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2012-01-22  Maciej Piechotka  <>

	Release 0.6.4

	Remove --shared-library from .typelib, see bug #667529 for details

	Remove unneeded duplication of NULL definition

2012-01-20  Maciej Piechotka  <>

	Fix gir_namespace and gir_version attributes, fixes bug #666208

	Fix compilation with vala master

2011-12-19  Maciej Piechotka  <>

	Add gir_namespace and gir_version attributes, fixes bug #666208
	Currently they are specified in assemblyinfo.vala which needs to be
	first file passed to vala. See bug # 666478 for details.

2011-11-09  Maciej Piechotka  <>

	Release 0.6.3

2011-10-08  Diego Escalante Urrelo  <>

	PriorityQueue: build fix for wrong variable name
	Bug #661153

2011-09-29  Hisao Suzuki  <>

	PriorityQueue: Fix underflow while updating degree, fixes bug #647162

2011-09-14  Maciej Piechotka  <>

	Post-release version bump


	Add check-news to AM_INIT_AUTOMAKE

	Post-release version bump

	Release 0.6.2

2011-04-29  Maciej Piechotka  <>

	Change Gee.TreeSet.Range to class
	It fixes problem that may occured when key used as boundary is freed

2011-04-08  Maciej Piechotka  <>

	Fix adding second element to priority queue, fixes bug #647162

2011-02-16  Maciej Piechotka  <>

	Read fix bold text valadoc markup

2011-02-12  Maciej Piechotka  <>

	Fix monospace text valadoc markup (replace ` by ``)

	Fix bold text valadoc markup (replace ++ by ")

2011-01-28  Jürg Billeter  <>

	Post-release version bump

	Release 0.6.1

	Fix memory leak in LinkedList.clear
	Based on patch by Travis Reitter, fixes bug 639254.

2011-01-20  Maciej Piechotka  <>

	Remove depending on order of iteration in read-only collections' test

2010-11-20  Maciej Piechotka  <>

	Fix memory leak on freeing LinkedList
	If fixes issue described in bug #635224

2010-09-26  Jürg Billeter  <>

	Post-release version bump

	Release 0.6.0

2010-09-18  Maciej Piechotka  <>

	Change return_if_fail into assert in remove_at of LinkedList.
	It fixes build issue described in bug #629933 and make the behavior
	compatible with ArrayList.

2010-09-16  Jürg Billeter  <>

	Post-release version bump

	Release 0.5.3

2010-08-26  Maciej Piechotka  <>

	Fix memory leak in TimSort
	This patch converts using of pointers into proper use of weak and normal
	references and adds the destructor to Gee.TimSort.Slice.

2010-08-03  Maciej Piechotka  <>

	Fix memory leak in Gee.LinkedList

	Fix typos in TreeMap and TreeSet fix and other embarrasing mistakes

2010-08-02  Maciej Piechotka  <>

	Fix the unfreeing on clear in TreeMap/TreeSet

2010-08-02  Didier 'Ptitjes  <>

	Post-release version bump

	Release 0.5.2

	Implement typed variants for Collection.to_array
	Fixes bug 597737.

	Make [Deprecated] all Map methods previously marked as such in documentation

	Fix doc comment and make sort_with_data deprecated in documentation

2010-08-01  Maciej Piechotka  <>

	Increase stamp on Map.set in Gee.TreeMap

2010-07-30  Zeeshan Ali (Khattak)  <>

	Add ArrayList.sort_with_data
	Add a variant of List.sort that takes CompareDataFunc rather than
	CompareFunc so compare func could be a method or closure. We are
	adding this to ArrayList rather than List to not break the API/ABI.
	In 0.7.x, this method will be removed as List.sort will then do
	exactly the same.

2010-07-27  Maciej Piechotka  <>

	Fix lack of unsetting _first and _last in TreeSet on Set.clear()

2010-07-15  Maciej Piechotka  <>


	Various small fixes for build system. Fixes bug 624389
	 * Add rules for Gee-1.0.gir and gee-internals-1.0.vapi
	 * Clean all vala-generated files in maintainer mode
	 * Clean typelib

2010-07-13  Colin Walters  <>

	[] Support parameters to configure

2010-07-12  Maciej Piechotka  <>

	[] Don't run configure twice

2010-07-12  Rob Taylor  <>

	Build typelib for gobject-introspection

2010-07-11  Maciej Piechotka  <>

	Change build system
	Fixes bug 617356

	Add myself to libgee.doap

2010-06-29  Colin Walters  <>

	[] Support NOCONFIGURE, like gnome-common

2010-06-15  Jürg Billeter  <>

	Post-release version bump

	Release 0.5.1

2010-04-02  Yaakov Selkowitz  <>

	Fix shared library build on Windows
	Fixes bug 601629.

