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2006-06-21 Gonzalo Paniagua Javier <>

	* glade/HandlerNotFoundExeception.cs:
	* glade/XML.custom: provide a better error when the signature of a
	handler does not match the one of the event.

2006-05-10  Mike Kestner  <>

	* bootstrap-2.10 : strap for the new 2.9.0 API.
	* generator/SymbolTable.cs : add GLib.InitiallyUnowned mapping.
	* glib/InitiallyUnowned.cs : new floating class "stub".
	* glib/ : build new class.
	* gdk/gdk-api-2.10.raw: parse from 2.9.0
	* gtk/Gtk.metadata: cleanup conflicts in 2.10 API.
	* gtk/gtk-api-2.10.raw: parse from 2.9.0
	* pango/pango-api-2.10.raw: parse from 1.11.99
	* sources/ : 2.10 parse setup and api-2.10 
	* sources/gtk_tree_model_signal_fix-2.10.patch : 2.10 patch.
	* sources/gtk-sharp-2.10-sources.xml : parse rules for 2.10

2006-05-08  Joe Shaw  <>

	* glib/ValueArray.cs: Don't immediately free ValueArrays; queue
	them up to be freed in the main thread by using a Timeout.  This
	fixes SMP deadlocks when the GValues contained therein aren't
	threadsafe (like GDK resources).  Fixes Novell bug #168650.

2006-05-04  Peter Johanson  <>

	* gtk/glue/cellrenderer.c: Revert r59683, as it causes issues for
	overrides calling base.GetSize (), etc.

2006-05-03  Mike Kestner  <>

	* gdk/Drawable.custom : remove manual DrawPoints impl.
	* gdk/Gdk.metadata : properly mark array and count params for

2006-05-02  Zac Bowling  <>

	* docs/en/Gdk/Drawable.xml
	* gdk/Drawable.custom
	* gdk/Gdk.metadata : Fix Drawable.DrawPoints points param signature.

2006-04-20  Peter Johanson  <>

	* gtk/glue/cellrenderer.c: Make GetSize, Render, etc behave correctly
	for all cases. Fixes #77949.

2006-04-15  Zac Bowling	 <>
	* README.generator : Updated with link to GAPI guide on Wiki

2006-03-27  Mike Kestner  <>

	* gnomevfs/MimeType.cs : remove string from all pinvoke sigs. now
	adheres to the const/non-const conventions specified in the vfs
	headers.  Fixes #77534.

2006-03-27  Mike Kestner  <>

	* glib/ListBase.cs : deal with ownership of Opaque elements.
	* glib/Marshaller.cs : add a hack to deal with Opaque ownership in
	ListToArray marshaling.

2006-02-28  Mike Kestner  <>

	* bootstrap-2.* : update for 2.x.2 releases.

2006-02-28  Mike Kestner  <>

	* pango/Context.custom : use ReadIntPtr (ptr, offset) for 64 bit.
	* pango/FontFamily.custom : use ReadIntPtr (ptr, offset) for 64 bit.
	* pango/FontMap.custom : use ReadIntPtr (ptr, offset) for 64 bit.
	* pango/Layout.custom : use ReadIntPtr (ptr, offset) for 64 bit.

2006-02-28  Mike Kestner  <>

	* gdk/Region.custom : 64 bit fix for ptr arithmetic. [Fixes #77658]

Tue Feb 28 09:44:23 CET 2006 Paolo Molaro <>

	* gdk/Pixbuf.custom: use correct type for buffer_size in
	gdk_pixbuf_save_to_bufferv() (fixes bug# 77662).

2006-02-16  Mike Kestner  <>

	* sample/gnomevfs/ : make TestXfer conditional to a mono
	build since it uses Mono.GetOptions.  [Fixes #77497]

2006-02-03  Mike Kestner  <>

	* sample/gnomevfs/TestVolume.cs : remove C# 2.0 usage.

2006-02-03  Mike Kestner  <>

	* bootstrap-2.* : update for 2.x.1 releases.

2006-02-03  Mike Kestner  <>

	* generator/Signal.cs : virtual method enum retvals must be case to 
	Enum before casting to their ultimate type.  Also dispose retval 
	gvalues to avoid reference leaks.

2006-01-31  Mike Kestner  <>

	* gnome/About.custom : fix some nullterm issues in subclass 
	construction as reported on irc by latexer.

2006-01-31  Mike Kestner  <>

	* gtk/Dialog.custom : null check a parent arg.  [Fixes #77400]

2006-01-22  Mike Kestner  <>

	* : work around broken vte that doesn't
	advertise its gtk+ dependency to pkg-config. [Fixes #77323]

2006-01-21  Mike Kestner  <>

	* generator/SymbolTable.cs : alias off_t to ssize_t as it is
	signed according to harold.  [Fixes #77016]

2006-01-21  Mike Kestner  <>

	* gtk/RadioToolButton.custom : manually implement the GLib.List group
	ctors.  [Fixes #76992]

2006-01-17  Mike Kestner  <>

	* gnome/Canvas.custom : add a ctor (bool is_aa) using the
	construct-only prop.
	[Fixes #77017]

2006-01-17  Wade Berrier  <>

	* Have vte-sharp only depend on gtk-sharp instead of gnome-sharp
	* sample/VteTest.cs: use gtk# calls instead of gnome#
	* vte/ depend on gtk-sharp instead of gnome-sharp
	* Allow vte to be build if gnome isn't going to be built
	[Fixes #77182]

2006-01-13  Mike Kestner  <>

	* glib/Marshaller.cs : subtract utc_offset when marshaling to time_t.
	[Fixes #77244]

2006-01-12  Mike Kestner  <>

	* sources/MethodBody.cs : use Utf8.GetByteCount for hidden len params.
	[Fixes #77097]

2006-01-11  Mike Kestner  <>

	* bootstrap-2.8 : bump version to 2.8.0

2005-12-30  Alp Toker  <>

	* Thread.cs: Add GLib.Thread.Supported, should be checked to avoid doing
	Thread.Init() twice (Mono runtime initialises GLib threads itself, MS
	runtime doesn't)
	* glue/thread.c: g_thread_supported() is a macro, so needs glue
	* glue/
	* glue/makefile.win32: Update makefiles with new glue file.

2005-12-21  Lluis Sanchez Gual  <>

	* generator/FieldBase.cs: Properly convert marshalled value 
	to native value.
	* generator/CallbackGen.cs: Added parens to the result of ToNativeReturn,
	since it may have problems with the cast.

2005-12-16  John Luke  <>

	* samples/CairoSample.cs:
	* samples/GtkCairo.cs:
	* samples/ update the cairo sample, fixes bug #76324
2005-12-16  Mike Kestner  <>

	* gdk/PixbufLoader.custom (InitFromAssemblyResource): move stream
	access code outside the try block so only the Load is cleaned up with 
	the finally block. Add some other arg checking. [Fixes #76997]

2005-12-13  Mike Kestner  <>

	* sources/ : move to stable gtk 2.8 versions.
	* sources/gtk-sharp-2.8-sources.xml : move to stable gtk 2.8 versions.
	* */*.raw : regenerate.
	* gdk/Gdk.metadata : hide a few gtk+ internal methods.
	* gtk/Gtk.metadata : hide a win32 internal enum.

2005-12-13  Mike Kestner  <>

	* bootstrap-2.8 : bump version to 2.7.90.

2005-12-13  Mike Kestner  <>

	* gconf/GConf/ : add GAPI_CDECL_INSERT step.
	* gconf/GConf.PropertyEditors/ : add GAPI_CDECL_INSERT step.

2005-12-13  Mike Kestner  <>

	* : check for mono-cairo.pc.
	* Makefile.include : use AC_SUBST for cairo ref.
	* gdk/Gdk.metadata : s/Cairo.Graphics/Cairo.Context.

2005-12-12  Mike Kestner  <>

	* gnomevfs/Gnomevfs.metadata : mark some const strings.
	[Fixes #76270]

2005-12-12  Mike Kestner  <>

	* gdk/EventClient.cs : fix native long marshaling issue. Thanks to for the bug report and investigation.
	[Fixes #76740]

2005-12-12  Itamar Rogel  <>

	* NodeView.cs : add default ctor and NodeStore setter.
	[Fixes #76827]

2005-12-12  Mike Kestner  <>

	* generator/Signal.cs : pass byte cnt for autogenerated string length
	parameters.  Thanks to Itamar Rogel for the report and a candidate
	patch. [Fixes #76952]

2005-12-10  Mike Kestner  <>

	* gtk/gtk-api-2.8.raw : regenerated.
	* gtk/IconView.custom : manually implement a new interface method.
	* parser/ : more general G_DEFINE_TYPE_WITH_CODE parsing
	[Fixes #76266]

2005-12-10  Mike Kestner  <>

	* gdk/gdk-symbols.xml : add GrabBroken mapping.
	* gdk/Event.cs : add GrabBroken to GetEvent.
	* gdk/EventGrabBroken.cs : manual Event subclass.
	* gdk/Gdk.metadata : hide new GrabBroken event.
	* gdk/ : add new source file.

