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2007-11-24  Al Riddoch  <>

	* Release 0.6.1, Interface version 1.

2007-11-24  Al Riddoch  <>

	*, AUTHORS: Update contact email addresses.

2007-11-22  Al Riddoch  <>

	* Atlas/Objects/BaseObject.cpp, Atlas/Objects/BaseObject.h:
	  Move the constructor out of the header, and clean it up a bit.

2007-04-29  Al Riddoch  <>

	* Increment version to 0.6.1. Hey, maybe I'll even
	  release it at some point.

2007-04-25  Al Riddoch  <>

	* Atlas/Objects/BaseObject.h: Add accessor for attribute flags, to
	  allow broader testing.

2007-04-01  Al Riddoch  <>

	* Atlas/Codecs/Bach.cpp, Atlas/Codecs/Packed.cpp, Atlas/Codecs/XML.cpp:
	  Add C stdlib include to get atol. Not previously requires as some
	  compilers included this inside the STL headers.

2007-04-01  Al Riddoch  <>

	* Atlas/Net/Stream.cpp, Atlas/Codecs/Bach.cpp,
	  Atlas/Codecs/Packed.cpp, Atlas/Codecs/XML.cpp:
	  Re-code the parsing state machines for negotiation and codecs
	  so they are more efficient.

2007-01-12  Al Riddoch  <>

	* Atlas/Message/ Remove Layer.h from the distribution.

2006-12-05  Al Riddoch  <>

	* tests/unit/ Add new directory for true unit tests.

	* tests/unit/AtlasDebugtest.cpp: Add initial proof of concept unit
	  test for the debug header.

2006-10-12  Al Riddoch  <>

	* Atlas/Objects/ Tweak the copyright name.

	* Atlas/Objects/flag.cpp, Atlas/Objects/objectFactory.cpp:
	  Re-generate generated source.

2006-08-14  Al Riddoch  <>

	* Remove BuildRequires, as all that is required
	  is a C++ compiler.

2006-05-16  Al Riddoch  <>

	* Atlas/Net/Stream.cpp: Fix strange logic in codec negotiation
	  that ran the state machine for every byte.

2006-04-19  Al Riddoch  <>

	* Release 0.6.0, Interface version 1.

2006-03-05  Al Riddoch  <>

	* Increment version to 0.6.0.

	* Atlas/Objects/, Atlas/Objects/,
	  Atlas/Objects/, Atlas/Objects/,
	  Atlas/Objects/ Update copyright dates in scripts, and
	  in the generated code.

	* Atlas/Objects/Anonymous.cpp, Atlas/Objects/Anonymous.h,
	  Atlas/Objects/Decoder.cpp, Atlas/Objects/Decoder.h,
	  Atlas/Objects/Dispatcher.cpp, Atlas/Objects/Dispatcher.h,
	  Atlas/Objects/Entity.h, Atlas/Objects/Generic.cpp,
	  Atlas/Objects/Generic.h, Atlas/Objects/ObjectsFwd.h,
	  Atlas/Objects/Operation.h, Atlas/Objects/Root.cpp,
	  Atlas/Objects/Root.h, Atlas/Objects/RootEntity.cpp,
	  Atlas/Objects/RootEntity.h, Atlas/Objects/RootEntityChildren.cpp,
	  Atlas/Objects/RootOperation.cpp, Atlas/Objects/RootOperation.h,
	  Atlas/Objects/flag.cpp, Atlas/Objects/objectFactory.cpp:
	  Re-generate code with updated copyright dates in.

2006-02-07  Al Riddoch  <>

	* Minor update to autoconf syntax.

2006-01-03  Al Riddoch  <>

	* Move some of the doc files into the devel rpm, to
	  trim down the size of the main library rpm.

2005-12-01  James Turner  <>

	* Add X-Code 2.0 project file (ProjectBuilder project will be deleted

2005-11-20  Al Riddoch  <>

	* Release 0.6.0rc2, Interface version 1.

2005-11-04  Al Riddoch  <>

	* Atlas/Objects/,
	  Atlas/Objects/, Atlas/Objects/
	  Modify generated code to have a string variable for each
	  standard Atlas attribute name, so that we can easily avoid
	  constructing a string from a char * every time the code runs.
	  Use these variables instead of char arrays whenever possible.

	* Atlas/Objects/Entity.h, Atlas/Objects/Root.cpp,
	  Atlas/Objects/Root.h, Atlas/Objects/RootEntity.cpp,
	  Atlas/Objects/RootEntity.h, Atlas/Objects/RootEntityChildren.cpp,
	  Atlas/Objects/RootOperation.cpp, Atlas/Objects/RootOperation.h,
	  Atlas/Objects/flag.cpp, Atlas/Objects/loadDefaults.cpp,
	  Atlas/Objects/objectFactory.cpp: Re-generate code with
	  new features.

	* benchmark/Objects3_Move.cpp: Fix the number of iterations of the
	  test to be long enough for a sane performance measurement.

2005-11-02  Al Riddoch  <>

	* Atlas/Codecs/Bach.h, Atlas/Codecs/Bach.cpp: Pass strings by
	  const reference, not by value.

	* Atlas/Objects/BaseObject.h, Atlas/Objects/BaseObject.cpp: Add
	  removeAttrFlag, to efficiently remove static attrs. Make removeAttr
	  work for static attrs, as well as dynamic attrs.

	* tests/Objects/flags.cpp: Add a test for removeAttr methods.

2005-10-20  Al Riddoch  <>

	* Release 0.6.0rc1, Interface version 1.

2005-10-18  Al Riddoch  <>

	* Atlas/Filters/ Add -Itop_buildir to ensure config.h
	  is accessible from out of tree builds.

	* Increment version to 0.6.0rc1, interface version 1.

	* NEWS: Update news.

2005-10-16  Al Riddoch  <>

	* Atlas/Codecs/Bach.cpp, Atlas/Codecs/Packed.cpp Atlas/Codecs/XML.cpp:
	  Modify poll() method so it does not get stuck in a tight loop
	  if stream fails with data in the buffer.

2005-10-12  Al Riddoch  <>

	* Add nostdinc option, to get rid of unnecessary
	  -I options on the compile commandlines.

2005-10-02  Al Riddoch  <>

	* Atlas/Negotiate.h, Atlas/Net/Stream.cpp, Atlas/Net/Stream.h:
	  Modify the Negotiate interface so the decoder Bridge reference
	  is passed in to getCodec() instead of the Stream constructor.
	  This gives developers more freedom when designing code that
	  use this API.

	* tutorial/example/simple_client.cpp,
	  tutorial/example/simple_server.cpp: Update tutorials to use the
	  new API.

	* Release 0.5.98, Interface version 0.

2005-09-28  Al Riddoch  <>

	* Atlas/Codecs/Utility.cpp, Atlas/Codecs/Utility.h: Move two big
	  inlined functions into a .cpp file, as its too big to be inlined

2005-09-27  Al Riddoch  <>

	* Atlas/Codecs/ Remove headers from source list, as they
	  are already in header list.

	* Add branch version to rpm name to make it easier
	  to have two branches installed in parallel.

	* Increment to 0.5.98 for release soon.

2005-09-14  Al Riddoch  <>

	* Atlas/Codecs/Utility.h: Ensure that the value of sscanf is not

	* Release 0.5.97, Interface version 0.

2005-09-13  Al Riddoch  <>

	* Increment to 0.5.97 for release soon.

	* Atlas/Objects/, Atlas/Objects/Generic.cpp,
	  Atlas/Objects/flag.cpp: Ensure that objtype is set on
	  generic ops, to ensure they get decoded right.

