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               hscurses -- A Haskell Binding to ncurses

hscurses is a Haskell binding to the ncurses library, a library of
functions that manage an application's display on character-cell
terminals. hscurses also provides some basic widgets implemented on
top of the ncurses binding, such as a text input widget and a table

The hscurses library has been reported to work on Linux x86 using GHC 6.8.2.

Building and installing the hscurses library with GHC 6.8


- GNU m4
- GHC >= 6.8
- ncurses

Build and installation steps:

  runhaskell Setup.hs configure
  runhaskell Setup.hs build
  runhaskell Setup.hs install

In order to generate the API documentation, you need haddock
( The command is then:

  runhaskell Setup.hs haddock

Using the hscurses library:

Just add the flag `-package hscurses' to the compiler flags. At the
moment, user documentation is only available through Haddock API


   John Meacham <john @ repetae . net>, 2002-2004.
   Tuomo Valkonen <tuomov @>, 2004.
   Don Stewart <>, 2004.
   Stefan Wehr <>, 2004-2005.


John Meacham started the binding for his chat client Ginsu

Tuomo Valkonen integrated to code into Riot
(, with minor modifications.

Don Stewart improved the code for the Yi editor

Stefan Wehr turned the binding into a standalone library. He also
added some basic widgets.
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