2005-12-09  Mike Kestner  <>

	* pango/Pango.metadata : 2.8 API tweaks
	* gdk/Gdk.metadata : 2.8 API tweaks
	* gtk/Gtk.metadata : 2.8 API tweaks
	* gtk/IconView.custom : overloads for the weird ScrollToPath.
	* gtk/ : add custom

2005-11-19  Mike Kestner  <>

	* generator/ManualGen.cs (CallByName): add null handling.
	[Fixes #76540]

2005-11-15  Ben Maurer  <>

	* gdk/Rectangle.custom: Fix up Intersect using p/invoke, per
	miguel's request.

2005-11-10  Mike Kestner  <>

	* bootstrap-2.6 - renamed from bootstrap
	* bootstrap-2.8 : renamed from bootstrap-for-the-insane, removed
	message of doom, require Gtk 2.8. Change version to 2.7.1.

2005-10-31  Wade Berrier <>

	* .pc and wrapper scripts: Use relative paths so gtk-sharp is 

2005-10-19  Mike Kestner  <>

	* gtk/TextBuffer.custom : add some obsolete overloads for backward
	compat with some not-completely-unusable 1.0.x methods.

2005-10-19 Gonzalo Paniagua Javier <>

	* glib/Object.cs: remove the fast path. It was causing troubles with

2005-10-19  Mike Kestner  <>

	* gnome/PrintContext.custom (SetFont): pass the font by handle, not

2005-10-19  Mike Kestner  <>

	* bootstrap : bump version for 2.6.0.
	* bootstrap-2.4 : bump version for 2.4.0.

2005-10-08  Miguel de Icaza  <>

	* gtk/Application.cs (Invoke): Use Timeout instead of Idle add to
	trigger the event on the Gtk thread.

2005-10-09  Mike Kestner  <>

	* Makefile.include : reference Mono.Cairo.dll.
	* gdk/Gdk.metadata : add cairo_t symbol element.

2005-10-09  Mike Kestner  <>

	* : string quote the POLICY_VERSIONS.
	* Makefile.include : multiple policy fixes.
	* */ : multiple policy fixes.

2005-10-08  Mike Kestner  <>

	* generator/Signal.cs : handle enum return values GTypes.
	* gtk/TextBuffer.custom : mark Text prop !GTK_SHARP_2_8.
	[Fixes #75885]

2005-10-08  Ben Maurer  <>

	* glade/XML.custom: Do not look at inherited custom
	attrs. Increases performance.

	* glib/SignalAttribute.cs: Add AttributeUsage attr to increase
	perf and compiler checking

2005-10-07 Gonzalo Paniagua Javier <>

	* glib/MainContext.cs: added a Depth property to p/invoke g_main_depth.
	* glib/Object.cs:
	(Dispose): immediately call g_object_unref without queueing when
	possible (MainContext.Depth > 0) and use Timeout.Add instead of Idle.Add
	to get our unref callback scheduled more reliably.

2005-10-05  Mike Kestner  <>

	* bootstrap : bump version for beta3.
	* bootstrap-2.4 : bump version for beta3.

2005-09-27  Mike Kestner  <>

	* glib/Opaque.cs : remove the Opaques hash.  As f-spot demonstrated,
	we cannot rely on a pointer continuing to point at the same type in
	memory, since there is no destroy notification for most opaques.
	* glib/Value.cs : use more explicit GetOpaque overload.
	* gtk/Style.custom : use more explicit GetOpaque overload.

2005-09-24	Christian Hergert <>

	* vte/Vte.metadata: Fix Vte.Terminal.SetColors to reflect proper mapping
	to vte_terminal_set_colors. palette is now Gdk.Color[].
	* sample/VteTest.cs: Update to work with fixed parameter.
	* doc/en/Vte/Terminal.xml: Update vte docs to reflect parameter fix.

2005-09-23  Mike Kestner  <>

	* : expand glib-sharp-2.0.pc.
	* glib/ : new pc file template.
	* glib/ : dist and install pc file.
	* gtk/ : Require glib-sharp-2.0.

2005-09-21  Mike Kestner  <>

	* bootstrap* : expose POLICY_VERSIONS variable.
	* Makefile.include : build/install policy assemblies.
	* : policy config skeleton.
	* */ : ditto.

2005-09-19  Tambet Ingo  <>

	* glib/Opaque.cs: Set owned property in any case. Generated code
	will set owned to false after unref.

2005-09-15  Mike Kestner  <>

	* : make gtkhtml-3.8 check >= 3.8.0.
	[Fixes #76119]

2005-09-15  Mike Kestner  <>

	* glade/Glade.metadata : mark Interface.toplevels private to allow
	manual implementation.
	* glade/Interface.custom : add manual impl for Toplevels and obsolete
	old toplevels impl.
	* glade/ : add new custom.

2005-09-15  Mike Kestner  <>

	* parser/gapi-fixup.cs : warn on unmatched rules.  reworked from a Dan
	Winship patch.  [Fixes #76088]

2005-09-08  Dan Winship  <>

	* gtk/Gtk.metadata: Hide Gtk.Drag.SetIconDefault. Mark
	Gtk.TreeView.GetVisibleRect's arg as "out".

	* gtk/Drag.custom: gtk_drag_set_icon_default(ctx) should translate
	to Gtk.Drag.SetIconDefault(ctx), not Gtk.Drag.IconDefault = ctx.

	* gtk/TreeView.custom: add obsolete GetVisibleRect()

2005-09-07  Mike Kestner  <>

	* bootstrap : bump version for beta2.
	* bootstrap-2.4 : bump version for beta2.

2005-09-07  Eric Butler <>

	* gtk/NodeStore.cs : Add Clear() method
	* doc/en/Gtk/NodeStore.xml : Add documentation for above method

2005-09-07  Mike Kestner  <>

	* : check for monodoc sources dir and warn if we are
	configuring for a different prefix.
	* doc/ : add install targets.

2005-09-06  Mike Kestner  <>

	* gtk/NodeStore.cs : fix recursive emit of row_inserted.

2005-09-02  Tambet Ingo  <>

	* glib/Object.cs: Clean disposed flag from resurrected objects.

2005-09-02  Miguel de Icaza  <>

	* gtk/Application.cs (Invoke): Add new overloads to easily invoke
	methods on the executing thread.

2005-09-01  Miguel de Icaza  <>

	* gtk/Application.cs (Invoke): Add sugar to invoke a method on the
	main thread.

2005-09-02  Ben Maurer  <>

	* sample/NodeViewDemo.cs: take advantage of the stuff below

	* gtk/TreeNodeValueAttribute.cs: Allow on props

	* gtk/TreeNodeAttribute.cs: Obsolete column count

	* gtk/NodeStore.cs: Change this to not need the TreeNodeAttribute
	column count. Handle fields as well as properties.

2005-08-30  Mike Kestner  <>

	* gdk/Event.cs : add some null guarding to GetEvent.
	[Fixes #75642]

2005-08-30  Mike Kestner  <>

	* parser/ : ignore ifndef *_H_ lines like in 1.0.x.
	[Fixes #75938]

2005-08-30  Mike Kestner  <>

	* gtk/NodeStore.custom : recursively emit row_inserted for AddNode.
	[Fixes #75853]

2005-08-29  Mike Kestner  <>

	* gtk/Widget.custom : add overloads for Modify* without a Gdk.Color
	param to reset color to default.  [Fixes #75913]

2005-08-28  Ben Maurer  <>

	* Enable doc building without mono-tools being

	* gtk/NodeSelection.cs: helper api

2005-08-27  Peter Williams  <>

	* gnome/Program.custom: Use a GLib.Argv in PersistentData to store
	a handle to argv, so that the unmanaged strings aren't freed out
	from under popt. This allows the popt context to actually be used.

2005-08-26  John Luke  <>

	* glib/Signal.cs: deal with obj.Handle == IntPtr.Zero
	to avoid assertions
2005-08-25  Mike Kestner  <>

	* : move GACUTIL check forward ahead of a use.
	* Makefile.include : distcheck fixes
	* glib/ : distcheck fixes
	* gtkdotnet/ : distcheck fixes

2005-08-25  Mike Kestner  <>

	* : add PLATFORM_WIN32 conditional. Borrow mono's 
	libtool s/cyg// hack. Improve/relocate System.Drawing check.
	* Makefile.include : add gapi-cdecl-insert handling for win32.
	* glib/ : add gapi-cdecl-insert handling for win32.
	* gtkdotnet/ : s/-r:System.Drawing/-r:System.Drawing.dll/.
	* sample/DrawingSample.cs : remove C# 2.0-isms.
	* sample/ : s/-r:System.Drawing/-r:System.Drawing.dll/.

