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Changes in version 2.0.19-stable (3 May 2012)
 o Refactor event_persist_closure: raise and extract some common logic (bec22b4)
 o If time has jumped so we'd reschedule a periodic event in the past, schedule it for the future instead (dfd808c)
 o If a higher-priority event becomes active, don't continue running events of the current priority. (2bfda40)

 o Fixed potential double-readcb execution with openssl bufferevents. (4e62cd1 Mark Ellzey)

 o Cancel a probe request when the server is freed, and ignore cancelled probe callbacks (94d2336 Greg Hazel)
 o Remove redundant DNS_ERR_CANCEL check, move comment (46b8060 Greg Hazel)
 o When retransmitting a timed-out DNS request, pick a fresh nameserver. (3d9e52a)

 o Fix a typo in the bufferevent documentation (98e9119)
 o Add missing ) to changelog; spotted by rransom (4c7ee6b)
 o Fix the website URL in the readme (f775521)

 o Fix a compilation error with MSVC 2005 due to use of mode_t (336dcae)
 o Configure with gcc older than 2.95 (4a6fd43 Sebastian Hahn)
 o Generate event-config.h with a single sed script (30b6f88 Zack Weinberg)

 o Backport: provide EVENT_LOG_* names, and deprecate _EVENT_LOG_* (d1a03b2)

 o dns-example.c can now take a resolv.conf file on the commandline (6610fa5)
 o Make some evdns.c debug logs more verbose (d873d67)
 o Work-around a stupid gcov-breaking bug in OSX 10.6 (b3887cd)

Changes in version 2.0.18-stable (22 Mar 2012)
BUGFIXES (core):
 o Make uses of open() close-on-exec safe by introducing an internal evutil_open_closeonexec. (d2b5f72 Ross Lagerwall, 03dce42)

BUGFIXES (kqueue):
 o Properly zero the kevent in kq_setup_kevent() (c2c7b39 Sebastian Hahn)

 o Added OPENSSL_LDFLAGS env variable which is appended to SSL checks. (9278196 Mark Ellzey)
 o Changed OPENSSL_LDFLAGS to OPENSSL_LIBADD (2d67b63 Mark Ellzey)
 o Don't do clang version detection when disabling some flags (083296b Sebastian Hahn)

 o Stop crashing in evdns when nameserver probes give a weird error (bec5068)

Changes in version 2.0.17-stable (10 Feb 2012)

BUGFIXES (core):
 o Be absolutely sure to clear pncalls before leaving event_signal_closure (11f36a5)
 o check for sysctl before we use it (358c745 Mike Frysinger)
 o Remove bogus casts of socket to int before calling ev_callback (f032516)
 o Make evconnlistener work around bug in older Linux when getting nmapped (ecfc720)
 o Fix a list corruption bug when using event_reinit() with signals present (6e41cdc)
 o Fix a fd leak in event_reinit() (3f18ad1)
 o Do a memberwise comparison of threading function tables (c94a5f2 Nate R)
 o Use C-style comments in C source files (for compatibility with compilers such as xlc on AIX). (d84d917 Greg Hewgill)
 o Avoid crash when freeing event_iocp and using event_set_mem_functions (19715a6)
 o In the kqueue backend, do not report EBADF as an EV_READ (5d7bfa1 Nicholas Marriott)

BUGFIXES (evbuffer and bufferevents):
 o Fix behavior of evbuffer_peek(buf,-1,NULL,NULL,0) (c986f23 Zack Weinberg)
 o Loop on filtering SSL reads until we are blocked or exhausted. (5b4b812)

BUGFIXES (evhttp):
 o Force strict validation of HTTP version in response. (790f6b3 Catalin Patulea)

BUGFIXES (evdns):
 o evdns: fix a bug in circular-queue implementation (d6094b1)

 o Fix a silly compilation error with the sun compiler (1927776 Colin Watt)
 o Suppress a gcc warning from ignoring fwrite return in http-sample.c (7206e8c)

 o Slightly clarify evbuffer_peek documentation (7bbf6ca)
 o Update copyright notices to 2012 (e49e289)

 o Backport evhttp_connection_get_bufferevent to Libevent 2.0 (da70fa7 Arno Bakker)

 o Fix a race condition in the dns/bufferevent_connect_hostname test. (cba48c7)
 o Add function to check referential integrity of an event_base (27737d5)
 o Check event_base correctness at end of each unit test (3312b02)
 o Workaround in the unit tests for an apparent epoll bug in Linux 3.2 (dab9187)
 o Better workaround for Linux 3.2 edge-triggered epoll bug (9f9e259)

Changes in version 2.0.16-stable (18 Nov 2011)
BUGFIXES (core):
 o More detailed message in case of libevent self-debugging failure. (9e6a4ef Leonid Evdokimov)
 o epoll: close fd on alloc fail at initialization (1aee718 Jamie Iles)
 o Fix compile warning from saying event2/*.h inside a comment (447b0ba)
 o Warn when unable to construct base because of failing make_base_notifiable (4e797f3)
 o Don't try to make notifiable event_base when no threading fns are configured (e787413)

BUGFIXES (evbuffer):
 o unit test for remove_buffer bug (90bd620 Greg Hazel)
 o Fix an evbuffer crash in evbuffer_remove_buffer() (c37069c)

BUGFIXES (bufferevent_openssl):
 o Refactor amount-to-read calculations in buffervent_ssl consider_reading() (a186e73 Mark Ellzey)
 o Move SSL rate-limit enforcement into bytes_to_read() (96c562f)
 o Avoid spinning on OpenSSL reads (2aa036f Mark Ellzey)

 o Empty DNS reply with OK status is another way to say NODATA. (21a08d6 Leonid Evdokimov)

 o Tests for 94fba5b and f72e8f6 (d58c15e Leonid Evdokimov)
 o Test for commit aff6ba1 (f7841bf Leonid Evdokimov)
 o Style and comment tweaks for dns/leak* tests (5e42202)
 o improve test to remove at least one buffer from src (7eb52eb Greg Hazel)

 o Add note about evhttp_send_reply_end to its doxygen (724bfb5)
 o Update copyright dates to 2011. (3c824bd)
 o Fix typo in whatsnew-2.0.txt (674bc6a Mansour Moufid)
 o Improve win32 behavior of dns-sample.c code (a3f320e Gisle Vanem)

Changes in version 2.0.15-stable (12 Oct 2011)
 o DNS: add ttl for negative answers using RFC 2308 idea. (f72e8f6 Leonid Evdokimov)
 o Add DNS_ERR_NODATA error code to handle empty replies. (94fba5b Leonid Evdokimov)

BUFGIXES (bufferevents and evbuffers):
 o Make evbuffer callbacks get the right n_added value after evbuffer_add (1ef1f68 Alex)
 o Prefer mmap to sendfile unless a DRAINS_TO_FD flag is set. Allows add_file to work with SSL. (0ba0af9)

BUGFIXES (event loop):
 o When a signal callback is activated to run multiple times, allow event_base_loopbreak to work even before they all have run. (4e8eb6a)

 o Fix docstring in dns.h (2b6eae5 Leonid Evdokimov)
 o refer to non-deprecated evdns functions in comments (ba5c27d Greg Hazel)

 o le-proxy and regress depend on openssl directly (9ae061a Sergey Avseyev)
 o Use _SOURCES, not _sources, in sample/ (7f82382)
 o Fixed compiler warnings for unchecked read/write calls. (c3b62fd Mark Ellzey)
 o Make write-checking fixes use tt_fail_perror (2b76847)
 o Fix some "value never used" warnings with gcc 4.6.1 (39c0cf7)

Changes in version 2.0.14-stable (31 Aug 2011)
BUGFIXES (bufferevents and evbuffers):
 o Propagate errors on the underlying bufferevent to the user. (4a34394 Joachim Bauch)
 o Ignore OpenSSL deprecation warnings on OS X (5d1b255 Sebastian Hahn)
 o Fix handling of group rate limits under 64 bytes of burst (6d5440e)
 o Solaris sendfile: correctly detect amount of data sent (643922e Michael Herf)
 o Make rate limiting work with common_timeout logic (5b18f13)
 o clear read watermark on underlying bufferevent when creating filtering bev to fix potentially failing fragmented ssl handshakes (54f7e61 Joachim Bauch)

 o IOCP: don't launch reads or writes on an unconnected socket (495c227)
 o Make IOCP rate-limiting group support stricter and less surprising. (a98da7b)
 o Have test-ratelim.c support IOCP (0ff2c5a)
 o Make overlapped reads result in evbuffer callbacks getting invoked (6acfbdd)
 o Correctly terminate IO on an async bufferevent on bufferevent_free (e6af35d)