2005-09-09  Al Riddoch  <>

	* Atlas/Objects/,
	  Atlas/Objects/objectFactory.cpp: Use class numbers directly
	  rather than instantiating an object to retrieve it.

	* Atlas/Objects/SmartPtr.h: Reduce the reference count on copied
	  object, as its been incremented in the SmartPtr constructor.

	* Atlas/Objects/, Atlas/Objects/flag.cpp,
	  Atlas/Objects/Anonymous.cpp, Atlas/Objects/Generic.cpp,
	  Atlas/Objects/Root.cpp, Atlas/Objects/RootEntity.cpp,
	  In copy, set the refcount on the copied object to 0, overriding
	  the value set when the object is copied.

2005-09-07  Al Riddoch  <>

	* Atlas/Message/Element.h, Atlas/Message/Element.cpp:
	  Add static typeName() method which provides a char * representation
	  of an Element type.

2005-09-07  Al Riddoch  <>

	* Atlas/Objects/, Atlas/Objects/flag.cpp,
	  Atlas/Objects/objectFactory.cpp: Modify factory to avoid double
	  lookup in factories, create a Generic operation when objtype is
	  op but parents are not in factories map, and create Anonymous
	  entities directly rather than looking up "anonymous" in the

2005-09-06  Al Riddoch  <>

	* Atlas/Objects/, Atlas/Objects/flag.cpp,
	  Atlas/Objects/Anonymous.cpp, Atlas/Objects/Anonymous.h,
	  Atlas/Objects/Generic.cpp, Atlas/Objects/Generic.h:
	  Add setType() method to Anonymous entities and Generic
	  operations which allows the parents and class number to
	  be set simultaneously.

	* Atlas/Objects/,
	  Atlas/Objects/objectFactory.h: Create factory methods for
	  Anonymous entities and Generic operations which set the
	  type and class no using above method, allowing the
	  Factories to be extended with soft types.

2005-09-04  Al Riddoch  <>

	* Atlas/Objects/, Atlas/Objects/flag.cpp,
	  Atlas/Objects/Entity.h, Atlas/Objects/Root.cpp, Atlas/Objects/Root.h,
	  Atlas/Objects/RootEntity.cpp, Atlas/Objects/RootEntity.h,
	  Make attr_flags_* into pointers, to avoid construction order
	  problems with static variables.

	* Atlas/Objects/,
	  Atlas/Objects/objectFactory.cpp, Atlas/Objects/objectFactory.h:
	  Add class name and number as parameters to factory method, to
	  make it easier to support soft operation and entity classes.
	  Hard classes are now added using a protected version of addClass
	  which passes in the class number.

	* Atlas/Objects/loadDefaults.cpp: Add information about "generic"
	  so that there is no conflict with the spec file.

	* tests/Objects/objects2.cpp: Update factory test for modified args.
	  An entity no longer has pos attribute, unless it has been set.

2005-09-01  Al Riddoch  <>

	* Atlas/Objects/Generic.cpp, Atlas/Objects/Generic.h,
	  Atlas/Objects/, Atlas/Objects/,
	  Atlas/Objects/Dispatcher.cpp, Atlas/Objects/ObjectsFwd.h,
	  Atlas/Objects/Operation.h, Atlas/Objects/flag.cpp,
	  Atlas/Objects/objectFactory.cpp: Add new generic operation
	  class, to be used for custom operations generated on the fly.

2005-09-01  Al Riddoch  <>

	* Atlas/Objects/, Atlas/Objects/flag.cpp,
	  Atlas/Objects/BaseObject.cpp, Atlas/Objects/BaseObject.h,
	  Atlas/Objects/Entity.h, Atlas/Objects/Root.cpp, Atlas/Objects/Root.h,
	  Atlas/Objects/RootEntity.cpp, Atlas/Objects/RootEntity.h,
	  Atlas/Objects/RootOperation.cpp, Atlas/Objects/RootOperation.h,
	  Atlas/Objects/Anonymous.cpp, Atlas/Objects/RootEntityChildren.cpp,
	  Add protected getAttrFlag() virtual method to all objects
	  classes with static attributes, which returns the flag for a
	  given attribute name string. Re-implement getAttrClass using
	  getAttrFlag so it is more efficient. Use it to implement hasAttr
	  more efficiently, and correctly.

	* tests/Objects/attributes.cpp: New check for hasAttr.

2005-08-31  Al Riddoch  <>

	* TODO: Add a bunch more TODO items.

	* Atlas/Objects/BaseObject.h, Atlas/Objects/BaseObject.cpp,
	  Atlas/Objects/, Atlas/Objects/flag.cpp,
	  Atlas/Objects/Entity.h, Atlas/Objects/Root.cpp,
	  Atlas/Objects/Root.h, Atlas/Objects/RootEntity.cpp,
	  Atlas/Objects/RootEntity.h, Atlas/Objects/RootEntityChildren.cpp,
	  Atlas/Objects/RootOperation.cpp, Atlas/Objects/RootOperation.h:
	  Make getAttr(string) non-virtual, and remove overriding
	  implementations, as all the work is now done by
	  getAttr(string, value). Rename getAttr(string, value) to
	  copyAttr(...) to avoid masking.

2005-08-29  Al Riddoch  <>

	* Atlas/Objects/, Atlas/Objects/RootEntity.h:
	  Accept integers when floats are required.

	* Atlas/Objects/,
	  Atlas/Objects/objectFactory.cpp: Return a null smart pointer when
	  no class exists, rather than throwing.

2005-08-27  Al Riddoch  <>

	* Atlas/Objects/Anonymous.h, Atlas/Objects/Dispatcher.cpp,
	  Atlas/Objects/Dispatcher.h, Atlas/Objects/ObjectsFwd.h,
	  Atlas/Objects/Operation.h, Atlas/Objects/RootOperationChildren2.cpp,
	  Atlas/Objects/flag.cpp, Atlas/Objects/objectFactory.cpp:
	  Re-generate sources with updated spec, to include Affect operation.
	  Add new Objects getAttr method version, which avoids return by

2005-06-14  Al Riddoch  <>

	* Atlas/Objects/,
	  Atlas/Objects/RootOperation.h, Atlas/Objects/flag.cpp,
	  Atlas/Objects/objectFactory.cpp, Atlas/Objects/objectFactory.h,
	  tests/Objects/objects2.cpp: Remove obsolete

2005-06-10  Al Riddoch  <>

	*, NEWS: Increment version to 0.5.96, add news entry.

	* Release 0.5.96, Interface version 0.

2005-06-10  Al Riddoch  <>

	*,, Atlas/,
	  Atlas/Utilities/, Atlas/Utilities/atlas_convert.cpp,
	  tools/, tools/atlas_convert.cpp: Move atlas_convert
	  out of the library tree into a tools directory of its own.

	* Remove dependency on libstdc++ package.

2005-05-28  Al Riddoch  <>

	* Atlas/Objects/Anonymous.h, Atlas/Objects/Dispatcher.cpp,
	  Atlas/Objects/Dispatcher.h, Atlas/Objects/ObjectsFwd.h,
	  Atlas/Objects/Operation.h, Atlas/Objects/RootOperationChildren2.cpp,
	  Atlas/Objects/flag.cpp, Atlas/Objects/objectFactory.cpp:
	  Re-generate objects included new Wield and Use ops from
	  the updated spec.

2005-05-28  Al Riddoch  <>

	* Atlas/Objects/ Move objectFactory.cpp into the generated
	  sources section as it should be.

	* Atlas/Objects/SmartPtr.h: Remove the factory() method as it clutters
	  the API, and causes a problem with gcc 4.