2010-04-02  Maciej Piechotka  <>

	Fix count equal in *MultiSet
	Fixes bug 596869.

	Fix remove in MapIterator
	Fixes bug 596851.

	Tests are not terminated when they fail in trap
	When code in trap succeeds subprocess should be terminated - not only
	test case.

	Fixes bug 596703.

	Fixes checking for emptiness of subsets when master set is empty
	Fixes bug 596671.

2010-04-02  Florian Brosch  <>

	Fix documentation comments

2010-03-21  Jürg Billeter  <>

	Fix build with vala master

2009-10-24  Didier 'Ptitjes  <>

	Post-release version bump

	TimSort: Fix sort of reference counted items

2009-09-28  Didier 'Ptitjes  <>

	Release 0.5.0

	Update library's interface to 2:0:0

	Fix the documentation of all implementations' constructor
	Fixes bug 592817.

	Update .gitignore

	Some more documentation enhancements

	Make some style consistence enhancements

2009-09-28  Maciej Piechotka  <>

	Replace old-style asserts in tests

	Add tests for Map.entries

2009-09-28  Didier 'Ptitjes  <>

	Implement TreeMultiMap

	Enhance multimap's tests

	Extract AbstractMultiMap from HashMultiMap

	Various documentation enhancements

	Fix {@inheritDoc} tags

	Fix filenames in file headers

2009-09-28  Maciej Piechotka  <>

	Introduce the SortedSet interface and implement it in TreeSet

	Add missing DEBUG section

2009-09-27  Didier 'Ptitjes  <>

	Make the coverage analysis on Vala code insteead of C code

2009-09-26  Didier 'Ptitjes  <>

	Fix TestCase against Vala master

	Fix PriorityQueue implementation
	The implementation was broken. The unused code, because we do not provide
	a queue merge operation, was put inside #if false directives and left in case we
	want to support that in the future. The debug code was enhanced too.

2009-09-26  Maciej Piechotka  <>

	Fix move_red_right and move_red_left in the Tree implementations
	Fixes bug 595703.

	 - For simplification move to 2-3 LLRB tree.

	Add more add and remove tests

2009-09-25  Didier 'Ptitjes  <>

	Fix a bug in PriorityQueue's iterator

	Fix warnings due to comparison to strcmp

	Use silent rules for users of automake 1.11

	Fix some missing pointer casts

2009-09-23  Didier 'Ptitjes  <>

	Fix item count decrementation on removal in AbstractMultiSet

	Introduce Map.key_type and Map.value_type

	Introduce immutable empty collection, list, set and map

	Make Map<K,V> be an Iterable<Map.Entry<K,V>>

	Implement TreeMultiSet
	Fixes bug 594940.

	Extract AbstractMultiSet from HashMultiSet

	Introduce MapIterator<K,V> and implement it in HashMap and TreeMap

2009-09-23  Maciej Piechotka  <>

	Fix the iterators of the TreeMap and TreeSet implementations

2009-09-21  Didier 'Ptitjes  <>

	Enhance the tests for the ReadOnly* implementations

2009-09-20  Didier 'Ptitjes  <>

	Reuse the keys, values and entries view instances where possible
	We use the same mechanism as for the read-only views.

	Introduce the Map.Entry<K,V> class and the Map.entries property
	We also use Map.entries to optimize the implementations of
	set_all, has_all and HashMultiMap by avoiding the common pattern:
	iterate on keys and for each key get the associated value.

	Introduce the Map.has (K key, V value) method
	Also we use Map.has to fix the implementation of has_all.

	Modify the Map interface API
	We do apply the following renaming:
	 - remove to unset
	 - contains to has_key
	 - remove_all to unset_all
	 - contains_all to has_all

	Old methods are documented as deprecated.

	Also get_keys() and get_values() are transformed into properties.

2009-09-20  Maciej Piechotka  <>

	Fix fix_up method in the TreeSet and TreeMap implementations
	Fixes bug 595703.

2009-09-20  Didier 'Ptitjes  <>

	Add a dependency to gee's vapi in tests' Makefile

	Introduce the Comparable interface and provide a CompareFunc for it

2009-09-19  Didier 'Ptitjes  <>

	Remove unusefull private setter only and construct only properties

	Fix first() and last() signatures in AbstractList

2009-09-16  Didier 'Ptitjes  <>

	Refactor the Set implementations' tests
	Fixes bug 594241.

	Fix some bugs in TreeSet implementation
	Fixes part of bug 594868.