BUGFIXES (other):
 o Fix evsig_dealloc memory leak with debugging turned on. (9b724b2 Leonid Evdokimov)
 o Fix request_finished memory leak with debugging turned on. (aff6ba1 Leonid Evdokimov)

 o Allow OS-neutral builds for platforms where some versions have arc4random_buf (b442302 Mitchell Livingston)
 o Try to fix 'make distcheck' errors when building out-of-tree (04656ea Dave Hart)
 o Clean up some problems identified by Coverity. (7c11e51 Harlan Stenn)

Changes in version 2.0.13-stable (18 Jul 2011)
 o Avoid race-condition when initializing global locks (b683cae)
 o Fix bug in SSL bufferevents backed by a bev with a write high-watermarks (e050703 Joachim Bauch)
 o Speed up invoke_callbacks on evbuffers when there are no callbacks (f87f568 Mark Ellzey)
 o Avoid a segfault when all methods are disabled or broken (27ce38b)
 o Fix incorrect results from evbuffer_search_eol(EOL_LF) (4461f1a)
 o Add some missing checks for mm_calloc failures (89d5e09)
 o Replace an assertion for event_base_free(NULL) with a check-and-warn (09fe97d)
 o Report kqueue ebadf, epipe, and eperm as EV_READ events (1fd34ab)
 o Check if the `evhttp_new_object' function in `http.c' returns NULL. (446cc7a Mansour Moufid)
 o Use the correct printf args when formatting size_t (3203f88)
 o Complain if the caller tries to change threading cbs after setting them (cb6ecee)

 o Revise the event/evbuffer/bufferevent doxygen for clarity and accuracy (2888fac)
 o Update Doxyfile to produce more useful output (aea0555)

 o Fix up test_evutil_snprintf (caf695a)
 o Fix tinytest invocation from windows shell (57def34 Ed Day)

 o Use AM_CPPFLAGS in sample/, not AM_CFLAGS (4a5c82d)
 o Fix select.c compilation on systems with no NFDBITS (49d1136)
 o Fix a few warnings on OpenBSD (8ee9f9c Nicholas Marriott)
 o Don't break when building tests from git without python installed (b031adf)
 o Don't install when --disable-libevent-install is used (e23cda3 Harlan Stenn)
 o Fix AIX build issue with TAILQ_FOREACH definition (e934096)

Changes in version 2.0.12-stable (4 Jun 2011)
 o Fix a warn-and-fail bug in kqueue by providing kevent() room to report errors (28317a0)
 o Fix an assert-inducing fencepost bug in the select backend (d90149d)
 o Fix failing http assertion introducd in commit 0d6622e (0848814 Kevin Ko)
 o Fix a bug that prevented us from configuring IPv6 nameservers. (74760f1)
 o Prevent size_t overflow in evhttp_htmlescape. (06c51cd Mansour Moufid)
 o Added several checks for under/overflow conditions in evhttp_handle_chunked_read (a279272 Mark Ellzey)
 o Added overflow checks in evhttp_read_body and evhttp_get_body (84560fc Mark Ellzey)

 o Add missing words to EVLOOP_NONBLOCK documentation (9556a7d)

 o libssl depends on libcrypto, not the other way around. (274dd03 Peter Rosin)
 o Libtool brings in the dependencies of automatically (7b819f2 Peter Rosin)
 o Use OPENSSL_LIBS in (292092e Sebastian Hahn)
 o Move the win32 detection in (ceb03b9 Sebastian Hahn)
 o Correctly detect openssl on windows (6619385 Sebastian Hahn)
 o Fix a compile warning with zlib 1.2.4 and 1.2.5 (5786b91 Sebastian Hahn)
 o Fix compilation with GCC 2, which had no __builtin_expect (09d39a1 Dave Hart)
 o Fix new warnings from GCC 4.6 (06a714f)
 o Link with -lshell32 and -ladvapi32 on Win32. (86090ee Peter Rosin)
 o Make the tests build when OpenSSL is not available. (07c41be Peter Rosin)
 o Bring in the compile script from automake, if needed. (f3c7a4c Peter Rosin)
 o MSVC does not provide S_ISDIR, so provide it manually. (70be7d1 Peter Rosin)
 o unistd.h and sys/time.h might not exist. (fe93022 Peter Rosin)
 o Make sure TINYTEST_LOCAL is defined when building tinytest.c (8fa030c Peter Rosin)
 o Fix winsock2.h #include issues with MSVC (3d768dc Peter Rosin)
 o Use evutil_gettimeofday instead of relying on the system gettimeofday. (0de87fe Peter Rosin)
 o Always use evutil_snprintf, even if OS provides it (d1b2d11 Sebastian Hahn)
 o InitializeCriticalSectionAndSpinCount requires _WIN32_WINNT >= 0x0403. (816115a Peter Rosin)
 o cygwin: make it possible to build DLLs (d54d3fc)

Changes in version 2.0.11-stable (27 Apr 2011)
  [Autogenerated from the Git log, sorted and cleaned by hand.]
 o Fix evport handling of POLLHUP and POLLERR (b42ce4b)
 o Fix compilation on Windows with NDEBUG (cb8059d)
 o Check for POLLERR, POLLHUP and POLLNVAL for Solaris event ports (0144886 Trond Norbye)
 o Detect and handle more allocation failures. (666b096 Jardel Weyrich)
 o Use event_err() only if the failure is truly unrecoverable. (3f8d22a Jardel Weyrich)
 o Handle resize failures in the select backend better. (83e805a)
 o Correctly free selectop fields when select_resize fails in select_init (0c0ec0b)
 o Make --enable-gcc-warnings a no-op if not using gcc (3267703)
 o Fix a type error in our (unused) arc4random_stir() (f736198)
 o Correctly detect and stop non-chunked http requests when the body is too long (63a715e)
 o Have event_base_gettimeofday_cached() always return wall-clock time (a459ef7)
 o Workaround for http crash bug 3078187 (5dc5662 Tomash Brechko)
 o Fix incorrect assertions and possible use-after-free in evrpc_free() (4b8f02f Christophe Fillot)
 o Reset outgoing http connection when read data in idle state. (272823f Tomash Brechko)
 o Fix subtle recursion in evhttp_connection_cb_cleanup(). (218cf19 Tomash Brechko)
 o Fix the case when failed evhttp_make_request() leaved request in the queue. (0d6622e Tomash Brechko)
 o Fix a crash bug in evdns server circular list code (00e91b3)
 o Handle calloc failure in evdns. (Found by Dave Hart) (364291e)
 o Fix a memory leak on win32 socket->event map. (b4f89f0)
 o Add a forgotten NULL check to evhttp_parse_headers (12311ff Sebastian Hahn)
 o Fix possible NULL-deref in evdns_cancel_request (5208544 Sebastian Hahn)

 o Fall back to sscanf if we have no other way to implement strtoll (453317b)
 o Build correctly on platforms without sockaddr_storage (9184563)
 o Try to build correctly on platforms with no IPv6 support (713c254)
 o Build on systems without AI_PASSIVE (cb92113)
 o Fix http unit test on non-windows platforms without getaddrinfo (6092f12)
 o Do not check for gethostbyname_r versions if we have getaddrinfo (c1260b0)
 o Include arpa/inet.h as needed on HPUX (10c834c Harlan Stenn)
 o Include util-internal.h as needed to build on platforms with no sockaddr_storage (bbf5515 Harlan Stenn)
 o Check for getservbyname even if not on win32. (af08a94 Harlan Stenn)
 o Add -D_OSF_SOURCE to fix hpux builds (0b33479 Harlan Stenn)
 o Check for allocation failures in apply_socktype_protocol_hack (637d17a)
 o Fix the check for multicast or broadcast addresses in evutil_check_interfaces (1a21d7b)
 o Avoid a free(NULL) if out-of-memory in evdns_getaddrinfo. Found by Dave Hart (3417f68)

 o Add compile-time check for AF_UNSPEC==PF_UNSPEC (3c8f4e7)

 o Fix output on solaris (b4f89b6 Dave Hart)
 o Make test-eof fail with a timeout if we never get an eof. (05a2c22 Harlan Stenn)
 o Use %s with printf in (039b9bd)
 o Add an assert to appease clang's static analyzer (b0ff7eb Sebastian Hahn)
 o Add a forgotten return value check in the unit tests (3819b62 Sebastian Hahn)
 o Actually send NULL request in http_bad_request_test (b693c32 Sebastian Hahn)
 o add some (void) casts for unused variables (65707d7 Sebastian Hahn)
 o Refactor test_getaddrinfo_async_cancel_stress() (48c44a6 Sebastian Hahn)
 o Be nice and "handle" error return values in sample code (4bac793 Sebastian Hahn)
 o Check return value of evbuffer_add_cb in tests (93a1abb Sebastian Hahn)
 o Remote some dead code from dns-example.c (744c745 Sebastian Hahn)
 o Zero a struct sockaddr_in before using it (646f9fe Sebastian Hahn)