2005-08-25  Mike Kestner  <>

	* bootstrap : bump version to
	* bootstrap-2.4 : bump version to

2005-08-25  Mike Kestner  <>

	* sample/GtkDemo/DemoIconView.cs : remove C# 2.0-isms.
	* sample/opaquetest/OpaqueTest.cs : remove C# 2.0-isms.
	* sample/valuetest/ValueTest.cs : remove C# 2.0-isms.
	* sample/PolarFixed.cs : remove C# 2.0-isms.

2005-08-23  Ben Maurer  <>

	* glib/Object.cs: Escape names and ensure stuff is unique.

2005-08-23  Joe Shaw  <>

	* generator/SymbolTable.cs: Add "unsigned" as a type
	which maps to "uint".

	* parser/ Handle "type const *" return types
	as well.  I think this is all of them!

2005-08-23  Joe Shaw  <>

	* parser/ Fix a cut-and-paste error in handling
	"type const *" fields.

2005-08-23  Mike Kestner  <>

	* parser/ : handle foo const * fields.
	* gnome/gnome-api-2.10.raw : regen.

2005-08-23  Mike Kestner  <>

	* bootstrap-for-the-insane : restore the message of doom that was
	removed during the "bootstrap-generic" reorganization.

2005-08-22  Joe Shaw  <>

	* parser/ Fix a minor bug handling "type const *"

2005-08-22  Ben Maurer  <>

	* gtk/TreeNode.cs: Add Interlocked.Increment rather than ++. This
	makes it safe to create tree nodes in a worker thread as long as
	you reparent them into the tree with another thread. Thanks to mk
	for allowing a bit of threadedness in :-).
	* gtk/NodeView.cs: Fix leak here. r=mkestner

2005-08-22  Mike Kestner  <>

	* parser/ : handle "type const *" parameters.
	* gdk/gdk-api-2.8.raw : regened probably from one of danw's parser
	fixes.  [Fixes #75844]

2005-08-22  Dan Winship  <>

	* generator/Property.cs (Generate): Mark properties [Obsolete] if
	they or their accessors are marked deprecated. (Affects
	Gtk.Entry.Editable, Gtk.FontSelection.Font,
	Gtk.Notebook.*TabBorder, Gtk.Object.UserData, and a bunch of old
	Gtk.ProgressBar properties).

	* gtk/Gtk.metadata: Hide Entry.Editable. Mark Notebook.Homogeneous

	* gtk/Entry.custom: Implement Editable property with an Obsolete
	pointing to IsEditable.

2005-08-22  Dan Winship  <>

	* generator/CallbackGen.cs (Validate, MarshalType): if validation
	fails, set MarshalType to "" to propagate that failure into
	methods that have args of this type. [Fixes #75851]

2005-08-15  Peter Williams  <>

	* bootstrap-generic: New script, handles bootstrapping stuff generically
	and saves bootstrap settings so we can regenerate from

	* bootstrap
	* bootstrap-2.4
	* bootstrap-for-the-insane: Modify to use bootstrap-generic

	* ( Add a rule to run bootstrap.status to
	regenerate if changes.

2005-08-15  Mike Kestner  <>

	* bootstrap : update for 2.5.90 release. 
	* bootstrap-2.4 : update for 2.3.90 release. 

2005-08-15  Mike Kestner  <>

	* gtk/glue/makefile.win32 : s/.c/.o typo.

2005-08-15  Mike Kestner  <>

	* pango/makefile.win32 : process symbols file at fixup target.

2005-08-15  Mike Kestner  <>

	* sample/opaquetest/ : make clean fixes
	* sample/valtest/ : make clean fixes

2005-08-15  Dan Winship  <>

	* sample/opaquetest/ (EXTRA_DIST): add missing files
	(generated/*.cs): fix for srcdir!=builddir
	* sample/valtest/ (EXTRA_DIST): add missing files
	(Valobj.cs): fix for srcdir!=builddir

2005-08-15  Mike Kestner  <>

	* glib/Object.cs : hold strong refs for managed subclasses and
	weakrefs for wrappers.
	* gtk/Object.custom : don't hold managed refs here, they are now held
	in GLib.Object.

2005-08-11  Dan Winship  <>

	* parser/ (addFuncElems): if a struct or boxed type has
	a constructor or a ref, unref, or destroy method, then it must be
	a reference type, so mark it "opaque" but then also mark all of
	its fields public and writable.

	* */*-api*.raw: Regen

	* generator/Parser.cs (ParseNamespace): make the opaque attribute
	check actually look at the value of the attribute rather than just
	checking if it's there, so that you can change a struct's opaque
	attribute from "true" to "false" via metadata and have that work.

	* generator/BoxedGen.cs (Generate): do not generate the boxed's
	"Free" method (since it's guaranteed to crash when we pass it a
	stack pointer). If "Copy" is marked deprecated, create a
	deprecated no-op for it, otherwise just skip it (since otherwise
	it will just leak memory when we copy its result onto the stack).

	* pango/Pango.metadata: deprecate Pango.Color.Copy and
	Pango.Matrix.Copy. Hide some array fields in Pango.GlyphString
	that we've never generated correctly. Tweak Pango.LayoutLine
	fields to be the same as they used to be.

	* pango/GlyphItem.custom (glyphs, item):
	* pango/GlyphString.custom (Zero, New):
	* pango/Item.custom (Zero, New):
	* pango/LayoutRun.custom (glyphs, item): add deprecated API compat

	* gdk/Gdk.metadata: undo the parser's new opaquification of
	Gdk.Font; it's been deprecated since pre-gtk# times, and no one
	should be using it, so there's no point in fixing it now. Fix up a
	few other things to match how they used to be. Fix RgbCmap's
	constructor args.

	* gdk/RgbCmap.custom (Zero, New): deprecated API compat

	* gdk/PangoAttrEmbossed.custom:
	* gdk/PangoAttrStipple.custom (Zero, New, Attr): deprecated API
	(explicit operator ...): allow casting back and forth between
	Pango.Attribute. (We can't usefully make them real subclasses of
	Pango.Attribute, because there's no way for
	Pango.Attribute.GetAttribute() to be able to dtrt with them.)

	* gtk/Gtk.metadata: deprecate Gtk.Requisition.Copy,
	Gtk.TextIter.Copy, and Gtk.TreeIter.Copy. Mark the return value of
	TextView.DefaultAttributes as "owned". Mark TargetList's fields
	private so it stays how it used to be.

	* gtk/TextAttributes.custom (Zero, New): deprecated API compat

	* gnomevfs/Gnomevfs.metadata: remove a bunch of opaque
	declarations that the parser figures out on its own now.

	* art/Art.metadata:
	* glade/Glade.metadata:
	* rsvg/Rsvg.metadata: un-mark everything the parser marked opaque
	in these libraries, because all of the structs in question would
	still be unusably broken, so the API churn would be pointless.

2005-08-11  Dan Winship  <>

	* generator/OpaqueGen.cs (Generate):
	* generator/StructBase.cs (Generate): Add the [Obsolete] attribute
	to deprecated structs/boxeds/opaques too. (Affects Gdk.Font,
	Gtk.Arg, Gtk.ItemFactoryEntry, Gnome.IconData, and [in 2.6]

2005-08-09  Dan Winship  <>

	* kill off all gda/gnomedb references.
	(Henceforth gda# and gnomedb# will be part of gda and gnomedb. Or
	maybe separate modules in Mono SVN. Not part of gtk-sharp though.)

	* (SUBDIRS): remove gda and gnomedb

	* gda/, gnomedb/: buh-bye

	* sources/ remove gda/gnomedb

	* sources/gda.patch, sources/gnomedb.patch: gone

2005-08-09  Dan Winship  <>

	* generator/ClassBase.cs (Validate): Don't fully validate the
	parent class and interfaces (because we don't want to see the
	warnings about certain GtkWidget methods in every single library
	that defines a widget, etc). Instead, use the new
	ValidateForSubclass() method.
	(ValidateForSubclass): only validate the signals

	* generator/InterfaceGen.cs (ValidateForSubclass): for interfaces
	we need to validate the methods too.

	* generator/ObjectGen.cs (Generate): Check for interface method
	collisions against the class's own methods too, not just its other
	interfaces. Also, it's only a collision if the methods' signatures
	have the same types.

