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LibGII (General Input Interface) is intended to be to input what our LibGGI
(General Graphics Interface) library is to graphics.

LibGII is based on the concept of input streams, which virtualize access
to the underlying input drivers. Events from various input devices are
abstracted into easy-to-use structures. LibGII also allows the application to
join streams together, receiving input from an arbitrary combination of
devices. LibGII is a separate component from LibGGI, although LibGGI
depends on LibGII for input purposes.

The main purpose of this LibGII release is to accompany our LibGGI
release, but you're still very welcome to use LibGII as a standalone
library for your non-LibGGI applications. Also you might be interested in
the mhub utility found in the demos directory. mhub is a mouse event repeater
and converter. See mhub(1) and the libgii(7) and input-<target>(7) manual pages
for more info.


* Linux for linux-kbd inputlib (but not for linux-mouse, despite the name...)
* VGL library if using display-vgl target.
* X Window System for x/xwin inputlibs.
* other libraries for other targets, such as aalib and SVGAlib.

How to install and use

See the files INSTALL and INSTALL.autoconf for installation instructions.

Demos are found in the programs/demos sub directory.  They are built

LibGII's and some of the targets' behaviour can be modified with
environment variables, please see the file doc/libgii-libraries.txt or
libgii(7) for a list of those.

The descriptions of inputlibs are found in the man.txt files of the
input or filter directory (try 'find . -name man.txt') and as manpage.
View them by 'man input-<targetname>' respectively 'man
filter-<targetname>' command.

The GGI mailing lists

There are several mailing lists available for discussion of GGI-related
topics. Please see for more info.

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