFWorld.cpp: playing
	with quaternions

2003-02-13 19:36  mrq

	* Ark/ArkLoader.cpp, Ark/ArkModelRead.cpp, Ark/ArkSequence.cpp,
	Ark/ArkSkeleton.cpp, Ark/ArkSkeleton.h, Client/GLClient.cpp,
	Client/TerrainView.cpp, Modules/HeightField/HFWorld.cpp: Modified a
	bit the sequence/skeleton loader, in order to reorder
	alphabetically the bone list before doing anything (because I can't
	count on the 3DS gives me).

2003-02-13 02:49  zongo

	* Client/TerrainView.cpp: memory lifetime of templated argument was

2003-02-13 02:23  zongo

	* Ark/ArkModel.cpp, Ark/ArkModel.h, Ark/ArkRenderer.h,
	Client/TerrainView.cpp, Client/TerrainView.h,
	Modules/HeightField/HFWorld.cpp, Modules/Renderer/GLRenderer.h:
	camera and renderer changes (may not work)

2003-02-12 23:10  mrq

	* Ark/ArkEntity.cpp, Client/TerrainView.cpp, Client/TerrainView.h:
	The player now moves with the keyboard, and change the camera angle
	with the mouse.

2003-02-11 14:51  mrq

	* Ark/ArkModelRead.cpp: Corrected a typo in the model reader.

2003-02-11 14:33  mrq

	* Ark/ArkModelRead.cpp, Modules/HeightField/HFWorld.cpp: Skeletal
	animation fixes (last ones hopefully ; adds an optional keyword
	"FixXRot" to be put in the Skeleton { } block, which is used to
	import models exported from a famous modeler).

2003-02-11 09:57  zongo

	* Ark/: ArkEntity.cpp, ArkEntity.h, ArkMath.h, ArkWorld.cpp:
	performance tweaking avec profiling

2003-02-11 02:50  zongo

	* Ark/ArkModelRead.cpp: win32 fix

2003-02-11 02:31  mrq

	* Ark/ArkLoaderMDL.cpp, Ark/ArkModelRead.cpp, Ark/ArkSkeleton.cpp,
	Ark/ArkSkeleton.h, Modules/HeightField/HFWorld.cpp: Skeletal
	animation related fixes.

2003-02-11 01:57  zongo

	* Ark/ArkModel.cpp, Ark/ArkRenderer.h,
	Modules/HeightField/SkyDome.cpp, Modules/Renderer/GLRenderer.cpp,
	Modules/Renderer/GLRenderer.h: changed SetViewMatrix to

2003-02-11 00:26  zongo

	* Client/TerrainView.cpp: look at demo village

2003-02-09 22:23  mrq

	* Modules/HeightField/: HFWorld.cpp, HFWorld.h, SkyDome.cpp:
	Athmosphere-editor related fixes.

2003-02-09 15:20  mrq

	* Modules/Collision/: Collision.cpp, Collision.h: Fixed the

2003-02-09 13:13  mrq

	* Ark/ArkMath.cpp, Engine/Entity.cpp: Corrected a bug in the
	Quaternion -> Euler angles function (Quat::GetEuler)

2003-02-07 22:54  mrq

	* Ark/ArkWorld.cpp: Worlded related fixes.

2003-02-07 02:03  zongo

	* Client/GLClient.cpp, Modules/HeightField/SkyDome.cpp,
	Modules/Renderer/GLRenderer.cpp: stripping and stitching, I am
	Ark's seamstress...

2003-02-06 23:47  mat

	* Modules/HeightField/SkyDome.cpp: 
	fixes a segfault, at least with the worlded.

2003-02-06 23:15  mrq

	* Client/GLClient.cpp: Default gamma is now 1.0

2003-02-06 22:46  mrq

	* Client/GLClient.cpp, Client/GLClient.h, Client/WidgetTest.cpp,
	Client/WidgetTest.h, Modules/HeightField/HFWorld.cpp: Gamma
	correction support in the client (F10-F11). (BTW: this is the first
	Rox's contribution to Ark, congrats ;)

2003-02-06 01:55  zongo

	* Ark/ArkLoader3DS.cpp: Swap32 change

2003-02-06 00:55  zongo

	* Modules/HeightField/HFWorld.cpp: read fog parameters and time of
	day from world.cfg file

2003-02-06 00:13  zongo

	* Modules/HeightField/: HFQuadtree.cpp, HFQuadtree.h, HFWorld.cpp,
	HFWorld.h: some cleanup for fog (but ligthing is screwed up)

2003-02-05 19:54  zongo

	* Modules/HeightField/HFWorld.cpp: D'oh, I changed the directional
	light to a positional one

2003-02-05 19:35  zongo

	* Modules/HeightField/: HFQuadtree.cpp, HFWorld.cpp: basic fog
	support, need to clean code and provide API for sky/fog/lighting

2003-02-05 18:37  mat

	* Ark/ArkLoader3DS.cpp: 
	compilation fix

2003-02-05 17:27  mat

	* Client/: GLClient.cpp, TerrainView.cpp: 
	splashscreen back to the full size of the window.  max zoom is now
	a bit higher

2003-02-04 23:08  zongo

	* Ark/Ark.dsp, Modules/HeightField/SkyDome.cpp,
	Modules/Lua/ScriptLua.dsp, Modules/Renderer/GLRenderer.cpp: win32
	fixes (yeah, one more time)

2003-02-04 21:18  zongo

	* Ark/ArkGraph.cpp, Ark/ArkImage.h, Ark/ArkLoader3DS.cpp,
	Ark/ArkLoaderMDL.cpp, Ark/ArkLoaderPSys.cpp, Ark/ArkMaterial.cpp,
	Ark/ArkMaterial.h, Ark/ArkMath.cpp, Ark/ArkPath.cpp,
	Ark/ArkRenderer.cpp, Ark/ArkSocket.cpp, Ark/ArkTexture.cpp,
	Ark/ArkTexture.h, Client/GLClient.cpp, Client/TerrainView.cpp,
	Client/UI/Style.cpp, Modules/HeightField/HFQuadtree.cpp,
	Modules/HeightField/HFWorld.cpp, Modules/HeightField/HFWorld.h,
	Modules/HeightField/SkyDome.cpp, Modules/HeightField/SkyDome.h,
	Modules/Renderer/GLRenderer.cpp, Modules/Renderer/GLRenderer.h,
	Modules/Renderer/Visual.cpp, Modules/Renderer/Visual.h,
	Server/Network.cpp: unfinished skydome && win32 linux build fixes

2003-02-04 21:00  zongo

	* Ark Win32.dsw, Ark/Ark.dsp, Ark/ArkBuffer.cpp, Ark/ArkBuffer.h,
	Ark/ArkEntity.cpp, Ark/ArkFontBitmap.cpp, Ark/ArkLoaderMDL.cpp,
	Ark/ArkPath.cpp, Client/RemoteUpdater.cpp,
	Modules/HeightField/HFWorld.cpp, Modules/Renderer/Renderer.dsp:
	win32 compilation fixes

2003-01-29 23:13  mrq

	* Client/GLClient.cpp: Reverted a change I shouldn't have commited.

2003-01-29 23:06  mrq

	* Client/GLClient.cpp, Client/TerrainView.cpp,
	Modules/HeightField/HFQuadtree.h: Tiny changes.

2003-01-28 23:54  zongo

	* Docs/whitepapers/environment.txt: links

2003-01-28 20:05  zongo

	* Ark/: ArkFactory.cpp, ArkNode.cpp, ArkNode.h: g++ 3 build

2003-01-27 20:13  zongo

	* Client/UI/.cvsignore, Client/UI/Style.cpp,
	Modules/Renderer/GLRenderer.cpp, Modules/Renderer/Visual.cpp: std::

2003-01-26 23:02  mrq

	* Client/UI/UIRenderer.cpp: UI fixes, again (the background texture
	doesn't stretch anymore, and alpha testing is disabled).

2003-01-26 22:38  mrq

	* Client/UI/Style.cpp, Client/UI/UIRenderer.cpp,
	Client/UI/UI_Ressources.h, Client/UI/Window.cpp,
	Modules/Renderer/GLRenderer.cpp, Modules/Renderer/Visual.cpp: Some
	UI fixes.