	* generator/Method.cs (GenerateDeclCommon): Strip "Get"/"Set" even
	in the context of "Gtk.TreeModel.GetNColumns"

	* generator/Signal.cs (GenDefaultHandlerDelegate): Use
	"{0}_managed" rather than "obj" for the internal variable name, to
	avoid compile problems with signals that have a parameter named

	* generator/SymbolTable.cs (MangleName): mangle "internal" to

	* generator/CallbackGen.cs (GenWrapper): treat InterfaceGen return
	values the same as ObjectGen

2005-08-09  Dan Winship  <>

	* generator/OpaqueGen.cs (Generate): Tweak the generated Ref/Unref
	a bit; only Ref the pointer if Owned is false (and then set it to
	true), and vice versa for Unref.

	* glib/Opaque.cs (Opaque): set owned before setting Raw, so
	that Raw will be reffed properly.
	(GetOpaque): Fix this up to dtrt in all cases with refcounted
	* gtk/TreeView.custom (GetPathAtPos): Use "GetOpaque(...)" rather
	than "new TreePath()"

	* sample/opaquetest/*: regression test for opaque free/ref/unref

	* sample/ (SUBDIRS): add opaquetest

	* (AC_OUTPUT): add opaquetest files

2005-08-04  Dan Winship  <>

	Change the way generatable validation works. Some generatable
	properties can't be set until Validate-time (eg, Method.IsGetter),
	but it's annoying for every potential user of those properties to
	have to make sure it has Validated the generatable first. So now
	we add an explicit Validate() step after everything is loaded but
	before anything is Generated, so that at Generation time,
	everything can be assumed to have been Validated.

	* generator/IGeneratable.cs: add "bool Validate()"

	* generator/CodeGenerator.cs (Main): after loading all of the
	generatables, DeAlias the SymbolTable, Validate() all the
	generatables, and discard any invalid ones.

	* generator/*.cs: Implement Validate() trivially in generatables
	that didn't implement it before. Move Validate() calls from
	Generate() to Validate(). Remove non-hierarchical Validate()

	* generator/SymbolTable.cs: GPtrArray is IntPtr, not IntPtr[]
2005-08-04  Dan Winship  <>

	* gtk/TargetList.custom: add an operator for casting to
	TargetEntry[], so you can use methods like
	TargetList.AddTextTargets() in situations where you need a
	TargetEntry[] rather than a TargetList.

	* gtk/glue/targetlist.c: glue for that

2005-08-04  Mike Kestner  <>

	* generator/Ctor.cs : call Finish and HandleException for static ctor
	method bodies. [Fixes #75493]

2005-08-03  Mike Kestner  <>

	* bootstrap : use gnome and vfs 2.10 api.
	* bootstrap-2.4 : use gnome and vfs 2.6 api.
	* bootstrap-for-the-insane : use gnome and vfs 2.10 api for now.
	* gnome/gnome-api.raw : rename to gnome-api-2.6.raw.
	* gnome/gnome-api-2.10.raw : new 2.10 parse.
	* gnomevfs/gnome-vfs-api.raw : rename to gnome-api-2.6.raw.
	* gnomevfs/gnome-vfs-api-2.10.raw : new 2.10 parse.
	* gnomevfs/Gnomevfs.metadata : mark MimeApplication opaque.
	* sources/ : split gnome parse for 2.6/2.10.
	* sources/gtk-sharp-2.4-sources.xml : parse GNOME 2.6.
	* sources/gtk-sharp-2.6-sources.xml : parse GNOME 2.10.
	* sources/gtk-sharp-2.8-sources.xml : parse GNOME 2.10 for now.

2005-08-02  Dan Winship  <>

	* generator/Property.cs (Generate): cast GLib.Values to
	System.Enum before casting them to an enum type, to fix the build
	with csc 1.1.

2005-07-29  Dan Winship  <>

	Automatic memory management for opaque types [#49565]
	* glib/Opaque.cs (Owned): new property saying whether or not gtk#
	owns the memory.
	(Opaque): Set Owned to true in the void ctor and false in the
	IntPtr one.
	(GetOpaque): add a new overload that can also create opaques, a la
	(Ref, Unref, Free): empty virtual methods to be overridden by
	(set_Raw): Unref() and possibly Free() the old value, Ref() the
	new one.
	(~Opaque, Dispose): set Raw to IntPtr.Zero (triggering Free/Unref
	if needed)

	* parser/ (addReturnElem): if the method is named Copy
	and returns a pointer, set the "owned" attribute on the

	* */*-api.raw: Regen
	* generator/HandleBase.cs (FromNative): Add new
	FromNative/FromNativeReturn overloads that takes a "bool owned"
	param. Implement the 1-arg FromNative and FromNativeReturn in
	terms of that.

	* generator/ObjectBase.cs (FromNative): Implement HandleBase's new
	overload. Use the two-arg version of GLib.Object.GetObject when
	"owned" is true.

	* generator/OpaqueGen.cs (Generate): Pull out Ref, Unref, and
	Free/Destroy/Dispose methods and handle them specially by
	overriding Opaque.Ref, .Unref, and .Free appropriately. (If any
	of the methods are marked deprecated, output a deprecated
	do-nothing method as well, to save us from having to write all
	those deprecated methods by hand.)
	(FromNative): use GetOpaque, passing "owned".

	* generator/ReturnValue.cs (FromNative): if the value is a
	HandleBase, pass Owned to its FromNative().

	* generator/Parameters.cs (Owned): new property (for use on out
	(FromNative): Call FromNative() on the generatable, handling Owned
	in the case of HandleBase.

	* generator/ManagedCallString.cs:
	* generator/MethodBody.cs:
	* generator/Signal.cs: use param.FromNative() rather than
	param.Generatable.FromNative(), to get ownership right.

	* */*.metadata: Mark opaque ref/unref/free methods deprecated
	(except where we were hiding them before). Add "owned" attributes
	to return values and out params as needed.

	* pango/AttrIterator.custom (GetFont): work around a
	memory-management oddity of the underlying method.

	* pango/AttrFontDesc.cs (AttrFontDesc): copy the passed-in
	FontDescriptor, since the attribute will assume ownership of it.

	* gtk/TreeView.custom (GetPathAtPos): set the "owned" flag on the
	returned TreePaths.

	* gtk/TargetList.custom: Remove refcounting stuff, which is
	now handled automatically

	* gtk/NodeStore.cs (GetPath): clear the Owned flag on the created
	TreePath so that the underlying structure doesn't get freed when
	the function returns

	* gtkhtml/HTMLStream.custom (Destroy): hide this and then
	reimplement it by hand to keep OpaqueGen from using it in
	Dispose(), since calling it after an HTMLStream.Close() will
	result in a crash.

2005-08-01  Todd Berman  <>

	* gtk/Gtk.metadata: Change the Gtk.Style.Paint* methods to use a
	Gdk.Drawable instead of a Gdk.Window
	* doc/en/Gtk/Style.xml: Update the documentation for the above

2005-07-28  Mike Kestner  <>

	* bootstrap-for-the-insane : beginnings of 2.8 binding.
	* */*-api-2.8.raw : 2.8 api files.
	* gdk/Gdk.metadata : work around #define used in Pixbuf props in 2.7.
	* parser/ : collision guarding for privatestruct defs.
	* sources/gtk-sharp-2.8-sources.xml : parse for 2.8.
	* sources/ : api-2.8, get-2.8-sources, etc...

2005-07-28  Dan Winship  <>

	* sources/gtk-sharp-2.4-sources.xml: 
	* sources/gtk-sharp-2.6-sources.xml: exclude a bunch of
	gnome-print stuff that is not part of gnome-print's public API.

	* gnome/gnome-api.raw: regen

	* gnome/Gnome.metadata: remove some no-longer-needed metadata

	* gnome/GPFontEntry.custom: 
	* gnome/GPPath.custom: no longer needed

	* gnome/FontFamily.cs: moved from FontFamily.custom, since there's
	no longer any non-custom portion of this.

2005-07-27  Dan Winship  <>

	* gtk/ComboBoxEntry.custom: add an "Entry" property to cleanly
	fetch the ComboBoxEntry's Gtk.Entry

2005-07-27  Dan Winship  <>

	* parser/ (addParamsElem): deal with G_CONST_RETURN in
	params... some functions use that to mark const "out" params. In
	fact, let's use it as a hint to mark them pass_as="out" too...

	* pango/pango-api-2.4.raw: 
	* pango/pango-api-2.6.raw: 
	* gtk/gtk-api-2.6.raw: Regen, fixing pango_script_iter_get_range
	and gtk_image_get_icon_name.

	* pango/Pango.metadata: 
	* pango/ScriptIter.cs: Alas, exposing GetRange makes it clear that
	PangoScriptIter is really weird and we weren't wrapping it
	correctly before anyway, so mark the whole thing hidden and wrap
	it by hand.

