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2.2.0 - 2012/02/21

- New 'exempi' command line tool.
- Upgrade XMPCore to Adobe XMP 5.1.2
  - Quicktime support now works without Quicktime.
  - Reconciliation with ID3v2.
  - "Blessed" 64-bits support (we already had it in exempi).
  - Slight change in the way XMP are written for MWG compliance.
  - Fixed a serious bug with RIFF.
  - Change in the way local text encoding is dealt with.
  - Alternative languages behave slightly differently by changing
    how the default language property is managed.
  - Probably a bunch of bugs fixed that I don't know about.
- Update unit tests.
  - Refactor the fixtures.
- Use automake silent rules instead of shave. (build only)
- "make dist" generate a bzip2 archive as well. (build only)
- Remove some obsolete warning flags. (build only)
- Build xmpcommandtool
- New: API xmp_files_get_format_info().
- New: API xmp_files_check_file_format().
- New: API xmp_files_get_file_info().
- New: C++ helpers in xmp++.hpp.

Bug fixes:

- Bug #37747: mismatch delete/delete[] and new/new[] (from Meego

2.1.1 - 2009/06/30

New features:

- Added shave to the build system for sane output. (build only)

Bug fixes:

- Bug #16030: if the property is an array or struct allow "" to be passed
  as a value.
- Bug #19312: source/XMPFiles/FileHandlers/P2_Handler.cpp was using 
  an improper string comparison. (made rpmlint unhappy).
- Bug #20554: Missing file on MacOS X.
- Bug #20554: Detect ldflags properly.
- Bug #20622: Catch unhandled exceptions in xmp_files_can_put_xmp().
- Bug #21934: Mismatched new [] / delete.
- Bug #22554: Fix a SIGFPE encountered on some invalid files. (Bug GNOME #586720)


- Upgrade XMPCore to Adobe XMP 4.4.2
  - Handlers for additional file formats, including ASF (WMA, WMV), FLV; 
    MPEG4; SWF; folder-based video formats AVCHD, P2, SonyHDV, and XDCAM; UCF
  - Additional schemas to support document histories, composed documents, 
    and temporal metadata
- New: NS_PDF namespace for PDF.
- New: API xmp_prefix_namespace_uri() and xmp_namespace_prefix(). Bug #14962.
- Bug: make sure boost >1.35 does not fail test with system().
- Bug: unit test now use boost/test/minimal.hpp to work with more boost
  install. (known boost.test bug)
- Bug: fix a typo in a CHECK_PTR call causing warnings on gcc < 4.
- Bug: no longer define UNIX_ENV in exempi.cpp and let CPPFLAGS do it.
- Bug #16139: the list of exported symbols was too large.
- Bug #18635: fix crasher.


- Bug #16598: address the lack of TLS for some platforms.


- Bug #14612: no stdbool.h for Sun compilers.
- Bug #14613: check for iconv() const-ness.
- Make the error checking more robust.
- Make error code thread-safe (ie local to the thread).


- Bug #14614, Bug #15263: endian detection in configure.
- Bug #14615: missing includes for Solaris.


- Bug: fixed an API breakage introduced in 1.99.8


- Bug #14049: don't run autoheader.
- Bug #13712: add --enable-unittest to disable tests.
- Bug: Disable strict aliasing in XMPFiles due to bad casting.
- Bug #14200: fix a typo.
- Bug: fix a couple of buffer overflows in GIF support. Closes Debian #454297.
  Closes Gnome #484105


- Bug: fix soversion.


- New: API xmp_get_property_date() / xmp_set_property_date() with tests.
- New: API xmp_{get,set]_property_{float,bool,int32,int64}() with tests.
- New: API add ACR schema namespaces.
- Test: refactor a the tests preparation.
- Test: add a test for multiple initializations.
- Test: use valgrind is available.
- Bug: fix configure to allow building on MacOS X. Closes bug #13596
- Bug #13707: add
- Bug #13713: fix boost macros to link boost.test statically (for 1.34).
- Bug #13712: skip tests if no boost.


- ABI breakage: soversion is now 3
- Change: API xmp_files_close(), xmp_files_put_xmp(), xmp_files_free(),
  xmp_free(), xmp_iterator_free(), xmp_iterator_skip() now return bool.
- Change: API xmp_get_property_and_bits() renamed xmp_get_property().
- Change: API xmp_set_property2() renamed xmp_set_property().
- Bug: all API should check about input and return an error if
  passed NULL.
- Bug: more exception handling and refactor set_error() use.
- Bug: add AC_CONFIG_MACRO_DIR to configure.
- Bug: Lower requirement for libboost to 1.33.0.
- New: Doxygen API doc generation.


- New: GIF Files smart handlers
- New: API xmp_append_array_item(), xmp_delete_property(),
  xmp_has_property(), xmp_get_localized_text(), 
- New: API xmp_delete_localized_text()
- New: Exempi will be visible in the "generator" string of the XMP packet.
- Bug: xmp_files_open_new() will handle exceptions properly


- New: API xmp_serialize{,_and_format}() and the
  corresponding option bits
- New API xmp_get_array_item()


- New: API xmp_copy()
- New: API xmp_set_property2(), xmp_set_array_item()
  and xmp_get_error()
- New: API xmp_get_property_and_bits() 
- Bug: xmp_files_get_xmp() handle exceptions properly.


- Bug: store the TIFF tag as BYTE and not UNDEFINED
  to comply with the spec.
- Bug: more exception catched.
- New: added NS_CC namespace
- New: API xmp_register_namespace()


Initial release of the 2.0 series. Based on Adobe XMP SDK 4.1.1

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