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2011-01-29  Carsten Haitzler (The Rasterman)

	1.0.0 release

2011-01-29  Carsten Haitzler (The Rasterman)

	* Enabled mempool for object allocation
	* Allow shorter pre-render handler for rect objects if they are

2011-01-30  Tom Hacohen (TAsn)

	* It's actually a merge from my local branch upstream so this
	  includes many changes.
	* Fixed cursor/selection handling with BiDi text.
	* Fixed many BiDi issues in both textblock and text objects.
	* Cleaned up textblock and font engine a lot.
	* Added auto-alignment to tetxblock and text objects.
	* Added mixedwrap (word wrap, and if a word is too big cut it) support
	  to textblock.
	* Renamed a lot of stuff.
	* Made textblock faster, mostly by saving item sizes and caching
	  layout items when text doesn't change.
	* Added harfbuzz (ot layouting/shaping and etc) support.
	* Currently you need to set the env var EVAS_USE_OT to '1' in order to
	  use OT support (harfbuzz) that will change soon.
	* More code cleanups will be coming in the future. This shipment is
	  mostly to get code review started (and also make sure I don't have a
	  merging hell later on).

2011-01-31  ChunEon Park

	* Fix lurking free bug in key grabs.

2011-02-01  Carsten Haitzler (The Rasterman)

	* Added WBMP loader thanks to Samsung.

2011-02-01  Tom Hacohen (TAsn)

	* Started using string objects instead of strings in most of the
	  font engine (everywhere except draw). Haven't removed the
	  paramteres yet, but did mark them as UNUSED. Removing them will be
	  part of a future change.
	* Removed run-time OT toggling support, OT is now fast, no need for that.
	* Renamed all of the intl_props->text_props (because it really
	  changed purpose
	* Fixed spliting/merging of text_props to be fast and good, not
	  hacky and complex like before.
	* Added "mirrored mode" to table object.

2011-02-07 Brett Nash (

	* Proxy Objects; Now you can set an image to have a 'source' of
	  another object.  The proxy will display the object as well.  Proxy
	  objects should be mostly complete.
	* Proxy objects should be complete; please report and bugs to me.
	* Partial support for arbitrary clipping.  Final support coming soon
	  (with some other changes).  You can set most objects as a clip on
	  other objects.  This will use the alpha channel of the object as a
	  clip on the object.  This is still buggy.
	* Software support for arbitrary maps.  So you can use any size map
	  (not just 4 points) for maps.  Once again this is a little buggy.

2011-02-02  Carsten Haitzler (The Rasterman)

	* GL engine gets a speculative texture cache to shadow the
	  normal image cache to avoid excess texture uploads when
	  cycling images often. Should improve performance in some

2011-02-12  Carsten Haitzler (The Rasterman)

	* Fix "ridiculous scaling size" bug, where scaling images to
	  sizes like 1 billion pixels high or wide caused evas to try
	  allocate scaletables on the stack and the stack just couldn't
	  handle it. Now it only allocates a table for the visible
	  region which will always be sane, and even has insanity
	  checks now. At worst you'll get an unrendered image if the
	  values are silly and some slowness. No crashes.

2011-02-13  Brett Nash (

	* Fix crash when deleting proxies.  This _technically_ breaks
	  evas engines which realloc engine data when a border is set.
	  Practically no engines do this.  There is a comment there (and
	  if the engine does that border set won't work), in which case
	  a more complex work-around is possible.

2011-02-14  Tom Hacohen (TAsn)

	* Added a newline character mode API to textblock. This lets us set
	  the newline behavior to either normal (i.e only break a line, not
	  a paragraph) to "behave as a PS" mode. Default is the latter.
	  The former is the more correct approach but I guess everything else
	  is in e is not yet ready to use it. These API should help with the
	* A lot of textblock speed improvements and reduced memory footprint.

2011-02-16  Jeonghyun Yun

	* Patch from Jeonghyun Yun <> that
	  improves BMP loader support to handle malformed RLE BMP's that
	  encode more pixels per line than the image actuall has.

