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libghc-sha-prof - Haskell SHA suite of message digest functions - GHC profiling libraries…  more info»


Package: libghc-sha-prof
Source: haskell-sha
Architecture: amd64
Maintainer: Debian Haskell Group <>
Installed-Size: 491
Depends: libghc-sha-dev (=, libghc-array-prof-, libghc-base-prof-, libghc-binary-prof-, libghc-bytestring-prof-
Provides: libghc-sha-prof-
Section: haskell
Priority: extra
Description: Haskell SHA suite of message digest functions - GHC profiling libraries
 This library implements the SHA suite of message digest functions,
 according to NIST FIPS 180-2 (with the SHA-224 addendum), as well
 as the SHA-based HMAC routines.
 The functions have been tested  against most of the NIST and RFC test
 vectors for the various functions. While some attention has been paid
 to performance, these do not presently reach the speed of well-tune
 libraries, like OpenSSL.
 This package contains the profiling libraries compiled for GHC.
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