 o Fix warnings about AC_LANG_PROGRAM usage (f663112 Sebastian Hahn)
 o Skip check for zlib if we have no zlib.h (a317c06 Harlan Stenn)
 o Fix autoconf bracket issues; make check for getaddrinfo include netdb.h (833e5e9 Harlan Stenn)
 o Correct an AM_CFLAGS to an AM_CPPFLAGS in test/ (9c469db Dave Hart)
 o Fix make distcheck & installation of libevent 1 headers (b5a1f9f Dave Hart)
 o Fix compilation under LLVM/clang with --enable-gcc-warnings (ad9ff58 Sebastian Hahn)

 o Make URI parser able to tolerate nonconformant URIs. (95060b5)

 o Clarify event_set_mem_functions doc (926f816)
 o Correct evhttp_del_accept_socket documentation on whether socket is closed (f665924)
 o fix spelling mistake in whatsnew-2.0.txt (deb2f73)
 o Fix sample/http-server ipv6 fixes (eb692be)
 o Comment internal headers used in sample code. (4eb281c)
 o Be explicit about how long event loops run in event.h documentation (f95bafb)
 o Add comment to to explain gc-sections test logic (c621359)
 o Fix a couple of memory leaks in samples/http-server.c. Found by Dave Hart. (2e9f665)

 o Use the gcc -ffunction-segments feature to allow gc when linking with static libevent (0965c56 Dave Hart)
 o Add configure options to disable installation, regression tests (49e9bb7 Dave Hart)

Changes in version 2.0.10-stable (16 Dec 2010)
  [Autogenerated from the Git log, sorted and cleaned by hand.]
 o Minor fix for IOCP shutdown handling fix (2599b2d Kelly Brock)
 o Correctly notify the main thread when activating an event from a subthread (5beeec9)
 o Reject overlong http requests early when Expect:100-continue is set (d23839f Constantine Verutin)
 o EVUTIL_ASSERT: Use sizeof() to avoid "unused variable" warnings with -DNDEBUG. (b63ab17 Evan Jones)

 o bufferevent-internal.h: Use the new event2/util.h header, not evutil.h (ef5e65a Evan Jones)
 o Use relative includes instead of system includes consistently. (fbe64f2 Evan Jones)
 o Make whitespace more consistent

 o tests: Use new event2 headers instead of old compatibility headers. (4f33209 Evan Jones)

 o Document that the cpu_hint is only used on Windows with IOCP for now (57689c4)
 o Add stuff to "whats new in 2.0" based on reading include changes since August. (18adc3f)

Changes in 2.0.9-rc (30 Nov 2010):
  [Autogenerated from the Git log, sorted and cleaned by hand.]
 o Add a function to change a listener's callback. (46ee061)
 o Make evbuffer_add_file take ev_off_t, not off_t (ac7e52d)
 o Make rate-limits go up to SIZE_MAX/EV_SSIZE_MAX, not just INT32_MAX (2cbb1a1)
 o Add a bufferevent_get_base function (aab49b6)

 o Disable changelist for epoll by default because of Linux dup() bug; add an option and/or an envvar to reenable it for speed. (9531763)
 o Fix a 100%-CPU bug where an SSL connection would sometimes never stop trying to write (1213d3d)
 o Fix a nasty bug related to use of dup() with epoll on Linux (c281aba)
 o Fix bugs in posix thread-id calculation when sizeof(pthread_t) != sizeof(long) (fbaf077)
 o Fix some ints to evutil_socket_t; make tests pass on win64. (f817bfa Dimitre Piskyulev)
 o Set _EVENT_SIZEOF_VOID_P correctly on win32 and win64 (1ae82cd Dimitre Piskyulev)
 o Avoid double-invocation of user callback with EVUTIL_EAI_CANCEL (abf01ed)
 o Set SO_UPDATE_ACCEPT_CONTEXT on sockets from AcceptEx so that shutdown() can work (52aa419)
 o When closing a filtering bufferevent, clear callbacks on the underlying bufferevent (fc7b1b0)

 o Add evhttp_parse_query_str to be used with evhttp_uri_parse. (2075fbc)
 o Add evhttp_response_code to remove one more reason to include http_struct.h (22e0a9b)
 o Define enumerators for all HTTP methods, including PATCH from RFC5789 (75a7341 Felix Nawothnig)
 o Functions to actually use evhttp_bound_socket with/as evconnlistener. (006efa7)
 o Add evhttp_request_get_command so code can tell GET from POST without peeking at the struct. (49f4bf7)
 o Introduce absolute URI parsing helpers. (86dd720 Pavel Plesov)
 o Revise evhttp_uri_parse implementation to handle more of RFC3986 (eaa5f1d)
 o Add evhttp_connection_get_base() to get the event_base from an http connection (cd00079)
 o Let evhttp_parse_query return -1 on failure (b1756d0)
 o New evhttp_uri(encode|decode) functions to handle + and NUL characters right (a8148ce)
 o Add evhttp_response_code to remove one more reason to include http_struct.h (22e0a9b)
 o Tweak interface for allowed methods (f5b391e)
 o Add evhttp server alias interface, correct flagging of proxy requests. (aab8c38 Christopher Davis)

 o Add some comments to http.c and make a few functions static. (90b3ed5)
 o Fix Content-Length when trying send more than 100GB of data (!) on an evhttp. (525da3e)
 o Fix a bug where we would read too much data in HTTP bodies or requests. (58a1cc6)
 o Correctly count req->body_size on http usage without Content-Length (8e342e5)
 o Avoid missed-request bug when entire http request arrives before data is flushed (74c0e86)
 o reset "chunked" flag when sending non-chunked reply (aa5f55f Joachim Bauch)
 o evhttp_encode_uri encodes all reserved characters, including !$'()*+,/:=@ (2e63a60)
 o Replace exact-version checks for HTTP/1.1 with >= or < checks (647e094)
 o evhttp: Return 501 when we get an unrecognized method, not 400. (536311a)
 o Don't disable reading from the HTTP connection after sending the request to be notified of connection-close in time (c76640b Felix Nawothnig)
 o Never call evhttp_readcb while writing. (0512487)
 o Try to fix an assertion failure related to close detection (0faaa39)
 o Correctly detect timeouts during http connects (04861d5)
 o Preliminary support for Continue expectation in evhttp. (fa9305f Christopher Davis)

 o Correct logic for realigning a chain in evbuffer_add (e4f34e8)
 o Fix a minor syntax error that most compilers didn't care about (e56ff65)
 o Fix some uses of int for socket in regress (5d389dc)
 o Check return value for ioctlsocket on win32 (f5ad31c Trond Norbye)
 o Fix som event_warns that should have been event_warnx (19c71e7)
 o Fix signal handler types for win64. (b81217f)
 o Try to clear up more size_t vs int/long issues. (598d133)
 o Make sure IOCP evconnlistener uses virtual events. (7b40a00 Christopher Davis)
 o Don't free evdns_request handles until after the callback is invoked (9ed30de)
 o Fix some more cancel-related bugs in getaddrinfo_async (c7cfbcf)
 o Make evdns_getaddrinfo_cancel threadsafe (d51b2fc)
 o Only clear underlying callbacks when the user hasn't reset them. (1ac5b23)
 o Fix bug in bufferevent_connect on an openssl bufferevent that already had an fd (4f228a1)
 o Resolve an evport bug in the thread/forking test (3a67d0b)
 o Make sure the CLOEXEC flag is set on fds we open for base notification (3ab578f)
 o Fix IRIX build.  sa_family collides with a #define in sys/socket.h on IRIX. (e874982 Kevin Bowling)
 o If not WIN32, include <sys/socket.h> in event2/util.h. (1cd45e5 Kevin Bowling)
 o Fix some C99-style comments to work with the xlC compiler. (c2e5e22 Kevin Bowling)
 o Add some checks since lack of TAILQ_FOREACH doesn't imply lack of FIRST, END, NEXT, or INSERT_BEFORE.  Quiet some warnings in XL C. (c4dc335 Kevin Bowling)
 o Reworked AIX __ss_family workaround to use AC_STRUCT_MEMBER. (2e2a3d7 Kevin Bowling)
 o Take select from <sys/select.h> when testing in autoconf.  AIX build fix. (a3a9f6b Kevin Bowling)
 o Fix snprintf related failures on IRIX. (3239073 Kevin Bowling)
 o Remove _event_initialized(); make event_initialized() a function(); make it consistent on windows and non-windows (652024b)
 o Do not let EVLOOP_ONCE exit the loop until all deferred callbacks have run (2d5e1bd)
 o Make EVLOOP_ONCE ignore internal events (0617a81)
 o Possible crash fix when freeing an underlying bufferevent of an openssl bufferevent (29f7623)