	The access to child nodes two level deeper does not check that the
	child at the intermediate level is not null.
	Also has_next was incorrectly handled in case of an empty set.

	Remove construct block in HashSet
	Removing construct block enables the use of Vala's constructor chain up.

	Make Functions class a namespace and fix copyright and authorship

2009-09-15  Didier 'Ptitjes  <>

	Introduce the ListIterator interface and make lists implement it

2009-09-15  Maciej Piechotka  <>

	Introduce the BidirIterator interface

2009-09-15  Didier 'Ptitjes  <>

	Introduce remove method to the Iterator interface

	Add has_next and first methods to the Iterator interface

2009-09-15  Maciej Piechotka  <>

	Fix and improve the TreeMap and TreeSet implementations

2009-09-14  Didier 'Ptitjes  <>

	Fix read-only view unique instance test

	Fix benchmark's build with vala master

2009-09-14  Jürg Billeter  <>

	Fix build with vala master

2009-09-14  Didier 'Ptitjes  <>

	Add some tests for List.slice

	Fix List.get API contract and fix implementations accordingly

	Add tests for GObject properties

	Introduce PriorityQueue implementation of the Queue interface

	Use non-nullable capacities and a constant to specify unbounded

	Make Slice<G> a private inner class of TimSort<G>
	Inline methods are now inlined correctly by gcc.

2009-09-11  Julien Peeters  <>

	Refactor the Map implementations' tests
	Fixes part of bug 594241.

	Fix a bug in TreeMap implementation
	Fixes part of bug 594868.

	The access to child nodes two level deeper does not check that the
	child at the intermediate level is not null.

	Change the Iterator.get method signature and fix implementations
	Fixes part of bug 594868.

	Change the return type of the Iterator.get method from G? to G and
	apply those changes to implementations: ArrayList, HashMap,
	HashMultiSet, HashSet, LinkedList, TreeMap, TreeSet.

	Improve the access to first and last elements in LinkedList
	Fixes part of bug 594868.

	The signature of first and last properties in List did not take in account the
	fact that lists permit null elements. Their type has been changed from G? to G
	to reflect this.

	Also we optimized the access to first and last elements in LinkedList, which can
	be made through head and tail pointers directly.

	Improve the read-only view property by using weak pointers
	Fixes bug 594758.

	By using weak pointers the read-only view is destroyed when there is no
	references to it anymore.

2009-09-11  Didier 'Ptitjes  <>

	Introduce Queue and Deque interfaces, and implement them in LinkedList

	Make List.remove_at return the removed element

	D�efinitiely remove trailing whitespaces

2009-09-10  Didier 'Ptitjes  <>

	Make TimSort a GObject

	Setup test code coverage with lcov
	Code coverage analysis is enabled with --enable-coverage.

	Add missing --library in addition to --vapi in gee/Makefile
	The --gir option is not activated is --library is missing.

2009-09-09  Julien Peeters  <>

	Hide read-only views and make them accessible through a property
	Fixes bug 594578.

	A new read_only_view property is introduced in the Collection, List, Set and Map
	interfaces. The AbstractSet class is introduced to put the common code for the
	read_only_view property.

2009-09-09  Didier 'Ptitjes  <>

	Introduce benchmarks

	Introduce TimSort and the public sorting API

2009-09-07  Maciej Piechotka  <>

	Remove possibility of passing null to constructors of ReadOnly* classes
	Fixes bug 590305.

2009-09-07  Tomaž Vajngerl  <>

	Change ReadOnlySet to inherit from ReadOnlyCollection.
	Fixes part of bug 590677.

	Change ReadOnlyList to inherit from ReadOnlyCollection.
	Fixes part of bug 590677.

2009-09-07  Didier 'Ptitjes  <>

	Fix ReadOnlyCollection and ReadOnlyMap encapsulation failure

2009-09-06  Tomaž Vajngerl  <>

	Add tests for ReadOnlyCollection and ReadOnlyList
	Fixes part of bug 590677.

	Contains missing tests for ReadOnlyCollection and ReadOnlyList following
	the new tests implementation.

2009-09-06  Ali Sabil  <>

	Introduce the MultiMap interface and its hash based implementation

	Introduce the MultiSet interface and its hash based implementation

2009-09-06  Julien Peeters  <>

	Reuse generic Collection and List tests for LinkedList
	LinkedList tests now follow the same way of testing than ArrayList ones.
	LinkedList tests inherit from the ListTests.

	Fix misunderstanding about ArrayList.{retain,remove}_all semantics
	These methods did not match the semantic of the Collection interface ones.
	Then they are deleted in order to use the implementation in

	By the way, few optimization could probably be found for these methods in
	the case of ArrayList.