2003-01-25 21:29  zongo

	*, Client/, Client/UI/.cvsignore,
	Client/UI/Makefile, Client/UI/Window.cpp: build fixes

2003-01-25 21:17  xfred

	*, libltdl/ added UI path for automake

2003-01-25 21:15  xfred

	* Client/:, UI/Container.cpp, UI/Container.h,
	UI/Label.cpp, UI/Label.h, UI/Makefile, UI/,
	UI/Style.cpp, UI/Style.h, UI/UIRenderer.cpp, UI/UI_Ressources.h,
	UI/Widget.cpp, UI/Widget.h, UI/WidgetTest.cpp, UI/WidgetTest.h,
	UI/Window.cpp, UI/Window.h: adding bugged UI in alpha stage :)

2003-01-25 20:56  mrq

	* Modules/HeightField/HFQuadtree.cpp: Re-corrected the invalidate
	bug in the Heightfield quadtree (a recent change overwrited the

2003-01-25 20:20  zongo

	* Modules/HeightField/: HFQuadtree.cpp, HFQuadtree.h: draw
	non-blending triangle first, patches are rendered front to back

2003-01-25 20:12  mrq

	* Ark/ArkCache.cpp, Modules/HeightField/HFQuadtree.cpp,
	Modules/HeightField/HFWorld.cpp: Fixed a bug : ground materials
	weren't destroyed because the QuadtreeRenderManager wasn't deleted
	in the Quadtree destructor.  I also made the error message a bit
	more explicit (for the next time such a problem will happen).

2003-01-23 22:59  tharibo

	* Client/GLClient.cpp: Modified so that the splashscreen appears in
	its own size, centered on screen.  No test is done on the size of
	the splahscreen, so it'd be better that it isn't too wide...

2003-01-22 10:15  zongo

	* Modules/HeightField/: HFQuadtree.cpp, HFQuadtree.h: class Patch
	is now hidden in .cpp file and do rendering itself

2003-01-20 18:01  zongo

	* Modules/HeightField/HFQuadtree.cpp: fix small glitch in textures
	at patch borders

2003-01-20 11:14  zongo

	* Ark/ArkPrimBlock.h, Modules/HeightField/HFQuadtree.cpp,
	Modules/HeightField/HFQuadtree.h: trying to get performance

2003-01-20 05:11  mat

	* Client/GLClient.cpp: 
	just getting rid of the old music hack before commiting the new one

2003-01-19 18:13  tharibo

	* Modules/Collision/Collision.cpp: Implemented the BoxTest
	function. Only BB to BB collision detection for now...	Not tested.

2003-01-19 18:11  tharibo

	* Docs/ark.dox: Switched off the tree view and corrected the tab
	value.	Generated with doxywizard.

2003-01-15 15:54  mat

	* Client/GLClient.cpp: 
	attempt to fix yet another splashscreen problem

2003-01-12 19:18  mrq

	* Ark/ArkSequence.cpp, Modules/HeightField/HFQuadtree.cpp,
	Modules/HeightField/HFQuadtree.h: Fixed a bug with the
	Quadtree::Invalidate function (typo).

2003-01-11 01:40  mat

	* Client/MessageView.cpp: 
	hacking the hack to make it work a little better :)

2003-01-10 23:19  tharibo

	* Modules/Lua/LuaWorld.cpp: Make it not to crash...

2003-01-10 22:52  mat

	* Client/: GLClient.cpp, MessageView.cpp, UIRenderer.cpp,
	UIRenderer.h, WidgetTest.cpp: 
	ugly hack to get wordwrapping

2003-01-10 21:17  tharibo

	* Modules/Lua/: LuaEntity.cpp, LuaEntity.h, LuaTable.cpp,
	LuaTable.h, LuaWorld.cpp: Added a get_position() function available
	in Lua for entities.  Had to correct and add some things in
	LuaTable too.  Added detect_collisions_with_entities() in the list
	of available functions in LuaWorld.cpp.

2003-01-10 21:14  tharibo

	* Docs/ark.dox: Generates a better and more complete doc.  Please
	be patient when loading the index.html page since the left frame
	takes some time to load. Maybe we'll change this...  (generated
	with doxywizard)

2003-01-09 13:07  mat

	added a note about SDL_mixer, which will be needed soon :)

2003-01-09 13:02  mat

	* AUTHORS, ChangeLog, TODO, Client/GLClient.cpp: 
	documentation update, splashscreen hack, ...

2003-01-08 04:44  mat

	* Client/MessageView.cpp: 
	multiple lines messages, goret style (but it works :) please

2003-01-08 01:22  mat

	* Client/MessageView.cpp: 
	removed the default image thing, because 1/ its hardcoded to a non
	existant icon 2/ it looks better without it :)

2003-01-08 00:24  mat

	* Client/TerrainView.cpp: 
	moving the player position to the bottom right of the screen so
	that it doesnt collide with the position of the messages :)

2003-01-06 01:26  mat

	* Client/TerrainView.cpp: 
	added player a little something do display player coordinates
	easier to debug lua scripts this way :) btw, hope its the right way
	to do it... :) used ints because i didnt need precision...

2003-01-05 11:25  mrq

	* Ark/: ArkLoaderMDL.cpp, ArkSequence.cpp: Temporarily modified the
	sequence code to render correctly Half-life MDLs ; it won't work
	anymore with native models..

2003-01-02 12:33  mrq

	* Ark/: ArkGraph.cpp, ArkPath.cpp: GCC3 compilation fix.

2002-12-31 16:49  mrq

	* Added a $Id: ChangeLog,v 1.25 2003/03/23 20:09:25 mrq Exp $ to the script

2002-12-27 21:49  mrq

	* Ark/ArkEntity.cpp, Ark/ArkPath.cpp, Modules/Lua/LuaTable.cpp:
	Removed the "inline" before LuaTable::index() in LuaTable.cpp
	Pathfinding tweaking.

2002-12-27 21:16  mat

	* Ark/ArkPath.h, Ark/ArkWorld.cpp, Modules/HeightField/HFWorld.cpp:
	gcc 3.x fixes

2002-12-27 13:10  mrq

	* Ark/ArkPath.cpp: Removed debug output.

2002-12-27 12:55  mrq

	* Ark/ArkCollision.h, Ark/ArkEntity.cpp, Ark/ArkEntity.h,
	Ark/ArkEntityHelp.h, Ark/ArkMath.cpp, Ark/ArkPath.cpp,
	Ark/ArkPath.h, Ark/ArkWorld.cpp, Engine/Engine.cpp,
	Modules/HeightField/HFQuadtree.h, Modules/HeightField/HFWorld.cpp,
	Modules/Lua/LuaEntity.cpp: Tried to clean up a bit the pathfinding

2002-12-26 21:32  mrq

	* Ark/: ArkGraph.cpp, ArkGraph.h, Added the Graph
	class I used in the pathfinding test. About to commit the new
	pathfinding code BTW.

2002-12-21 23:27  mrq

	* AUTHORS,, aclocal.m4, Ark/ArkConfig.cpp,
	Ark/ArkEntity.cpp, Ark/ArkFactory.cpp, Ark/ArkNode.cpp,
	Ark/ArkNode.h, Ark/ArkWorld.cpp, Ark/ArkWorld.h, Ark/,
	Client/Client.cpp, Client/Client.h, Client/GLClient.cpp,
	Client/, Client/TerrainView.cpp, Client/TerrainView.h,
	Docs/, Modules/,
	Modules/HeightField/HFQuadtree.h, Modules/HeightField/HFWorld.cpp,
	Modules/HeightField/HFWorld.h, Modules/HeightField/,
	Modules/Lua/LuaListTable.cpp, Modules/Lua/LuaTable.cpp: Added a
	node interface and modified everything in order to make Ark compile
	(gruik gruik method, I need to bang on that before I can get
	something decent).  Anyway, it compiles and shows the terrain :)

2002-12-21 23:27  mrq

	* Ark/ArkNode.cpp: file ArkNode.cpp was initially added on branch

2002-12-21 23:27  mrq

	* Ark/ArkNode.h: file ArkNode.h was initially added on branch

2002-12-21 20:08  teuf

	* .cvsignore, aclocal.m4: Removed aclocal.m4 since I got bored of
	seeing this autogenerated file in each commit

2002-12-21 18:34  tharibo

	* AUTHORS, aclocal.m4, Modules/Lua/LuaListTable.cpp,
	 Modified Files:
		AUTHORS aclocal.m4		: nothing important
		Modules/Lua/LuaTable.cpp	: make it compile with gcc
		Modules/Renderer/GLRenderer.cpp : a null character was
	found line
		142... replaced it by a 'T' to make "GL_TRUE"...

