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Blitz++ is a C++ template class library which provides array objects
for scientific computing.  It is not a linear algebra or fft library;
see for libraries that will do those things.

The original Blitz website is at  The Blitz
project is now hosted by SourceForge and can be found on the web at

Licensing information is at
Summary: you can do anything except sell this library in source
form.  Blitz is licensed under both the GPL (see COPYING)
and a less restrictive (non-viral) "artistic license" (see LICENSE).

1.  Directories

blitz         Blitz++ headers and source files
blitz/meta    Blitz++ template metaprogramming headers
blitz/array   Blitz++ headers for Array class
random        Blitz++ headers for random number generation
src           Blitz++ source files compiled into library
doc           Current Blitz documentation using .texi and doxygen.
manual        Original Blitz manual in HTML and PS format (not updated)
m4            Local m4 macros used by autoconf/automake
compiler      Compiler tests (used with obsolete bzconfig script)  
testsuite     Test suite 
examples      Example programs 
benchmarks    Benchmark programs 
lib           Build area for Blitz++ library

2.  Compiling programs

All Blitz++ header files are referred to with a prefix of "blitz/".
For example, to use the Array<T,N> class, one needs to include
<blitz/array.h> instead of just <array.h>.
To make this work, the main Blitz++ directory must be in
your include path.  For example, if Blitz++ was installed
in /software/Blitz++, you will need to compile with
-I/software/Blitz++ and -L/software/Blitz++/lib -lblitz

To summarize, a typical command line is:

g++ foo.cpp -o foo -I/software/Blitz++ -L/software/Blitz++/lib -lblitz

To avoid the -I and -L options, you can set up symbolic links -- see
INSTALL for details.

3.  Email addresses

Please report bugs to <> or submit a bug report
on the SourceForge website at

Please send suggestions and feature requests to <>
or submit them at the Blitz++ SourceForge website.

4.  Legal mumbo-jumbo

This program is distributed in the hope that it will be useful,
but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of
GNU General Public License for more details.

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