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2001-10-28  Christophe Prud'homme  <>

	* INSTALL: remove old INSTALL, write a new one

	* README: remove old README, write a new one

	* bump up to 3.5.5

	* admin/ added

	* admin/ (EXTRA_DIST): added

2001-10-27  Christophe Prud'homme  <>

	* freefem/fem/femDisk.cpp (fem::loadfct): C --> C++ and iostream
	(fem::savefct): C --> C++ and iostream

2001-10-25  Christophe Prud'homme  <>

	* freefem/fem/femDisk.cpp (readpoints): C --> C++ and iostream

2001-10-24  Christophe Prud'homme  <>

	* debian/rules (DEB_HOST_GNU_TYPE?): added host from autotool readme
	(DEB_BUILD_GNU_TYPE?): added gnu type from autotool readme

	* freefem/fem/femParser.cpp (showtreeaux): namespace issue
	(showident): namespace issue
	(libere): namespace issue
	(showtreeaux): namespace issue

	* freefem/fem/femDisk.cpp (fem): ported to gcc v3.0, corrected
	namespace issues

2001-10-20  Christophe Prud'homme  <>

	* freefem-api/freefem.css (DIV.ah): changed color to white

2001-10-17  Christophe Prud'homme  <>

	* freefem/fem/femGraphicX11.cpp: added #include <cstring> for ia64

	* freefem/fem/femIdentifier.cpp: added #include <cstring> for ia64

	* freefem/fem/femLexical.cpp: added #include <cstring> for ia64

2001-10-08  Christophe Prud'homme  <>

	* freefem/fem/ (lib_LTLIBRARIES): it is now

	* freefem/ (freefem_LDADD): use
	(man_MANS): added dummy manual page

	($(ACLOCAL_M4)): removed acinclude.m4 dependency and removed acinclude.m4
	(DATA_SUBDIRS): added freefem-api
	(EXTRA_DIST): added doxygen conf file

	* major cleanup and modification for new
	automake/autoconf/libtool autotools

2001-01-29  Christophe Prud'homme  <>

	* lib/fem/femParser.cpp (femParser): added fix from Rudolf Leitgeb <>

2000-06-13  Christophe Prud'homme  <>

	* added debian directory

Sat Sep 20 12:30:57 1997  Christophe Prud'homme  <>

	* contrib/Sadaka/ (bin_PROGRAMS): renamed autogen to kfemautogen

	* src/syntaxic.cxx: fixed bug in modulo 

Wed Sep 10 02:04:53 1997  Christophe Prud'homme  <>

	* src/GFem.h (class GFem): added class to encapsulate lots of
	graphics stuff used by freefem + parser/solver/mesher stuff

	* src/xrgraph.cxx (run_gfem): added run_gfem. will be called by
	kde interface when freem is a library. Almost everything here is
	wrapped in the class GFem

Tue Sep  9 23:34:30 1997  Christophe Prud'homme  <>

	* updated for automake 1.2 and removed doc/freefem directory 

	* doc/ removed SUBDIRS entry

Sat Feb  8 16:39:24 1997  Christophe Prud'homme  <prudhomm@dune>

	* contrib/Emacs/gfem.el: added Emacs lisp mode for gfem
	syntax highlighting
	derived from c-mode

	* Corrected minor bugs

Tue Feb  4 20:27:30 1997  Christophe Prud'homme  <prudhomm@dune>

	* Changed float format when saving or loading solutions now it
	"%g". this caused a bug when restarting from previous solutions
	because they were truncated.

Mon Feb  3 23:28:13 1997  Christophe Prud'homme  <prudhomm@dune>

	* Finalized support for domain decomposition in the code and in
	the documentation. Warning FreeFEM does not do domain
	decomposition: the problem is to generate a mesh for domain

	* Fixed bugs in adaptation library: particularly the problem with
	different references on the boundary. Thanks to Manollo.

	* Added support for operations on complex numbers: cos, sin and power

	* Added ChangeLog file

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