2002-12-21 17:04  mrq

	* Modules/Lua/LuaListTable.cpp: Made the latest tharibo's commit

2002-12-21 17:02  mrq

	* README: Changed the README of the experimental branch.

2002-12-21 12:23  tharibo

	* Modules/Lua/LuaListTable.cpp: Modified the function
	addElement(const LuaTable&) so that it should compile now and
	work... I can't compile for the moment, so it may not compile...

2002-12-20 22:44  mrq

	* Ark/, Modules/Lua/LuaListTable.cpp,
	Modules/Lua/LuaTable.cpp, Modules/Lua/LuaTable.h,
	Modules/Renderer/ Tiny changes to make the CVS compile.

2002-12-20 20:56  teuf

	* ChangeLog, 2002-12-20  Christophe Fergeau
		* revert most of the previous commit since
		broke with automake-1.4

2002-12-20 19:29  teuf

	* ChangeLog, 2002-12-20  Christophe Fergeau
		* fix some warnings I got when running

2002-12-18 21:22  mrq

	* aclocal.m4, Ark/, Modules/Renderer/ First
	"blind" fixes for automake 1.5

2002-12-18 21:12  tharibo

	* Modules/Lua/: LuaEntity.cpp, LuaEntity.h, LuaWorld.cpp,
	LuaWorld.h, Major additions made to these files. This
	is the beginning of ArkLua for real power! ;-)

2002-12-18 21:10  tharibo

	* Modules/Lua/: LuaListTable.cpp, LuaListTable.h, LuaTable.cpp,
	LuaTable.h: Finally added my contribution ;-) It should compile but
	I'm not sure...

2002-12-09 22:48  mrq

	* Fix : & lua..

2002-12-09 22:40  mrq

	* Corrected a typo in the

2002-12-09 20:26  mrq

	* Added some quotes (") where needed in the

2002-12-09 19:21  mrq

	*, Modules/Lua/ Added an argument
	--with-lua-[inc|lib] to the configure script.

2002-12-07 18:07  mrq

	* Ark/ArkSocket.cpp, Client/RemoteUpdater.cpp: Fix for the network.

2002-12-07 17:54  mrq

	* Client/RemoteUpdater.cpp: Fixed a bug in the RemoteUpdater (tried
	to ReceiveData() in blocking mode).

2002-12-06 18:40  mrq

	* Second try..

2002-12-06 18:35  mrq

	* Attempt to fix compilations for systems with libGLU
	installed in a nonstandard place.

2002-12-06 00:42  mat

	* Ark/ArkSocket.cpp: gcc 3.x fix, again (cerr -> std::cerr)

2002-12-06 00:06  mrq

	* Ark/ArkSocket.cpp: Gcc3 related fixes.

2002-12-05 13:00  mat

	* Client/RemoteUpdater.cpp, Engine/Engine.cpp: gcc 3.x compilation

2002-12-04 19:19  mrq

	* Ark/ArkSocket.cpp: [no log message]

2002-11-23 23:30  mrq

	* Ark/ArkBuffer.cpp, Ark/ArkEntity.cpp, Ark/ArkPath.cpp,
	Ark/ArkSocket.cpp, Client/Main.cpp, Client/RemoteUpdater.cpp,
	Engine/Engine.cpp, Server/Network.cpp: The client/server is now
	working quite well. Needs a lot of tweaking though (and even more

2002-11-21 00:15  mrq

	* Ark/ArkVersion.h: Re-added ArkVersion.h

2002-11-16 17:40  mrq

	* AUTHORS, ChangeLog,, Ark/ArkCollision.cpp,
	Ark/ArkCollision.h, Ark/ArkFactory.cpp, Ark/ArkFactory.h,
	Ark/ArkRenderer.cpp, Ark/ArkRenderer.h, Ark/ArkWorld.cpp,
	Ark/ArkWorld.h, Ark/ArkWorldUpd.cpp, Ark/ArkWorldUpd.h,
	Ark/, Client/GLClient.cpp, Client/RemoteUpdater.cpp,
	Client/WidgetTest.cpp, Engine/Engine.cpp, Engine/Script.cpp,
	Engine/Script.h: Added a versioning system to the
	Factory/FactoryList classes.

2002-11-01 23:52  zongo

	* Ark/ArkFileSys.cpp: default parameter should not be in cpp

2002-10-28 23:31  mrq

	* Ark/ArkEntity.cpp, Ark/ArkLoader.cpp, Ark/ArkLoaderMDL.cpp,
	Ark/ArkLoaderSeq.cpp, Ark/ArkMath.cpp, Ark/ArkMath.h,
	Ark/ArkModel.cpp, Ark/ArkModelRead.cpp, Ark/ArkModelState.cpp,
	Ark/ArkPath.cpp, Ark/ArkPath.h, Ark/ArkSequence.cpp,
	Ark/ArkSequence.h, Ark/ArkSkeleton.cpp, Ark/ArkSkeleton.h,
	Ark/ArkSpline.cpp, Ark/ArkWorld.cpp, Ark/ArkWorld.h,
	Client/GLClient.cpp, Client/TerrainView.cpp, Engine/Engine.cpp,
	Modules/HeightField/HFWorld.cpp: Changed quite a lot of thing in
	the skeleton, sequence and model loader parts of the engine in
	order to make Ark able to load it's own model format for animated
	models.  (By the way, the 3DS export script is now perfectly

2002-10-20 22:10  mrq

	* INSTALL, INSTALL.Win32, Updated some distribution
	file. Added an INSTALL.Win32 (it isn't complete, but I don't know

2002-10-20 21:42  mrq

	* Ark/: ArkCondition.cpp, ArkCondition.h, ArkFontBitmap.cpp,
	ArkFontBitmap.h, ArkGraph.cpp, ArkGraph.h, ArkMutex.cpp,
	ArkMutex.h, ArkSemaphore.cpp, ArkSemaphore.h, ArkThread.cpp,
	ArkThread.h: Cleaned up a bit the CVS. I removed the currently
	unused files (they can be accesses from the CVSweb if anyone wants
	to use them, and I keep a copy of them anyway).
	Moved the private BitmapFontData class from the public
	ArkFontBitmap.h header to ArkFontBitmap.cpp

2002-10-20 21:30  mrq

	* NEWS: Updated the News file.

2002-10-20 19:56  mrq

	*,, Ark/ArkFontBitmap.h, Ark/,
	Docs/, Engine/, Modules/Collision/,
	Modules/HeightField/, Modules/Lua/,
	Modules/Renderer/, libltdl/ Now "make dist"
	works, and the resulting tar.gz compiles nicely..

2002-10-20 14:46  mrq

	* Ark/ArkFontBitmap.cpp, Ark/ArkFontBitmap.h, Ark/,
	Modules/Renderer/FontBitmap.cpp, Modules/Renderer/FontBitmap.h,
	Modules/Renderer/, Modules/Renderer/Visual.cpp: Moved
	the FontBitmap class from the GLRenderer module to the Ark core.

2002-10-18 23:23  zongo

	* Ark Win32.dsw, Ark/Ark.dsp, Client/Client.dsp, Engine/Engine.dsp,
	libltdl/libltdl.dsp: polishing dsp files

2002-10-18 23:05  mrq

	* Ark/: ArkFileSys.cpp, ArkFileSys.h, ArkLoaderPNG.cpp,
	ArkSystem.cpp: Cleaned up a bit the filesystem code.