 o Stop using Libevent-1 headers in regress_http (1f507d7)
 o Modernize header usage in bench_http.c (e587069)
 o fix signed/unsigned warnings in http.c (74a91e5)
 o Update the HTTP regression tests to use Libevent2 apis for non-http stuff (d9ffa89)
 o Start porting http tests to not use legacy interfaces (8505a74)
 o Convert the rest of the http tests to be non-legacy unit tests. (9bb8239)
 o Rename the confusing "base" static variable in regress_http.c (353402a)
 o Stop accessing http request struct directly from in the unit tests. (0b137f4)
 o Refactor http version parsing into a single function (a38140b)

 o Improvements to tinytest_macros.h (ad923a1)
 o Add a huge pile of tests for the new URI functions, and make them pass. (a5a76e6)
 o Unit tests for evhttp_uri_set* (bc98f5e)
 o Increase the skew tolerance to 2 seconds in thread/deferred_cb_skew (f806476 Christopher Davis)
 o Reorder backends in to match preference order in event.c (ece974f)
 o Add a stress test for getaddrinfo_cancel (da1bf52)
 o Units test for unexpected evhttp methods. (75e3320)

 o Document behavior of URI parsing more thoroughly. (3a33462)
 o Document that two bufferevent functions only work on socket bufferevents (70e1b60)
 o add a requested docstring for event_rpcgen.CommandLine.__init__ (f1250eb)
 o Fix a mistake in http documentation found by Julien Blache (229714d)
 o Add a basic example of how to write a static HTTP server. (4e794d5)
 o Document event_get_assignment (88be27d)
 o Note that reentrant calls to libevent from logging cbs may fail badly (e431bcd)
 o Clarify EVLOOP_* documentation to be more precise. (057a514)

 o Simplify the logic for choosing EPOLL_CTL_ADD vs EPOLL_CTL_MOD (2c66983)
 o Rename "size" variables in win32select that were really fd counts. (b6a158c)
 o Fix even more win64 warnings (7484df6)
 o Fix even more win64 warnings: buffer, event_tagging, http, evdns, evrpc (545a611)
 o Fix more wn64 warnings. (34b84b9 Christopher Davis)
 o Use the label_len local variable in evdns instead of recalculating it over and over (ba01456)
 o Fix some irix compilation warnings spotted by Kevin Bowling (7bcace2)

Changes in 2.0.8-rc (14 Oct 2010):
 [Autogenerated from the Git log, sorted and cleaned by hand.]
 o Add error callback to evconnlistener (c4be8d8 Simon Perreault)
 o Add a LEV_OPT_THREADSAFE option for threadsafe evconnlisteners (127d4f2)

 o Correct logic on disabling underlying bufferevents when disabling a filter (ac27eb8)

 o Obey enabled status when unsuspending (040a019 Simon Perreault)
 o Warn when using the error-prone EV_SIGNAL interface in an error-prone way.  Also, fix a couple of race conditions in signal.c (720bd93)
 O Make default signal backend fully threadsafe (95a7d41)
 o Put internal events at highest priority (90651b3)
 o Fix warnings in the main codebase flagged by -Wsigned-compare (9c8db0, 5e4bafb, 5c214a, 6be589a, e06f514)
 o Fix compile in kqueue.c (b395392 Sebastian Hahn)
 o Do not search outside of the system directory for windows DLLs (d49b5e3)
 o Fix a spurious-call bug on epoll.c (0faaee0)
 o Send a shutdown(SHUT_WR) before closing an http connection (e0fd870 Christopher Davis)
 o Fix warnings on mingw with gcc 4.5 (5b7a370)
 o Fix an EINVAL on evbuffer_write_iovec on OpenSolaris. (fdc640b)
 o Fix allocation error for IOCP listeners. Probably harmless, since struct event is big (481ef92)
 o Make iocp/listener/error work; don't accept again if lev is disabled. (62b429a Christopher Davis)
 o Handle rate-limiting for reading on OpenSSL bufferevents correctly. (819b171)
 o Fix serious bugs in per-bufferevent rate-limiting code (34d64f8)
 o Avoid spurious reads from just-created open openssl bufferevents (223ee40)
 o Fix a case where an ssl bufferevent with CLOSE_ON_FREE didn't close its fd (93bb7d8)
 o The corrected bufferevent filter semantics let us fix our openssl tests (34331e4)

 o Make SSL tests cover enabling/disabling EV_READ. (a5ce9ad)
 o Bump to the latest version of tinytest (f0bd83e)
 o Unit tests for listener error callbacks (045eef4)
 o New unit test for ssl bufferevents starting with connected SSLs. (02f6259)

 o Make debugging output for epoll backend more comprehensive (ec2b05e)
 o Make event.c debugging messages report fds (e119899)
 o Make the --enable-gcc-warnings option include signed comparison warnings (d3b096c)

 o Remove the now-useless evsig_caught and evsig_process (4858b79)
 o Remove event_base.evsigbase; nothing used it. (38d0960)

Changes in 2.0.7-rc (9 Sep 2010):
 [Autogenerated from the Git log, sorted and cleaned by hand.]
 o Expose a evdns_base_nameserver_sockaddr_add() function to add a nameserver by sockaddr (1952143)
 o Add event_config_set_num_cpus_hint() for tuning win32 IOCP thread pools, etc. (2447fe8 Christopher Davis)

 o Fix a nasty dangling-event bug when using rate-limiting groups (0bffe43)
 o Clean up syntax on TAILQ_ENTRY() usage to build correctly with recent MSVC (60433a0 Gilad Benjamini)
 o Make definition of WIN32_LEAN_AND_MEAN in event.h conditional (3920172 Gilad Benjamini)
 o Correctly detect failure to delete bufferevent read-timeout event (da6e7cd)
 o Set close-on-exec bit for filedescriptors created by dns subsystem (d0b8843)
 o Fix kqueue correctness test on x84_64 (6123d12)
 o Detect events with no ev_base; warn instead of crashing (f1074b7)
 o Fix an issue with forking and signal socketpairs in select/poll backends (d61b2f3)
 o Stop using global arrays to implement the EVUTIL_ctype functions (1fdec20)
 o On windows, make lock/thread function tables static (5de2bcb)
 o Close th_notify_fds and open a new pair on reinit (495ed66)
 o Declare signal handler function as "__cdecl" on Windows (f0056d0)
 o Use the _func() replacements for open, fstat, etc in evutil.c on win32 (e50c0fc)
 o Only process up to MAX_DEFERRED deferred_cbs at a time (17a14f1 Christopher Davis)

 o Avoid deadlock when activating signals (970e6ad)
 o Add a condition variable backend, with implementations for pthreads and win32 (d4977b5)
 o Use conditions instead of current_event_lock to fix a deadlock (e0972c2)
 o Fix logic error in win32 TRY_LOCK that caused problems with rate-limiting (4c32b9d)
 o Avoid needlessly calling evthread_notify_base() when the loop is not running (c7a06bf)
 o Minimize calls to base_notify implementation functions, thereby avoiding needless syscalls (4632b78)

 o IOCP-related evbuffer fixes (03afa20 Christopher Davis)
 o Stop IOCP when freeing the event_base (d844242 Christopher Davis)
 o Some IOCP bufferevent tweaks (76f7e7a Christopher Davis)

 o Make the regress_pthread.c tests work on windows with current test APIs (d74ae38)
 o Add a unit test for conditions (5fb1095)
 o Allow more than one copy of regression tests to run at once (a97320a)
 o Fix event_del(0) instance in bench.c (b0f284c Shuo Chen)
 o Fix a few memory leaks in the tests (1115366)
 o IOCP-related unit test tweaks (499452f Christopher Davis)
 o Improve testing of when thread-notification occurs (ce85280)

 o Add pkgconfig files for libevent_{openssl,pthreads} (ebcb1f0)
 o Change include order in Makefile.nmake (4022b28)
 o Make include/event2/event-config.h not included in source dist (a4af9be)
 o Honor NDEBUG; build without warnings with NDEBUG; make NDEBUG always-off in unit test code (743f866)
 o Declare evkeyvalq and event_list even if event_struct.h comes before sys/queue.h (d3ceca8)
 o Move evkeyvalq into a separate header for evhttp_parse_query users (ca9048f)
 o Prefer autoreconf -ivf to manual (7ea8e89)

 o Completely remove the (mostly-removed) obsolete thread functions (3808168)
 o Rename regress_pthread.c to regress_thread.c (041989f)
 o Make defer-internal.h use lock macros, not direct calls to lock fns (5218d2a)

 o Document that DNS_NO_SEARCH is an obsolete alias for DNS_QUERY_NO_SEARCH (33200e7)
 o Update the whatsnew-2.0.txt document (4991669)