	* Atlas/Objects/objectFactory.cpp, Atlas/Objects/objectFactory.h,
	  Atlas/Objects/ Use an inlined template
	  factory function rather than the one removed from SmartPtr.

	* tests/Objects/custom_ops.cpp: Update the code demonstrating how
	  to create and install custom op types.

	* tests/Objects/objects2.cpp: Modify code that tested using factory
	  method to create instances.

2005-05-07  Al Riddoch  <>

	* Release 0.5.95, Interface version 0.

2005-05-07  Al Riddoch  <>

	* NEWS: Update for upcoming release.

	* Tweak BuildRoot to match fedora guidelines.

2005-05-03  Al Riddoch  <>

	* Atlas/Objects/BaseObject.h, Atlas/Objects/BaseObject.cpp:
	  Provide hasAttrFlag() method to check whether a known
	  hard coded attribute has been set.

2005-05-03  Al Riddoch  <>

	* Atlas/Objects/,
	  Atlas/Objects/objectFactory.cpp: When creating a new object,
	  initialise the SmartPtr to 0 to start with, for efficiency
	  and to be sure we really have got a new object.

	* Atlas/Objects/, Atlas/Objects/Decoder.h,
	  Atlas/Objects/Decoder.cpp: Remove unknownMessageArrived()
	  as it was never called.

2005-05-02  Al Riddoch  <>

	* Atlas/Objects/, Atlas/Objects/flag.cpp: Store the
	  date in flag.cpp to make sure its modified mtime gets commited
	  to cvs each time it is updated.

2005-05-01  Al Riddoch  <>

	* NEWS: Update NEWS from transitional branch.

	* tests/Objects/, tests/Objects/objects2.cpp,
	  tests/Objects/DebugBridge.h: Include required DebugBridge
	  class in the tests dir.

	* tutorial/, tutorial/example/COPYING,
	  tutorial/example/ Include the tutorial example in
	  the distribution.

2005-04-28  Al Riddoch  <>

	* Increment version to 0.5.95 as the API has now
	  changed. Many cleanups.

2005-04-28  Al Riddoch  <>

	* Atlas/Objects/Decoder.cpp, Atlas/Objects/Decoder.h,
	  Atlas/Objects/ Modify decoder so it
	  has a pointer to a Factories instance, which is by default the
	  global shared instance.

2005-04-28  Al Riddoch  <>

	* Anonymous.cpp, Anonymous.h, Decoder.cpp, Decoder.h, Dispatcher.cpp,
	  Dispatcher.h, Entity.h, ObjectsFwd.h, Operation.h, Root.cpp, Root.h,
	  RootEntity.cpp, RootEntity.h, RootEntityChildren.cpp,
	  RootOperation.cpp, RootOperation.h, RootOperationChildren1.cpp,
	  RootOperationChildren2.cpp, RootOperationChildren3.cpp,
	  RootOperationChildren4.cpp, RootOperationChildren5.cpp,
	  flag.cpp, objectFactory.cpp: Check in generated files to make it
	  easier for people to track latest changes.

2005-04-28  Al Riddoch  <>

	* Atlas/Objects/ Fix the test on empty parents so
	  it uses the defaults for the instance, not the defaults for the
	  Root class.

2005-04-28  Al Riddoch  <>

	* Atlas/Objects/objectFactory.h,
	  Atlas/Objects/ Make Factories an singleton
	  and get rid of the static instance. Add constructors to ensure
	  it can be copied correctly.

	* Atlas/Objects/loadDefaults.cpp, tests/Objects/custom_ops.cpp:
	  Convert code from using the static objectFactory to using
	  the Factories::instance().

2005-04-28  Al Riddoch  <>

	* Atlas/Objects/SmartPtr.h, Atlas/Objects/
	  Make the footprint of SmartPtr factory the same, and get rid
	  of the nasty C cast from the factory code. Make conversion more
	  efficient by using iterators better.

	* Atlas/Objects/ Clean up formatting.

2005-04-28  Al Riddoch  <>

	* Atlas/Objects/ Cleanups.

	* Atlas/Objects/,
	  Atlas/Objects/objectFactory.h: Embed the code to convert a message
	  into an Object into the Factories class, making the function
	  just a stub.

	* Atlas/Objects/loadDefaults.cpp: Fix some misleading variable names,
	  left over from when we called everything an Object.

2005-04-26  Al Riddoch  <>

	* benchmark/Objects_iterator.cpp: New test and benchmark for Objects

2005-04-25  Al Riddoch  <>

	* Atlas/Objects/ Don't encode objtype or parents
	  of anonymous entities.

2005-04-19  Al Riddoch  <>

	* benchmark/Objects_asMessage.cpp: New benchmark for converting
	  Objects into Messages.

	* Atlas/Objects/ Remove explicit Element constructor
	  when converting Objects to Messages as operator= means that it
	  is not required.

2005-04-18  Al Riddoch  <>

	* Release 0.5.94, Interface version 0.

2005-04-18  Al Riddoch  <>

	* Atlas/Utilities/atlas_convert.cpp: Add header required for getopt
	  by some systems.

2005-04-18  Al Riddoch  <>

	* Atlas/Objects/ Improve the efficiency of addToMessage()
	  by avoiding a call to getFoo() when we already have checked the

	* Atlas/Objects/ Improve the efficiency of
	  sendFoo() by avoiding a call to getFoo() when we already have
	  checked the flag.

	* Increment the version for a bugfix release.

2005-04-17  Al Riddoch  <>

	* Atlas/Objects/ Force parents and objtype to be included
	  when converting an Objects instance to a Message instance.

2005-04-16  Al Riddoch  <>

	* Release 0.5.93, Interface version 0.

2005-04-16  Al Riddoch  <>

	* Include the atlas-convert tool in the rpm spec.

2005-04-16  Al Riddoch  <>

	* rpm spec cleanups, including using system
	  defined compiler optimisations.

2005-04-16  Al Riddoch  <>

	* Remove some obsolete code relating to version.

2005-04-16  Al Riddoch  <>

	* Atlas/Objects/ Make some local veriable in the C++ iterate
	  method static for efficiency.

2005-04-16  Al Riddoch  <>

	* Update AC_INIT args to tarball name is set correctly.

2005-04-16  Al Riddoch  <>

	* tutorial/example/DebugBridge.h, tutorial/example/,
	  tutorial/example/simple_server.cpp: Bring the tutorial code up to

	* Make the autoconf macros a little cleaner, and
	  increment version for release.

2005-04-13  Al Riddoch  <>

	* Atlas/Formatter.h, Atlas/Formatter.cpp: Implement simple formatting
	  and add an API for specifying the indent spacing.

	* Atlas/Utilities/atlas_convert.cpp: Clean up command line processing,
	  handle codec options better, and add options to control formatting
	  if required.

2005-04-12  Al Riddoch  <>

	* Atlas/Message/Element.h, Make Atlas::Message::Element
	  typedefs private permanently.

	* Atlas/Formatter.cpp, Atlas/Formatter.h, Atlas/ New
	  class that acts as an adaptor to a Bridge and a stream, outputing
	  formatting characters to the stream as messages are passed through

2005-03-03  Al Riddoch  <>

	* Atlas/Bridge.h, Atlas/Bridge.cpp,
	  Atlas/Negotiate.h, Atlas/Negotiate.cpp: Add virtual destructors
	  to Bridge and Negotiate.

	* tests/Objects/objects2.cpp: Fix some messy casts, and replace
	  with the correct casts or conversions.

2005-01-12  Al Riddoch  <>

	* Release 0.5.92, Interface version 0.