2002-10-18 10:19  zongo

	* libltdl/:,, acinclude.m4, aclocal.m4,, configure, ltdl.c, ltdl.h: reverted win32 changes

2002-10-18 03:04  zongo

	* Ark Win32.dsw, Ark/Ark.dsp, Ark/ArkFactoryDef.h,
	Ark/ArkFactoryReg.h, Engine/Engine.h,
	Modules/Collision/Collision.h, Modules/HeightField/HFWorld.h,
	Modules/Lua/LuaScript.cpp, Modules/Lua/LuaScript.h,
	Modules/Lua/ScriptLua.dsp, Modules/Renderer/GLRenderer.h,
	libltdl/COPYING.LIB, libltdl/, libltdl/WinConfig.bat,
	libltdl/config.h.win32, libltdl/libltdl.dsp, libltdl/ltdl.c,
	libltdl/ltdl.h: ArkWin32 is working with factories andd DLL with
	this check-in

2002-10-18 00:35  zongo

	* Ark/ArkCache.h, Ark/ArkFactory.cpp, Client/Client.dsp,
	Modules/HeightField/HFRender.cpp, Modules/Lua/LuaEntity.cpp,
	Modules/Renderer/FontBitmap.cpp, Modules/Renderer/GLRenderer.cpp,
	Modules/Renderer/Visual.cpp: dll debug compilation fixes

2002-10-16 02:33  zongo

	* Client/Client.dsp: changed dsp

2002-10-16 02:16  zongo

	* Ark/ArkCache.h, Ark/ArkFactory.h, Client/Client.dsp: fixed DLL
	linking template issue (may still cause problems)

2002-10-14 07:13  mrq

	* missing, Ark/ArkCache.cpp, Ark/ArkLoader.cpp,
	Ark/ArkModelState.cpp, Ark/ArkSkin.cpp: Some Skin-related changes.

2002-10-12 14:50  mrq

	* INSTALL: Updated the install script.

2002-10-12 03:04  zongo

	* Ark Win32.dsw, Client/Client.dsp, Client/GLClient.cpp,
	Client/Main.cpp, Client/TerrainView.cpp, Client/UIRenderer.cpp:
	DLLization - Client.exe (release only, pb with factory loading)

2002-10-12 02:58  zongo

	* Modules/HeightField/: HFAStar.h, HFLod.h, HFPathfind.cpp,
	HFQuadtree.h, HFRender.h, HFWorld.h, SkyDome.h: DLLization - fixed
	include header case

2002-10-12 02:47  zongo

	* Modules/Renderer/ArkRenderer.h: dll files

2002-10-12 02:30  zongo

	* Modules/: Collision/ArkCollision.h, Collision/Collision.dsp,
	Collision/Collision.h, Collision/Opcode.h,
	HeightField/ArkHeightField.h: DLLization - missing header,

2002-10-12 02:14  zongo

	* Modules/HeightField/: HFAStar.h, HFLod.h, HFPathfind.cpp,
	HFQuadtree.cpp, HFQuadtree.h, HFRender.h, HFWorld.h,
	HeightField.dsp, SkyDome.h: DLLization - libArkHeightField.dll

2002-10-12 01:55  zongo

	* Ark/ArkCache.h, Modules/Renderer/FontBitmap.cpp,
	Modules/Renderer/FontBitmap.h, Modules/Renderer/GLRenderer.h,
	Modules/Renderer/PartSys.h, Modules/Renderer/Renderer.dsp,
	Modules/Renderer/Visual.h: DLLization - fixes (the template
	function Ark::Cache::Get poses problems with win32 dlls),

2002-10-12 00:01  mrq

	* config.h.win32: Switched back to the old system. And testing.

2002-10-11 23:50  mrq

	* ChangeLog, TODO, Docs/ Small unsignificant changes to
	test the new installed syncmail.

2002-10-11 23:11  zongo

	* Engine/Engine.dsp, Engine/Engine.h, Modules/Lua/ArkLua.h,
	Modules/Lua/LuaEntity.h, Modules/Lua/LuaScript.h,
	Modules/Lua/LuaWorld.h, Modules/Lua/ScriptLua.dsp,
	Modules/Lua/luna.h, Modules/Renderer/Renderer.dsp: DLLization -
	fixes, libArkLua.dll

2002-10-11 22:36  zongo

	* config.h.win32, Ark/Ark.dsp, Ark/ArkFactoryReg.h,
	Ark/ArkNetwork.h, Ark/ArkString.h, Ark/ArkSystem.h,
	Engine/ArkEngine.h, Engine/Engine.dsp, Engine/Engine.h,
	Engine/Entity.h, Engine/Script.h: DLLization - fixes,

2002-10-11 08:58  zongo

	* Ark/ArkSpline.cpp: oops fix

2002-10-11 05:31  zongo

	* Ark/ArkCollision.h, Client/Client.cpp, Client/GLClient.cpp,
	Client/Main.cpp, Client/RemoteUpdater.cpp, Client/TerrainView.cpp,
	Client/WidgetTest.cpp, Engine/Engine.cpp, Engine/Engine.h,
	Modules/HeightField/HFWorld.cpp, Modules/Renderer/FontBitmap.cpp,
	Modules/Renderer/FontBitmap.h, Modules/Renderer/GLRenderer.cpp,
	Modules/Renderer/GLRenderer.h, Server/Network.cpp,
	Server/Server.cpp: fixed side effects off libArk DLLization

2002-10-11 03:10  zongo

	* Ark Win32.dsw, config.h.win32, Ark/Ark.cpp, Ark/Ark.dsp,
	Ark/Ark.h, Ark/ArkBuffer.h, Ark/ArkCache.cpp, Ark/ArkCache.h,
	Ark/ArkCollision.h, Ark/ArkCondition.h, Ark/ArkConfig.cpp,
	Ark/ArkConfig.h, Ark/ArkDataClass.cpp, Ark/ArkDataClass.h,
	Ark/ArkEntity.cpp, Ark/ArkEntity.h, Ark/ArkEntityHelp.h,
	Ark/ArkFactory.cpp, Ark/ArkFactory.h, Ark/ArkFactoryReg.h,
	Ark/ArkFileSys.cpp, Ark/ArkFileSys.h, Ark/ArkFont.h,
	Ark/ArkImage.cpp, Ark/ArkImage.h, Ark/ArkImgTGAw.cpp,
	Ark/ArkLexer.cpp, Ark/ArkLexer.h, Ark/ArkLoader.cpp,
	Ark/ArkLoader.h, Ark/ArkLoader3DS.cpp, Ark/ArkLoaderJPG.cpp,
	Ark/ArkLoaderMDL.cpp, Ark/ArkLoaderPNG.cpp, Ark/ArkLoaderTGA.cpp,
	Ark/ArkMaterial.h, Ark/ArkMath.cpp, Ark/ArkMath.h, Ark/ArkModel.h,
	Ark/ArkModelBuild.h, Ark/ArkModelRead.cpp, Ark/ArkModelState.h,
	Ark/ArkMutex.cpp, Ark/ArkMutex.h, Ark/ArkNetwork.h,
	Ark/ArkObject.h, Ark/ArkParticle.cpp, Ark/ArkParticle.h,
	Ark/ArkPath.cpp, Ark/ArkPath.h, Ark/ArkPrimBlock.h, Ark/ArkRay.h,
	Ark/ArkRefCounter.h, Ark/ArkRenderer.h, Ark/ArkSemaphore.h,
	Ark/ArkSequence.cpp, Ark/ArkSequence.h, Ark/ArkSkeleton.h,
	Ark/ArkSkin.cpp, Ark/ArkSkin.h, Ark/ArkSocket.cpp, Ark/ArkSocket.h,
	Ark/ArkSpline.cpp, Ark/ArkSpline.h, Ark/ArkStream.cpp,
	Ark/ArkStream.h, Ark/ArkString.h, Ark/ArkSystem.cpp,
	Ark/ArkSystem.h, Ark/ArkTexture.h, Ark/ArkThread.h, Ark/ArkTimer.h,
	Ark/ArkTypes.h, Ark/ArkVBuffer.h, Ark/ArkVariable.h,
	Ark/ArkWorld.cpp, Ark/ArkWorld.h, Ark/ArkWorldUpd.h,
	Modules/Collision/Collision.dsp, Modules/Renderer/Renderer.dsp:
	DLLization of libArk

2002-10-09 02:35  zongo

	* Modules/Lua/: LuaEntity.cpp, LuaWorld.cpp: replaced strstream.h
	by sstream

2002-10-09 01:59  zongo

	* Ark Win32.dsw, config.h.win32, Ark/Ark.dsp, Ark/ArkFactory.cpp,
	Ark/ArkFactory.h, Ark/ArkSystem.cpp, Ark/my_dlsym.h,
	Client/Client.dsp, Client/GLClient.cpp, Engine/Engine.dsp,
	Modules/Collision/Collision.dsp, Modules/HeightField/HFRandom.cpp,
	Modules/HeightField/HeightField.dsp, Modules/Lua/ScriptLua.dsp,
	Modules/Renderer/Renderer.dsp, libltdl/ltdl.h: with these changes,
	it may be possible to build arkhart (not running...), the libltdl
	cannot be compiled under MSVC, but binaries exist on the web,
	you'll have to fix the ltdl.h nevertheless.