2005-07-25  Mike Kestner  <>

	* gnome/Gnome.metadata : mark IconList.GetIconFilename retval const.
	[Fixes #75530]

2005-07-21  Dan Winship  <>

	* glib/Value.cs: Obsolete the EnumWrapper and UnwrappedObject
	constructors and casts. Add a new Enum cast.
	(Val): Handle Pointer values. Change the handling of Enum/Flags
	values to return the value directly rather than returning an
	EnumWrapper. Remove the Char (ie, "byte") handling since there
	aren't any char properties in all of gtk-sharp and the generator
	mistakenly converts them to strings anyway.

	* glib/EnumWrapper.cs: 
	* glib/UnwrappedObject.cs: Mark these Obsolete.

	* glib/glue/type.c (gtksharp_get_parent_type,
	* glib/glue/value.c (gtksharp_value_get_value_type): Remove some
	unneeded glue methods.

	* generator/Ctor.cs (Generate):
	* generator/Property.cs (Generate): Simplify the enum and object
	property glue to not use EnumWrapper or UnwrappedObject.

	* sample/valtest/*: a regression test for GLib.Value

	* add sample/valtest

2005-07-21  Dan Winship  <>

	* parser/ (parseInitFunc): handle interface properties
	as well as class properties

	* gtk/gtk-api-2.4.raw: 
	* gtk/gtk-api-2.6.raw: Regen (adding properties to GtkFileChooser).

	* generator/Property.cs (GenerateDecl): new method to generate
	just a property declaration (for an interface).
	(Generate): Add an "implementor" arg as with Method.Generate.

	* generator/InterfaceGen.cs (Generate): Generate properties. Also,
	validate methods *before* checking if they should be ignored,
	since certain Method properties aren't set until Validate-time.

	* generator/*.cs: misc minor changes/reorg for the above.

2005-07-19  Todd Berman  <>

	* gtk/TreeSelection.custom: Add an overload for GetSelected to remove
	the need to always pass in that damn TreeModel.
	* doc/en/Gtk/TreeSelection.xml: Add documentation for the new

2005-07-19  Dan Winship  <>

	* parser/ (addParamsElem): change the handling of
	anonymous function pointer types in method signatures. Before, we
	added a <callback> child to the <parameters> node, but the
	generator just ignored it. Now we add the callback (with a made-up
	name) to the toplevel node, and add an ordinary <param> node
	referencing it to the <parameters> node. Also, if the last param
	of the callback is a gpointer, rename it from "arg#" to "data" so
	it will be treated correctly (as the user data passed from the
	calling method). [Fixes #66241]

	* art/art-api.raw: 
	* gdk/gdk-api-2.4.raw: 
	* gdk/gdk-api-2.6.raw: Regen

	* generator/Parameters.cs (IsHidden): loosen the definition of
	hideable user_data; it doesn't have to occur at the end of the
	parameter list, as long as there's a callback arg before it.

	* generator/MethodBody.cs (GetCallString): Use Parameters.IsHidden
	to decide whether or not to squash user_data params, rather than
	trying to duplicate its logic. As a side effect, this also causes
	a handful of methods that take non-hidden IntPtr arguments to
	start actually passing those arguments to C rather than always
	passing IntPtr.Zero.

	* generator/Method.cs (Equals, GetHashCode): Remove unnecessary
	and possibly erroneous hashing overrides.

	* gtk/Gtk.metadata: Hide Gtk.Container.ForeachFull, since it's
	useless and wasn't in gtk# 1.0

	* gtk/Menu.custom (Popup):
	* gtk/TextIter.custom (ForwardFindChar, BackwardFindChar):
	* gnome/App.custom (CreateMenusInterp, InsertMenusInterp,
	* gnome/Client.custom (RequestInteractionInterp):
	* gnome/Popup.custom (MenuDoPopupModal, MenuDoPopup): Add
	[Obsolete] compat overloads for methods that have now lost a
	useless IntPtr.

2005-07-19  Dan Winship  <>

	* generator/Parameters.cs: Remove the AllowComplexRefs flag.
	(They're always allowed now.)

	* generator/Signal.cs (GenVirtualMethod): Fix up the use of CSType
	vs MarshalType in the ref/out-handling code so that this can
	marshal any type.

2005-07-18  Dan Winship  <>

	* parser/ Change a few instances of
	"last if ($line =~ /^}/);" to
	"last if ($line =~ /^(deprecated)?}/);" to prevent runaway
	parsing (in particular in libgnomeui).

	* sources/gtk-sharp-2.4-sources.xml: 
	* sources/gtk-sharp-2.6-sources.xml: exclude a handful of
	libgnomeui files that were omitted in gtk# 1.0 due to the parser
	bug, but which are entirely deprecated anyway. (Some of them
	showed up in earlier 1.9/2.4/2.6 releases but are going away again

	* gnome/gnome-api.raw: Regen

	* gnome/Gnome.metadata: Hide a few more things that should be
	hidden, remove a few rules that aren't needed any more. Keeping
	hiding GnomeIconTheme though and using the old by-hand IconTheme
	for the moment, since the by-hand one isn't compatible with the
	autogenerated one.

	* gnome/IconData.cs: kill this, use the autogenerated version

2005-07-13  Dan Winship  <>

	* sources/gtk-sharp-2.4-sources.xml: 
	* sources/gtk-sharp-2.6-sources.xml: remove some gnome-vfs files:
	gnome-vfs-method and gnome-vfs-transform, because they're
	internal/part of the module API, and gnome-vfs-file-size.h,
	because it's generated and shouldn't be in the source tarball (and
	we don't parse it right anyway).

	* gnomevfs/gnome-vfs-api.raw: Regen

	* gnomevfs/gnomevfs-symbols.xml: add GnomeVFSFileOffset

	* gnomevfs/Gnomevfs.metadata: remove a whole bunch of callback
	types that are only used from methods and structs that we hide.
2005-07-08  Mike Kestner  <>

	* */*.raw : regen.
	* parser/ : access comment doesn't have to start at
	beginning of line.

2005-07-08  Mike Kestner  <>

	* pango/*.raw : regen.
	* sources/gtk-sharp-2.4-sources.xml : exclude some xft and fc files.
	* sources/gtk-sharp-2.6-sources.xml : exclude some xft and fc files.

2005-07-07  Dan Winship  <>

	* gnome/Gnome.metadata: opaquify ModuleInfo and hide the types
	that are only used inside ModuleInfo, so we don't marshal the
	function pointers into (incorrect) delegates.

	* gnome/Modules.cs: 
	* gnome/Program.custom: update for ModuleInfo being a class rather
	than a struct now

2005-07-02  Mike Kestner  <>

	* generator/StructField.cs : fix name exception throw conditional.

2005-07-02  Mike Kestner  <>

	* generator/CallbackGen.cs : implement new IAccessor iface so that
	callback fields on structs can now be accessed.
	* generator/ClassBase.cs : remove/abstract some methods incorrectly
	located here.
	* generator/ClassGen.cs : implement methods previously inherited from
	ClassBase incorrectly.
	* generator/HandleBase.cs : new base class for native ptr wrappers.
	Implements new IAccessor interface and code moved from ClassBase.
	* generator/IAccessor.cs : new iface to generate field/prop accessors.
	* generator/InterfaceGen.cs : derive from new ObjectBase.
	* generator/LPGen.cs : implement IAccessor.
	* generator/LPUGen.cs : implement IAccessor.
	* generator/ObjectBase.cs : new base class for Object/Iface types.
	* generator/ObjectGen.cs : derive from new ObjectBase.
	* generator/OpaqueGen.cs : derive from HandleBase.
	* generator/StructField.cs : refactor Generate method using new
	IAccessor interface.
	* */*.custom : add obsolete impls for some existing c_cased struct
	field accessors that are now StudlyNamed.

2005-07-02  Mike Kestner  <>

	* generator/CallbackGen.cs : remove an old workaround that put
	the native wrapper class into the implementor's *Sharp namespace.
	Use new ImportSignature sig.
	* generator/ImportSignature.cs : don't mangle the callback wrapper
	namespace any more. Remove impl_ns ctor param and field.
	* generator/MethodBase.cs : use new MethodBody and ImportSignature
	ctor sigs.
	* generator/MethodBody.cs : drop the impl_ns ctor param.
	* generator/Signal.cs : use new ImportSignature ctor sig.
	* generator/VirtualMethod.cs : use new ImportSignature ctor sig.