Changes in 2.0.6-rc (6 Aug 2010):
 [Autogenerated from the Git log, sorted by hand.]
 o Document a change in the semantics of event_get_struct_event_size() (e21f5d1)
 o Add a comment to describe our plan for library versioning (9659ece)
 o Fix sentence fragment in docs for event_get_struct_event_size() (7b259b6)

 o Remove the obsolete evthread interfaces (c5bab56)
 o Let evhttp_send_error infer the right error reasons (3990669)
 o Add a function to retrieve the other side of a bufferevent pair (17a8e2d)
 o Add bufferevent_lock()/bufferevent_unlock() (215e629)
 o Stop asserting when asked for a (unsupported) TCP dns port. Just return NULL. (7e87a59)
 o Replace (unused,always 0) is_tcp argument to evdns_add_server_port*() with flags (e1c1167)
 o Constify a couple of arguments to evdns_server_request_add_*_reply (cc2379d)
 o Add an interface to expose min_share in ratelimiting groups (6ae53d6)

 o Avoid event_del on uninitialized event in event_base_free (6d19510)
 o Add some missing includes to fix Linux build again (75701e8)
 o Avoid close of uninitialized socket in evbuffer unit test (bda21e7)
 o Correctly recognize .255 addresses as link-local when looking for interfaces (8c3452b)
 o If no evdns request can be launched, return NULL, not a handle (b14f151)
 o Use generic win32 interfaces, not ASCII-only ones, where possible. (899b0a3)
 o Fix the default HTTP error template (06bd056 Felix Nawothnig)
 o Close the file in evutil_read_file whether there's an error or not. (0798dd1 Pierre Phaneuf)
 o Fix possible nullptr dereference in evhttp_send_reply_end() (29b2e23 Felix Nawothnig)
 o never let bufferevent_rlim functions return negative (0859870)
 o Make sample/hello_world work on windows (d89fdba)
 o Fix a deadlock related to event-base notification.  Diagnosed by Zhou Li, Avi Bab, and Scott Lamb. (17522d2)
 o Possible fix to 100% cpu usage with epoll and openssl (cf249e7 Mike Smellie)
 o Don't race when calling event_active/event_add on a running signal event (fc5e0a2)
 o Suppress a spurious EPERM warning in epoll.c (e73cbde)
 o Fix wrong size calculation of iovec buffers when exact=1 (65abdc2 niks)
 o Change bufferevent_openssl::do_write so it doesn't call SSL_write with a 0 length buffer (c991317 Mike Smellie)
 o Fixed compilation of sample/le-proxy.c on win32 (13b912e Trond Norbye)
 o Fix rate-limit calculation on openssl bufferevents. (009f300)
 o Remember to initialize timeout events for bufferevent_async (de1f5d6 Christopher Davis)

 o Test the unlocked-deferred callback case of bufferevents (dfb75ab)
 o Remove the now-unusable EVTHREAD_LOCK/UNLOCK constants (fdfc3fc)
 o Use -Wlogical-op on gcc 4.5 or higher (d14bb92)
 o Add the libtool-generated /m4/* stuff to .gitignore (c21c663)
 o Remove some automake-generated files from version control. (9b14911)
 o Have pass --force-missing to automake (8a44062)
 o Set library version for libevent_pthreads correctly (b2d7440)
 o Really only add to LIBADD on mingw (1425003 Sebastian Hahn)
 o Build more cleanly with NetBSDs that dislike toupper(char) (42a8c71)
 o Fix unit tests with -DUSE_DEBUG enabled (28f31a4)
 o Fix evdns build with -DUNICODE (5fa30d2)
 o Move event-config.h to include/event2 (ec347b9)

 o Add options to test-ratelim.c to check its results (2b44dcc)
 o Make test-ratelim clean up after itself better. (b5bfc44)
 o Remove the now-obsolete setup_test() and cleanup_test() functions (e73f1d7)
 o Remove all non-error prints from test/regress.c (8bc1e3d)
 o Make exit with nonzero status if tests fail (faf2a04)
 o Have the unit tests report errors from (3689bd2)
 o Fix logic in correcting high values from FIONREAD (3467f2f)
 o Add test for behavior on remote socket close (44d57ee)
 o Unit test for event_get_struct_event_size() (7510aac)
 o Make test/ call test-changelist (7c92691)
 o Fix badly-behaved subtest of dns/bufferevent_connect_hostname (840a72f Joachim Bauch)
 o Add option to test-ratelim to test min_share (42f6b62)
 o Fix an assertion bug in test-ratelim (b2c6202)
 o Make tests quieter on local dns resolver failure (e996b3d)
 o Increase the tolerance in our unit tests for sloppy clocks. (170ffd2)
 o Use AF_INET socketpair to test sendfile on Solaris (9b60209)
 o Make test-changelist count cpu usage right on win32 (ea1ea3d)

 o Mark the event_err() functions as __attribute__((noreturn)) (33bbbed)
 o Do not check that event_base is set in EVBASE_ACQUIRE_LOCK (218a3c3)
 o Replace (safe) use of strcpy with memcpy to appease OpenBSD (caca2f4)
 o Remove some dead assignments (47c5dfb)
 o Fix a pedantic gcc 4.4 warning in event2/event.h (276e7ee)
 o Drain th_notify_fd[0] more bytes at a time. (a5bc15b)
 o Tidy up the code in evthread_make_base_notifiable a little (61e1eee)
 o Pass flags to fcntl(F_SETFL) and fcntl(F_SETFD) as int, not long (7c2dea1)
 o Remove unused variables in test/test-changelist.c (b00d4c0)
 o Fix whitespace. (cb927a5)
 o Improve error message for failed epoll to make debugging easier. (9e725f7)
 o Turn our socketpair() replacement into its own function (57b30cd)

Changes in 2.0.5-beta (10 May 2010):
 [Autogenerated from the Git log, sorted by hand.]
 o Update all our copyright notices to say "2010" (17efc1c)
 o Add Christopher Clark and Maxim Yegorushkin to the LICENSE file (38b7b57)
 o Clarify Christopher Clark's status as writer of original ht code. (78772c3)
 o Try to comment some of the event code more (cdd4c49)
 o Add a few more evmap/changelist comments (c247adc)
 o Add a comment to explain why evdns_request is now separte from request (ceefbe8)
 o Document evutil_secure_rng_init() and evutil_secure_rng_add_bytes() (a5bf43a)
 o Stop distributing and installing manpages: they were too inaccurate (7731ec8)

 o Remove signal_assign() and signal_new() macros. (2fac0f7)
 o Make evdns use the regular logging system by default (b2f2be6)
 o Allow evbuffer_read() to split across more than 2 iovecs (e470ad3)
 o Functions to manipulate existing rate limiting groups. (ee41aca)
 o Functions to track the total bytes sent over a rate limit group. (fb366c1)
 o Detect and refuse reentrant event_base_loop() calls (b557b17)
 o Limit the maximum number of events on each socket to 65535 (819f949)
 o Add evbuffer_copyout to copy data from an evbuffer without draining (eb86c8c)
 o Expose the request and reply members of rpc_req_generic() (07edf78 Shuo Chen)
 o Add void* arguments to request_new and reply_new evrpc hooks (755fbf1 Shuo Chen)
 o Seed the RNG using sysctl() as well as /dev/urandom (71fc3eb)
 o Make evutil_secure_rng_init() work even with builtin arc4random (f980716)
 o Report DNS error when lookup fails during bufferevent_socket_connect_hostname. (0ef4070 Christopher Davis)
 o Release locks on bufferevents while executing callbacks (a5208fe Joachim Bauch) o Make debug mode catch mixed ET and non-ET events on an fd (cb67074)
 o Catch attempts to enable debug_mode too late (9ecf0d4)
 o Refuse null keys in evhttp_parse_query() (953e229 Frank Denis)

