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CORBA::ORBit 0.4.3

CORBA::ORBit is a Perl binding for ORBit. It is based
on code from my earlier module CORBA::MICO, which
was a binding for MICO.


Most things work in this release. You can write clients
and servers using a large fraction of the ORBit
types. Some things don't - WChar and WString types are not 
yet implemented; and the POA implementation is not

The interface-repository interface needs some work. First,
the ORBit interface repository needs to be finished. 

Finally, it would be nice to be able to do same-address-space
communication with a C ORBit interface. To do this 
requires some trickery and rewriting in ORBit so that
you can marshal to a buffer then demarshal in the 
same process.


To compile and run this package, you'll need to have 
ORBit, version 0.5.0 or better installed. (CORBA::ORBit triggers
bug in the support for typecodes in earlier versions
of orbit.) Information about ORBit is available from:

The latest version of ORBit is available from:

RPM's for redhat 6.0 and 6.1 are available from:

You'll also need Graham Barr's Error module - available
from CPAN in the directory:

And a reasonable recent version of Perl. (This has been
tested with perl5.004_04, and perl5.005_03. 
perl5.005_02 had a problem where uncaught exceptions
didn't get properly stringified.)

Once you have ORBit installed, to build this package,
simply type:

  perl Makefile.PL

The package then can be installed by executing the command:

  make install

Trying it Out

Run the Perl server program in the background:

  perl -Mblib server &

And then run the client program:

  perl -Mblib client

You should see output that looks something like:

Using /home/otaylor/work/orbit-perl/blib
Oops. I don't have that much money
    (I need +99083.35 more)
Balance is +916.65
Favorite color is chartreuse
Lottery numbers are 1 2 3 4
Nickname is Grumpy
 ;     	; 
 [ O  O ] 
 l   \ 	l 
  ; -- ;  
Favorite color is now chartreuse
As an any: favorite color is now chartreuse
As an any: nickname is now Grumpy
2 * 1,000,000,000,0000 pennies = 20000000000000 pennies
Withdrawing $100,000
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10
Caught Exception: CORBA::OBJECT_NOT_EXIST ('')
   Non-existent object, delete reference
, while counting with a destroyed counter
Successful completion

Trying the GTK Demo

To use this demo you must have GTK installed on your system
and the Kenneth Albanowski's Gtk module for perl (version 0.5 or
later). Both are available from

Run two copies of the 'tictactoe' program

 perl -Mblib tictactoe &
 perl -Mblib tictactoe &


General information about a mapping of CORBA onto Perl is in
the available in the file 'ORBit/mapping.pod'. This POD 
document can be viewed on the screen using the 'perldoc' program:

  perldoc ORBit/mapping.pod

or converted to a variety of formats, for example:

  pod2html ORBit/mapping.pod > ORBit/mapping.html

They will also be installed as manual pages.

The HTML form can also be found at:


This work is Copyright Owen Taylor, 1998-1999, and licensed
under the terms of the GNU Library General Public License (LGPL)
See the included file LICENSE-LGPL for details.

The contents of the file constsub.c are from the Perl distribution
and licensed accordingly.
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