2004-12-31  Al Riddoch  <>

	* Update spec with License URL Package Vendor
	  and Distribution tags.

2004-12-23  Al Riddoch  <>

	* benchmark/ Remove SmartPtr_Move benchmark from the
	  tests, as its no longer relevant, and does not build.

2004-11-19  Ron Steinke <>

	* Atlas/Codecs/Bach.cpp, Atlas/Codecs/Bach.h: Made
	  comment parsing properly part of the codec state.

2004-11-04  Al Riddoch  <>

	* tests/Objects/custom_ops.cpp: Correctly set parents of custom
	  wield op to "wield" not "action".

2004-11-04  Al Riddoch  <>

	* tests/Objects/objects1.cpp: Fix a redundant include.

	* tests/Objects/custom_ops.cpp: Add a test demonstrating the
	  definition of a custom op class.

2004-10-13  Al Riddoch  <>

	* Release 0.5.91.

2004-10-12  Al Riddoch  <>

	* Atlas/Message/Element.h: Add operator== for comparing to C
	  strings, to avoid the ambiguity problem.

2004-10-12  Al Riddoch  <>

	* Atlas/Objects/BaseObject.h: Add pure virtual copy method to
	  BaseObjectData to help solve the problems which occur
	  when modifying objects using smart pointers.

	* Atlas/Objects/ Implement the copy() method in all
	  the generated classes.

	* Atlas/Objects/SmartPtr.h: Add a copy() method to the SmartPtr
	  to ensure everything happens in an efficient and type safe way.

	* Atlas/Objects/, Atlas/Objects/
	  Update the copyright statements in the generated code.

2004-10-11  Ron Steinke <>

	* Atlas/Codecs/Bach.cpp, Atlas/Codecs/Bach.h: Fixed a possible
	  blocking read of string escaped characters to check whether
	  data was available between reading the escape and the escaped

2004-08-09  Al Riddoch  <>

	* Atlas/Codecs/Bach.cpp, Atlas/Codecs/Bach.h, Atlas/Codecs/Packed.cpp,
	  Atlas/Codecs/Packed.h, Atlas/Codecs/XML.cpp, Atlas/Codecs/XML.h,
	  Atlas/Net/Stream.cpp, Atlas/Net/Stream.h, Atlas/Objects/BaseObject.h,
	  Atlas/Objects/loadDefaults.cpp, Atlas/Utilities/atlas_convert.cpp,
	  tests/Objects/objects2.cpp: Convert pointer to decode Bridge
	  in codecs and negotiation code to a reference for cleaner looking

2004-08-06  Al Riddoch  <>

	* Atlas/Bridge.h, Atlas/Exception.cpp, Atlas/Exception.h:
	  Move virtual method implementation into the body.

	* Atlas/Task.h: Mark class as obsolete.

	* Atlas/Net/Stream.h: Quick comment about the purpose of these

	* Atlas/Objects/BaseObject.cpp, Atlas/Objects/BaseObject.h:
	  Move virtual functions into the body, and stop trying to
	  inline them.

	* Atlas/Objects/ Clean up the generated
	  dispatcher class.

	* Atlas/Objects/ Remove some debugging output from the
	  code generation process.

2004-07-31  Al Riddoch  <>

	* Update NEWS and README.

	* Release 0.5.90.

2004-07-31  Al Riddoch  <>

	* Increment version to 0.5.90.

2004-07-31  Al Riddoch  <>

	* Atlas/Objects/ Clear extra attributes of objects in pool
	  when the object is reused.

2004-07-16  Al Riddoch  <>

	* Atlas/Exception.h: Implement what() from base exception class, to
	  allow description to be queried.

2004-07-08  Al Riddoch  <>

	* Atlas/Objects/BaseObject.h: Don't use friend on class definitions
	  as its forbidden in gcc 3.4.1.

2004-06-06  Al Riddoch  <>

	* Fix devel dependencies in rpm spec.

2004-05-11  Al Riddoch  <>

	* Atlas/Objects/ Modify factory so behavoir
	  for unknown objects is less confusing.

2004-05-07  Al Riddoch  <>

	* Atlas/Objects/objectFactory.h: Remove redundant include.

	* Atlas/Objects/ Implement recursive
	  Objects level encoding of operation args.

2004-05-04  James Turner  <>

	* Atlas/Net/Stream.cpp: make negotiation state transitions
	  explicit, rather than using ++.
	* Add X-code project
	* Fixup a missing include in objectFactory that breaks Mac

2004-05-01  Al Riddoch  <>

	* Atlas/Objects/ Tolerate old objtype
	  from the other end.

2004-04-24  Al Riddoch  <>

	* Atlas/Message/DecoderBase.cpp: Eliminate a second deep copy
	  before calling messageArrived() with a complete message.

2004-03-08  Al Riddoch  <>

	* tests/Objects/objects2.cpp: Fix use of std namespace.

	* benchmark/Objects3_Move.cpp: Fix use of std::cout instead
	  of std::endl.

	* benchmark/Objects3_Move.cpp, tests/Objects/decoder1.cpp,
	  tests/Objects/encoder1.cpp, tests/Objects/objects1.cpp,
	  tests/Objects/objects2.cpp: Don't bail out if xml file
	  can't be loaded, as defaults are now already set.

	* benchmark/timer.h: Ensure this file is included in the

	* Atlas/Version.h: Add new header with API version as defines
	  and static variables.

2004-02-27  Al Riddoch  <>

	* Atlas/Objects/, Atlas/Objects/
	  Complete work to set default values for objects at build
	  time. It is no longer necessary to load atlas.xml into

2004-02-27  Al Riddoch  <>

	* Atlas/Objects/
	  Work in progress to set default values for objects at build

2004-02-26  Al Riddoch  <>

	* Atlas/Objects/ Add some debugging output to
	  the default initialiser generation code.

	* Atlas/Message/Element.h: Add a flag allowing us to make typedefs
	  private already for apps that want it already.

	* Atlas/Objects/BaseObject.h: Fix a comment.

	* Atlas/Objects/SmartPtr.h: Add typedefs for iterator and
	  const_iterator, and replace operator! with a explicit
	  isValid() method for testing for a null pointer.

	* benchmark/Message_Move.cpp, benchmark/Objects3_Move.cpp,
	  tests/Objects/encoder1.cpp, tests/Objects/objects2.cpp:
	  Fix up tests to use the right Message typedefs.

2004-02-24  Al Riddoch  <>

	* Atlas/Objects/, Atlas/Objects/
	  Work in progress to set default values for objects at build

2004-02-23  Al Riddoch  <>

	* Atlas/Objects/ Add one more useless attribute.

	* tests/Objects/objects2.cpp: Fix the tests.

2004-02-23  Al Riddoch  <>

	* Atlas/Objects/, Atlas/Objects/ Add a list
	  of atlas attributes used for description in the spec, or only
	  very occaisionally in the field, which should not be implemented
	  as hard coded attributes.

2004-02-22  Al Riddoch  <>

	* tests/Objects/encoder1.cpp: Add extra required include.

2004-02-17  Al Riddoch  <>

	* Atlas/Message/QueuedDecoder.cpp, Atlas/Message/QueuedDecoder.h,
	  Atlas/Objects/BaseObject.cpp, Atlas/Objects/BaseObject.h:
	  Shuffle headers around a little to solve problems in recent

2004-02-17  Al Riddoch  <>

	* Fix detection and flagging for zlib and libbz2.

	* Atlas/Filters/Bzip2.cpp, Atlas/Filters/Bzip2.h, Atlas/Filters/Gzip.h:
	  Fix building of filters. Typos broke it.

