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libgdk-pixbuf2-ruby - Gdk-Pixbuf 2 bindings for the Ruby language…  more info»


Ruby-GNOME2 -- Ruby bindings for GNOME-2.x

   This is a set of bindings for the GNOME-2.x libraries for use from Ruby.

Release packages
    - Ruby/GLib2        - GLib 2.0.x or later
    - Ruby/ATK          - ATK 1.0.x or later
    - Ruby/Pango        - Pango 1.1.x or later
    - Ruby/GdkPixbuf2   - GTK+ 2.0.x or later
    - Ruby/GTK2         - GTK+ 2.0.x or later

    - ruby-gtk2
    - Ruby/GConf2        - GConf 2.0.x or later
    - Ruby/GNOME2        - libgnome-2.0.x, libgnomeui-2.0.x or later
    - Ruby/GnomeCanvas2  - libgnomecanvas-2.0.x or later
    - Ruby/GnomePrint    - libgnomeprint-2.8.x or later
    - Ruby/GnomePrintUI  - libgnomeprintui-2.6.x or later
    - Ruby/GnomeVFS      - GnomeVFS 2.0.x or later
    - Ruby/GtkHtml2      - GtkHtml2 2.0.x or later
    - Ruby/GtkGLExt      - GtkGLExt 1.0.3 or later
    - Ruby/GtkMozEmbed   - GtkMozEmbed (Mozilla 1.7.x or FireFox-1.0.x or later)
    - Ruby/GtkSourceView - GtkSourceView 1.0.1 or later
    - Ruby/Libart2       - libart_lgpl 2.3.12 or later
    - Ruby/Libglade2     - Libglade 2.0.x or later
    - Ruby/PanelApplet   - gnome-panel 2.6.0 or later (deprecated since 0.16.0)
    - Ruby/RSVG          - librsvg 2.8.0 or later

  Experimental / Incomplete:
    - Ruby/GStreamer     - GStreamer 0.10.x or later

  Not available (removed since 0.16.0)
    - Ruby/Libgda        - libgda 1.0.3 or later

   1. ruby extconf.rb
   2. make
   3. su
   4. make install

   To compile and install a particular sub-binding, 
   you can add arguments:

     ruby extconf.rb [subdir]...
       e.g.) ruby extconf.rb glib pango gdkpixbuf 

   Or you can compile each sub-binding:

     0. cd <each sub-directory>
     1. ruby extconf.rb
     2. make
     3. su
     4. make install

extconf.rb options
   --ruby      : ruby directory
   --topsrcdir : top source directory
   --topdir    : top directory
   --strict    : if some libraries fail to compile/install, "make"
                 command returns 1(exit 1)

Environment Variables
   CAIRO_PATH  : rcairo path (for Win32).

   You should install a sub-binding with its dependencies.
   The current dependencies are:

      Ruby/GLib          none.
      Ruby/Libart        depends on Ruby/GLib(Use mkmf-gnome2.rb only).
      Ruby/ATK           depends on Ruby/GLib.
      Ruby/Pango         depends on Ruby/GLib, rcairo(optional).
      Ruby/GdkPixbuf     depends on Ruby/GLib.
      Ruby/GTK           depends on Ruby/GLib, Ruby/ATK, Ruby/Pango, 
                                    Ruby/GdkPixbuf, rcairo(optional)
      Ruby/GConf         depends on Ruby/GLib.
      Ruby/GNOME         depends on Ruby/GnomeCanvas.
      Ruby/GnomeCanvas   depends on Ruby/GTK, Ruby/Libart.
      Ruby/GnomeVFS      depends on Ruby/GLib.
      Ruby/GnomePrint    depends on Ruby/GLib, Ruby/Pango, Ruby/Libart2.
      Ruby/GnomePrintUI  depends on Ruby/GTK, Ruby/GnomePrint.
      Ruby/GtkHtml2      depends on Ruby/GTK.
      Ruby/GtkGLExt      depends on Ruby/GTK, rbogl.
      Ruby/GtkSourceView depends on Ruby/GTK.
      Ruby/Libglade      depends on Ruby/GTK, Ruby/GNOME(optional), REXML(optional)
      Ruby/PanelApplet   depends on Ruby/GNOME.
      Ruby/RSVG          depends on Ruby/GLib, Ruby/GdkPixbuf2.
      Ruby/GStreamer     depends on Ruby/GLib.

  (not available)
      Ruby/Libgda        depends on Ruby/GLib.

Please report bugs either in our bug tracker

or on the ruby-gnome2-devel-en / ruby-gnome2-devel-ja mailing list

   Copyright (c) 2002-2008 Ruby-GNOME2 Project Team

   This program is free software.
   You can distribute/modify this program under the terms of

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