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Version 0.9.4
  Environment variable DVDREAD_NOKEYS can be used to turn off reading all key.
  Only export the functions in the public interface.
  New functions DVDDiscID, DVDUDFVolumeInfo and DVDISOVolumeInfo.
  Can optionally link with libdvdcss instead of trying to dlopen it.
  Several data structures now have more fields that where unknown earlier.
  Compilable with Sun's Forte compiler.
  Remove all asserts, now just print an error message and continues.
  Use swap functions in FreeBSD 5.
  Add types, read and print functions for VTS_TMAPT (Time map table).
  Add Multichannel Extension, correct PLT_MAIT (Parental Management) info.
  More Doxygen markup and comments.
  Fix a seg fault and key issue for access to DVDs as a collection of files.
  Build fixes.

Version 0.9.3
  Support for MacOS X/Darwin have been added.
  Ported to use libdvdcss2 (1.2.0 and later).
  Can now use libdvdcss to also decrypt files on a normal filsystem.
  A bit more tolerant of incorrectly mastered DVDs.
  Build robustness fixes from Mark Espie.
  Added some Doxygen markup and comments.

Version 0.9.2
  Add support for BSD/OS. Make sure that the raw device is used on all
  BSD variants for the CSS ioctls to work correctly.  Small bug fix for
  access to mounted DVD via soft-links and a malloc/free mistake.
  Increase an assert level for pgcn numbers in the part of title list.
Version 0.9.1
  Change the way the endian swaps are defined and make sure Solaris x86 works.
  Fix from Juergen Keil for a bug that caused libdvdread to close random fds.
  Update the limit on the number of pgcs in the pgcit to 10000.
  Correct bug in 0.9.0 that made using a DVD located on a normal filsystem

Version 0.9.0
  API breakage, new types to not be influenced by differing off_t types 
  and DVDReadBlocks now returns blocks read not bytes read.
  Changed to use libdvdcss (from VideoLAN).
  Add support for finding the raw devices of a DVD on Solaris.
  FreeBSD fixes from Marc van Woerkom and OpenBSD fixes from Bj�rn Sandell.
  Configure fixes to work better on *BSD and other systems.

Version 0.8.0
  Initial public release.
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