2002-10-08 11:11  zongo

	* Modules/HeightField/: HFQuadtree.cpp, HFQuadtree.h, HFWorld.cpp,
	HFWorld.h: code cleanup, removed useless data member, cleaned
	quadtree traversal

2002-10-07 22:40  zongo

	* config.h.win32, Ark/Ark.cpp, Ark/Ark.dsp, Ark/ArkTypes.h,
	Ark/ArkVariable.cpp, Ark/, Ark/WinConfig.bat,
	Client/Client.dsp, Engine/Engine.dsp,
	Modules/Collision/Collision.dsp, Modules/Renderer/Renderer.dsp:
	some clean-up for win32 compilation

2002-10-07 07:39  zongo

	* Ark/ArkEntity.cpp, Ark/ArkWorld.cpp, Ark/ArkWorld.h,
	Modules/HeightField/HFWorld.cpp, Modules/HeightField/HFWorld.h:
	Added interface to remove need of RauTrace when setting the
	position of entities on the ground

2002-10-07 04:53  zongo

	* Modules/HeightField/: HFQuadtree.cpp, HFQuadtree.h: Removed nodes
	under the Patch level. Needs rendering optimizations now.

2002-10-07 04:52  zongo

	* Modules/HeightField/: HFWorld.cpp, HFWorld.h: added offset to be
	able to tile several HFWorlds (or have a consistent worldwide
	coordinate system)

2002-10-07 04:51  zongo

	* Ark/ArkEntity.cpp, Ark/ArkFactory.cpp, Ark/ArkMath.cpp,
	Ark/ArkRay.cpp, Ark/ArkRay.h, Modules/HeightField/HFCollision.cpp:
	small tinkering, copyright and Id fixes, g++ warnings, constness...

2002-10-05 15:18  teuf

	* ChangeLog, Ark/ArkMath.h, Ark/ArkModel.h, Ark/ArkStream.h,
	Modules/Lua/LuaScript.cpp: 2002-10-05 15:08  Christophe Fergeau 
		* Ark/ArkMath.h: added doxygen comments

2002-10-04 10:09  zongo

	* Client/Client.cpp, Modules/Renderer/FontBitmap.cpp: compilation
	fix for g++ 3.2

2002-09-24 17:23  tharibo

	* Ark/: ArkWorld.cpp, ArkWorld.h: Uncommented the function
	FindByClass in .h and implemented it in .cpp

2002-09-24 17:21  tharibo

	* Modules/Lua/: LuaWorld.cpp, LuaWorld.h: Added some useful
	functions to get entities by different manners.

2002-09-18 21:19  mat

	* Docs/ 
	modified to make it work, at least on my system :)

2002-09-15 14:15  tharibo

	* Modules/Lua/LuaWorld.cpp: Corrected what was crashing (access to
	a NULL pointer when the requersted item was not found).

2002-09-14 22:40  mrq

	* Ark/ArkCache.cpp, Modules/Lua/LuaScript.cpp,
	Modules/Lua/LuaScript.h, Modules/Renderer/FontBitmap.cpp: Added an
	'ark:require' function to Lua bindings so that it is now possible
	to include files in lua scripts.
	Finally fixed the refcounting bug in fonts (BitmapFontData wasn't
	always destroyed).

2002-09-14 17:55  mrq

	* Ark/ArkCache.cpp, Ark/ArkFactory.cpp, Ark/ArkFactory.h,
	Ark/ArkWorldUpd.h, Client/Client.cpp, Client/RemoteUpdater.cpp,
	Docs/, Engine/Engine.cpp: Some dynamic-related fixes.
	There still is an issue with this F*** GDB which seems unable to
	find debugging symbols. Whatever.

2002-09-12 18:42  mat

	* Modules/Lua/LuaWorld.h: 
	fixed the reference to luna.h to point to the Modules/Lua/

2002-09-12 18:12  mrq

	* Client/, Modules/Lua/LuaWorld.cpp: Huhu. Just a commit
	to fix a little but annoying include.

2002-09-10 02:22  zongo

	* Ark/.cvsignore: ArkVersion.h is a generated file, must be ignored
	by cvs

2002-09-10 02:22  zongo

	* Ark/ArkVersion.h: ArkVersion.h is a generated file, removed from

2002-09-05 23:29  tharibo

	* Client/ corrected a line which was provocating a bug
	(bad english but... flemme)

2002-09-05 21:57  tharibo

	* Modules/Lua/: LuaWorld.cpp, LuaWorld.h: Start of the binding
	between Ark and Lua That's poor for the moment but I will improve
	it early...  Modified Files: Modules/Lua/LuaWorld.cpp

2002-08-29 20:42  zongo

	* Docs/ldpath: new directory hierarchy

2002-08-29 18:01  mrq

	* aclocal.m4,, Ark/ArkConfig.cpp, Ark/ArkVersion.h,
	Client/WidgetTest.cpp, Docs/, Server/ Added
	an helper installation file (to create the
	~/.arkhart/arkfactories.cfg file) in Docs/ ; just run it
	from the Ark directory to be able to run Ark's programs without
	installation.  [FIXME: put that in a doc, anyone ?]

2002-08-29 11:29  zongo

	* Ark/ArkFactory.cpp, Client/, Client/WidgetTest.cpp:
	another pass fixing warnings and std::

2002-08-29 11:00  mrq

	* Modules/.cvsignore, Modules/Lua/.cvsignore, libltdl/.cvsignore:
	Added a last .cvsignore's

2002-08-29 10:58  mrq

	* Modules/Collision/.cvsignore, Modules/Collision/Collision.dsp,
	Modules/Collision/Collision.dsw, Modules/Collision/ReadMe.txt,
	Modules/HeightField/.cvsignore, Modules/Renderer/.cvsignore,
	Modules/Renderer/Renderer.dsp, Modules/Renderer/Renderer.dsw,
	libltdl/.cvsignore: Added .cvsignore files, and re-added VC
	workspace (hopefully, it'll make XFred's work easier, even if
	they're not working).

2002-08-29 10:52  mrq

	*,, Ark/ArkCollision.h, Ark/ArkRenderer.h,
	Ark/my_dlsym.c, Ark/my_dlsym.h, Client/GLClient.cpp,
	Client/, Client/RemoteUpdater.cpp,
	Client/TerrainView.cpp, Engine/Engine.cpp, Engine/,
	Engine/SkyDome.cpp, Engine/SkyDome.h: Added Ark/my_dlsym.c
	Ark/my_dlsym.h Corrected some other issues.

2002-08-29 10:07  zongo

	*, Ark/ArkCache.cpp, Ark/ArkFactory.cpp,
	Ark/ArkFactory.h, Ark/ArkImage.h, Ark/ArkLoader3DS.cpp,
	Ark/ArkLoaderPNG.cpp, Ark/ArkLoaderSeq.cpp, Ark/ArkSocket.cpp,
	Ark/ArkSpline.cpp, Ark/ArkSpline.h, Ark/ArkVersion.h,
	Ark/NvTriStripObjects.cpp, Client/GLClient.cpp,
	Client/RemoteUpdater.cpp, Client/RemoteUpdater.h,
	Client/TerrainView.cpp, Engine/Engine.cpp, Engine/
	fixing std::, header locations, various warnings

