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libbsd-arc4random-perl - CPAN's BSD::arc4random -- Perl bindings for arc4random…  more info»


Package: libbsd-arc4random-perl
Version: 1.50-5
Architecture: i386
Maintainer: Thorsten Glaser <>
Installed-Size: 86
Depends: libbsd0 (>= 0.0), libc6 (>= 2.1.3), perl (>= 5.14.2-9), perlapi-5.14.2
Section: perl
Priority: optional
Description: CPAN's BSD::arc4random -- Perl bindings for arc4random
 The BSD::arc4random module provides a Perl API for the arc4random(3)
 suite of functions and a few natively implemented functions.
 Exposed functions are: have_kintf (ability to push entropy back to
 the kernel); arc4random, arc4random_bytes, arc4random_uniform, the
 RANDOM variable (get entropy); arc4random_stir (next time used, some
 entropy from the kernel is first requested); arc4random_addrandom
 (add user data to SRNG state); arc4random_push[bk] (push user data
 to kernel RNG if supported; add kernel data or, if not supported,
 user data to SRNG); the ability to "tie" variables to this module
 for retrieving and storing entropy (e.g. in $RANDOM).
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