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Help Save the World

Boost is a fairly extensive set of libraries, of which I personally
use but a very small part.  I greatly appreciate folks that send
patches to the BTS.  Please do have a look at the outstanding bug
reports and send me hints or patches if you have extra information.

Getting Started

The following table shows which components use a library (shared or
static) and the corresponding "-l" flag.  All libraries are built
for multithreaded applications.

  Component              Link Flag                      Library Type
  ---------              ---------                      ------------
  Boost.Date_Time        -lboost_date_time            	static  shared
  Boost.Filesystem       -lboost_filesystem           	static  shared
  Boost.Graph            -lboost_graph                	static  shared
  Boost.Graph_parallel   -lboost_graph_parallel       	static  shared
  Boost.IOStreams        -lboost_iostreams            	static  shared
  Boost.Math		 -lboost_math_c99             	static  shared
  			 -lboost_math_c99f            	static  shared
  			 -lboost_math_c99l            	static  shared
  			 -lboost_math_tr1            	static  shared
  			 -lboost_math_tr1f            	static  shared
  			 -lboost_math_tr1l            	static  shared
  Boost.MPI		 -lboost_mpi   		      	static  shared
  Boost.Program_options  -lboost_program_options      	static  shared
  Boost.Python           -lboost_python-py24       	static  shared
  			 -lboost_python-py25       	static  shared
  Boost.Regex            -lboost_regex                	static  shared
  Boost.Serialization    -lboost_serialization        	static  shared
                         -lboost_wserialization       	static  shared
  Boost.Signals          -lboost_signals              	static  shared
  Boost.System		 -lboost_system   	      	static  shared
  Boost.Test             -lboost_prg_exec_monitor     	static  shared
                         -lboost_unit_test_framework   	static  shared
  Boost.Thread           -lboost_thread               	static  shared
  Boost.Wave             -lboost_wave   		static  shared

Most of Boost is installed using the package libboostX.Y-dev.
The components with a shared library have separate -dev packages.

There is extensive documentation available in the libboostX.Y-doc
package and at

Debian Packaging of Boost

Upstream releases quarterly without guarenteeing any backwards
compatibility.  Debian chooses to package two versions of Boost
simultaneously, to enable users to make the transition on their own
time.  The -dev packages are decorated with the Boost version,
e.g. libboost1.39-dev and libboost1.40-dev.  If your code builds only
with a specific version of boost, you can directly install that
specific version.

On the other hand, many of the mature Boost libraries hardly change
from one version to the next.  If your code uses only such stable
libraries, then continually installing versioned -dev packages is a
nuisance.  Debian therefore has a set of "default" Boost development
packages without a version number; e.g. libboost-dev.  These packages
will pull in the version of boost considered most suitable at any
given time.  If your code is not tied to a specific Boost version, you
can use the unversioned development packages.

This strategy was hashed out on debian-release in the Spring of 2009.
See threads starting at:

Example Code

All example code is shipped in libboostX.Y-doc package.

Some of the example code is linked to by the documentation, and thus
appears in a directory named


Example code that is not linked from the documentation appears in a
directory under


Use of boost/nondet_random.hpp

The use of this header file is subject to the availability of class
boost::random_device::impl. Boost libraries provide only an example
implementation which the user may use to fit her needs.

Such implementation is distributed by libboostX.Y-dev Debian package
in file /usr/share/doc/libboostX.Y-dev/examples/random_device.cpp. 
This file is generally good enough for most linux users.  Simply 
copy and modify to suit your needs.

Boost.Test main() function

The Boost unit test framework defines a main() function in the static
library boost_unit_test_framework.a.  Prior to v 1.34, the shared
library also defined main() but it no longer does.

Please see the manual and the following thread for more details

 -- Steve M. Robbins <>, Sat, 19 Sep 2009 15:16:51 z
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