2002-08-29 00:44  mrq

	* Modules/:, Collision/Collision.cpp,
	Collision/Collision.h, Collision/,
	Collision/OPC_AABB.cpp, Collision/OPC_AABB.h,
	Collision/OPC_AABBTree.cpp, Collision/OPC_AABBTree.h,
	Collision/OPC_Common.cpp, Collision/OPC_Common.h,
	Collision/OPC_Container.cpp, Collision/OPC_Container.h,
	Collision/OPC_FPU.h, Collision/OPC_Matrix3x3.cpp,
	Collision/OPC_Matrix3x3.h, Collision/OPC_Matrix4x4.cpp,
	Collision/OPC_Matrix4x4.h, Collision/OPC_MemoryMacros.h,
	Collision/OPC_Model.cpp, Collision/OPC_Model.h,
	Collision/OPC_OptimizedTree.cpp, Collision/OPC_OptimizedTree.h,
	Collision/OPC_Point.cpp, Collision/OPC_Point.h,
	Collision/OPC_TreeBuilders.cpp, Collision/OPC_TreeBuilders.h,
	Collision/OPC_TreeCollider.cpp, Collision/OPC_TreeCollider.h,
	Collision/OPC_Triangle.cpp, Collision/OPC_Triangle.h,
	Collision/OPC_Types.h, Collision/Opcode.cpp, Collision/Opcode.h,
	Collision/Raytrace.cpp, Collision/Stdafx.h,
	HeightField/HFAStar.cpp, HeightField/HFAStar.h,
	HeightField/HFCollision.cpp, HeightField/HFLod.cpp,
	HeightField/HFLod.h, HeightField/HFPathfind.cpp,
	HeightField/HFQuadtree.cpp, HeightField/HFQuadtree.h,
	HeightField/HFRandom.cpp, HeightField/HFRender.cpp,
	HeightField/HFRender.h, HeightField/HFWorld.cpp,
	HeightField/HFWorld.h, HeightField/,
	HeightField/SkyDome.cpp, HeightField/SkyDome.h, Lua/LuaEntity.cpp,
	Lua/LuaEntity.h, Lua/LuaScript.cpp, Lua/LuaScript.h,
	Lua/LuaWorld.cpp, Lua/LuaWorld.h, Lua/, Lua/luna.h,
	Renderer/FontBitmap.cpp, Renderer/FontBitmap.h,
	Renderer/GLRenderer.cpp, Renderer/GLRenderer.h,
	Renderer/, Renderer/PartSys.cpp, Renderer/PartSys.h,
	Renderer/Visual.cpp, Renderer/Visual.h, Renderer/glext.h: Re-added
	everything in the repo.

2002-08-28 22:03  mrq

	* Engine/: HFAStar.cpp, HFAStar.h, HFCollision.cpp, HFLod.cpp,
	HFLod.h, HFPathfind.cpp, HFQuadtree.cpp, HFQuadtree.h,
	HFRandom.cpp, HFRender.cpp, HFRender.h, HFWorld.cpp, HFWorld.h:
	Removed lot of stuff. Will move that later to a single Modules

2002-08-28 21:55  mrq

	* Ark/ArkFactory.cpp, Ark/ArkFactory.h, Ark/ArkFactoryReg.h,
	libltdl/COPYING.LIB, libltdl/, libltdl/,
	libltdl/README, libltdl/acinclude.m4, libltdl/aclocal.m4,
	libltdl/, libltdl/configure, libltdl/,
	libltdl/ltdl.c, libltdl/ltdl.h, libltdl/ Added the
	dynamic loader stuff.

2002-08-28 21:53  mrq

	*, config.guess, config.sub,,,
	Ark/ArkSystem.cpp, Ark/ArkSystem.h, Ark/ArkVersion.h,
	Ark/ArkWorld.h, Ark/, Engine/Engine.cpp,
	Engine/HFWorld.cpp, Engine/HFWorld.h, Engine/,
	Engine/Script.cpp, Engine/Script.h: Removed Renderer before I move

2002-08-22 14:50  mat

	* Ark/Ark.cpp: 
	dos2unixified :)

2002-08-18 00:55  mrq

	* Ark/CHANGELOG-WIN32.txt, Client/CHANGELOG-WIN32.txt,
	Engine/CHANGELOG-WIN32.txt: Removed legacy win32 changelogs.

2002-08-17 00:01  mrq

	* Inserted a patch by Arthur de Jong
	<> to get Ark compiling under debian
	with some Lua version.

2002-07-08 14:07  mrq

	* Ark/: ArkGraph.cpp, ArkGraph.h, ArkSpline.cpp, ArkSpline.h: Added
	missing copyright notices.

2002-07-08 12:57  mrq

	* README: Corrected an old e-mail adress in the README.

2002-07-08 12:43  mrq

	* Added a comment in

2002-07-06 02:20  mrq

	* Ark/ArkLexer.cpp, Ark/ArkModel.cpp, Ark/ArkModel.h,
	Ark/ArkModelRead.cpp, Ark/ArkModelState.cpp, Ark/ArkSequence.cpp,
	Ark/ArkSequence.h, Ark/ArkSkeleton.cpp, Ark/ArkSkeleton.h,
	Ark/ArkString.cpp, Client/LabelWidget.cpp, Client/MessageView.cpp,
	Client/TerrainView.cpp, Client/TerrainView.h,
	Engine/HFCollision.cpp: New (bitmap) font renderer.

2002-07-02 01:12  mrq

	* Ark/: ArkGraph.cpp, ArkGraph.h, ArkSpline.cpp, ArkSpline.h: Oups.
	I had forgotten those files.

2002-07-02 01:03  mrq

	* Ark/ArkVersion.h, Engine/HFPathfind.cpp: Tuned the pathfinder a
	(very) little bit.

2002-07-01 23:14  mrq

	*,, Ark/ArkCache.cpp, Ark/ArkConfig.cpp,
	Ark/ArkDataClass.cpp, Ark/ArkEntity.cpp, Ark/ArkFileSys.cpp,
	Ark/ArkModelState.cpp, Ark/ArkPath.cpp, Ark/ArkPath.h,
	Ark/ArkRay.cpp, Ark/ArkVersion.h, Ark/,
	Client/MessageView.cpp, Client/MessageView.h,
	Client/RemoteUpdater.cpp, Client/RemoteUpdater.h,
	Client/TerrainView.cpp, Client/TerrainView.h, Engine/Engine.cpp,
	Engine/Engine.h, Engine/Entity.cpp, Engine/HFPathfind.cpp,
	Engine/HFQuadtree.cpp, Engine/HFWorld.cpp: Well.. cleaned that a
	bit after the TF crash (..)

2002-06-16 12:34  mrq

	* Server/.cvsignore: Added "arkhartd" to Server/.cvsignore

2002-06-15 17:35  mrq

	* AUTHORS, Ark/ArkVersion.h: Some tiny changes about AUTHORS,
	version number, etc. We are close to the release !

2002-06-05 00:08  mrq

	* Ark/ArkCache.cpp, Ark/ArkEntity.cpp, Ark/ArkModelState.cpp,
	Ark/ArkVersion.h, Engine/HFWorld.cpp: Corrected some memory leaks.

2002-05-25 13:52  mrq

	*, Ark/ArkVersion.h: [no log message]

2002-05-15 21:08  mrq

	*, Makefile.win32, Ark/, Ark/Makefile.win32,
	Client/, Client/Makefile.win32, Engine/,
	Engine/Makefile.win32: Removed legacy WIN32 makefiles.

2002-05-15 21:05  mrq

	* aclocal.m4,, Ark/Ark.h, Ark/ArkSystem.h,
	Ark/ArkVersion.h, Ark/ Reworked the configure

2002-05-11 16:32  xfred

	* Ark/ArkString.cpp, Ark/ArkVariable.cpp, Engine/HFQuadtree.cpp:
	more stable

2002-05-09 07:09  xfred

	* Ark/Ark.cpp, Ark/Ark.dsp, Ark/ArkFileSys.cpp, Ark/ArkSystem.cpp,
	Ark/ArkTypes.h, Client/Client.dsp, Client/GLClient.h,
	Client/WidgetTest.h, Engine/Engine.dsp: new datas ok

2002-05-07 02:08  xfred

	* Ark/Ark.dsp, Ark/ArkBuffer.cpp, Ark/ArkDataClass.cpp,
	Client/Client.dsp, Client/RemoteUpdater.cpp, Client/Update.cpp,
	Engine/Engine.cpp, Engine/Entity.cpp: data loading bug corrected

2002-04-26 02:35  zongo

	* Ark/ArkCache.cpp, Client/Client.h: std:: & copyright

2002-04-25 23:51  mrq

	*,,, configure,,
	Ark/ArkCache.cpp, Ark/ArkModelState.cpp, Ark/,
	Client/Client.cpp, Client/GLClient.cpp, Client/,
	Docs/, Engine/Engine.cpp, Engine/Entity.cpp,
	Engine/, Engine/, Server/ [no log