2011-02-16  Tom Hacohen (TAsn)

	* Dropped Evas_Encoding and moved to use Eina_unicode_utf8 instead.
	* Started showing the unicode replacement character instead of missing

2011-02-20  Carsten Haitzler (The Rasterman)

	* Fix bug in font string parsing that can result in a crash if a
	  font element is long enough.
	* Fix convert rgba8888 -> a8 bug so it wont crash.

2011-02-21  Carsten Haitzler (The Rasterman)

	* Fixed bug with memory access of old utf8 string when
	  comparing prev and cur state with text obj.

2011-02-22  Tom Hacohen (TAsn)

	* Fixed a bug in textblock cursor position with empty textblocks.

2011-02-22  Carsten Haitzler (The Rasterman)

	* Fixed bug smart calc array where it'd nuke the array when nested
	  process calls happen and leave some objects uncalculated, but
	  removed from the array and marked as needing a calc thus never
	  getting back into the array.

2011-02-27  Vincent Torri

	* Fixed static linking of the bmp, wbmp and tga loaders

2011-03-07  Mike Blumenkrantz

        * Fix segv when trying to set gl viewpoint with NULL ctx

2011-03-08  Carsten Haitzler (The Rasterman)

	* Fix problem with different x vsync api between SGI and EXT flavor
        as they have the same base name, but different prototypes
        * Add evas_object_ref() and evas_object_unref() to defer
        deletion of objects until all references are removed

2011-03-09  Carsten Haitzler (The Rasterman)

	* Fix bug with evas_object_del() calling DEL callback BEFORE
        the HIDE one.

2011-03-10  Sung W. Park

	* Fix bug with yinvert handling of native surfaces.

2011-03-10  Carsten Haitzler (The Rasterman)

	* Fix issue with loading alpha BMP's with "check if all pixel alpha
        are 0 or not and then force alpha off if all are 0". This
        means you can never have a 100% empty/transparent BMP though
        in 32bpp mode.

2011-03-11  Carsten Haitzler (The Rasterman)

	* Add ICO loader to evas (also can load CUR cursor files in theory)

2011-03-14  Carsten Haitzler (The Rasterman)

	* Add "load from memory" API: evas_object_image_memfile_set() by
        popular demand. Can load an image format from a memory address.

2011-03-15  Cedric BAIL

	* Fix issues with clipping and map.

2011-03-18  Jiyoun Park

	* Fix wrong call to free when using mempool for Evas_Object.

2011-03-19  Carsten Haitzler (The Rasterman)

	* Caching and timestamp checker for image files made much more
        pedantic and it checks not just modified timestamp but also
        inode number, size, and on linux, the nanonsecond resolution
        timestamp as well.

2011-03-19  Brett Nash (nash)

	* Proxy: Bypass the clip on smart clipped objects.  This is probably
	what you want if you are using proxies, as it means clips don't cause
	the object to be invisible by the proxy.

2011-03-22  Gustavo Sverzut Barbieri (k-s)

	* Fix build of GL and static modules.
	* Fix ico loader static build.

2011-03-30  Tom Hacohen (TAsn) and Carsten Haitzler (The Rasterman)

	* Added vertical alignment support to textblock.
	  API: evas_object_textblock_valign_set/get

2011-04-04  Sung W. Park

	* Added Evas OpenGL interface to be able to get an OpenGL API for
        rendering to image objects. This is the beginning so not
        totally functional yet.

2011-04-05  Cedric Bail

	* Remove Evas Quartz backend.
	* Remove Evas Cairo backend.
	* Remove Evas Qtopia backend.
	* Remove Evas Xrender backend.

2011-04-06  Carsten Haitzler (The Rasterman)

	* Fix bug in GL engine with someone stealing the GLX context away
        as well as scissor clips when rotated output is not 0 (90, 180, 270).

2011-04-07 Tom Hacohen (TAsn)

	* Textblock: Major speed improvements.
	* Textblock: Only relayout and remake paragraphs that have actually
	  changed. This means we are a lot faster than before, especially with
	  long texts.

