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2008-04-19  Torsten Schoenfeld  <>

	* NEWS: Stable release 1.060.

2008-04-19  Torsten Schoenfeld  <>

	* Add documentation for new API.

2008-03-22  Torsten Schoenfeld  <>

	* Makefile.PL: Trap exceptions thrown by EU::PkgConfig->find.
	When one occurs, exit with status 0 to indicate to CPAN testers
	that their system isn't supported.

2008-02-24  Torsten Schoenfeld  <>

	* NEWS: Unstable release 1.053.

2008-02-24  Torsten Schoenfeld  <>

	* Cairo.xs
	* t/Cairo.t: Wrap cairo_has_current_point.

2008-02-12  Torsten Schoenfeld  <>

	* NEWS: Unstable release 1.052.

2008-02-10  Torsten Schoenfeld  <>

	* Cairo.xs
	* t/Cairo.t: Wrap cairo_path_extents.

	* CairoSurface.xs
	* t/CairoSurface.t: Wrap cairo_format_stride_for_width.  Adapt to
	API changes: cairo_surface_copy_page and cairo_surface_show_page
	don't return cairo_status_t anymore.

	* CairoPath.xs: Fix the tied interface for paths on perl 5.6,
	whose magic support was slightly broken.  Also cleanup the tie
	code a bit.

2008-01-07  Torsten Schoenfeld  <>

	* NEWS: Unstable release 1.051.

2008-01-07  Torsten Schoenfeld  <>

	* CairoSurface.xs
	* t/CairoSurface.t: Wrap cairo_surface_copy_page and

	* Makefile.PL
	* CairoSurface.xs
	* t/CairoSurface.t: Wrap cairo_ps_surface_restrict_to_level,
	cairo_ps_get_levels, and cairo_ps_level_to_string.

	* CairoSurface.xs
	* t/CairoSurface.t: Wrap cairo_ps_surface_set_eps and

2007-12-29  Torsten Schoenfeld  <>

	* Cairo.xs
	* CairoFont.xs
	* CairoMatrix.xs
	* CairoSurface.xs: Use perl's New*/Safefree facilities instead of
	calloc/malloc/free as the latter aren't safe on some platforms,
	notably Win32.  Patch by T.J. Ferraro.

	* t/CairoSurface.t: Mark the isa_ok test for PDF surfaces returned
	by create_similar() as TODO, since the returned surface's type is
	not reliable at this point.

2007-11-20  Torsten Schoenfeld  <>

	* NEWS: Unstable release 1.050.

2007-11-20  Torsten Schoenfeld  <>

	* Add entries for the various surfaces to the API

	* Makefile.PL: Update the list of exported symbols.  (Reported by
	spicy jack)

2007-10-24  Torsten Schoenfeld  <>

	* t/CairoFont.t: Really don't use the hash-ref variant of the
	constant pragma this time.

	* Cairo.xs
	* CairoFt.xs
	* Makefile.PL
	* cairo-perl.h
	* cairo-perl.typemap
	* examples/
	* t/CairoFt.t: Add support for part of cairo's FreeType
	integration API.  Currently, that's just
	Cairo::FtFontFace::create, which lets you create a cairo font face
	from a FreeType font face.

2007-10-18  Torsten Schoenfeld  <>

	* t/Cairo.t
	* t/CairoPattern.t: When Test::Number::Delta is not available,
	skip the relevant tests instead of faking passes.  (Suggested by
	Aristotle Pagaltzis)

2007-10-14  Torsten Schoenfeld  <>

	* t/Cairo.t
	* t/CairoFont.t
	* t/CairoPath.t
	* t/CairoPattern.t
	* t/CairoSurface.t: Don't use the hash-ref variant of the constant
	pragma.  It's not supported by the version that ships with perl

2007-10-14  Torsten Schoenfeld  <>

	* README: Release 1.043.

2007-10-13  Torsten Schoenfeld  <>

	* Makefile.PL: Use BEGIN { require 5.006; } instead of require
	v5.6.0.  Make missing Test::Number::Delta non-fatal; add it to the
	build_requires META.yml field.