	* Atlas/Factory.cpp, Atlas/Codecs/Bach.cpp, Atlas/Codecs/Bach.h,
	  Atlas/Codecs/Packed.cpp, Atlas/Codecs/Packed.h,
	  Atlas/Codecs/XML.cpp, Atlas/Codecs/XML.h, Atlas/Net/Stream.h,
	  Atlas/Objects/loadDefaults.cpp: Remove unnecessary includes
	  and use forward declarations where apropriate.

	* Atlas/Objects/, Atlas/Objects/
	  Use forward declarations to minimise use of includes in Objects

2004-02-16  Al Riddoch  <>

	* Atlas/Objects/ Make sure setFooAsList() methods
	  takes arguments as const & rather than by value.

2004-02-16  Al Riddoch  <>

	* Atlas/Codecs/Utility.h: Eliminate using ..; directives from

	* Atlas/Message/Element.h: Deprecate typedefs inside
	  Element class in favour if similar typedefs in Message
	  namespace. Makes forward declarations easier.

	* Turn off -Werror to allow the deprecation warning.

	* Atlas/Message/DecoderBase.cpp, Atlas/Message/DecoderBase.h,
	  Atlas/Message/MEncoder.cpp, Atlas/Message/MEncoder.h,
	  Atlas/Message/QueuedDecoder.cpp, Atlas/Message/QueuedDecoder.h:
	  Adjust Message layer to use the new typedefs.

	* Atlas/Objects/, Atlas/Objects/,
	  Atlas/Objects/, Atlas/Objects/,
	  Atlas/Objects/BaseObject.cpp, Atlas/Objects/BaseObject.h,
	  Atlas/Objects/SmartPtr.cpp, Atlas/Objects/loadDefaults.cpp,
	  Atlas/Objects/objectFactory.h: Adjust the objects layer
	  to use the new typdefs.

	* Atlas/Utilities/atlas_convert.cpp: Fix the convert utility
	  to use the new typedefs.

2004-02-15  Al Riddoch  <>

	* Atlas/Objects/Encoder.h, Atlas/Objects/
	  Replace methods that take a const Root & with templates
	  that can take any kind of SmartPtr.

2004-01-01  Al Riddoch  <>

	* benchmark/ Use INCLUDES as CPPFLAGS is reserved.

2003-12-19  Al Riddoch  <>

	* Remove Serial from rpm spec as it is not required, and messes up

2003-12-08  Al Riddoch  <>

	* Atlas/Atlas.h, Atlas/Debug.h: Move Atlas.h to Debug.h and
	  modify macro to use file specific flag, to curb the flood
	  of debug output.

	* Atlas/Codecs/Bach.cpp, Atlas/Message/DecoderBase.cpp: Add
	  local debug flag, and disable excessive output.

2003-12-06  Al Riddoch  <>

	* benchmark/SmartPtr_Move.cpp: Sort out DEBUG definition clash.

2003-12-04  Al Riddoch  <>

	* Clean up and canonicalise

	* Fix link order issues with atlas_convert.

	* Use suffix define in pkgconfig spec.

2003-12-03  Al Riddoch  <>

	* Atlas/Utilities/ Ensure atlas_convert builds
	  correctly, especially important when using cross compiler.

2003-11-11  Al Riddoch  <>

	* Atlas/Objects/ Re-work default object code so it is
	  not a static instance, and is instead a kind of singleton.

	* Atlas/Objects/ Make object constructors protected
	  so it is clear that these objects should not be directly

2003-10-28  Al Riddoch  <>

	* Atlas/Objects/SmartPtr.h: Modified explicit casts so they are
	  easier to use.

	* Atlas/Objects/ Updated usage of casts in

2003-10-27  Al Riddoch  <>

	* Atlas/Objects/loadDefaults.cpp: Modify LoadDefaultsDecoder
	  so it no longer uses Dispatcher, which it didn't really require
	  anyway. Tweak the API and its usage for efficiency.

2003-10-26  Al Riddoch  <>

	* Atlas/Objects/ Final attempt to get
	  OSX's weird gcc to take this code.

2003-10-14  Al Riddoch  <>

	* Atlas/Objects/ Make forward header a true
	  forward header by forward declaring SmartPtr instead of
	  including SmartPtr.h.

2003-08-10  Al Riddoch  <>

	* Atlas/Message/Element.h: Add an explicit operator!= for gccs 
	  before 3, which get confused by the template version.

2003-08-10  Al Riddoch  <>

	* Atlas/Objects/ Correctness tweak
	  of the way data class member is generated.

	* Atlas/Objects/, Atlas/Objects/
	  Add code to generate a forward declarations header which
	  includes forward declarations for most of the classes
	  in the Objects namespace, and the related typedefs.

	* tests/Objects/objects_fwd.cpp: A check to ensure the contents
	  of the forward header are valid and correct.

2003-08-08  Al Riddoch  <>

	* Atlas/Objects/ Use insert to
	  add new dispatch methods.

2003-08-08  Al Riddoch  <>

	* Atlas/Net/Stream.cpp: Enclose debugging output with a macro.

2003-08-06  Al Riddoch  <>

	* Atlas/Objects/SmartPtr.h: Fix null pointer checks.

	* Atlas/Net/Stream.h, Atlas/Net/Stream.cpp: Remove filter
	  stage from negotiation state.

2003-08-03  Ron Steinke <>

	* changed AM_CONFIG_HEADER([config.h]) to
	  AM_CONFIG_HEADER(config.h), since automake 1.4 was interpreting
	  [config.h] as a literal.

2003-08-03  Ron Steinke <>

	* Atlas/Objects/BaseObject.cpp, Atlas/Objects/BaseObject.h,
	  Atlas/Objects/ Added new function BaseObjectData::find().
	  In the process replaced virtual public hasAttr() function
	  with virtual protected getAttrClass() function, which
	  returns the class_no of the class that has the attribute
	  instead of just bool. The (now non-virtual) hasAttr()
	  in BaseObjectData wraps getAttrClass().
	* Atlas/Objects/BaseObject.h: Added a const_iterator
	  constructor from iterator.

2003-08-05  Al Riddoch  <>

	* Atlas/Objects/ Fix generated dispatcher
	  code for new SmartPtr casts.

2003-08-04  Al Riddoch  <>

	* Atlas/Objects/SmartPtr.h, Atlas/Objects/SmartPtr.cpp:
	  Allow SmartPtr to be NULL, so we can use it for return values
	  less clumsily.

2003-07-30  Al Riddoch  <>

	* Atlas/Negotiate.h: Removed unused Debug() macro. It was polluting
	  the global namespace.

2003-07-23  Al Riddoch  <>

	* Ensure does the important tests in C++.

2003-07-23  Al Riddoch  <>

	* Switch to a cleaned up

2003-07-22  Ron Steinke <>

	* Added internal refcounting to Atlas::Message::Element,
	  it should be user-transparent as long as you don't
	  hold a non-const reference to Element internals
	  across code that makes a copy of the same element.
	* Added iterator and const_iterator classes to BaseObjectData.

2003-07-03  Al Riddoch  <>

	* Tweaks to the updated rpm spec.

2003-07-03  Al Riddoch  <>

	* Update rpm spec to be cleaner, and make the technical sections
	  more generic.

2003-07-02  Al Riddoch  <>

	* Atlas/Filter.h: Sort out streambuf.h problems by including
	  iostream instead.

2003-06-23  Al Riddoch  <>

	* Changes to Makefile.ams to try and get distcheck to work.

	* tutorial/simple_client.cpp, tutorial/simple_server.cpp,
	  tutorial/DebugBridge.h: Include the library headers correctly.