2011-04-10 Tom Hacohen (TAsn)

	* Textblock: Fixed a bug in evas_object_textblock_text_markup_prepend
	  that caused it to use the object's cursor instead of the cursor

2011-04-11  Carsten Haitzler (The Rasterman)

	* Feature: Text & Textblock - Add 8 explicit shadow directions for
        text style effects.

2011-04-12 Myoungwoon Roy Kim (roy_kim)

	* Font-engine: Added runtime italic (actually slanting) and
	  emboldening. - Automatically slants/emboldens a font at runtime if
	  italic/bold/crusiva and etc are requested but not found in the

2011-04-14 Tom Hacohen (TAsn)

	* Font-engine: Implemented higher level override API for the bidi
	  functions. This implements clause HL4 of the bidi algorithm.
	  This is very cool actually, it lets us to force-separate paragraphs
	  so each part will get his bidi calculated on it's own. This is very
	  useful for "to" field of email/sms applications where ',' is used to
	  separate different text entities.

2011-04-19 Brett Nash (nash)

	* Filters: So filtering of various flavours.  They work only on images
	  (use a proxy if you want it on other objects).  Documentation inline.
	  Supports a filter object or filter under (the area where the object
	  is filtered).  Various parameters to tweak, and potential for
	  additional filters (but you get to write the shader ;-)

2011-04-24 Thierry el Borgi

	* Add PSD file format support.

2011-04-26  Carsten Haitzler (The Rasterman)

	* Added "generic" image loader that can just execute some command
        to load any given file format and read the RGBA data as stdout
        from the command, or from an intermediate temporary file or
        shared memory segment the executable loader provides. Evas
        doesn't care about the loader beyond it providing output via
        stdout to define image parameters (size, alpha channel and data
        information), and evas will call a specific loader binary
        based on extension name of srouce file. This allows for evas to
        load image data from files where the loader may be prone to
        instability, or require use of libraries that are GPL or
        otherwise undesirable in terms of the result to applications
        using evas. So basically, if you want a GPL loader or have a
        very unstable one, write a loader binary and call it
        evas_image_loader.extension e.g. evas_image_loader.pdf or
        evas_image_loader.xcf or evas_image_loader.xcf.gz etc. etc.

2011-04-28 Shilpaonkar Singh

	* Textblock: Add "password" tag to turn on/off password in the middle
	  of the textblok. Especially useful for implementing "show last char"
	  for password entries.

2011-05-04  Carsten Haitzler (The Rasterman)

	* Improved table layout for homogenous mode to handle not column
        or row multiple sized table better.

2011-05-04  Jiyoun Park

	* OpenGL binary shader ability to cache (save and load back
        later) to avoid re-compiling shaders on every time an app starts and
        uses the GL engine. Faster startup time.

2011-05-04 Tom Hacohen (TAsn)

	* Textblock: Do standard compliant line breaks. In order to achieve
	  that we now statically link against liblinebreak (available in
	  src/static_deps/liblinebreak). It's usage can be disabled using the
	  configure flag: "--disable-liblinebreak"; Disabling it will activate
	  the fallback line breaking methods which are not very correct, but
	  are possibly faster. I haven't noticed any difference between the
	  two speed-wise, but there probably are in some rare cases.

2011-05-06 Cedric Bail

	* Don't try all image loader when user is pointing them on a directory.

2011-05-11  Carsten Haitzler (The Rasterman)

	* Fix problem with Evas engine not calling pre/post swap functions
        in the GL engine when using EGL/OpenGL-ES2
        * Fix SVG loader 2 phase loader having differing scale down code
        for first and 2nd phase. Resulted in crash when loading some SVGs

2011-05-11 Tom Hacohen (TAsn)

	* Textblock: Added evas_textblock_node_format_list_get. This is very
	  useful for edje_entry that uses anchors in the text.