	* t/Cairo.t
	* t/CairoPattern.t: Cope with Test::Number::Delta being

2007-10-07  Torsten Schoenfeld  <>

	* Makefile.PL: Make EU::MM output configure_requires and no_index
	information when generating META.yml.

	* t/CairoSurface.t (PNG surface tests): Since exceptions are
	actually propagated now, throw the same kind of exception we test

2007-10-06  Torsten Schoenfeld  <>

	* Makefile.PL: Require perl >= 5.6.0 for some features we use,
	like `ourĀ“.

2007-09-30	tsch

	* ppport.h
	* Cairo.xs
	* CairoPath.xs
	* CairoPattern.xs
	* CairoSurface.xs
	* cairo-perl-private.h
	* cairo-perl.h: Add and use the portability header ppport.h from
	Devel::PPPort to hopefully fix compilation on older perls.

2007-09-27	tsch

	* README: Stable release 1.042.

2007-09-27	tsch

	* Makefile.PL: Make missing prerequisites fatal.

2007-09-09	tsch

	* cairo-perl.typemap: Add const char * for backwards

2007-08-13	tsch

	* doctypes: Add missing type names.

2007-05-27	tsch

	*, NEWS, README: Stable release 1.041.

2007-05-27	tsch

	* t/CairoSurface.t: Use proper version checks to decide when to
	skip the create_for_stream tests.

2007-05-13	tsch

	* Makefile.PL, README, t/Cairo.t, t/CairoPattern.t: Use
	Test::Number::Delta to make floating point number comparisons more

2007-05-10	tsch

	*, NEWS, README: Stable release 1.040.

2007-05-10	tsch

	* t/CairoSurface.t: For now, skip tests that make cairo crash.

2007-05-06	tsch

	* Document new API.  Mark functions that were added
	after cairo 1.0.

2007-05-06	tsch

	* Cairo.xs
	* CairoPattern.xs
	* Makefile.PL
	* cairo-perl.h
	* t/Cairo.t
	* t/CairoPattern.t: Use 1.4.0 in version checks.

	* Cairo.xs: If CAIRO_PERL_DEBUG is true, call
	cairo_debug_reset_static_data at exit.

2007-03-17	tsch

	* Cairo.xs
	* t/Cairo.t: Wrap cairo_get_scaled_font.

	* CairoSurface.xs
	* t/CairoSurface.t: Re-add the binding for cairo_surface_finish.
	It was orignally removed because its effect can also be achieved
	by destroying the surface or letting it go out of scope.  But
	Oleksandr Alex Protasenko convinced me that it's still a good idea
	to have it anyway, mainly for paginated surfaces like PDF and PS
	which defer rendering as long as they can.  With $surf->finish you
	can more clearly express what you're intending to do than with
	$surf = undef.

	* examples/ Fix indention.

2007-01-21	tsch

	*, NEWS, README: Unstable release 1.031.

2007-01-21	tsch

	* Cairo.xs: Track upstream API change: cairo_get_dash_count
	returns the count directly; cairo_get_dash_count and
	cairo_get_dash don't return a status anymore.

2007-01-18	tsch

	* t/Cairo.t, Cairo.xs: Track upstream API improvement:
	cairo_copy_clip_rectangles -> cairo_copy_clip_rectangle_list.

2007-01-05	tsch

	* t/CairoSurface.t: Fix an endianness problem.

2006-12-30	tsch

	* Fix the valid-value lists in enum error messages.

2006-12-28	tsch

	*, NEWS, README: Unstable release 1.030.

2006-12-28	tsch

	* Cairo.xs, cairo-perl.h, t/Cairo.t: Wrap and test
	cairo_copy_clip_rectangles and cairo_clip_extents.

2006-11-23	tsch

	* CairoSurface.xs, t/CairoSurface.t: Make
	Cairo::ImageSurface::get_data usable by specifying the buffer

	* MANIFEST, Makefile.PL, doctypes: Describe our types.

	* NEWS: Merge from stable-1-0.

2006-11-09	tsch

	* Cairo.xs, cairo-perl-private.h: Export cairo_perl_alloc_temp

	* Cairo.xs: Remove the DOUBLES_ macros and inline them.  They were
	used only in one place.

