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libauthen-radius-perl (0.12-1) unstable; urgency=low

upstream now provides a set of radius dictionaries so that you can use
this module without having to install extra components of the RADIUS
server onto your client machine.

They are not installed into the standard location as in many
situations they are not required. If they were installed this package
would conflict with radiusd-cistron and xtradius which is not a good
thing. They are provided by this package in the directory
/usr/share/doc/libauthen-radius-perl/raddb. If you need any of these
dictionaries you should copy the relevant files into somewhere where
the code using this module can read them. By default the module will
look for dictionaries in the directory named /etc/raddb/dictionary.

 -- Stephen Quinney <>, Sat Jul  9 12:42:24 2005
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