2011-05-12  Carsten Haitzler (The Rasterman)

	* Add smart instance usage count get function for ability to free
        data from memory from a smart class if needed.

2011-05-12 Brian Wang

	* Textblock: fix segfault with evas_textblock_cursor_content_get

2011-05-12  Carsten Haitzler (The Rasterman)

	* Add a smart "Grid" layout object that lays out objects in a regular
        "virtual resolution" grid (eg 100x100) so you can lay them out
        as a "scaled percentage" of the virtual resolution. virtual
        resolution is defineable as is the geometry of each member.

2011-05-18  Sung W. Park

	* Fix some internal stencil and depth requests for OpenGL-ES2
        due to OpenGL-ES limitations.
        * Fix Surface recreation for FBO in Evas GL support.

2011-05-23  Vincent Torri

	* Fix compilation with libjpeg 8 on Windows.

2011-05-24  Cedric Bail

	* Use Eina_File when possible.

2011-05-26  Carsten Haitzler (The Rasterman)

	* Fix Evas table to handle weighting correctly for items and veto
        rows or columns that have any child spanning that column not
        able to expand.
        * Fix Evas table to use actual fractional weights, not just
        boolean expand/not expand from weight value.

2011-05-27  Carsten Haitzler (The Rasterman)

	* Add evas_event_thaw_eval() for conveneince of evaluating in state
        and callbacks of the pointer after a thaw is complete.

2011-05-29  Tom Hacohen (TAsn)

	* Font-engine: Fixed a bug in glyph search causing inconsistent return
	  values. The found fi should always be NULL if there was no fi found.

2011-05-29  Tom Hacohen (TAsn)

	* Font-engine: Conform to the API changes in Harfbuzz 0.6.0

2011-05-29  Raoul Hecky

	* Textblock: Added support for numeric escape codes. e.g "<".

2011-05-29  Vincent Torri

	* Fix compilation when --disable-async-preload is passed to configure.

2011-06-01  Cedric Bail

	* Add +evas_object_image_extension_can_load_get and
	evas_object_image_extension_can_load_fast_get that check if a file
	may be opened by Evas_Object_Image.

2011-06-07  Cedric Bail

	* Use Eina_File for JPEG loader.
	* Add evas_object_image_load_orientation_get and evas_object_image_load_orientation_set,
	that tell if we should honor the orientation information when loading image file.

2011-06-17  Carsten Haitzler (The Rasterman)

	* Allow evas table to re-pack the same object without error and just
        update packing parameters
        * Allow to get packing location of table child

2011-06-28  Tom Hacohen (TAsn)

	* Polygon: Implemented "is_inside".

2011-07-05  Hyoyoung Chang

	* Fix bug where event causes event in callback on same object, but
        with same event counter, so also filter out same event types.

2011-07-06  Carsten Haitzler (The Rasterman)

	* Fix bug in grab counting on object hide while events are frozen

2011-07-07  Cedric Bail

	* Fix infite loop when reinserting object during recalc stage.

2011-07-27  Tom Hacohen (TAsn)

	* Textblock: Closing tags formats is now well-defined for complex
	  For example: <font=Sans font_size=23 color=#FFF> should now be
	  closed with </font> (or, like before, with the generic poper).
	* Textblock: Add support for out-of-order tag openers/closers.
	  Markup sequences like <b><i></b></i> are now legal and work as

2011-07-28  Tom Hacohen (TAsn)

	* Textblock: Added support for quoting format parameters.
	  Formats like: <font='Sans' color='#FFF'> are now legal.
	* Textblock: Added font_weight and font_style formats.
	  These format allow overriding the font style set using:

2011-07-31  Tom Hacohen (TAsn)

	* Textblock: Added font_width.
	  This allows overriding the font width set using:

2011-08-01  Tom Hacohen (TAsn)

	* Textblock: Added lang to markup to set the lang of the text.