 o Avoid a spurious close(-1) on Linux (70a44b6)
 o Do not close(-1) when freeing an uninitialized socket bufferevent (b34abf3)
 o Free evdns_base->req_heads on evdns_base_free (859af67)
 o Avoid an (untriggerable so far) crash bug in bufferevent_free() (0cf1431)
 o Set mem_offset for every bufferevent type (657d1b6)
 o Fix infrequent memory leak in bufferevent_init_common(). (8398641 Jardel Weyrich)
 o Make evutil_signal_active() match declaration. (e1e703d Patrick Galbraith)
 o Fix minheap code to use replacement malloc functions (a527618)
 o Fix a free(NULL) in minheap-internal.h (6f20492)
 o Fix critical bug in evbuffer_write when writev is not available (cda56ab)
 o Make the no_iovecs case of write_atmost compile (8e227b0)
 o Fix a memory leak when appending/prepending to a buffer with unused space. (45068a3)
 o Clean up a mistake in pointer manipulation in evbuffer_remove (28bfed4 Christopher Davis)
 o Always round up when there's a fractional number of msecs. (8f9e60c Christopher Davis)
 o Fix compiler warnings under WIN32 (d469c50 Giuseppe Scrivano)
 o Clean up properly when adding a signal handler fails. (b84b598 Gilad Benjamini) o Ensure that evdns_request is a persistent handle. (15bb82d Christopher Davis)
 o Free search state when finished searching to avoid an infinite loop. (a625840 Christopher Davis)
 o Assert for valid requests as necessary. (67072f3 Christopher Davis)
 o do not leak the request object on persistent connections (9d8edf2)
 o Make evdns logging threadsafe (b1c7950)
 o Fix a couple of bugs in the BSD sysctl arc4seed logic (a47a4b7)
 o Remove one last bug in last_with_datap logic. Found with valgrind (d49b92a)
 o fix a leak when unpausing evrpc requests (94ee125)
 o Fix a memory leak when unmarshalling RPC object arrays (f6ab2a2)
 o Fix compilation when openssl support is disabled (40c301b)
 o Allow empty reason line in HTTP status (739e688 Pierre Phaneuf)
 o Fix a compile warning introduced in 739e688 (bd1ed5f Sebastian Hahn)
 o Fix nonstandard TAILQ_FOREACH_REVERSE() definition (71afc52 Frank Denis)
 o Try /proc on Linux as entropy fallback; use sysctl as last resort (20fda29)
 o Fix symbol conflict between mm_*() macros and libmm (99e50e9)
 o Fix some crazy macro mistakes in arc4random.c (90d4225)
 o Make evbuffer_add_file() work on windows (dcdae6b)
 o Fix unused-variable warning when building with threads disabled (ad811cd)
 o Numerous opensolaris compilation fixes (c44de06)
 o Fix getaddrinfo with protocol unset on Solaris 9. Found by Dagobert Michelsen (2cf2a28)
 o Fix another nasty solaris getaddrinfo() behavior (3557071)
 o Define _REENTRANT as needed on Solaris, elsewhere (c1cd32a)
 o Fix some autoconf issues on OpenBSD (7c519df)

 o Distribute, not libevent.pc (22aff04)
 o Avoid errors in evutil.c when building with _UNICODE defined (b677032 Brodie Thiesfield)
 o Avoid errors in http.c when building with VC 2003 .NET (13e4f3b Brodie Thiesfield)
 o Support the standard 'make check' target in place of 'make verify' (426c8fb)
 o Remove redundant stuff from EXTRA_DIST (b660edf)
 o Switch to using AM conditionals in place of AC_LIBOBJ (2e898f5)
 o Remove an orphaned RELEASE flag in (0794b0d)
 o Give a better warning for bad automake versions. (77c917d)
 o Use dist_bin_SCRIPTS, not EXTRA_DIST, to distribute scripts (9eb2fd7)
 o Never test for select() on windows (3eb044d Trond Norbye)
 o Do not inhibit automake dependencies generation (10c4c90 Giuseppe Scrivano)
 o Create shared libraries under Windows (3cbca86 Giuseppe Scrivano)
 o Add ctags/etags files to .gitignore (0861d17)
 o Only specify -no-undefined on mingw (25433b9)
 o Only add to LIBADD on mingw (fdc6297)

 o Get bench_http to work on Windows; add a switch to enable IOCP. (4ac38a5 Christopher Davis)
 o VC has no getopt(), so do without in bench_http. (1273d2f Christopher Davis)
 o Fix an obnoxious typo in the bufferevent_timeout_filter test (0d047c3)
 o Fix a write of uninitialized RAM in regression tests (68dc742)
 o Fix some memory leaks in the unit tests (274a7bd)
 o Make 'main/many_events' test 70 fds, not 64. (33874b0)
 o Unit-test every evbuffer_add_file() implementation. (06a4443)
 o Add more unit tests for evbuffer_expand (8c83e99)
 o Test another case of evbuffer_prepend (1234b95)
 o Fix a possible double-free bug in SSL bufferevents with CLOSE_ON_FREE (7501895) o Add dns/search_cancel unit test. (39b870b Christopher Davis)
 o Make http_base_test stop leaking an event_base. (96730d3)
 o Detect broken unsetenv at unit-test runtime (f37cd4c)
 o Implement regress_make_tempfile on win32 to test evbuffer_add_file (b4f12a1)
 o add more (currently skipped) add_file tests on win32 (05de45d)
 o Fix bench_http build on win32. (384d124)
 o Make unit test for add_file able to tell "error" from "done" (88a543f)
 o Make test for bufferevent_connect_hostname system-neutral (f89168e)
 o Make support mingw/msys on win32 (0ee6f6c)
 o Fix on freebsd (3d9e05b)

 o Improve the speed of evbuffer_readln() (cc1600a)
 o more whitespace normalization (2c2618d)
 o Revise evbuffer to add last_with_data (2a6d2a1)
 o Use last_with_data in place of previous_to_last (c8ac57f)
 o Remove previous_to_last from evbuffer (6f47bd1)
 o Fix last_with_data compilation on windows (1e7b986)
 o Add some glass-box tests for the last_with_data code. (17da042)
 o Improve robustness for refcounting (f1bc125)
 o Remove a needless min_heap_shift_up_() call (7204b91)
 o Increase MIN_BUFFER_SIZE to 512 (1024 on 64-bit) (2014ae4)
 o Do not use evbuffer_expand() to add the first chain to a buffer (5c0ebb3)
 o Make evbuffer_prepend handle empty buffers better (c87272b)
 o Replace last_with_data with a slightly smarter version (b7442f8)
 o Turn the increasingly complex *_CHAIN() macros into functions (96865c4)
 o Rewrite evbuffer_expand and its users (d5ebcf3)
 o Add evutil_tv_to_msec for safe conversion of timevals to milliseconds. (850c3ff Christopher Davis)
 o Initialize last_with_datap correctly in evbuffer_overlapped (a0983b6)
 o Replace EVUTIL_CLOSESOCKET macro with a function (899c1dc Sebastian Sjöberg)
 o Move domain search state to evdns_request. (beaa14a Christopher Davis)
 o Remove redundant checks for lock!=NULL before calling EVLOCK_LOCK (50ec59f)
 o Rename current_base symbol to event_global_current_base_ (c16e684)
 o Fix whitespace in evutil.c (935e150)
 o Replace users of "int fd" with "evutil_socket_t fd" in portable code (c7cf6f0)

Changes in 2.0.4-alpha (28 Feb 2010):
 [Autogenerated from the Git log, sorted by hand.]
 o Add stub header for 2.0.4-alpha changelog. (94d0065)
 o Improve the README with more information and links. (0b42726)
 o Add more people who wrote patches to the acknowledgments (0af10d5)
 o Add a warning about the use of event_initialized. (f32b575)
 o Add a LICENSE file so people can find our license easily (7067006)
 o Add a new "hello world" sample program (becb9f9)
 o Clarify status of example programs (d60a1bd)
 o Update time-test.c to use event2 (f4190bf)
 o Add the arc4random.c license to the LICENSE file. (e15e1e9)

 o Improved optional lock debugging. (0cd3bb9)
 o Rate-limiting for bufferevents; group and individual limits are supported. (737c9cd)
 o Testing code for bufferevent rate-limiting. (f0c0124)
 o Make the initial nameserver probe timeout configurable. (1e56a32)
 o Revise the locking API: deprecate the old locking callbacks and add trylock. (347952f)
 o Do not make bufferevent_setfd implicitly disable EV_READ and EV_WRITE. (8274379)
 o Do not ignore bufferevent_enable(EV_READ) before bufferevent_connect(). (4a5b534)
 o Introduced evutil_make_socket_closeonexec() to preserve fd flags for F_SETFD. (d0939d2 Jardel Weyrich)
 o evdns_getaddrinfo() now supports the /etc/hosts file. (72dd666)
 o Look at the proper /etc/hosts file on windows. (66c02c7)
 o Allow http connections to use evdns for hostname looksups. (c698b77)
 o Changelist code to defer event changes until just before dispatch (27308aa)
 o do not use a function to assign the evdns base; instead assign it via evhttp_connection_base_new() which is a new function introduced in 2.0 (5032e52)
 o Functions to access more fields of struct event. (0683950)
 o Make kqueue use changelists. (45e5ae3)
 o Remove kqueue->pend_changes. (3225dfb)
 o Minimize epoll_ctl calls by using changelist (c8c6a89)
 o Add support for a "debug mode" to try to catch common errors. (cd17c3a)
 o Note a missing ratelim function (361da8f)
 o Add ev_[u]intptr_t to include/event2/util.h (1fa4c81)
 o const-ify a few more functions in event.h (d38a7a1)
 o Deprecate EVENT_FD and EVENT_SIGNAL. (f6b2694)
 o Remove EVUTIL_CHECK_FMT. (6c21c89)
 o Add EV_*_MAX macros to event2/util.h to expose limits for ev_* types. (aba1fff) o Functions to view and manipulate rate-limiting buckets. (85047a6)
 o Add the rest of the integer limits, and add a test for them. (60742d5)
 o Remove the 'flags' argument from evdns_base_set_option() (1dd7e6d)
 o Add an arc4random implementation for use by evdns (d4de062)
 o Use off_t for the length parameter of evbuffer_add_file (3fe60fd)
 o Construct Windows locks using InitializeCriticalSectionAndSpinCount (32c6f1b)
 o Expose view of current rate limit as constrained by group limit (162ce8a)
 o Provide consistent, tested semantics for bufferevent timeouts (d328829)

