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CamlPDF v0.3

Please see the file 'LICENSE' in this directory for terms of use.

To install, see file 'INSTALL' in this directory.

This is CamlPDF, an OCaml library for reading, writing and manipulating Adobe
portable document files. 

Five examples (Pdfhello, Pdfdecomp, Pdfmerge, Pdfdraft, Pdftest) are provided.

Please advise of the following:
  o Files which cannot be read or written, or any other runtime error;
  o Instances of particularly slow or resource-hungry scenarios.

Please be aware that PDF is a highly complex format and that many files are
malformed. We will incorporate support for malformed files if Acrobat reads

John Whitington

New in This Release

o Fully re-entrant
o Native CCITTFaxDecode support (Group 3 1D and Group 4)
o Support for parsing Type 3 fonts
o Many bug fixes

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