2011-08-09  Tom Hacohen (TAsn)

	* Textblock: Added evas_textblock_cursor_range_formats_get which
	returns the formats inside a range.
	* Textblock: Added evas_textblock_cursor_visible_range_get which
	updates the cursors to the ends of the area currently visible on

2011-08-17  Tom Hacohen (TAsn)

	* Callbacks: Added priority support to callbacks.

2011-08-23  Cedric Bail

	* Fix evas_object_image_data_convert.
	* Add YUV 601 input format to evas_object_image_data_convert.

2011-08-29  Cedric Bail

	* Add colorspaces NV12 and MT12 (64 * 32 macro block tiled
	format, see Linux videodev documentation for more information).

2011-10-17  Shilpa Singh

	* Textblock: Added underline=dashed support.
	Tag changes:
	 - dashed is a legal value for underline
	New tags:
	 - underline_dash_color
	 - underline_dash_width
	 - underline_dash_gap

2011-10-21  Carsten Haitzler (The Rasterman)

	* Add function to request what the largest possible image (or texture)
        size is from evas.

2011-10-27  ChunEon Park (Hermet)

	* Add evas_object_freeze_events_set/get to discard the object events.
	they will be useful some cases such as transition.

2011-11-02  Nicolas Aguirre
	* Add gl_cocoa engine

2011-11-16  Carsten Haitzler (The Rasterman)

        * JPEG encode and decode in eet now uses ISLOW (not IFAST) due to
        noticable quality losses in the chase for speed. It will use
        IFAST for quality less than 60 when encoding

2011-11-20  Carsten Haitzler (The Rasterman)

        * TGA loader gets fixed alpha decode - real life tga's have
        proper alpha values. also reduce false positive tga file

2011-11-24  Carsten Haitzler (The Rasterman)

        * Fix repeat event inheritance from parent smart just like
        pass events are inherited. This was inconsistent.

2011-12-02 Carsten Haitzler (The Rasterman)

        1.1.0 release

2011-12-07  Carsten Haitzler (The Rasterman)

        * Fix build if gcc too old - if immintrin.h doesn't exist,
        don't enable SSE3.

2011-12-08  Tom Hacohen (TAsn)

	* Textblock markup: Support self closing format tags, i.e <br/>.
	You should use <br/> and not <br>. The latter still works but it's use
	is discouraged.
	* Textblock: Added evas_textblock_text_markup_to_utf8.
	This lets you convert textblock markup to plain text.
	This converts formats and everything correctly.

2011-12-12  Carsten Haitzler (The Rasterman)

        * Fix rounding error in map clip bounds calculation

2011-12-12  Tom Hacohen (TAsn)

	* Textblock: Added evas_textblock_cursor_word_start/end.
	Those functions let you jump to the start/end of the word under the

2011-12-13  Carsten Haitzler (The Rasterman)

        * Fix grab count negative values if you do weird combinations of
        press and release with multiple fingers or multiple mouse

2011-12-14  Cedric BAIL

	* Use Eina_File when loading bmp, ico, pmaps and wbmp files.
	* Fix potential race condition in wbmp loader code.

2011-12-14  Tom Hacohen (TAsn)

	* Textblock: Made "br" and "tab" default tags for newline and tab.
	* Textblock: Added "b" and "i" as default tags that can be overridden
	by style, and added the infra to support this.
	* Textblock: Added evas_textblock_text_utf8_to_markup

2011-12-16  Carsten Haitzler (The Rasterman)

        * Fix clip bug that shows up in buffer engine
        * Fix SSE3 routines with buggy output - disable
        * Add new api to set and get default event flags.

2011-12-19  Carsten Haitzler (The Rasterman)

        * Add new canvas events called just before and after evas rendering
        starts and stops.

2011-12-21  ChunEon Park (Hermet)

	* Events: repeat events should not be affected by children.
	Fixed to object passes events to the next object in the same layer
	if the repeat_events is enabled.

2011-12-23 Sanghee Park

        * Extend pixman support to allow other operations to use
          pixman when doing software rendering. On x86 this isn't useful
          but on ARMv7 with NEON pixman happens to do better with image
          blending and nearest scale blending.
        * Add tiled rotator for 32bit display as an option.

