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CONFUSE-CONFIG(1)                                  CONFUSE-CONFIG(1)

       confuse-config   -   script  to  get  information  about  the
       installed version of confuse

       confuse-config [--version] [--libs] [--cflags] [LIBRARIES]

       confuse-config is a tool that is used to configure to  deter‐
       mine  the  compiler  and  linker flags that should be used to
       compile and link programs that use confuse.

       Please note that this tool is deprecated in  favour  of  pkg-
       config. This tool could disappear in the next versions.

       confuse-config accepts the following options:

               This argument is currently ignored as confuse as only
               one library.

               Print the currently installed version of  confuse  on
               the standard output.

       --libs  Print  the  linker flags that are necessary to link a
               confuse program.

               Print the compiler flags that are necessary  to  com‐
               pile a confuse program.

       confuse was written by Martin Hedenfalk <>.

                          January 01, 2005         CONFUSE-CONFIG(1)
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