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libginac2-dbg - GiNaC symbolic framework debugging symbols…  more info»


The GiNaC Group
Christian Bauer <>
Chris Dams <>
Alexander Frink <>
Vladimir V. Kisil <>
Richard Kreckel <>
Alexei Sheplyakov <>
Jens Vollinga <>

Contributors of patches

Roberto Bagnara, Do Hoang Son, Markus Nullmeier, Pearu Peterson, Benedikt
Pluemper, Ben Sapp, Stefan Weinzierl.
(Please send email if you think you were forgotten.)

Contacing the authors

If you have found a bug, have a patch or a question or would like to
make a suggestion please send email to one of our public mailing lists
instead of to one or more of the authors.  This avoids both potential
duplication of work and delays caused by possible vacations.  Mailing
list subscription is explained at <>.
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