2003-06-04  Al Riddoch  <>

	* Add rpm spec.

2003-05-04  Al Riddoch  <>

	* Fix linking tests with the right other libraries.

2003-05-04  Al Riddoch  <>

	* Atlas/Message/Element.h, Atlas/Message/Element.cpp: Move over to
	  calling Atlas::Message::Object Atlas::Message::Element instead.

	* Atlas/Bindings/Python/wrapperObject.cpp, Atlas/Message/DecoderBase.h,
	  Atlas/Message/MEncoder.cpp, Atlas/Message/MEncoder.h,
	  Atlas/Message/QueuedDecoder.h, Atlas/Objects/BaseObject.h:
	  Update everything to make use of the newly re-named Element

2003-04-15  Al Riddoch  <>

	* Atlas/Objects/BaseObject.cpp: Re-implement asMessage() in terms of
	  addToMessage() and make it non-virtual.

	* Atlas/Objects/, Atlas/Objects/ Move
	  send*() functions into the implementation, while keeping them
	  inlined, as there is no need for them to be exposed as inlined.

	* Atlas/Objects/ Remove asMessage().

2003-04-14  Al Riddoch  <>

	* Atlas/Objects/ Add explicit send members for
	  the more complex sequence types, to avoid having
	  to use a Message::Encoder.

2003-04-14  Al Riddoch  <>

	* Atlas/EncoderBase.cpp, Atlas/EncoderBase.h,
	  Atlas/Message/MEncoder.cpp, Atlas/Message/MEncoder.h,
	  Atlas/Objects/, Atlas/Objects/BaseObject.cpp,
	  Atlas/Objects/BaseObject.h, Atlas/Objects/Encoder.h,
	  Atlas/Objects/, Atlas/Utilities/atlas_convert.cpp,
	  tests/Objects/encoder1.cpp, tests/Objects/objects2.cpp:
	  Clean up and de-virtualised encoders for performance.

2003-04-13  Al Riddoch  <>

	* Atlas/Exception.h, Atlas/Exception.cpp,
	  Atlas/Message/DecoderBase.cpp, Atlas/Message/DecoderBase.h,
	  Atlas/Message/MEncoder.cpp, Atlas/Message/MEncoder.h,
	  Atlas/Net/Stream.cpp, Atlas/Net/Stream.h,
	  Atlas/Objects/BaseObject.cpp, Atlas/Objects/BaseObject.h,
	  Atlas/Objects/Encoder.h, Atlas/Objects/Encoder.cpp,
	  Take more virtual functions out of headers.

2003-04-13  Al Riddoch  <>

	* Atlas/EncoderBase.h, Atlas/EncoderBase.cpp,
	  Take virtual functions out of headers, as they can't be inlined.

	* Atlas/Codecs/Bach.cpp: Fix some botched headers.

	* Atlas/Message/MEncoder.h: Remove the hack which solved a problem
	  with overloaded methods hiding virtual methods.

	* benchmark/Message_Move.cpp, benchmark/Objects2_Move.cpp,
	  benchmark/Objects3_Move.cpp, benchmark/Objects_Move.cpp,
	  benchmark/SmartPtr_Move.cpp, benchmark/Static_Move.cpp,
	  tests/Objects/decoder1.cpp, tests/Objects/encoder1.cpp,
	  tests/Objects/objects1.cpp, tests/Objects/objects2.cpp:
	  Bring benchmark and tests headers into line.

2003-04-10  Al Riddoch  <>

	* Rename src to Atlas for portability

2003-04-10  Al Riddoch  <>

	* src/Codec.cpp, src/Codec.h, src/Codec_impl.h,
	  src/Negotiate.h, src/Negotiate.h, src/Codecs/Bach.h,
	  src/Codecs/Packed.h, src/Codecs/XML.h,
	  src/Net/Stream.cpp, src/Net/Stream.h,
	  src/Objects/loadDefaults.cpp, src/Utilities/atlas_convert.cpp,
	  tests/Objects/objects2.cpp: Get rid of pointless Task interface
	  and make Codec and Negotiate base classes no longer templates,
	  as it makes no difference.

2003-04-09  Al Riddoch  <>

	* src/Message/MEncoder.h, src/Objects/Encoder.h: Make Encoder
	  constructors explicit for safety.

	* src/Message/Object.cpp, src/Message/Object.h: Add assignment
	  operators for all the possible types for efficiency.
	  Move long functions out of header, so they are not

	* src/Objects/, src/Objects/BaseObject.cpp,
	  src/Objects/BaseObject.h: Add new method for more efficient
	  conversion of Objects into Messages.

	* src/Objects/ Make use of more efficient
	  conversion methods.

	* Make sure the tests and benchmarks are picking up the right

2003-03-22  Al Riddoch  <>

	* src/Message/DecoderBase.cpp, src/Message/DecoderBase.h,
	  src/Message/QueuedDecoder.cpp, src/Message/QueuedDecoder.h,
	  src/Objects/loadDefaults.cpp, tests/Objects/encoder1.cpp:
	  Rename objectArrived methods to avoid overloading.

	* src/Objects/, src/Objects/,
	  src/Objects/loadDefaults.cpp, tests/Objects/decoder1.cpp,
	  tests/Objects/objects2.cpp: Remove dispatch functionality from
	  decoder, and implement it in a new class.

2003-03-16  Al Riddoch  <>

	* Added pkgconfig macro, and put installed headers into a subdir.
	  Use version suffix on library names.

2002-11-30  Al Riddoch  <>

	* src/Objects/ Rename Objects::Decoder
	  methods so no overloading.

	* tests/Objects/decoder1.cpp, tests/Objects/objects2.cpp:
	  Get the tests working again.

2002-11-30  Al Riddoch  <>

	* src/Bridge.cpp, src/Bridge.h, src/EncoderBase.h,
	  src/Codecs/Bach.cpp, src/Codecs/Bach.h,
	  src/Codecs/Packed.cpp, src/Codecs/Packed.h,
	  src/Codecs/XML.cpp, src/Codecs/XML.h,
	  src/Codecs/XMLish.cpp, src/Funky/FEncoder.h,
	  src/Message/DecoderBase.cpp, src/Message/DecoderBase.h,
	  src/Message/MEncoder.cpp, src/Message/MEncoder.h,
	  src/Net/Loopback.cpp, src/Objects/,
	  src/Objects/BaseObject.cpp, src/Objects/Encoder.h,
	  src/Utilities/atlas_convert.cpp, tests/Objects/decoder1.cpp,
	  tests/Objects/encoder1.cpp, tests/Objects/objects2.cpp,
	  tutorial/DebugBridge.h, tutorial/simple_client.cpp,
	  tutorial/example/DebugBridge.h, tutorial/example/simple_client.cpp:
	  Rename methods so overloading is not being used, to prevent
	  the problems that seems to cause with virtual functions.

2002-11-30  Al Riddoch  <>

	* src/Message/MEncoder.cpp, src/Message/MEncoder.h,
	  src/Objects/BaseObject.cpp, src/Objects/BaseObject.h,
	  src/Objects/, src/Objects/
	  src/Objects/objectFactory.h, src/Utilities/atlas_convert.cpp:
	  Change argument type from Element to Element::MapType for

	* src/Message/QueuedDecoder.cpp, src/Message/QueuedDecoder.h:
	  Make method names a little more distinctive, and inline
	  the short ones.