	* Cairo.xs, t/Cairo.t: Wrap cairo_get_dash.

	* CairoPattern.xs, cairo-perl-private.h, t/CairoPattern.t: Wrap
	cairo_pattern_get_rgba, cairo_pattern_get_surface,
	cairo_pattern_get_color_stop_rgba, cairo_pattern_get_points, and

	* Makefile.PL: Support new cairo_status_t values.

2006-11-09	tsch

	*, NEWS, README: Stable release 1.02.

2006-11-09	tsch

	*, CairoSurface.t: When comparing enum values, look
	at length+1, not just length, bytes to discern string pairs like
	'color' and 'color-alpha'.  Duh!  Many thanks to Martijn van Beers
	for finding this bug.

2006-09-24	tsch

	*, NEWS: Stable release 1.01.

2006-09-24	tsch

	* t/CairoSurface.t: Skip the create_for_stream test for ps and pdf
	surfaces if cairo < 1.2.0.  Earlier versions didn't handle errors
	correctly and thus caused too many tests.  Also partly revert the
	previous change and instead do a conditional type check on
	surfaces create with create_similar.

2006-09-24	tsch

	* t/CairoSurface.t: Don't check the specific type of similar
	surfaces created from PS and PDF surfaces; it's not reliable.

	* xs/CairoSurface.xs: Cosmetical changes.

2006-09-04	tsch

	*, NEWS, README: Stable release 1.00.

2006-08-27	tsch

	* Makefile.PL: Make EU::MM export our symbols on Win32.

2006-08-20	tsch

	* Revert the last commit which used real enum types
	instead of int; it broke compilation.  Also alter the way unknown
	enum types are dealt with: don't declare and implement stub
	converters, just omit them.  Still declare typemaps for them
	though, to make xsubpp happy.

2006-08-20	tsch

	* Add the infrastructure necessary to support
	protecting the enum related things with #ifdef, if needed.  Also
	use the real enum types for the enum converters, instead of just

2006-08-15	tsch

	*, MANIFEST, NEWS, README: Beta release 0.92.

2006-08-13	tsch

	* CairoSurface.xs (read_func_marshaller): Use POPs, SvPV, and
	sv_len instead of POPpx to avoid problems on perl 5.8.8 reported
	by Joe Smith and Alexey Tourbin.

2006-08-11	tsch

	* examples/ New example that demonstrates how to
	use the PNG stream functions.

	* t/CairoSurface.t: Whitespace fix.

2006-08-11	tsch

	* CairoSurface.xs: Patch from Yaakov S puts version guards around
	a few PDF and PS functions that appeared in 1.2.0.

	* t/CairoSurface.t: Do the same for the corresponding tests.

2006-08-10	tsch

	*, NEWS, README: Beta release 0.91.

2006-08-10	tsch

	* Cairo.xs, CairoFont.xs, CairoPattern.xs, CairoSurface.xs,, Makefile.PL, cairo-perl-private.h, t/Cairo.t,
	t/CairoFont.t, t/CairoPattern.t, t/CairoSurface.t: Make it
	possible to compile and run the bindings against cairo 1.0.x.  Use
	a package lookup table for patterns and surfaces to work around
	the lack of type accessors.  Add version guards around things that
	were introduced in 1.2.0.

	* CairoSurface.xs: Use OUTLIST for

	* CairoPattern.xs, CairoSurface.xs, cairo-perl-private.h: Rename
	cair_perl_set_isa to cairo_perl_set_isa.  Doh!

	* t/CairoSurface.t: Explicitly clear the image surface on cairo
	1.0.x before writing it out since 1.0.x doesn't do it for us.  Use
	lexical surface variables to make sure they get destroyed before
	execution ends which in turn makes sure all tests inside callbacks
	are run before Test::More checks if reality matches the test plan.

2006-07-15	tsch

	*, NEWS, README: Beta release 0.90.

2006-07-15	tsch

	* Update existing, add new documentation.

	* TODO: Update.

2006-07-15	tsch

	* Cairo.xs: Remove Cairo::HAS_XLIB_SURFACE and HAS_FT_FONT.

