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libgnomemm-2.6-1c2 - C++ wrappers for libgnome (shared library)…  more info»


About:  done.

  Deal with Dock.
    What needs to be done for Dock? murrayc
  Finish menu alterations. (more detail please. murrayc)

AppBar: done.
Client: done.
Clock: done 
ColorPicker: done.
DateEntry: done.
DesktopEntry: WTF?
Dock*: done.
Entry: done.
FontPicker: done.
FontSelector: obsolete according to Havoc's book.
Href: done.
IconEntry: done.
IconList: done.
IconSel: done.
IconText: Do we need this? It's not a real widget.
PopupMenu: Not a real widget, but should be wrapped. Review as part of Menu system.
Preferences: Not a widget. If we wrap this then all the methods would be static.
ProcBar: done.
PropertyBox: done.
Properties/Property-Entries: Probably libgnomeui internals.

Window-Icon: Not a widget - more helper functions.
Winhints: Functions for gnome-specific WM hints.
         Acts on Gtk::Widget so it couldn't be a subclass.
         Low priority. Maybe it's an internal.
-See libgnomeui's TODO - Some widgets are due to be removed.

Animator - done
Dock - done
Stock - in progress
Ted - unnecessary (depreciated)
Winhints: See Winhints comment.
MDI - done.


  - Separate Toolbar and MenuShell stuff?
    Complain to Gnome that there should be a Gnome::Toolbar instead 
    of these orphaned gnome_app_fill_toolbar* methods sitting here 
    where it's too late to add them as Gtk::Toolbar methods. murrayc
    Havoc says that this might be fixed in GNOME 2.2, but that there
    is not a definite plan about how to do it, and that he does not
    want to make a partial fix before then. murrayc.

    There is now talk of killing GnomeApp for GNOME 2.0, and forcing
    use of the bonobo stuff instead. murrayc.
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