 o Tolerate code that returns from a fatal_cb. (91fe23f)
 o Parenthesize macro arguments more aggressively (07e9e9b)
 o Fix memory-leak of signal handler array with kqueue. (e1ffbb8)
 o Stop passing EVTHREAD_READ and EVTHREAD_WRITE to non-rw locks. (76cd2b7)
 o Fix two use-after-free bugs in unit tests spoted by lock debugging (d84d838)
 o Fix a locking bug in event_base_loop() (da1718b)
 o Fix an evdns lock violation. (2df1f82 Zhuang Yuyao)
 o Valgrind fix: Clear struct kevent before checking for OSX bug. (56771a3 William Ahern)
 o Fix up evthread compilation on windows (bd6f1ba Roman Puls)
 o Fix regress_iocp.c usage of old lock allocation macros. (31687b4 unknown)
 o Update nmake makefile to build evthread.c (b62d979 unknown)
 o Fix a crash when reading badly formatted resolve.conf; from Yasuoka Masahiko (6c7c579 Yasuoka Masahiko)
 o Fix a snow leopard compile warning in the unit tests. (7ae9445)
 o Fix compile on Snow Leopard with gcc warnings enabled (70cdfe4 Sebastian Hahn)
 o Only define _GNU_SOURCE if it is not already defined. (ea6b1df Joachim Bauch)
 o Update sample/signal-test.c to use newer APIs and not leak. (f6430ac Evan Jones)
 o Fix a segfault when writing a very fragmented evbuffer onto an SSL (a6adeca Joachim Bauch)
 o Fix a segfault when freeing SSL bufferevents in an unusual order (a773df5 Joachim Bauch)
 o Drop install-sh from our git repo: a mismatched version could break "make dist" (6799527)
 o Set all instances of the version number correctly. (5a112d3)
 o Fix a few locking issues on windows. (c51bb3c unknown)
 o Use evutil_socket_t, not int, when logging socket errors. (292467c)
 o Fix up behavior of never-defered callbacks a little (390e056)
 o Replace some cases of uint32_t with ev_uint32_t. (a47d88d)
 o Fix compilation of devpoll.c by adding missing thread includes. (fee2c77 Dagobert Michelsen)
 o Make evutil_make_socket_nonblocking() leave any other flags alone. (4c8b7cd Jardel Weyrich)
 o Fix an fd leak in evconnlistener_new_bind(). (24fb502 Jardel Weyrich)
 o Fix a bogus free in evutil_new_addrinfo() (0d64051 Jardel Weyrich)
 o Adjusted fcntl() retval comparison on evutil_make_socket_nonblocking(). (4df7dbc Jardel Weyrich)
 o Fix the code that allowed DNS options to not end with : (ee4953f)
 o Fix crash bugs when a bufferevent's eventcb is not set. (2e8eeea)
 o Fix test-ratelim compilation on Linux. (885b427)
 o Fix compilation of rate-limiting code on win32. (165d30e)
 o Eradicated the last free() call. Let mm_free() take care of deallocation. (0546ce1 Jardel Weyrich)
 o Fix byte counts when mixing deferred and non-deferred evbuffer callbacks. (29151e6)
 o Fixed a memory leak on windows threads implementation. The CRITICAL_SECTION was not being free'd in evthread_win32_lock_free(). (2f33e00 Jardel Weyrich)
 o Fixed a fd leak in start_accepting(), plus cosmetic changes (4367a33 Jardel Weyrich)
 o Improved error handling in evconnlistener_new_async(). Also keeping the fd open because it is not opened by this function, so the caller is responsible for closing it. Additionally, since evconnlistener_new_bind() creates a socket and passes it to the function above, it required error checking to close the same socket. (fec66f9 Jardel Weyrich)
 o Don't use a bind address for nameservers on loopback (8d4aaf9)
 o Fix compilation of rate-limit code when threading support is disabled (97a8c79)
 o Detect setenv/unsetenv; skip main/base_environ test if we can't fake them. (7296971)
 o Check more internal event_add() calls for failure (ff3f6cd)
 o Fix windows and msvc build (5c7a7bc)
 o Call event_debug_unassign on internal events (a19b4a0)
 o Try to fix a warning in hash_debug_entry (137f2c6)
 o Fix a dumb typo in ev_intptr_t definitions. (27c9a40)
 o do not fail while sending on http connections the client closed. (93d7369)
 o make evhttp_send() safe against terminated connections, too (3978180)
 o Make Libevent 1.4.12 build on win32 with Unicode enabled. (000a33e Brodie Thiesfield)
 o Fix some additional -DUNICODE issues on win32. (a7a9431)
 o Add a check to make soure our EVUTIL_AI flags do not conflict with the native ones (c18490e)
 o Always use our own gai_strerror() replacement. (6810bdb)
 o Make RNG work when we have arc4random() but not arc4random_buf() (4ec8fea)
 o validate close cb on server when client connection closes (2f782af)
 o Fix two unlocked reads in evbuffer. (7116bf2)
 o When working without a current event base, don't try to use IOCP listeners (cb52838)
 o Fix getpid() usage on Windows (ff2a134)
 o Add a unit test for secure rng. (48a29b6)
 o Add some headers to fix freebsd compilation (b72be50)
 o When connect() succeeds immediately, don't invoke the callback immediately. (7515de9)
 o Suspend read/write on bufferevents during hostname lookup (db08f64)
 o Make bufferevent_free() clear all callbacks immediately. (b2fbeb3)
 o Fix some race conditions in persistent events and event_reinit (e2642f0)
 o Fix a bug in resetting timeouts on persistent events when IO triggers. (38ec0a7)
 o Add a test for timeouts on filtering bufferevents. (c02bfe1)
 o Add test for periodic timers that get activated for other reasons (8fcb7a1)
 o Use new timeval diff comparison function in bufferevent test (f3dfe46)
 o Delete stack-alloced event in new unit test before returning. (7ffd387)
 o Fix mingw compilation (23170a6)
 o Try to define a sane _EVENT_SIZEOF_SIZE_T for msvc compilation (1e14f82)
 o Fix arc4random compilation on MSVC. (98edb89)
 o deal with connect() failing immediately (7bc48bf)
 o Small cleanups on freebsd-connect-refused patch. (57b7248)

 o Remove the contents of WIN32-Prj as unmaintained. (c69d5a5)
 o Allow the user to redirect the verbose output of test/ to a file (c382de6)
 o Allow to be run as ./test/ (7dfbe94)
 o Never believe that we have pthreads on win32, even if gcc thinks we do. (78ed097)
 o Make it compile under gcc --std=c89. (e2ca403)
 o Fix a number of warnings from gcc -pedantic (918e9c5)
 o Add the msvc-generated .lib files to .gitignore. (e244a2e)
 o Add the "compile" script to gitignore. (1ba6bed)

 o Add a .gitignore file. (ba34071)
 o New EVTHREAD_TRY_LOCK function to try to grab a lock. (689fc09)
 o Add the abilitity to mark some buffer callbacks as never-deferred. (438f9ed)
 o Refactor our 'suspend operation' logic on bufferevents. (0d744aa)
 o Simplify the read high-watermark checking. (5846bf6)
 o Improve readability of evutil_unparse_protoname() (5a43df8 Jardel Weyrich)
 o Expose our cached gettimeofday value with a new interface (47854a8)
 o Whitespace fixes in (0b151a9)
 o Enable branch-prediction hints with EVUTIL_UNLIKELY. (eaaf27f)
 o Refactor code from evdns into a new internal "read a file" function. (0f7144f)
 o Comestic changes in evconnlistener_new(), new_accepting_socket(), accepted_socket_invoke_user_cb() and iocp_listener_enable(). (510ab6b Jardel Weyrich)
 o Add unit-test for bad_request bug fixed in 1.4 recently. (6cc79c6 Pavel Plesov) o Add a comment on evthread_enable_lock_debuging. (b9f43b2)
 o Fix on shells without echo -n (94131e9)
 o More unit tests for getaddrinfo_async: v4timeout and cancel. (a334b31)
 o Make http use evconnlistener. (ec34533)
 o move dns utility functions into a separate file so that we can use them for http testing (b822639)
 o add a test for evhttp_connection_base_new with a dns_base (26714ca)
 o forgot to add void to test function (78a50fe)
 o Add a forgotten header (changelist-internal.h) (4b9f307)
 o Remove some commented-out code in evutil (26e1b6f)
 o Remove a needless include of rpc_compat.h (70a4a3e)
 o Use less memory for each entry in a hashtable (a66e947)
 o Try to untangle the logic in server_port_flush(). (439aea0)
 o Use ev_[u]intptr_t types in place of [u]intptr_t (cef61a2)
 o Reduce windows header includes in our own headers. (da6135e)
 o clean up terminate_chunked test (e8a9782)
 o Increment the submicro version number. (63e868e)
 o Update event-config.h version number to match (aae7db5)
 o Clean up formatting: Disallow space-before-tab. (8fdf09c)
 o Clean up formatting: use tabs, not 8-spaces, to indent. (e5bbd40)
 o Clean up formatting: remove trailing spaces (e5cf987)
 o Clean up formatting: function/keyword spacing consistency. (4faeaea)

