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libgnurdf2 - A library for parsing and processing RDF files…  more info»


                            libgnurdf v0.3.0
                          GNUpdate RDF library
          Part of the GNUpdate project -

The libgnurdf (GNUpdate RDF) library provides quick and easy access to RDF
(XML Resource Description Format) files.

Libgnurdf makes it easy to create, modify, and search RDF files from any
C/C++ (and soon Perl and Python) programs. GNUpdate uses this to access its
database and to generate queries for online package databases running

Libgnurdf works with both libxml1 (tested with libxml v1.8.10 and up) and
libxml2 (tested with libxml 2.3.8). The necessary version is detected
during configure.

Please see the file INSTALL for install instructions.

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