2002-04-25 01:20  tharibo

	*, aclocal.m4, configure,,
	Ark/, Client/GLClient.h, Client/,
	Client/WidgetTest.h, Docs/, Engine/,
	Server/ Fixes to make it compile on MDK 8.2 with Nvidia

2002-04-19 23:38  zongo

	* Client/RemoteUpdater.cpp, Server/Network.cpp: std::

2002-04-19 23:29  zongo

	* Ark/ArkCache.cpp: std::

2002-04-19 18:39  mrq

	* config.guess, config.sub, Ark/ArkCache.cpp,
	Client/RemoteUpdater.cpp, Client/RemoteUpdater.h,
	Engine/Engine.cpp, Server/Network.cpp: [no log message]

2002-04-17 00:10  nekeme

	* configure,, Ark/ArkEntity.cpp, Ark/ArkLexer.cpp,
	Ark/ArkModelState.cpp, Ark/ArkPath.cpp, Ark/ArkWorld.cpp,
	Client/RemoteUpdater.cpp, Engine/Engine.cpp, Engine/HFPathfind.cpp,
	Server/Network.cpp: [no log message]

2002-04-16 00:40  zongo_fr

	* Client/RemoteUpdater.cpp, Server/.cvsignore, Server/Network.cpp:
	compliation fix for g++3.0

2002-04-16 00:29  nekeme

	* Ark/ArkEntity.cpp, Ark/ArkEntity.h, Client/RemoteUpdater.cpp,
	Client/TerrainView.cpp, Engine/Engine.cpp, Server/Network.cpp:
	Polished the network stuff. There's still an enormous memory leak
	to catch.

2002-04-16 00:26  zongo_fr

	* Server/ missing .in

2002-04-16 00:20  zongo_fr

	* Ark/ArkBuffer.cpp, Ark/ArkNetwork.cpp, Ark/ArkSocket.cpp,
	Client/RemoteUpdater.cpp: g++3.0 compilation fix

2002-04-15 18:54  nekeme

	* Ark/ArkNetwork.cpp: Added arch-independent write/read methods for
	most common types.

2002-04-15 18:50  nekeme

	* Ark/ArkBuffer.cpp, Ark/ArkBuffer.h, Ark/ArkCache.cpp,
	Ark/ArkCache.h, Ark/ArkConfig.cpp, Ark/ArkEntity.cpp,
	Ark/ArkEntity.h, Ark/ArkModel.cpp, Ark/ArkModelState.cpp,
	Ark/ArkNetwork.h, Ark/ArkPath.cpp, Ark/ArkPath.h,
	Ark/ArkSocket.cpp, Ark/ArkSocket.h, Ark/ArkStream.h,
	Ark/ArkSystem.cpp, Ark/ArkWorld.cpp, Ark/,
	Ark/, Client/Client.cpp, Client/RemoteUpdater.cpp,
	Client/RemoteUpdater.h, Engine/Engine.cpp, Engine/Engine.h,
	Engine/HFWorld.cpp, Server/Network.cpp, Server/Network.h,
	Server/Server.cpp: Client/server is mostly working, needs lots of
	tuning now.

2002-04-13 16:10  nekeme

	* Ark/ArkWorld.cpp: Corrected a bug which crashed the Worlded

2002-04-13 01:04  nekeme

	* Ark/ArkNetwork.h: [no log message]

2002-04-13 01:03  nekeme

	*,, configure,,
	Ark/ArkBuffer.cpp, Ark/ArkBuffer.h, Ark/ArkEntity.cpp,
	Ark/ArkEntity.h, Ark/ArkModelState.cpp, Ark/ArkSocket.cpp,
	Ark/ArkSystem.cpp, Ark/ArkWorld.cpp, Ark/ArkWorld.h,
	Ark/ArkWorldUpd.h, Client/Client.cpp, Client/,
	Client/, Client/RemoteUpdater.cpp,
	Client/RemoteUpdater.h, Engine/Engine.cpp, Engine/Engine.h,
	Server/, Server/Network.cpp, Server/Network.h,
	Server/Server.cpp, Server/Server.h: Some changes..

2002-03-18 23:43  nekeme

	* Client/: GLClient.cpp, UIRenderer.cpp: Added support for a
	splashscreen ({game}/data/misc/splashscreen.jpg)

2002-03-16 21:46  zongo_fr

	* Ark/ArkModelRead.cpp: missing std::

2002-03-14 23:47  nekeme

	* Ark/: ArkImage.cpp, ArkModelRead.cpp: Corrected a bug in image
	writing : the {} mountpoints weren't replaced by their real world

2002-03-14 14:04  nekeme

	* Ark/: ArkConfig.cpp, ArkLoaderSeq.cpp, ArkModel.cpp,
	ArkModelRead.cpp, ArkModelState.cpp, ArkModelWrite.cpp,
	ArkSkeleton.cpp, ArkSkeleton.h,, Begin
	working on the animation loader

2002-03-13 13:55  nekeme

	* Ark/ArkVar.h: Removed the legacy ArkVar.h header.

2002-03-10 23:08  xfred_1

	* Client/Client.dsp, Engine/Engine.dsp: Certified to compile under

2002-03-10 23:03  xfred_1

	* Ark/ArkLoaderJPG.cpp, Ark/ArkTypes.h, Client/Client.dsp,
	Engine/Engine.dsp: Certified to compile under MSVC6

2002-03-05 21:42  godrik

	* Ark/: ArkConfig.cpp, ArkSystem.cpp, ArkThread.cpp: [no log

2002-03-04 23:44  nekeme

	* Ark/: ArkConfig.cpp, ArkConfig.h, ArkDataClass.cpp, ArkLexer.cpp,
	ArkSystem.cpp, ArkVariable.h: Corrected a bug in the lexer, added a
	Write function in the Config class.

2002-02-27 16:15  godrik

	* Ark/: ArkCondition.cpp, ArkCondition.h, ArkMutex.cpp, ArkMutex.h,
	ArkSemaphore.cpp, ArkSemaphore.h, ArkThread.cpp, ArkThread.h: mise
	en anglais des commentaire sur les threads + la premiere lettres de
	toute les fonctions est maintenant en majuscules

2002-02-27 02:24  nekeme

	* TODO: Updated the TODO liste

2002-02-26 09:52  zongo_fr

	* Ark/ArkModelOptimize.cpp: fix compilation warning signed/unsigned

2002-02-26 09:49  zongo_fr

	* Ark/: ArkConfig.cpp, ArkModelOptimize.cpp: compilation fixed for
	win32 (and maybe a spurious bug in model optimization)

2002-02-26 09:37  zongo_fr

	* Ark/Ark.dsp, Client/Client.dsp, Engine/Engine.dsp: update for dsp
	files (file format dos/unix may be wrong)

2002-02-26 09:34  zongo_fr

	* Ark/: Ark.h, ArkTypes.h: second test -- cvs did co the files from
	UNIX to DOS mode, but does not convert back when ci

2002-02-26 09:30  zongo_fr

	* Ark/Ark.h: test chech-in sous WinXP avec cygwin

2002-02-22 19:47  zongo_fr

	* Engine/SkyDome.cpp: std:: missing, using cerr instead of cout for
	buffering reasons, commenting out verbose debug dumps (phew... that
	is a long comment for a two lines change)

2002-02-21 21:08  nekeme

	* Engine/: HFWorld.cpp, SkyDome.cpp: The skybox now works
	(hopefully) flawlessly.

2002-02-21 17:54  zongo_fr

	* Ark/ArkModelOptimize.cpp, Ark/ArkSystem.cpp,
	Ark/NvTriStripObjects.cpp, Ark/NvTriStripObjects.h,
	Client/Main.cpp: small fixes (std::, dos ends of lines)

2002-02-21 15:18  godrik

	* Ark/: ArkCondition.cpp, ArkCondition.h, ArkMutex.cpp,
	ArkSemaphore.cpp, ArkThread.cpp: rajout des asserts dans la gestion
	des threads

2002-02-21 14:32  godrik

	* Ark/: ArkCondition.h, ArkMutex.h: Rajout des commentaires dans la
	prototype de la gestion des threads

2002-02-21 00:16  nekeme

	* Ark/ArkModelOptimize.cpp: [no log message]

2002-02-20 23:40  nekeme

	* Ark/ArkModel.cpp, Ark/ArkModel.h, Ark/ArkModelRead.cpp,
	Ark/ArkModelWrite.cpp, Ark/ArkPrimBlock.h, Ark/ArkRenderer.h,
	Ark/ArkString.cpp, Ark/ArkString.h, Ark/ArkVBuffer.cpp,
	Ark/ArkVBuffer.h, Ark/, Ark/,
	Ark/NvTriStrip.cpp, Ark/NvTriStrip.h, Ark/NvTriStripObjects.cpp,
	Ark/NvTriStripObjects.h, Ark/NvVertexCache.h, Engine/SkyDome.cpp:
	Added the nvidia stripifier library for model optimisation.

