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2009-08-19  Todd Zullinger  <>

	* Sync for automake-1.11

	The script comes from the gnome-common
	module[1].  The only difference here is that we removed the
	-Wno-portability option from the call to automake, as we want
	to see these portability warnings.


2009-08-19  Christophe Fergeau  <>

	* use automake 1.11 AM_SILENT_RULES feature (if
	available) instead of using shave

2009-08-01  Jorg Schuler <jcsjcs at>

	* po/de.po: updated German catalog. Thanks to Kai-Ove Pietsch.

2009-06-23  Christophe Fergeau  <>

	* src/ add missing header file to list of headers, fixes
	make distcheck. Patch by "skemper"

2009-06-06  Christophe Fergeau  <>

	* m4/shave.m4:
	* add 'shave' to make compilation logs much less
	verbose (this will be superseded by the similar feature provided by
	automake 1.11)

2009-06-05  Christophe Fergeau  <>

	* src/
	* src/itdb_device.c:
	* src/itdb_tzinfo.c:
	* src/itdb_tzinfo_data: move timezone related functions in their
	own file, adds mapping from city names (present in the iPod
	Preferences file) to timezone shift to be able to interpret
	accurately timestamps from iPod Classic and similiar models.

2009-05-19  Christophe Fergeau  <>

	* src/itdb_itunesdb.c: make sure playcounts is initialized before it's

2009-05-17  Christophe Fergeau  <>

	* src/itdb_device.c: add info for black Shuffle 4G

2009-05-10  Christophe Fergeau  <>

	* tests/get-timezone.c: call g_type_init to avoid tons of glib
	warnings when reading the SysInfoExtended file.

2009-05-10  Christophe Fergeau  <>

	* src/itdb_device.c: seems the logic in get_local_timezone was
	inverted, negate the calculated offset before returning it to be
	consistant with the values we calculate from iPod data

2009-05-02  Christophe Fergeau  <>

	* tools/hal-callout.c: mount ipod to collect more ipod

2009-05-02  Christophe Fergeau  <>

	* tools/hal-callout.c: set ipod.images.formats in hal

2009-05-02  Christophe Fergeau  <>

	* tools/hal-callout.c: parse ipod production info and insert it
	in hal

2009-05-02  Christophe Fergeau  <>

	* tools/hal-callout.c: set ipod model, ipod color and ipod
	generation properties

2009-05-02  Christophe Fergeau  <>

	* tools/
	* tools/hal-callout.c: populate hal ipod device tree with
	extended ipod information

2009-05-02  Christophe Fergeau  <>

	* src/itdb_device.c:
	* src/itdb_device.h: add itdb_ipod_info_from_serial function

2009-05-02  Christophe Fergeau  <>

	* src/itdb_sysinfo_extended_parser.c:
	* src/itdb_sysinfo_extended_parser.h: add functions to parse
	SysInfoExtended from memory

2009-05-02  Christophe Fergeau  <>

	* tools/ use hal flags when compiling the HAL callout

2009-05-02  Christophe Fergeau  <>

	* src/itdb_device.c: add API doc to the cover art functions

2009-05-02  Christophe Fergeau  <>

	Patch from: Erik Hovland <>

	Remove or rework any dead code.

	* src/db-artwork-parser.c: ctx is guaranteed to be null. So the
	conditional never executes.
	* src/itdb_device.c: fix logic error which would cause the else 
	clause to never be executed.
	* src/itdb_itunesdb.c: dir_file is already guaranteed to be non-null.
	* tests/test-ls.c: error cannot be true.

2009-05-02  Christophe Fergeau  <>

	Patch from: Erik Hovland <>

	Make sure pointers are valid when necessary.

	* src/itdb_itunesdb.c: m53 might be null. Check before dereferencing
	to count.
	* src/ithumb-writer.c: Since there is an assert for
	artwork->thunmbnail->data_type, we have to check artwork->thumbnail 
	before. Not after. So do an assert on that pointer too.
	* tests/test-sysinfo-extended-parsing.c: If props is null both 
	itdb_sysinfo_properties_dump and itdb_sysinfo_properties_free 
	will segfault. Better to just return.

