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No-Check built-in unit testing framework

The files in this directory (check.h and check.c) provide a built-in
implementation of the Check unit testing framework (called No-Check).

Some of the features provided are:

* May be enabled at configure time: ./configure --enable-nocheck

* This framework should run without problem in any OS (including
  Windows OS).

* No fork is done for each test, as in the default behaviour of Check.

* A ut.log is provided with the same format & contents as the one
  provided when running with the real Check.

* The given API in check.h is compatible with the real API provided by
  Check, so no modification should be done to the unit test source
  files in order to run with this built-in implementation.

* The dumps to stdout are completely equivalent to the ones dumped by the real
  Check framework.

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