2005-07-01  Mike Kestner  <>

	* generator/Parameters.cs : init allow_complex_refs to true to fix

2005-06-30  Dan Winship  <>

	* generator/Parameters.cs (AllowComplexRefs): new property for
	whether or not to allow "complex" ref/out args.
	(Validate): update for that

	* generator/Signal.cs: set AllowComplexRefs false on the params.
	(Validate): fix the messages
	(GenCallback, GenEventHandler): properly handle ref/out args, by
	manually pointerifying them (except for boxed args, which are
	already pointers).

	* glib/Marshaller.cs (StructureToPtrAlloc): Rename from
	PtrToStructureAlloc, since it wraps Marshal.StructureToPtr.

2005-06-28  Mike Kestner  <>

	* gtk/ComboBox.custom : add ctor (string[]).
	* gtk/ComboBoxEntry.custom : add ctor (string[]).
	* sample/test/TestComboBox.cs : simple new ComboBox tester.
	* sample/test/WidgetViewer.cs : button for simple new ComboBox tester.

2005-06-27  Mike Kestner  <>

	* gnome/CanvasBpath.custom : a BPath property to wrap the ugly Bpath
	IntPtr prop.  [Fixes #75381]

2005-06-24  Mike Kestner  <>

	* atk/Atk.metadata : couple of small api cleanups.

2005-06-24  Mike Kestner  <>

	* gtk/Gtk.metadata : remove the one reference to FileChooserEmbed.
	* gtk/gtk-api-2.*.raw : regen.
	* sources/gtk-sharp-2.*-sources.xml : exclude FileChooserEmbed files.

2005-06-23  Mike Kestner  <>

	* generator/ReturnValue.cs : support owned and elements_owned for lists.
	* glib/List.cs : add ctor overloads for memory mgmt.
	* glib/ListBase.cs : add ctor overloads for memory mgmt. Dispose
	elements if specified.
	* glib/SList.cs : add ctor overloads for memory mgmt.
	* gnome/Gnome.metadata : unhide and generate a List prop.
	* gnomevfs/Gnomevfs.metadata : unhide and generate a List prop.
	* gtk/FileChooser.custom : new. add hidden props.
	* gtk/FileChooserButton.custom : new. impl hidden props.
	* gtk/FileChooserDialog.custom : remove some List props and use the
	GLib.Marshaller for the remaining ones..
	* gtk/FileChooserWidget.custom : remove some List props and use the
	GLib.Marshaller for the remaining ones..
	* gtk/Gtk.metadata : unhide and let the generator do some List props.

2005-06-23  Mike Kestner  <>

	* gconf/GConf/Client.cs : support add/remove of a single notify handle
	to multiple directories.  [Fixes #55877]

2005-06-22  Mike Kestner  <>

	* sample/GladeTest.cs : add a menu item signal connect to test for the
	problem described in bug#74946.
	* sample/ : add menubar.

2005-06-22  Mike Kestner  <>

	* sample/GtkDemo/DemoHyperText.cs : replace PersistentData usage that
	breaks on csc.
	* sample/GtkDemo/DemoTreeStore.cs : fix a 2.0 usage.

2005-06-22  Mike Kestner  <>

	* generator/ManagedCallString.cs : don't assume ref for structs.
	* generator/VMSignature.cs : don't assume ref for structs.

2005-06-21  Mike Kestner  <>

	* generator/ConstStringGen.cs : override ToNativeReturn ().
	* generator/ClassBase.cs : use fully qualified interface names for
	conflicting implementations.

2005-06-20  Mike Kestner  <>

	* parser/ : fix const foo * const * fields/params.
	[Fixes #75266]

2005-06-17  Mike Kestner  <>

	* Makefile.include : add included apis as deps on the generation
	target to force regen if dependency lib api changes.
	* pango/Analysis.custom : new custom to implement the ExtraAttrs
	property.  [Fixes #74668]
	* pango/ : add new custom file.

2005-06-17  Mike Kestner  <>

	* bootstrap : use assembly version
	* bootstrap-2.4 : use assembly version
	* : substitute the assembly version.

2005-06-14  Mike Kestner  <>

	* gtk/Gtk.metadata : add nodes for all the *Set props on TextTag.
	[Fixes #75219]

2005-06-10  Dan Winship  <>

	* parser/ (addPropElem): Distinguish CONSTRUCT ("must
	be set at construct time") and CONSTRUCT_ONLY ("can only be set at
	construct time") properties, rather than marking them all

	* gnome/gnome-api.raw: 
	* gtk/gtk-api-2.4.raw: 
	* gtk/gtk-api-2.6.raw: Regen, causing a few formerly-read-only
	properties to become writable.

2005-06-10  Mike Kestner  <>

	* glade/XML.custom : add a try block on field autoconnect to make it
	easier to catch type mismatches and such.  Suggestion from Gonzalito.

2005-06-09  Lluis Sanchez  <>

	* glib/Marshaller.cs: Added null check in FilenamePtrToString.

2005-06-08  Mike Kestner  <>

	* generator/SimpleBase.cs : off-by-one in namespace join.
	* glib/ListBase.cs : support IntPtr element_type.
	* gnomevfs/FileInfo.cs : make it ManualGen friendly.
	* gnomevfs/*.cs : rework for FileInfo api changes.
	* gnomevfs/Gnomevfs.metadata : make FileInfo a manual symbol.
	* gnomevfs/Uri.custom : rework for FileInfo api changes.
	* gnome/ : add gnomevfs dependency to pick up some more api
	* gnome/ : advertise the vfs dep.
	[Fixes #71060]

2005-06-08  Mike Kestner  <>

	* generator/ReturnValue.cs : don't write a sem in FromNative.
	* glib/ListBase.cs : handle GLib.Object explicit element types.
	* glib/Marshaler.cs : only copy lists if Count > 0.
	* gtk/Gtk.metadata : unhide Window.ListToplevels with a proper element
	type for automatic list to array marshaling.
	* gtk/Window.custom : kill manual ListToplevels impl.

2005-06-08  Mike Kestner  <>

	* generator/ReturnValue.cs : improved list to array marshaling.
	* glib/Marshaller.cs : added ListToArray ().
	* gnomevfs/Gnomevfs.metadata : mark element_type on
	Mime.GetAllApplications. [Fixes #71888]

2005-06-06  Mike Kestner  <>

	* generator/ImportSignature.cs : fix native delegate namespacing hack.
	* gnomevfs/gnome-vfs-api.raw : regen.
	* gnomevfs/Gnomevfs.metadata : replace all the type renames with a
	namespace rename.  remove-node several manually implemented callback
	types and broken generated types for now.
	* gnomevfs/Async.cs : use Opaque.Handle.
	* gnomevfs/Handle.cs : kill. replaced by generated GLib.Opaque type.
	* gnomevfs/ : kill Handle.cs.
	* gnomevfs/Sync.cs : use Opaque.Handle.
	* sources/gtk-sharp-2.6-sources.xml : s/Gnome.Vfs/GnomeVFS.

2005-06-06  Mike Kestner  <>

	* Makefile.include : depend on gapi-fixup.exe for the api target.
	* parser/gapi-fixup.cs : remove-node rule handling.

2005-06-06  Dan Winship  <>

	* sample/GtkDemo/DemoRotatedText.cs (RotatedTextExposeEvent): Use
	Gdk.PangoRenderer.GetDefault() like the C gtk-demo rather than
	creating a new Gdk.PangoRenderer. [Fixes #74865]

	* gdk/Gdk.metadata: fix return type of Gdk.PangoRenderer.GetDefault

	* glib/GType.cs (cctor): call g_type_init(). (Avoids debug spew
	when monodocer updates doc/en/GLib/GType.xml.)

2005-06-02  Mike Kestner  <>

	* gtk/gtk-api-2.6.raw : regen.
	* parser/ : add G_DEFINE_TYPE_WITH_CODE handling.
	* parser/ : add G_DEFINE_TYPE_WITH_CODE parsing.
	[Fixes #74833]

2005-06-02  Mike Kestner  <>

	* glib/ListBase.cs : add a nested class to support filename encoded
	string element marshaling.
	* gtk/Gtk.metadata : mark the filenames and folders as filename
	* gtk/FileChooserDialog.custom : use new ListBase.FilenameString type
	for list element type of filenames and folders.
	* gtk/FileChooserWidget.custom : use new ListBase.FilenameString type
	for list element type of filenames and folders.
	[Fixes #72701]

2005-06-02  Mike Kestner  <>

	* generator/ConstFilenameGen.cs : new generatable for filename encoded
	const string marshaling
	* generator/ : add new file
	* generator/SymbolTable.cs : add new gfilename types.
	* glib/Marshaller.cs : add new filename-encoded string marshalers.
	* gtk/FileSelection.custom : use FilenamePtrToString to marshal.
	* gtk/Gtk.metadata : map the FileSelector filename types to my new
	imaginary gfilename type.  [Fixes #74963]

2005-06-02  Mike Kestner  <>

	* gtk/Object.custom : only connect to Destroyed for managed subclasses
	and let the wrappers get disposed by the GC.