2011-12-26  Christopher Michael (devilhorns)

        * Add functions to get/set if an object is a 'frame_object'

2011-12-27  Carsten Haitzler (The Rasterman)

        * Add feature to get number of pressed devices (help fix
          ecore-evas bug).

2011-12-28  Carsten Haitzler (The Rasterman)

        * Add recursive name find function - evas_object_name_child_find()

2012-01-01  Carsten Haitzler (The Rasterman)

        * Improve CPU use on nvidia drivers when vsyncing. It was
          actually glXWaitGL() spinning, not glXSwapBuffers(), so this
          points to a bug in the nvidia drivers where the sleep logic
          in glXSwapBuffers() hasn't been transferred to glXWaitGL().
          Avoid use of glXWaitGL() to avoid the nvidia bug.

2012-01-02  Cedric Bail

	* Fix unitialized value when running generic loader without any
	application found to open the file.
	* Use Eina_File when openning XPM file.

2012-01-03  Cedric Bail

	* Use Eina_File for PSD file to.

2012-01-06  Sung W. Park (sung_)

        * Add EvasGL support to software backend using OSMesa.  Requires OSMesa
          library.  Due to caveats in OSMesa, surface config stays with a 
          context rather than with a surface.  So for now, the config of a 
          surface remains with the first context that it binds to.  May need
          to come up with a different solution in the near future.

2012-01-12  Sung W. Park (sung_)

	* Add new api evas_gl_config_new/free() to ensure backward compatibility.
          Previously, the user simply declared a Evas_GL_Config object but this
          can cause issues if new configs are added. Now we have evas allocate it
          for you.

2012-01-16  Raphael Kubo da Costa (rakuco)

	* Add evas_object_smart_callback_del_full() to allow users to
	unregister a specific smart event callback instead of all
	callbacks matching a given type and function pointer.

2012-01-17  Carsten Haitzler (The Rasterman)

        for some very specific behavior needed for accessibility.

2012-01-19  Cedric Bail

	* Add double buffer support to buffer engine.

2012-01-20  Sung W. Park (sung_)

	* Add Direct Rendering to Evas' window optimization for Evas_GL.  This 
          optimization can be significant since it avoids and extra copy from
          an offscreen buffer.  Normally, Evas_GL will render to a render
          target using an FBO. This can be enabled by giving 
          EVAS_GL_OPTIONS_DIRECT hint in the config options_bits. Direct 
          rendering is actually done if the following conditions are met - 
          1) All GL rendering is done in the pixel_getter callback 2) No 
          rotation on the image object 3) Corresponding image 
          object has alpha disabled.

2012-01-23  Tom Hacohen (TAsn)

	* Textblock: Added evas_object_textblock_style_user_push/pop.
	This is used to override the default style set for an evas object.
	For example, this can be used to nicely change the font and size
	in a text editor.

2012-02-23  Carsten Haitzler (The Rasterman)

        * Fix rouding of update regions for image objects when scaled
        (leaves trails without this).

2012-02-23  Cedric Bail

	* Remove Software SDL engine.

2012-02-23  Carsten Haitzler (The Rasterman)

        * Add evas_object_ref_get() to be able to tell if others ref
        an object.

2012-04-03  Gustavo Sverzut Barbieri (k-s)

	* Box layouts: fix handling of weights that have decimal parts,
	they were being handled as "int" where "double" was expected.

2012-04-12  Carsten Haitzler (The Rasterman)

        * Fix gl engine clipping bug when rendering to evas map fbo's
        when gl window buffer is smaller than the fbo. used wrong
        surface size in clipping logic.

2012-04-12  Tom Hacohen (TAsn)

	* Textblock: Fixed compilation with liblinebreak disabled.

2012-04-14  Carsten Haitzler (The Rasterman)

        * Fix color multiplier staying set when rendering map.

2012-04-22  Carsten Haitzler (The Rasterman)

        * Fix shader binary saving to save with dir existing already.

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