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Well, in the cr_statement_xxx_parse_functions, memleaks 
occur (the parsing result set in the sac callback is not freed)
when a parsing fails. This is because the unrecoverable error
does not get called when the standalone parsing functions exported
by CRParser are called independently.
I have now to support 2 modes of parsing. Normal and standalone.
In standalone mode, the standalone parsing functions must
call the "unrecoverable_error" sac callback when they fail.

implements the width:20% case. (on going)
	   implement the size wrapping using the rightmost_x field of CRLayEngPriv.

Provide support for font selection. (hard, started, is well underway.)
 First make sure to be able to gather all the font related property
 Then, figure out how to implement a font selector that uses
 pango. (on going)

Go forward in the cascading implementation in cr-sel-eng.c
     test/debug it.
     write test cases to test/debug/validate this kind of stylesheets:
       P {border: thick}
       P {display: block}
        *stylesheets where the same selector is used several times
        *to define different declarations.
     write test cases to test/debug/validate the multi stylesheet support.


Write examples of how to use the SAC api of libcroco and how to
walk the css stylesheet tree.

Finish the design of the instruction set of the selection engine.
	The draft design is in the file 

Write a litte doc about how to use the parser as it is today.
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