2005-06-01  Mike Kestner  <>

	* glib/Value.cs : handle enum/flags types in Val.
	[Fixes #75112]

2005-06-01  Dan Winship  <>

	* glib/Value.cs: Add a constructor and an explicit cast for
	string[] (using a G_TYPE_STRV boxed value).

	* generator/SymbolTable.cs (SymbolTable): Map GStrv to string[].
	(The mapping relies on the above GLib.Value magic, so it only
	works correctly for properties, but that's ok, because GStrv isn't
	a real type anyway and only shows up in the api files for
	G_TYPE_STRV properties.) Makes the Gtk.AboutDialog Artists,
	Authors, and Documenters properties show up.

	* gtk/Gtk.metadata: hide
	AboutDialog.Get/SetArtists/Authors/Documenters, which can't be
	used to implement the Artists/Authors/Documenters properties,
	because the generated code doesn't know to NULL-terminate the

2005-05-31  Mike Kestner  <>

	* glib/Object.cs : rework the weakref release mechanism to avoid a
	couple "resurrection" issues.

2005-05-25  Mike Kestner  <>

	* : remove crosspkgdir arg that causes trouble with
	newer pkgconfigs.

2005-05-24  Dan Winship  <>

	* parser/ Make the enum value parser do the right
	thing with parenthesized values ("FOO = (1 << 2)") and within-type
	aliases ("GTK_ANCHOR_N = GTK_ANCHOR_NORTH"). Make it intentionally
	do the wrong thing with unparsable values (outputting them as-is
	into the api file) so that we are forced to fix them with metadata
	rather than silently getting incorrect values.

	* gdk/gdk-api-2.4.raw: 
	* gdk/gdk-api-2.6.raw (PixdataType): Now recognized as flags,
	not enum

	* gtk/Gtk.metadata: hide the enums ArgFlags and RcTokenType (which
	are not used by any wrapped API, and which formerly contained
	entirely wrong values).

	* gtk/gtk-api-2.4.raw: 
	* gtk/gtk-api-2.6.raw (AnchorType, SelectionMode): update with
	values for aliases

	* gnome/Gnome.metadata: fix value of Gnome.PrintButtons.Cancel

	* gnome/gnome-api.raw (PrintUnitBase, PaperSelectorFlags,
	PrintDialogFlags, PrintDialogRangeFlags): Now recognized as flags,
	with values.

2005-05-24  John Luke  <>

	* remove doc/updater/Makefile to fix build

2005-05-23  Mike Kestner  <>

	* : add monodocer-fu.

2005-05-21  Mike Kestner  <>

	* audit : add a compatibility auditing framework.
	* audit/base/*.apiinfo : initial checkin of 1.0.10 API for diffs.
	* audit/extract-missing.cs : XPath tool to grab presence='missing'.
	* audit/ : diffs api-infos to the base.
	* audit/ : drives a module-wide api-info extraction.
	* audit/ : drives the extract-missing.exe tool.
	* audit/makefile : all and check targets. no dist support.
	* audit/mono-api-info.cs: copied from mcs/tools/corcompare.
	* audit/mono-api-diff.cs: copied from mcs/tools/corcompare.

2005-05-17  Jordi Mas i Hernandez  <>

	* gnome/About.custom: fixes exception when passing null argument

2005-05-16  Mike Kestner  <>

	* makefile.win32 : remove 1.0 csc, default to 1.1.
	* gtk/TreeEnumerator.cs : remove C# 2.0 usage.
	* gtk/glue/makefile.win32 : remove duplicated cellrenderer.o.
	* vte/glue/ : use VTE_DEPENDENCIES_CFLAGS.
	* */makefile.win32 : add glue args to generation target.

2005-05-16  Mike Kestner  <>

	* : expand new vte glue makefile.
	* vte/glue/ : add GTK_CFLAGS to fix build. Remove
	win32 dist files.

2005-05-16  Dan Winship  <>

	* generator/StructBase.cs: update field-generation logic a bit

	* generator/CodeGenerator.cs: add a --glue-includes flag

	* generator/GenerationInfo.cs: Accept glue_includes value from
	Main and output it to the glue_filename.

	* generator/FieldBase.cs (Ignored): handle more ignorable cases.
	(CheckGlue): New method to figure out what kind of glue we'll need
	for a field.
	(GenerateImports): generate appropriate imports per CheckGlue.
	(GenerateGlue): Generate C glue for accessing a struct field;
	either a fully-C-based accessor, or a method to just return the
	field's offset in the struct.
	(Generate): Use the generated glue to read the field.

	* generator/PropertyBase.cs (CType): if the field is a single bit,
	set its type to gboolean.

	* generator/ObjectGen.cs (Generate):
	* generator/OpaqueGen.cs (Generate): Call GenFields.

	* generator/StructField.cs: Use FieldBase's glue-generation code
	to handle bitfields. [#54489]

	* generator/ObjectField.cs: Generates accessors for public fields
	of objects and opaque structs. [#69514]

	* generator/ClassBase.cs (ClassBase): Parse <fields> nodes and
	create ObjectField objects.
	(GenFields): Output field properties
	(IgnoreMethod): Ignore Get/Set methods that duplicate fields

	* generator/ (sources): update

	* {gdk,gnome,gtk,pango}/*.metadata: Mark some additional fields as
	public. Rename/retype some fields for consistency with earlier
	hand-coded bindings.

	* {gdk,gnome,gtk,pango}/*.custom: Remove custom methods that can
	now be autogenerated.

	* {gdk,gnome,gtk,pango}/glue/*.c: Remove glue methods that can now
	be autogenerated
	* {gdk,glade,gnome,gtk,pango,vte}/
	* {gdk,glade,gnome,gtk,pango,vte}/glue/
	* {gdk,gnome,gtk,pango}/glue/makefile.win32: Update

2005-05-15  Ben Maurer  <>

	* bootstrap (GTK_SHARP_VERSION): Bump so that Todd's md tarballs
	work. Not yet tagged...

2005-05-13  Mike Kestner  <>

	* gtk/Object.custom : hold refs for all managed subclasses. Release on
	Destroy. Dispose plain wrappers on Destroy also.
	* gtk/Widget.custom : remove the parent set hack since it's "handled"
	on Gtk.Object now.  All this will get fixed properly when we have
	access to owen's toggle_refs.

2005-05-13  Mike Kestner  <>

	* generator/MethodBody.cs : don't create a new destroy notify
	delegate, just use GLib.DestroyHelper.NotifyHandler directly.

2005-05-11  Mike Kestner  <>

	* glib/Object.cs : mark Dispose virtual.
	* gtk/Object.cs : release the Destroy handler in Dispose.

2005-05-11  Mike Kestner  <>

	* : s/-g/-debug

2005-05-11  Mike Kestner  <>

	* gtk/Gtk.metadata : hide IconTheme.GetIconSizes.
	* gtk/IconTheme.custom : implement GetIconSizes because of its zero
	terminated array return value. 2.6 only.  [Fixes #74844]

2005-05-11  Mike Kestner  <>

	* pango/ : add file.
	* pango/Units.cs : new class to wrap PANGO_SCALE and PANGO_PIXELS.
	* pango/glue/units.c : accessors for the macros.
	* pango/glue/ : build it.
	* pango/glue/makefile.win32 : build it on win.
	[Fixes #74837]

2005-05-11  Eric Butler  <>

	* gtk/Gtk.metadata : add IEnumerable iface to ListStore.
	* gtk/ListStore.cs : add GetEnumerator.
	* gtk/ : add file.
	* gtk/TreeEnumerator.cs : root node enumerator for a TreeModel.

2005-05-11  Mike Kestner  <>

	* gtk/Widget.custom : manual ListMnemonicLabels implementation to
	return a Widget[].  [Fixes #74786]

2005-05-11  Mike Kestner  <>

	* generator/ObjectGen.cs : default empty assembly names for the
	mapper.  [Fixes #74769]

2005-05-10  Mike Kestner  <>

	* gtk/Object.custom : Dispose on a Destroyed event.
	* gtk/Widget.custom : rework the parent_set hack to go direct to
	the native signal instead of using the event so we avoid rewrapping of
	already destroyed parents.

2005-05-10  Mike Kestner  <>

	* gdk/Pixbuf.custom : use non-obsolete PixbufLoader.Write overload.
	* gdk/PixbufLoader.custom : add obsolete PixbufLoader.Write overload
	for the uint case for backcompat. Update other uses to the new ulong
	* sample/GtkDemo/DemoImage.cs : use PixbufLoader.Write (byte[])

2005-05-09  Mike Kestner  <>

	* glib/Object.cs : add a try/catch block to g_object_unref calls to
	help identify "extra unref" bugs when exceptions occur.