	*, Cairo.xs, CairoPattern.xs, CairoSurface.xs,
	cairo-perl-private.h: Add cairo_perl_set_isa and use it for
	surfaces and patterns.

	* CairoSurface.xs, Makefile.PL, cairo-perl.h, t/CairoSurface.t:
	Add support for svg surfaces if available.

	* t/CairoSurface.t: Remove TODO block and revert workaround
	related to the weird unknown surface types.  It's been fixed

2006/07/02	tsch

	* Makefile.PL: Require cairo 1.2.0.  Add CAIRO_FORMAT_RGB16_565.

	*, CairoFont.xs: Cosmetical changes.

	* Cairo.xs: Add Cairo::VERSION and Cairo::VERSION_ENCODE.

	* t/CairoSurface.t: Shuffle a few tests around to avoid some
	strange singularities.

2006/06/15	tsch

	*, MANIFEST, NEWS, README: Release 0.04.

2006/06/15	tsch

	* t/CairoSurface.t: Wrap two tests that recently started failing
	in TODO blocks.

2006/06/14	tsch

	* Makefile.PL: Require cairo >= 1.1.8.

	* CairoSurface.xs, t/CairoSurface.t: Wrap and test
	cairo_image_surface_get_data, cairo_image_surface_get_format, and
	cairo_image_surface_get_stride.  Remove the wrappers and tests for
	cairo_pdf_surface_set_dpi and cairo_ps_surface_set_dpi.

	* t/CairoSurface.t: Test Cairo::ImageSurface::get_width and

2006/06/03	tsch

	* Document Cairo::get_group_target, Cairo::new_sub_path,
	Cairo::Pattern::get_type, Cairo::set_scaled_font, Cairo::version,
	and Cairo::version_string.

	* t/Cairo.t, Cairo.xs: Allow Cairo::version[_string] to be called
	as a function and as a class method.

	* CairoPattern.xs, CairoSurface.xs, t/CairoSurface.t, Makefile.PL,
	examples/, examples/png/,
	examples/png/ Whitespace fixes.

	* t/CairoSurface.t, CairoSurface.xs: Wrap

	* Don't add a linebreak to croaks so perl prints
	line information.

	* Makefile.PL: Require cairo 1.1.7.

	* examples/png/README, examples/png/,
	examples/png/, examples/png/,
	examples/png/ New example ports.

2006/05/14	tsch

	* t/CairoSurface.t, CairoSurface.xs: Remove
	Cairo::Surface::finish; it's memory management related and not
	needed, as far as I can tell.  Scream if you used it.

	* t/CairoSurface.t, CairoSurface.xs: Bind and test
	cairo_pdf_surface_create_for_stream, and

	* CairoSurface.xs: Don't leak cairo_surface_create_similar's
	return value.

	* cairo-perl-private.h: Remove CAIRO_PERL_UNUSED.

	* cairo-perl-private.h, Cairo.xs, CairoFont.xs, CairoMatrix.xs,
	CairoPattern.xs: Rename pcairo_copy_matrix to

	* TODO: Update.

2006/05/07	tsch

	* .cvsignore, MANIFEST.SKIP: Update.

	* Update copyright notice.

	* MANIFEST, cairo-perl-private.h: Add a private header file for
	non-public declarations that are used in more than one place.

	* Improve the enum converters to produce more useful
	error messages.

	* Makefile.PL: Incorporate a slightly modified patch from  Christopher
	Oezbek to prompt the user if he wants to install EU::Depends and
	EU::PkgConfig if they can't be found.  Require cairo >= 1.1.6.  Update
	and rearrange enums.

	* cairo-perl.h, Cairo.xs: Move CAIRO_PERL_CALL_BOOT to Cairo.xs.

	* cairo-perl.h, CairoSurface.xs, CairoPattern.xs, Makefile.PL: Use
	cairo_surface_get_type and cairo_pattern_get_type to redo the sub-type
	handling for surfaces and patterns.

	* cairo-perl-private.h, Cairo.xs, CairoMatrix.xs, CairoPattern.xs: Add
	pcairo_copy_matrix and use it all over the place to make matrix handling
	more robust.

