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libghc-split-prof - Haskell library for splitting lists - GHC profiling libraries…  more info»


Package: libghc-split-prof
Source: haskell-split
Architecture: mipsel
Maintainer: Debian Haskell Group <>
Installed-Size: 405
Depends: libghc-split-dev (=, libghc-base-prof-
Provides: libghc-split-prof-
Section: haskell
Priority: extra
Description: Haskell library for splitting lists - GHC profiling libraries
 This Haskell library provides a wide range of strategies and a unified
 combinator framework for splitting lists with respect to some sort of
 For example, it can split a list every N elements, or on elements that
 satisfy some condition.
 This package contains the profiling libraries compiled for GHC.
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