2005-05-06  John Luke  <>

	* pango/ add Matrix.custom
	* pango/Matrix.custom: add Pango.Matrix.Identity field
	which is the equivalent of PANGO_MATRIX_INIT
	* sample/GtkDemo/DemoRotatedText.cs: use Pango.Matrix.Identity
	* doc/en/Pango/Matrix.xml: add docs	for Pango.Matrix.Identity
2005-05-06  Mike Kestner  <>

	* : always enable debug build in maintainer_mode.

2005-05-06  Mike Kestner  <>

	* gdk/Pixbuf.custom : move the GetCallingAssembly invocations back out
	the the public methods.
	* gdk/PixbufLoader.custom : ditto.

2005-05-06  Mike Kestner  <>

	* bootstrap :
	* bootstrap-2.4 : use ln instead of cp for api files so reparsing
	causes rebuilds.
	* sources/gtk-sharp-2.6-sources.xml : moved from gtk-sharp-sources.xml
	plus fixed the pango, atk, and gdk raw filenames.
	* sources/gtk-sharp-2.4-sources.xml : sources file for 2.4 api.
	* sources/ : added 2.4/2.6 targets for api and get-source
	with make api/get-source-code getting/parsing both versions.
	* */*.raw : regenerate

2005-05-06  Jose Faria  <>

	* gdk/Pixbuf.custom : new width/height ctor overloads.
	* gdk/PixbufLoader.custom : new width/height ctor overloads.

2005-05-04  Mike Kestner  <>

	* : error out with bootstrap help message.
	* bootstrap : replaces for the 2.5.x release line.
	* bootstrap-2.4 : replaces for the 1.9.x release line.
	* : renamed from and added substitution
	for version, dependencies, CFLAGS and CSFLAGS.
	* README : bootstrap docs
	* */*-api.raw : moved to api-2.6.raw for bootstrapping.
	* */*-api-2.4.raw : added 2.4 api files for bootstrapping.
	* */glue/ : add GTK_SHARP_VERSION_CFLAGS.
	* pango/Attribute.cs : add a #if GTK_SHARP_2_6 block.
	* pango/glue/attribute.c : add a couple #ifdef GTK_SHARP_2_6 blocks.
	* sample/GtkDemo/* : make the 2.6 demos conditional.

2005-05-04  Mike Kestner  <>

	* glib/Signal.cs : s/DestroyNotify/SignalDestroyNotify to fix mcs 1.0
	* gdk/Input.custom : ditto.

2005-05-04  Todd Berman  <>

	* glade/XML.custom: Store the callback wrapper so it doesn't get GC'd.

2005-05-04  Dan Winship  <>

	* parser/ make note of _get_type methods for enums

	* */*-api.xml: Regen, adding gtype="..." to many enum types

	* generator/EnumGen.cs (Generate): if the enum has the
	"gtype" property, add a GTypeAttribute pointing to an internal
	FooGType class whose GType property can be used to get the enum's

	* generator/ObjectGen.cs:

	* glib/GTypeAttribute.cs: attribute for indicating a property that
	will return the GType of a type (particularly for enums, which
	can't have GType properties added to them).

	* glib/GType.cs: renamed from Type.cs to match the type name
	(public static readonly GType ...): add a few missing types.
	(Register): moved from ObjectManager.RegisterType
	(LookupGType): moved from TypeConverter.LookupType and extended to
	handle GTypeAttribute. Also, fix mappings for sbyte/byte/char, and
	return specific GTypes for Object subclasses rather than always
	returning GType.Object.	[Fixes #74699]
	(LookupType): moved from ObjectWrapper.LookupType
	(ToString): return the type name
	* glib/Object.cs (RegisterGType):
	(LookupGType): Make this protected internal so GType can access

	* glib/ObjectManager.cs (RegisterType): deprecate in favor of
	(LookupType): moved to GType
	* glib/TypeConverter.cs (LookupType): now a deprecated wrapper
	around GType.LookupGType.

	* glib/Value.cs: Use GType casts rather than TypeConverter

	* gtk/NodeStore.cs (ScanType):
	* gtk/ListStore.custom (ListStore): 
	* gtk/TreeStore.custom (TreeStore): Use (GType) cast rather than
	TypeConverter. Remove the error check and exception, since the
	cast never returns GType.Invalid. (The check probably predates

	* gnome/PanelAppletFactory.cs (Register): Use a GType cast rather
	than GLib.Object.LookupGType (which is no longer accessible after
	an mcs bugfix)

	* sample/GtkDemo/DemoIconView.cs (CreateStore): use the Type[]
	constructor rather than the GType[] constructor, since it
	translates typeof(Gdk.Pixbuf) correctly now.

2005-05-04  Dan Winship  <>

	* generator/Parameters.cs (Parameters.Validate): If the parameters
	end with "callback, gpointer, GDestroyNotify", then mark the
	callback as having "notified" Scope.
	(Parameters.IsHidden): Hide user_data and GDestroyNotify after a
	(Parameter.Scope): make this settable
	(Parameter.IsDestroyNotify): new test

	* generator/MethodBody.cs (Initialize): Handle "notified" callback
	scope (using a GCHandle and GLib.DestroyHelper.NotifyHandler)

	* generator/CallbackGen.cs (GenWrapper): Add a static
	"GetManagedDelegate" method to the wrapper type, to translate a
	native delegate back to its corresponding managed delegate.
	(FromNative): use GetManagedDelegate.

	* generator/ReturnValue.cs (Validate): We handle callback return
	values now

	* generator/SymbolTable.cs: marshal GDestroyNotify as

	* glib/DestroyNotify.cs: Moved from gtk

	* gtk/Gtk.metadata: globally change GtkDestroyNotify to
	GDestroyNotify, but then change back the ones that are exposed in
	the API. Un-hide lots of methods we can correctly autogenerate

	* gtk/DestroyHelper.cs: moved to glib

	* gtk/*.custom: remove methods that are autogenerated now, add
	Obsolete wrappers where needed, replace Gtk.DestroyHelper usage
	with GLib.DestroyHelper.

	* gdk/Gdk.metadata: 
	* gnome/Gnome.metadata: Turn Gdk.Drawable.SetData and
	Gnome.IconList.SetIconDataFull's GDestroyNotify args into
	gpointers so the generated API stays the same as it used to be.

	* rsvg/Handle.custom: implement deprecated SetSizeCallback

	* sample/GtkDemo/DemoIconView.cs (CreateSort): update for API

2005-05-03  Mike Kestner  <>

	* parser/ : parse const * const * Foo () properly.
	[Fixes #74710]

2005-05-02  Dan Winship  <>

	* generator/Parameters.cs (IsHidden): method to check if a
	parameter should be hidden in the managed sig (eg, because it's
	user_data, or it's the length of the preceding array/string, etc).
	(VisibleCount): the number of parameters that will actually be
	exposed in the managed signature.
	(IsAccessor): test VisibleCount, not Count
	(AccessorReturnType, AccessorName): deal with the fact that the
	accessor parameter might not be the first one.

	* generator/CallbackGen.cs:
	* generator/Signature.cs: use Parameters.IsHidden.

	* generator/Method.cs (Initialize): set is_set based on
	VisibleCount, not Count.
	(Validate): call base.Validate() before Initialize() so that
	VisibleCount will be correct in Initialize.

	* generator/MethodBody.cs (GetCallString, CallArrayLength,
	Initialize): update to deal with accessors with multiple args.

	* gtk/Clipboard.custom (SetText): implement as an Obsolete variant
	of the Text property

	* gtk/IconTheme.custom (SearchPath, SetSearchPath): obsolete
	SetSearchPath, implement a setter on SearchPath instead.

	* gtk/ListStore.custom (SetColumnTypes):
	* gtk/TreeStore.custom (SetColumnTypes): implement as an Obsolete
	variant of the ColumnTypes property.

	* glade/XML.custom (CustomHandler): implement as a property
	(SetCustomHandler): Mark this obsolete

	* glade/Global.custom (SetCustomHandler): deprecate in favor of

	* gnomedb/Editor.custom (SetText): implement as an Obsolete
	variant of the Text property

2005-05-02  Dan Winship  <>

	Apply the parts of the generator reorganization from #69514 that
	don't actually affect the generated output
	* generator/PropertyBase.cs: new base class for fields and
	properties (mostly containing code formerly in Property.cs).

	* generator/Property.cs: derive from PropertyBase

	* generator/FieldBase.cs: base class for fields (containing some
	code formerly in Field.cs)

	* generator/StructField.cs: class for struct fields (the rest
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