	* src/Objects/, src/Objects/BaseObject.cpp,
	  src/Objects/BaseObject.h: Change asObject methods to

2002-11-30  Al Riddoch  <>

	* src/Objects/,
	  src/Objects/ Fix method name change in generated

	* benchmark/timer.h, benchmark/Objects3_Move.cpp,
	  benchmark/Message_Move.cpp, benchmark/Call_Move.cpp:
	  Get the benchmarks building again.

2002-11-30  Al Riddoch  <>

	* src/Objects/BaseObject.h, src/Objects/ Make class numbers

	* src/Objects/objectFactory.h, tests/Objects/objects2.cpp: Change
	  function name to match new type names.

	* tests/Objects/objects2.cpp: Switch to using ISO C++ compliant

2002-11-29  Al Riddoch  <>

	* src/Objects/, src/Objects/SmartPtr.h: Modify
	  decoder to use type safe conversions.

2002-11-29  Al Riddoch  <>

	* tests/Objects: Get the tests compiling again.

2002-11-29  Al Riddoch  <>

	* src/Objects/SmartPtr.h: Clean up constructors so member pointer is
	  directly initialised. Add type conversion template for const
	  objects. Make methods const as apropriate.

	* Make Objects classes allocation routines return pointers
	  to their type rather than to the base class, to make writing type
	  safe code easier.

2002-11-29  Al Riddoch  <>

	* src/Objects/SmartPtr.h: Added member templates for type
	  conversion up and down the tree.

2002-11-19  Al Riddoch  <>

	* src/Exception.h, src/Objects/BaseObject.h,
	  src/Objects/, src/Objects/objectFactory.h:
	  Have the base Atlas-C++ exception class inherit from
	  std::exception. Fix destructor throw specifier.

	* src/Message/DecoderBase.h, src/Message/QueuedDecoder.cpp,
	  src/Message/QueuedDecoder.h, src/Objects/loadDefaults.cpp:
	  Pass Element::MapType to the objectArrived() method as atlas
	  requires the top level element to be a map.

	* src/Objects/objectFactory.h: Modified NoSuchFactoryException
	  so that it inherits from Atlas::Exception.

	* src/Objects/objectFactory.h, src/Objects/objectFactory.cpp,
	  addFactory now returns an integer which is the type value
	  which will be used to identify objects of the class
	  produced by this factory.

	* src/Objects/Decoder.h, src/Objects/Decoder.cpp,
	  Added addMethod() function to Decoder class, which allows the
	  application to register methods for custom classes using
	  the integer value returned by Factories::addFactory().

2002-11-08  Al Riddoch  <>

	* src/Message/DecoderBase.cpp, src/Message/DecoderBase.h,
	  src/Message/MEncoder.cpp, src/Message/MEncoder.h,
	  src/Message/Object.h, src/Message/QueuedDecoder.cpp:
	  Rename Atlas::Message::Object to Atlas::Message::Element to
	  avoid confusion, and namespace clashes.
	* src/Objects/, src/Objects/,
	  src/Objects/, src/Objects/,
	  src/Objects/BaseObject.cpp, src/Objects/BaseObject.h,
	  src/Objects/Encoder.h, src/Objects/loadDefaults.cpp,
	  src/Objects/objectFactory.h, src/Utilities/atlas_convert.cpp:
	  Update the Objects API to use the new Message class.

	*, tests/Objects/
	  Fix handling of compression libs by filters.

	* tests/Objects/decoder1.cpp, tests/Objects/encoder1.cpp,
	  tests/Objects/objects1.cpp, tests/Objects/objects2.cpp,
	  Update tests so they build again.

2002-06-20  Al Riddoch  <>

	* src/Codecs/Bach.cpp, src/Message/DecoderBase.cpp,
	  src/Utilities/atlas_convert.cpp: Strict ISO C++ fixes.

2002-06-05  Michael Koch  <>

	* src/Codecs/Bach.*: fix allowed characters for names

2002-06-01  AIR-IX SUUNNITTELU/Ahiplan Oy  <>

	* src/Objects/, both Python 1.5.* and Python 2.*

2002-05-21  Michael Koch  <>

	* fixed --enable-debug

2002-05-19  Al Riddoch  <>

	* src/Objects/ Back off to supporting older more common
	  versions of python.

	* src/Codecs/Bach.cpp, src/Codecs/Packed.cpp, src/Codecs/XML.cpp,
	  Work around the problem that in_avail() sometimes returns < 0 on
	  some systems.

2002-05-18  Michael Koch  <>

	* all 
	  fixes for builddir != srcdir

2002-05-17  Michael Koch  <>

	  - dont output /usr/lib when called with --libs
	  - return real version instean of the string @ATLAS_VERSION@

2002-05-15  Michael Koch  <>

        * dont output /usr/include when called with --cflags

2002-05-15  Michael Koch  <>

	* src/Bridge.h: added documentation.

2002-05-14  Michael Koch  <>

	* src/Codecs: fixed encodeString

2002-05-14  Michael Koch  <>

	* src/ added Atlas.h
	* src/Objects/BaseObject.h: remove debugging code

2002-05-14  Michael Koch  <>

        * src/Objects/SmartPtr.h:
	  removed DEBUG code: it doesnt compiles and aloril
	  said its not needed.
	* added --enable-debug
	  by default debugging is disabled
	* src/Atlas.h:
	  new file for gobal definitions
	  currently used for the definition of ATLAS_DEBUG
	* src/Codecs/Bach.cpp,
	  use ATLAS_DEBUG macro
	* src/Message/DecoderBase.cpp:
	  added some asserts
	  use ATLAS_DEBUG macro

2002-05-13  Michael Koch  <>

	* src/*,
	  added Bach Codec officially to Atlas-C++
2002-05-12  Michael Koch  <>

	* adjusted all member variables to use the prefix m_

2002-05-12  Michael Koch  <>

	* src/Utititlies/*:
	  Added new utility to convert ATLAS files using another codec.

	  This doesnt get compiled currently.

2002-05-10  Michael Koch  <>

	* src/Codecs/Bach.cpp/h:
	  New class implementing the BACH codec.

2002-05-07  Michael Koch  <>

	* src/Objects/, src/Objects/
	  Use latest API from Atlas-Python

2002-11-04  Al Riddoch  <>

	* src/Filter.h, src/Funky/FEncoder.cpp, src/Funky/FEncoder.h,
	  src/Message/MEncoder.cpp, src/Message/MEncoder.h,
	  src/Objects/BaseObject.cpp, src/Objects/BaseObject.h:
	  Rename Encoder.* files so that IDE's don't get confused by
	  the duplicate object file names.

	* src/Objects/ Default to recent python version.
	  Users of older versions of python may have to hack this file.

2001-10-07  Al Riddoch  <>

This entry covers the changes made by Jesse Jones for which no ChangeLog
entries were commited. It also includes further changes made by myself.

	* src/Objects/BaseObject.cpp: Re-ordered includes.

	* src/Objects/BaseObject.h: Added include to ensure header is stand
	  alone. Make accessor method const.  Make sure non-callable
	  function returns something when asserts are not compiled in.

	* src/Bridge.h: Fixed malformed declarations for mapBegin and

	* src/Codec.cpp, src/Objects/loadDefaults.cpp: Re-ordered includes to
	  ensure that respective headers are stand alone.

	* src/Net/Stream.cpp: Re-ordered includes to ensure that header is
	  stand alone. Made some functions static. Removed invalid default
	  arguements as these belong in the headers. Removed stage style
	  TODO as these are not used in the Atlas-C++ code. Added some

	* src/Codecs/XML.cpp: Added some casts.

	* src/Message/Encoder.h: Added a bunch of inherited methods to
	  prevent them from being hidden by the new overloaded methods.
	  Removed confusing "Inherited" typedef. Re-styled inherited

	* src/Exception.h: Fixed misspelled "UNKNOW". Made getDescription a
	  const method.