	* Cairo.xs, t/Cairo.t: Wrap cairo_version, cairo_version_string,
	cairo_push_group, cairo_push_group_with_content, cairo_pop_group,
	cairo_pop_group_to_source, cairo_new_sub_path, cairo_set_scaled_font,
	and cairo_get_group_target.

	* CairoFont.xs, t/CairoFont.t: Wrap cairo_font_face_get_type,
	cairo_scaled_font_get_type, cairo_scaled_font_text_extents,
	cairo_scaled_font_get_font_face, cairo_scaled_font_get_font_matrix,
	cairo_scaled_font_get_ctm, and cairo_scaled_font_get_font_options.

	* CairoPattern.xs, t/CairoPattern.t: Wrap cairo_pattern_get_type.

	* CairoSurface.xs, t/CairoSurface.t: Wrap
	cairo_surface_get_device_offset, cairo_surface_get_type,
	cairo_pdf_surface_set_size, cairo_ps_surface_set_dpi,
	cairo_ps_surface_set_size, cairo_ps_surface_dsc_comment,
	cairo_ps_surface_dsc_begin_setup, and cairo_ps_surface_dsc_begin_setup.

2006/01/29	tsch

	*, NEWS, README: Release 0.03.

2006/01/29	tsch

	*, CairoPattern.xs, Makefile.PL, cairo-perl.h,
	t/CairoPattern.t: Add Cairo::SolidPattern::create_rgb and

2006/01/28	tsch

	* Add documentation for Cairo::Context, paths, patterns,
	transformations, and text.

2006/01/08	tsch

	* Make DynaLoader export all our symbols.

	* Cairo.xs,, Makefile.PL, cairo-perl.h: Revamp the
	type conversion API.  Instead of implementing everything in the
	typemap, we now have macros like newSVCairoPattern and
	SvCairoPattern.  These get exported, so other modules can make use
	of them.

	* cairo-perl.h: Remove the DBG macro.

	* cairo-perl.typemap: Use T_UV instead of T_IV for cairo_bool_t.

2005/09/01	tsch

	*, MANIFEST, Makefile.PL, NEWS, README: Release 0.02.
	Require cairo 1.0.0.

2005/08/31	tsch

	*, Makefile.PL: Surround our _noinc typedefs for the
	PS and PDF backends with appropriate ifdefs to fix compilation
	when these backends were not installed with cairo.

2005/08/18	tsch

	* Fix incorrect package line that read GStreamer instead
	of Cairo.

2005/08/15	tsch

	*, README: Release 0.01.  Also add stub documentation.

	* MANIFEST.SKIP: Remove CairoEnums.xs.

	* Makefile.PL: Add ABSTRACT_FROM to the WriteMakefile call.

	* TODO: Update to reflect the present situation.

2005/08/10	tsch

	* t/Cairo.t, Cairo.xs: Bind cairo_set_antialias and

	* t/CairoSurface.t, CairoSurface.xs: Bind cairo_surface_flush,
	cairo_surface_mark_dirty, cairo_surface_mark_dirty_rectangle.

	* MANIFEST, META.yml: Remove META.yml; let EU::MakeMaker generate
	it on "make dist".

	* Makefile.PL: Require cairo 0.9.0.  Add our prerequisites to the
	WriteMakefile call so that they appear in the generated META.yml.

2005/07/29	tsch

	* t/Cairo.t, xs/Cairo.xs: Wrap cairo_get_font_options.

	* t/CairoFont.t, xs/CairoFont.xs: Wrap cairo_font_face_status,
	cairo_scaled_font_status, cairo_font_options_*.  Update

	* t/CairoSurface.t, CairoSurface.xs: Wrap cairo_surface_status,

	* Makefile.PL: Wrap the new cairo_font_options_t stuff.

	* Makefile.PL: Require cairo 0.6.0.  Add new and update the old
	enums.  Install all files necessary for other modules to use

	* cairo-perl.typemap: Add a cairo_bool_t typemap.

2005/07/12	tsch

	*, Cairo.xs, t/Cairo.t: Replace the %backends hash with

	*, CairoPattern.xs, CairoSurface.xs, Makefile.PL:
	Implement the pattern and surface hierarchy suggested by the
	language bindings guidelines.

