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libcdaudio1 - library for controlling a CD-ROM when playing audio CDs…  more info»


Changes in 0.99.12
* Fix a libtool version mismatch that led to incorrect library

Changes in 0.99.11
* Some erratic information and behaviour, introduced in 0.99.10, has
  been fixed.

Changes in 0.99.10
* Some fixes.  Port to the XBox, thanks to Asheesh Laroia.

Changes in 0.99.9
* Minor changes.  Switched to Automake 1.8.

Changes in 0.99.8
* Minor bugfix release.  Switched to Automake 1.6.

Changes in 0.99.7
* Fixed a bug that made libcdaudio log more messages than desired to
  klogd.  Thanks to Matt Kraai.

Changes in 0.99.6
* BeOS support, thanks to Travis Vitek.

Changes in 0.99.5
* The art_data[] member from coverart's struct art_data has changed
  its name: it's now called art_image[].

Changes in 0.99.4
* cddb_mc_* class of functions finished.

Changes in 0.99.3
* Bugs fixed

Changes in 0.99.2
* Internal optimisations

Changes in 0.99.1
* Cover art support is functional

Changes in 0.99.0-pre1.0.0:
* The new final interface is here.  Quite a bit has changed: mainly interface
  problems created through my ignorance
* Cover art support added
* cd_advance() rewinding bug fixed
* cd_poll() added
* cd_playctl() added

Changes in 0.7.1:
* Bugs fixed
* Internal optimizations attempted

Changes in 0.7.0:
* CD Index support added

Changes in 0.6.3:
* Interface changed to support future addition of cover art

Changes in 0.6.2:
* Experimental CDDB submission support added
* Bugs fixed in detecting data tracks
* Bugs with the cd_changer_stat function's formatting fixed

Changes in 0.6.1:
* cddb_read_serverlist now used to obtain the server list
* Library interface modified significantly to use HTTP CDDB servers

Changes in 0.6.0:
* HTTP support added
* Proxy support added

Changes in 0.5.1:
* cddb_generate_new_entry is out, cddb_generate_unknown_entry is in 

Changes in 0.5.0:
* Massive improvements in portability.  libcdaudio should now compile under
  Linux, FreeBSD, OpenBSD, and Solaris, with Digital UNIX and others on the way
* Internal changes.  More refined CDDB interface.  More powerful CDDB functions

Changes in 0.4.6:
* Fixed endtrack bug in cd_play_track_pos, the root of all the CD playing 
* Fixed mount checking for symlinks

Changes in 0.4.5:

* CDDB server list functions added, as well as cddbconfgen, to create cddb.conf
* changer.c added, containing functions for working with CD-ROM changers
* CD volume functions changed to structures to allow for surround sound control

Changes in 0.4.4:

* Makefile now generated with automake/autoconf
* Support for CDDB extended information added (and helpful processors in data.c)
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