Changes in 2.0.3-alpha (20 Nov 2009):
 o Add a new code to support SSL/TLS on bufferevents, using the OpenSSL library (where available).
 o Fix a bug where we didn't allocate enough memory in event_get_supported_methods().
 o Avoid segfault during failed allocation of locked evdns_base. (Found by Rocco Carbone.)
 o Export new evutil_ascii_* functions to perform locale-independent character type operations.
 o Try to compile better with MSVC: patches from Brodie Thiesfield
 o New evconnlistener_get_fd function to expose a listener's associated socket.
 o Expose an ev_socklen_t type for consistent use across platforms.
 o Make bufferevent_socket_connect() work when the original fd was -1.
 o Fix a bug in bufferevent_socket_connect() when the connection succeeds too quickly.
 o Export an evutil_sockaddr_cmp() to compare to sockaddr objects for equality.
 o Add a bufferevent_get_enabled() to tell what a bufferevent has been configured to do.
 o Add an evbuffer_search_eol() function to locate the end of a line nondestructively.
 o Add an evbuffer_search_range() function to search a bounded range of a buffer.
 o Fix a rare crash bug in evdns.
 o Have bufferevent_socket_connect() with no arguments put a bufferevent into connecting mode.
 o Support sendfile on Solaris: patch from Caitlin Mercer.
 o New functions to explicitly reference a socket used by an evhttp object. Patches from David Reiss.
 o When we send a BEV_EVENT_CONNECTED to indicate connected status, we no longer invoke the write callback as well unless we actually wrote data too.
 o If the kernel tells us that there are a negative number of bytes to read from a socket, do not believe it.  Fixes bug 2841177; found by Alexander Pronchenkov.
 o Do not detect whether we have monotonic clock support every time a new event base is created: instead do it only once.  Patch taken from Chromium.
 o Do not allocate the maximum event queue for the epoll backend at startup.  Instead, start out accepting 32 events at a time, and double the queue's size when it seems that the OS is generating events faster than we're requesting them.  Saves up to 374K per epoll-based event_base.  Resolves bug 2839240.
 o Treat an event with a negative fd as valid but untriggerable by Libevent.  This is useful for applications that want to manually activate events.
 o Fix compilation on Android, which forgot to define fd_mask in its sys/select.h
 o Do not drop data from evbuffer when out of memory; reported by Jacek Masiulaniec
 o New event_base_got_exit() and event_base_got_break() functions to tell whether an event loop exited because of an event_base_loopexit() or an event_base_loopbreak().  Patch from Ka-Hing Cheung.
 o When adding or deleting an event from a non-main thread, only wake up the main thread when its behavior actually needs to change.
 o Fix some bugs when using the old evdns interfaces to initialize the evdns module.
 o Detect errors during bufferevent_connect().  Patch from Christopher Davis.
 o Fix compilation for listener.h for C++ - missing extern "C".  Patch from Ferenc Szalai.
 o Make the event_base_loop() family of functions respect thread-safety better.  This should clear up a few hard-to-debug race conditions.
 o Fix a bug when using a specialized memory allocator on win32.
 o Have the win32 select() backend label TCP-socket-connected events as EV_WRITE, not EV_READ.  This should bring it in line with the other backends, and improve portability.  Patch from Christopher Davis.
 o Stop using enums as arguments or return values when what we mean is a bitfield of enum values.  C++ doesn't believe that you can OR two enum values together and get another enum, and C++ takes its typing seriously.  Patch from Christopher Davis.
 o Add an API to replace all fatal calls to exit() with a user-provided panic function.
 o Replace all assert() calls with a variant that is aware of the user-provided logging and panic functions.
 o Add a return value to event_assign so that it can fail rather than asserting when the user gives it bad input.  event_set still dies on bad input.
 o The event_base_new() and event_base_new_with_config() functions now never call exit() on failure.  For backward "compatibility", event_init() still does, but more consistently.
 o Remove compat/sys/_time.h.  It interfered with system headers on HPUX, and its functionality has been subsumed by event2/util.h and util-internal.h.
 o Add a new bufferevent_socket_connect_hostname() to encapsulate the resolve-then-connect operation.
 o Build kqueue.c correctly on GNU/kFreeBSD platforms. Patch pulled upstream from Debian.
 o Alternative queue-based timeout algorithm for programs that use a large number of timeouts with the same value.
 o New event_base_config option to disable the timeval cache entirely.
 o Make EV_PERSIST timeouts more accurate: schedule the next event based on the scheduled time of the previous event, not based on the current time.
 o Allow http.c to handle cases where getaddrinfo returns an IPv6 address.  Patch from Ryan Phillips.
 o Fix a problem with excessive memory allocation when using multiple event priorities.
 o Default to using arc4random for DNS transaction IDs on systems that have it; from OpenBSD.
 o Never check the environment when we're running setuid or setgid; from OpenBSD.
 o Options passed to evdns_set_option() no longer need to end with a colon.
 o Add an evutil_getaddrinfo() function to clone getaddrinfo on platforms that don't have it.
 o Add an evdns_getaddrinfo() function to provide a nonblocking getaddrinfo using evdns, so programs can perform useful hostname lookup.
 o Finally expose the IOCP-based bufferevent backend.  It passes its unit tests, but probably still has some bugs remaining.  Code by Nick Mathewson and Christopher Davis.
 o Numerous other bugfixes.
 o On FreeBSD and other OSes, connect can return ECONREFUSED immediately; instead of failing the function call, pretend with faileld in the callback.
 o Fix a race condition in the pthreads test case; found by Nick Mathewson
 o Remove most calls to event_err() in http and deal with memory errors instead

Changes in 2.0.2-alpha (25 Jul 2009):
 o Add a new flag to bufferevents to make all callbacks automatically deferred.
 o Make evdns functionality locked, and automatically defer dns callbacks.
 o Fix a possible free(NULL) when freeing an event_base with no signals.
 o Add a flag to disable checking environment varibles when making an event_base
 o Disallow setting less than 1 priority.
 o Fix a bug when removing a timeout from the heap. [Patch from Marko Kreen]
 o Use signal.h, not sys/signal.h. [Patch from mmadia]
 o Try harder to build with certain older c99 compilers.
 o Make sure that an event_config's flags field is always initialized to 0. [Bug report from Victor Goya]
 o Avoid data corruption when reading data entirely into the second-to-last chain of an evbuffer. [Bug report from Victor Goya]
 o Make sendfile work on FreeBSD
 o Do not use vararg macros for accessing evrpc structures; this is not backwards compatible, but we did not promise any backwards compatibility for the rpc code.
 o Actually define the event_config_set_flag() function.
 o Try harder to compile with Visual C++.
 o Move event_set() and its allies to event2/event_compat.h where they belong.
 o Remove the event_gotsig code, which has long been deprecated and unused.
 o Add an event_get_base() function to return the base assigned to an event.
 o New function to automate connecting on a socket-based bufferevent.
 o New functions to automate listening for incoming TCP connections.
 o Do case-insensitive checks with a locale-independent comparison function.
 o Rename the evbuffercb and everrorcb callbacks to bufferevent_data_cb and bufferevent_event_cb respectively.  The old names are available in bufferevent_compat.h.
 o Rename the EVBUFFER_* codes used by bufferevent event callbacks to BEV_EVENT_*, to avoid namespace collision with evbuffer flags.  The old names are available in bufferevent_compat.h.
 o Move the EVBUFFER_INPUT and EVBUFFER_OUTPUT macros to bufferevent_compat.h
 o Add a bufferevent_getfd() function to mirror bufferevent_setfd()
 o Make bufferevent_setfd() return an error code if the operation is not successful.
 o Shave 22 bytes off struct event on 32-bit platforms by shrinking and re-ordering fields.  The savings on 64-bit platforms is likely higher.
 o Cap the maximum number of priorities at 256.
 o Change the semantics of evbuffer_cb_set_flags() to be set-flag only; add a new evbuffer_cb_clear_flags() to remove set flags.
 o Change the interface of evb
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