	* src/Filter.h: Removed an extra comma from the Type declaration.
	  Added some casts. Moved inline virtual methods to cpp file.

	* src/Filter.cpp: Added virtual filterbuf methods from header file.

	* src/Negotiate.h: Removed an extra comma from the declaration.

	* src/Message/Layer.h: Removed duplicate constructor.

	* src/Codecs/Packed.cpp, src/Codecs/Utility.h: Added a cast.

	* src/Codecs/Packed.h: Removed a comma from the declaration.

	* src/Codecs/XML.h: Removed commas from declarations.

	* src/Net/Stream.h: Forward references Bridge so header stands alone.

2001-10-02  Al Riddoch  <>

	* Cleaned up some unnecessary includes.

	* src/Net/Stream.cpp: Re-wrote client greeting code so it is more
          efficient, as described by Damien McGinnes.

2001-07-17  Al Riddoch  <>

	* src/Exception.h: Added exception base class, with string

	* src/Objects/loadDefaults.h, src/Objects/BaseObject.h,
	  src/Message/Object.h: Modify exception classes to derive from
	  exception base class.

	* src/Objects/loadDefaults.cpp, src/Objects/BaseObject.cpp: Re-style
	  code for consistancy and readability.

	* src/Message/Object.h: Added feature to Message::Object so it
	  can store pointers properlly.

	* src/Objects/ Make generated code ISO
	  conformant, and more readable.

	* src/Objects/ Updated copyright date for generated files.

2001-07-15  Al Riddoch  <>

	* Added interface and library versioning.

2001-07-15  Al Riddoch  <>

	* src/Net/Stream.cpp, src/Objects/BaseObject.cpp,
	  src/Objects/loadDefaults.cpp: Fixed code for strict ISO
	  conformance; mainly strict use of std:: namespace.

2001-07-15  Al Riddoch  <>

	* src/Message/Object.h, src/Message/Object.cpp: Removed buggy and
	  largely unused memory pool code.

	* src/Objects/loadDefaults.cpp: Removed double use of find()
	  method, and re-styled code to fit in with the rest of Atlas-C++.

	* src/Net/Stream.cpp: Switched negotiation code over to picking
	  Packed by default.

	* src/Filters/Bzip2.cpp: Modified code to use latest Bzip2 API.

	* src/Codecs/Packed.cpp: Fixed beginning and ending of stream,
	  which does not have an encoding in Packed.

	* NEWS, HACKING: updated.

2001-05-06  Al Riddoch  <>

        * src/Message/Object.cpp: Added true cpp file so that class static
          member is handled cleanly.

        * src/Message/Object.h: Moved clear and operator new/delete()
          functions around so they can be inlined.

        * src/Net/ Added ATLAS to greeting message as required
          by the Atlas protocol.

        * src/Net/Stream.*: Made header in NegotiateHelper pass by reference.

2001-03-22  Al Riddoch  <>

        * Changed package name to Atlas-C++ to ensure it
	  is distinguishable from the other versions.

	* Added rule to make atlas-config script.

2001-03-14  Al Riddoch  <>

	* src/Codecs/ Install Codec header files, so codecs can
	  be used directly.

	* src/Codecs/*.cpp: Removed default value for can_read parameter from
	  definition as it is only required in declaration.

	* Added some std:: prefixes as required.

2001-03-12  Al Riddoch  <>

	* Updated ROADMAP and NEWS to latest versions from stable branch.

	* Modified docs to indicate new maintainer.

2001-03-10  Al Riddoch  <>

	* src/Codec.*, src/Codecs/*: Ported across simplified ISO compliant
	  Codec classes from stable branch. Removed Metrics and Parameters.
	* src/Filter.*, src/Filters/*: Removed Metrics and Parameters.

	* src/Factory.*: Removed Factory mechanism, changes copied from
	  stable branch.

	* src/Net/Stream.*: Changed negotiation classes to simplified but
	  ISO compliant version from stable branch, with placeholder
	  code for Filter negotiation.

	* HACKING: Copied across from stable branch, and modified to reflect
	  status of this branch.

	* README: Updated contents from the stable branch.

	* tutorial/example/*: Created similar tutorial to that on stable
	  branch. The only differences are differences to the API.

	* src/Filter.h, Sorted out using config.h in Filter.h.

	* src/Filters/*: Moved filters into their own namespace,
	  in accordance with the convention used throughout this

	* src/*: Removed all "using namespace .." directives.

2001-03-08  Al Riddoch  <>

	* src/*: Removed "using namespace std;" throughout code, as all
	  uses of symbols in this namespace are now fully qualified.

2001-03-07  Al Riddoch  <>

	* src/*: Backed off changes to namespaces and template classes with
	  Stream parameter, as they proved to be of no benefit to portability.

	* src/*: Finished off a bit more ISO conformance. (all std:: additions).

	* src/Message/Object.h: Copied changes from stable branch
	  including memory pool optimisation, asNum() and isNum() methods, and
	  change of ListType from std::list to std::vector.

	* src/*: Replaced int with long throughout code for compatability
	  with changes type in Message::Object

2001-01-05  Stefanus Du Toit  <>

	* src/Filter.h: added filterbuf. Input filtering is not
	    implemented yet.
	* added check for <streambuf>. You will need an
	    automike with a C++ check for this.
	* regenerated from new
	* TODO: updated todo list.
	* src/Net/Stream.h: identified a problem. Look for XXX.

2001-01-04  Stefanus Du Toit  <>

	* src/*: made everything ISO C++ conforming, from what I can see
	    (mainly a great number of std:: additions).

2000-12-22  Al Riddoch  <>

	* Removed dependency on socket++ in test programs.

	* Added atlas.m4 autoconf macro script.

2000-12-21  Al Riddoch  <>

	* Split filters into header and cpp file in the same model
	  as Codecs.

	* Re-worked tutorial, test and benchmarks so they compile without
	  installing the library.

2000-12-20  Al Riddoch  <>

	* Removed hierarchical namespaces, leaving single flat Atlas

	* Reduced template usage, especially removing all Stream

	* Split codecs into header and cpp file, and removed static Codec

	* Re-worked factories() static member function in Factory
	  so it now uses portable static list pointer instead of static

2000-12-19  Al Riddoch  <>

	* Added atlas-config script.

2000-12-13  Al Riddoch  <>

	* Added first attempt at a UML class diagram.

2000-12-09  Aloril  <>

	* added bool instanceOf(int classNo) const; method

2000-12-08  Aloril  <>

	* Decoder::unknownObjectArrived(const Entity::Empty&); ->
	Decoder::objectArrived(const Entity::Anonymous&);

	* s/Empty/Anonymous/

	* added Atlas::Objects::Entity::Empty class which is used when
 	unknown object has arrived (usually unknown objects have pos
 	attribute, which is dynamic in Root):
	Decoder::unknownObjectArrived(const Entity::Empty&);
	and for args: if(op->getArgs()[0]->getClassNo() == Entity::EMPTY_NO) ...

2000-12-02  Aloril  <>

	* changed method names: FooMethod -> fooMethod

	* optimized src/Objects: now few hundred times faster than earlier

2000-11-17  Al Riddoch  <>

	* Removed .cc files

2000-11-09  Al Riddoch  <>

	* Renamed all cc files to cpp for Visual studio. Old .cc files still
	  remain. Will be removed once we are sure this is stable.
2000-11-01  Al Riddoch  <>

	* Fixed negotiation so it is now possible for packed to get picked.
	  (Packed decoder appears to segfault though)
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