	Add generic tests for collections and lists and refactor ArrayListTests
	Fixes part of bug 594241.

	Some more enhancements to the test infrastructure
	TestCase is a more appropriate name, and so are set_up and tear_down.

	Adding a short descriptive introduction for each implementation class.
	Generally this introduction consists of a implementation description and
	few word about comparison with other structures.

2009-09-05  Julien Peeters  <>

	Adding a first very basic documentation to data types implementations.
	When a data type method is already documented in a super class or
	in an interface the '@inheritDoc' parameter is set.

2009-09-04  Didier 'Ptitjes  <>

	Initial documentation infrastructure import

2009-09-03  Didier 'Ptitjes  <>

	Fixing generics typo in HashMap's Value collection

	Change inner classes' properties from construct to private set
	Removing construct properties enables the use of Vala's constructor chain up.

2009-09-02  Didier 'Ptitjes  <>

	Provide sane defaults for equal, hash and compare functions

	Change *_func properties from construct to private set
	Removing construct properties enables to use Vala's constructor chain up.

2009-08-05  Didier 'Ptitjes  <>

	Post-release version bump

	Release 0.3.0

	Enhanced Map removal to optionally retrieve removed value
	Fixes bug 587134.

	Remove invalid to_array implementation and re-enable test

2009-08-03  Didier 'Ptitjes  <>

	Bump library's version info

2009-07-31  Didier 'Ptitjes  <>

	Temporarily disable to_array test

2009-07-31  Tomaž Vajngerl  <>

	Add Map.is_empty|set_all|remove_all|contains_all and AbstractMap implementations
	Fixes bug 589902.

	Add List.first|last|insert_all methods and AbstractList implementations
	Fixes bug 589894.

	Added Collection.is_empty|add_all|contains_all|remove_all|retain_all
	Fixes bug 589690.

2009-07-31  Maciej Piechotka  <>

	Make Iterable.get_element_type a property
	Fixes bug 589551.

2009-07-31  Didier 'Ptitjes  <>

	Remove unused inherited interface declarations

	Fix list of maintainers

2009-07-27  Didier 'Ptitjes  <>

	Fix invalid test commit

2009-07-27  Julien Peeters  <>

	Make TestFixture's setup and teardown methods virtual

2009-07-27  Didier 'Ptitjes  <>

	Initial rework for tests

	Fix AbstractCollection.to_array method

2009-07-27  Julien Peeters  <>

	Add test fixture helper

2009-07-23  Didier 'Ptitjes  <>

	Introduce Collection.to_array() method
	A default naive implementation is provided in AbstractCollection. This
	implementation is overriden in ArrayList in order to take benefit of its array

	Introduce AbstractCollection base class
	All collection implementations now have a common AbstractCollection base class
	and now share the implementation of the get_element_type() method.

	Remove unused variable in tests

	Fix generic parameter typo

2009-07-23  Mark Lee  <>

	Add doubly linked list implementation
	Fixes bug 584032.

2009-07-22  Maciej Piechotka  <>

	Make func and wrappee properties non-updatable
	Fixes bug 583723.

	Add left-leaning red-black tree based set and map
	Fixes bug 583728.

2009-07-22  Didier 'Ptitjes  <>

	Post-release version bump

	Release 0.2.0

	Hardcode gir repository path
	Use of pkg-config make distcheck fail.

2009-07-20  Didier 'Ptitjes  <>

	Match vala-0.7.4's required GLib version

	Generate, install and distribute GIR file

	Post-release version bump

2009-07-19  Didier 'Ptitjes  <>

	Release 0.1.6

2009-07-19  Julien Fontanet  <>

	Make ArrayList.Iterator._stamp private

	Split asserts in ArrayList

2009-07-19  Didier 'Ptitjes  <>

	Hide inherited get and set methods from GLib.Object

	Add missing method documentation comment

2009-07-16  Didier 'Ptitjes  <>

	Initialize 'next' variables
	Fixes bug 588758.

2009-06-26  Jaap A. Haitsma  <>

	Add .gitignore
	Fixes bug #583729

	Add .doap file

2009-06-01  Jürg Billeter  <>

	gee: Fix memory leak in HashMap.remove and HashSet.remove
	Fixes bug 584440.

2009-04-30  Jürg Billeter  <>

	Update code using deprecated # modifier or operator

	Fix build with Vala 0.7
	Based on patch by Thijs Vermeir, fixes bug 579182.

	Generate ChangeLog from git log
	Add gitlog-to-changelog script from gnulib and a dist-hook to
	generate ChangeLog file when creating tarballs.
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