2002-02-18 17:29  thereisnospoon

	* Ark/: ArkCondition.cpp, ArkCondition.h, ArkMutex.cpp, ArkMutex.h,
	ArkSemaphore.cpp, ArkSemaphore.h, ArkThread.cpp, ArkThread.h:
	Encapsulation des threads....

2002-02-16 11:38  nekeme

	* Ark/ArkDataClass.h, Client/Main.cpp: [no log message]

2002-02-13 22:12  nekeme

	*, configure,, Ark/Ark.cpp,
	Ark/ArkImage.h, Ark/ArkLexer.h, Ark/ArkObject.h, Ark/ArkParticle.h,
	Ark/ArkPath.h, Ark/ArkString.h, Ark/ArkSystem.cpp, Ark/ArkSystem.h,
	Ark/ArkTexture.h: Some cosmetic changes in the code.

2002-02-03 00:52  nekeme

	* Ark/ArkTypes.h: Removed the #define _ in ArkTypes.h

2002-02-01 22:30  nekeme

	*, aclocal.m4,, configure,,
	Ark/ArkModelRead.cpp, Ark/, Client/,
	Docs/, Engine/ Did some modifications so
	that Ark compiles on Woody debian systems.

2002-01-30 18:37  teuf

	* Ark/ArkLoader3DS.cpp: correction of a compilation problem with
	GCC 2.95 in ArkLoader3DS.cpp:ConvertToModel

2002-01-30 17:47  nekeme

	* Ark/ArkLoader3DS.cpp: Tried to correct this f*** compilation

2002-01-30 17:22  nekeme

	* aclocal.m4, configure, Ark/Ark.cpp, Ark/ArkConfig.cpp,
	Ark/ArkConfig.h, Ark/ArkSystem.cpp: Cleaned up a bit the config
	file loading mechanisms.

2002-01-29 16:51  nekeme

	* Ark/: ArkModelBuild.cpp, ArkModelBuild.h: Hopefully corrected a
	GCC 2.95.2 compilation problem (algorithm wasn't included in

2002-01-28 22:41  teuf

	* Tests if lua is present using lua_close instead of
	lua_open since in lua 4.1, lua_open is now only a #define, which
	makes the test fail

2002-01-08 07:45  zongo_fr

	* Ark/ArkModelRead.cpp: missing std:: fixed

2002-01-07 16:22  nekeme

	*,,, configure,,
	Ark/ArkMaterial.cpp, Ark/ArkMaterial.h, Ark/ArkModelRead.cpp,
	Ark/ArkString.cpp, Ark/ArkString.h, Ark/,
	Client/, Client/MessageView.cpp, Docs/,
	Engine/ Converted most Ark models to new .3D format.

2001-12-27 14:35  nekeme

	* INSTALL,,, Ark/ArkLoader3DS.cpp,
	Ark/ArkModelRead.cpp, Ark/, Client/,
	Client/, Docs/, Engine/,
	Engine/ Due to popular demand, re-added's

2001-12-25 22:51  nekeme

	* Engine/: Entity.cpp, HFPathfind.cpp: Corrected two small (yet
	annoying) rendering bugs.

2001-12-23 18:58  nekeme

	* Ark/ArkEntity.cpp, Ark/ArkSequence.cpp, Ark/ArkSkeleton.cpp,
	Client/TerrainView.cpp: Corrected the way the absolute position of
	an attached object is computed.

2001-12-22 22:40  nekeme

	* ChangeLog, Ark/ArkLexer.cpp, Ark/ArkLoaderJPG.cpp,
	Ark/ArkModelRead.cpp, Ark/ArkModelWrite.cpp: The Model loader now

2001-12-22 00:08  zongo_fr

	* Client/Client.dsp: win32 compiler errors fixes

2001-12-22 00:03  nekeme

	* Engine/: Engine.cpp,, Script.cpp: Lua, still and
	always (what a useful message !)

2001-12-21 17:50  zongo_fr

	* Engine/: HFLod.cpp, HFLod.h, HFQuadtree.cpp, HFRender.cpp,
	HFRender.h, HFWorld.cpp: still moving code around before changing
	quadtree structure (next thing to be done)

2001-12-21 01:40  zongo_fr

	* Ark/Ark.dsp, Client/Client.dsp, Engine/Engine.dsp: updated win32
	project files for LUA support

2001-12-21 01:28  zongo_fr

	* Ark/ArkModelBuild.cpp, Engine/HFQuadtree.cpp,
	Engine/HFRender.cpp, Engine/Script.cpp, Engine/SkyDome.cpp: fix
	win32 compilation errors

2001-12-20 20:49  nekeme

	* Ark/ArkLexer.cpp, Engine/Engine.cpp, Engine/Entity.cpp: Finally
	corrected the Lua bug that caused the GC to crash : I was popping
	more than I had pushed in the Entity creation function, which
	obviously was Bad (tm).

2001-12-19 10:01  zongo_fr

	* Engine/: HFLod.cpp, HFLod.h, HFRender.h: HFLod now inherits from

2001-12-17 23:46  nekeme

	* configure: Due to popular demand, re-added configure to the

2001-12-17 18:12  zongo_fr

	* Ark/ArkEntity.h, Engine/HFQuadtree.cpp, Engine/HFQuadtree.h,
	Engine/HFRender.cpp: still cleaning up quadtree implementation to
	add lod

2001-12-16 20:42  nekeme

	* README,, Docs/ldpath, Engine/Engine.cpp,
	Engine/Script.cpp, Engine/Script.h: A small move toward making a
	working Lua interface. It now runs, but crashes after five entity
	have been created (memory problem I believe, or stack problem).

2001-12-15 19:42  nekeme

	*, Ark/ArkEntity.h, Engine/ Preliminary
	unworking Lua support. Hopefully it doesn't break JS compatibility.

2001-12-12 23:43  nekeme

	* ChangeLog,, Ark/ArkImgTGAw.cpp, Ark/ArkLoaderJPG.cpp,
	Ark/ArkLoaderPNG.cpp, Ark/ArkLoaderTGA.cpp, Ark/ArkMath.cpp,
	Ark/ArkStream.cpp, Ark/ArkString.cpp, Ark/ArkTexture.cpp,
	Ark/ArkTypes.h, Client/LabelWidget.cpp: * Put #ifdef HAVE_CONFIG_H
	around several #include "config.h"

2001-12-12 18:58  tharibo

	* Client/WidgetOverview.txt: Corrected some errors.  Moved the text
	about HTML at the bottom of the document.

2001-12-10 04:37  zongo_fr

	* Ark/ArkLoader3DS.cpp, Ark/ArkModelBuild.cpp, Ark/ArkModelBuild.h,
	Ark/ArkModelRead.cpp, Ark/ArkPrimBlock.h, Engine/HFQuadtree.cpp,
	Engine/HFQuadtree.h, Engine/HFWorld.cpp, Engine/HFWorld.h: moved
	things around

2001-12-10 03:35  zongo_fr

	* Ark/ArkEntity.h, Ark/ArkLoader3DS.cpp, Ark/ArkLoaderMDL.cpp,
	Ark/ArkModel.cpp, Ark/ArkModel.h, Ark/ArkModelBuild.cpp,
	Ark/ArkModelRead.cpp, Ark/ArkModelState.cpp, Ark/ArkModelState.h,
	Ark/ArkModelWrite.cpp, Ark/ArkPrimBlock.h, Ark/ArkTemplates.cpp,
	Ark/ArkTemplates.h, Ark/ArkVBuffer.cpp, Ark/ArkVBuffer.h,
	Ark/, Engine/Engine.cpp, Engine/Engine.h,
	Engine/Entity.cpp, Engine/HFAStar.h, Engine/HFQuadtree.cpp,
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