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pkg://libattica0_0.1.4-1_amd64.deb:139374/usr/share/doc/libattica0/  info  control  downloads

libattica0 - a Qt library that implements the Open Collaboration Services API…  more info»


 - Don't define qHash for QUrl in Qt 4.7
 - fix memlead for aborted requests
 - qt platform plugin implements basic password/user name handling
 - copying file: lesser gpl 2.1
 - don't link qtgui without reason
 - make hasCredentials const (new function)

 - Add possibility to get Licenses from server
 - Add search for contents by username
 - Add convenience function to get list of download links and fix some related strings
 - Fix qt-only hasCredentials
 - Win and Mac compile/link fixes
 - Fix crash when multiple apps would use attica simultaneously: do not delete root component of qtplugins

 - Remove function decls without body introduced in 0.1.3
 - Add functions to check for provider services (parts of the api they implement)
 - Make adding, disabling and removing default providers possible (so we can have other
 providers than

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