	* Cairo.xs: Use Cairo::Context for the namespace of cairo_t,
	instead of just Cairo, as suggested by the guidelines.

	* Cairo.xs, CairoFont.xs, CairoMatrix.xs, CairoPattern.xs,
	CairoSurface.xs, cairo-perl.h: Add new, remove old API.  Shuffle
	some things around.

	* Cairo.xs: Convert font and text extents and glyphs to and from
	native Perl data structures.

	* Cairo.xs, cairo-perl.h, cairo-perl.typemap: Remove everything
	that cannot be used from Perl, like the XLib and Glitz stuff.

	* CairoPath.xs, t/CairoPath.t: Add support for cairo_path_t,
	including a nice tied interface that lets you iterate over paths
	as if they were normal array references.

	* Extend the typemap generator to support "const"
	and "_noinc" types.  Change the enum handling to use the Glib
	convention, i.e. lowercase and hyphen instead of underscore.

	* Makefile.PL, README: Use ExtUtils::Depends.

	* examples/, examples/png/,
	examples/png/, examples/png/,
	examples/png/, examples/png/,
	examples/png/ Update the examples to make them work again
	after all those API changes.

	* t/Cairo.t, t/CairoFont.t, CairoMatrix.t, CairoPattern.t,
	CairoSurface.t: Redo and/or expand the whole test suite.

2005/02/06 11:18 (-0500) rwmcfa1

	* CairoSurface.xs: fixed a bug in wrapping of cairo_surface_xlib_create
	where the return value wasn't being caught in RETVAL. thank you -Wall -W

	* cairo-perl.h: wrapped new includes (prev log msg) in #ifdef HAS's so
	that we can build on systems where no all backends are supported. XS
	code already supports this.

2005-01-20  Carl Worth  <>

	* cairo-perl.h: Track split-up of cairo.h.

2004/11/28 13:20 (-0500) rwmcfa1

	* Makefile.PL, initial import of MakeHelper, mess of
	code moved out of Makefile.PL into it. beginning of cleaning all that
	up. File::Spec now used.

	* examples/png/*: initial import of port of cairo-demo/png examples,
	except text.

	* META.yml: unknown version


2004/11/11 22:10 (-0500) rwmcfa1

	* t/CairoMatrix.t, t/CairoPattern.t, t/CairoSurface.t: initial import,
	95% complete tests

	* Cairo.xs, CairoMatrix.xs, CairoSurface.xs, CairoPattern.xs: no more
	new's, not really a good idea.

	* CairoFont.xs: all disabled for now

	* CairoMatrix.xs: copy, multiply, and transforms fixed while doing

	* CairoPattern.xs: get_matrix fixed whlie doing tests

	* CairoSurface.xs: cleaned up the namespace problems herein. fixed
	several output funcs.

	* MANIFEST: added TODO and new tests.

	* MANIFEST.SKIP: skip CairoEnums.xs

	* t/Cairo.t: no new test, change Surface stuff due to namespace above

2004/11/10 21:08 (-0500) rwmcfa1

	* TODO: initial import

	*, Cairo.xs: added %backends facility

	* Cario.xs, CairoSurface.xs: stuff moved out of Cairo.xs that belonged

	* Cairo.xs: fixed some OUTLIST stuff (IN_OUTLIST.) cairo_current_matrix

	* CairoPattern.xs: added class param to create_for_surface

	* Makefile.PL: seperated structs out of objects. add refs to object
	typemaps OUTPUT sections. don't return full strings for OUTPUT enum

	* cairo-perl.h: don't need stdio.h

	* t/Cairo.t: test most all of cairo type. 90% done.

2004/11/08 20:44 (-0500) rwmcfa1

	* Cairo.xs, CairoMatrix.xs, CairoPattern.xs, CairoSurface.xs: all of
	the create functions have been cleaned up/fixed. debug prints removed.
	create's alised to new's where appropriate.

	* MANIFEST, MANIFEST.SKIP: ChangeLog added. build and CVS skipped

	* Makefile.PL, cairo-perl.h, Cairo.xs: new (write_)boot code added,
	in progress. use build dir for most of autogen'd stuff
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