2009-05-02  Christophe Fergeau  <>

	* src/ithumb-writer.c: readd needed include

2009-05-02  Christophe Fergeau  <>

	Patch from: Erik Hovland <>

	* src/db-artwork-writer.c: remove useless assignment of mhba
2009-05-02  Christophe Fergeau  <>

	Patch from: Erik Hovland <>

	* src/itdb_itunesdb.c: don't access out of 'db' bounds when
	building the pathname in an error case

2009-05-02  Christophe Fergeau  <>

	Patch from: Erik Hovland <>

	* src/db-image-parser.c:
	* src/itdb_chapterdata.c:
	* src/itdb_itunesdb.c:
	* src/itdb_track.c:
	* src/ithumb-writer.c:
	* tests/test-fw-id.c:
	* tests/test-photos.c: remove unused includes

2009-05-02  Christophe Fergeau  <>

	* src/itdb_device.c: add model information for silver shuffle 4G

2009-05-02  Christophe Fergeau  <>

	* docs/reference/tmp
	* src/itdb.h
	* src/itdb_device.c: Add shuffle 4g information

	For now, there is no model specific information. The new enum members
	were added to the end to keep the ABI compatible. It's unknown at
	this time if the new shuffles need some kind of hash.

2009-05-02  Christophe Fergeau  <>
	Patch from: Eric Lassauge

	* tools/ don't try to compile ipod-time-sync when HAL
	is disabled

2009-04-15  Todd Zullinger  <>

	* Bump version to 0.7.3SVN for further development

	* Bump version for 0.7.2 final

2009-04-05  Christophe Fergeau  <>

	* time for a rc2 since we had forgotten a few
	interesting patches.

2009-04-05  Christophe Fergeau  <>

	Patch from: Javier Kohen:

	* src/itdb_itunesdb.c: avoid O(N^2) behaviour in main tracklist

2009-04-05  Christophe Fergeau  <>

	Patch from: Javier Kohen:

	* src/itdb_itunesdb.c: avoid O(N^2) behaviour in playcount reading

2009-04-05  Christophe Fergeau  <>

	Patch from: Javier Kohen:

	* src/itdb_itunesdb.c: rename playcount_get_next to
	playcount_take_next which is a more descriptive name

2009-04-05  Christophe Fergeau  <>

	Patch from: Erik Hovland

	* src/itdb_thumb.c: don't shadow itdb_thumb_to_pixbuf_at_size
	parameter with a local variable.

2009-04-04  Todd Zullinger  <tmzullinger at>

	* Bump version and soname for 0.7.2rc1

2009-04-03  Todd Zullinger  <tmzullinger at>

	* docs/reference/libgpod-sections.txt
	  src/itdb_device.c: Update documenation.  Add new
	itdb_device_supports_{chapter_image,podcast} functions and
	mark some other additions as private.

	* po/de.po
	  po/zh_CN.po: Update po files

	* po/ Add tools/ipod-time-sync.c

2009-03-29  Christophe Fergeau  <>

	* src/itdb_device.c: don't call tzset even when calling localtime_r
	since we aren't interested in its side effects.

2009-03-26  Christophe Fergeau  <>

	* tools/ipod-scsi.c:
	* tools/ipod-time-sync.c: add ipod time sync support using
	information from the rockbox project. It's still preliminary.

2009-03-22  Christophe Fergeau  <>

	* src/itdb_device.c: add warning about itdb_set_mountpoint use,
	describe model_number parameter of itdb_init_ipod
	* src/itdb_itunesdb.c: add warning about itdb_device_read_sysinfo
	and itdb_device_set_mountpoint use, explain when
	itdb_device_get_ipod_info_table can be useful.
	* doc/reference/libgpod-sections.txt: move around a few functions
	(mainly itdb_init_ipod and itdb_device_*_sysinfo_*)

2009-03-21  Christophe Fergeau  <>

	Patch from: Andrew W. Nosenko  <>

	Avoid using of the global variable 'timezone' in favor of struct
	tm.tm_gmtoff (if available).

	* src/itdb_device.c (get_local_timezone): Use struct tm.tm_gmtoff
	if available (through localtime_r() or localtime(), depending on
	the localtime_r() existence) if available and fallback to the
	'timezone' or _timezone global variables if struct tm.tm_gmtoff
	field is not available.

	* Check for existence of localtime_r() function and
	struct tm.tm_gmtoff field.

	Avoid using of the global variable 'timezone' in favor of struct
	tm.tm_gmtoff (if available).

	* src/itdb_device.c (get_local_timezone): Use struct tm.tm_gmtoff
	if available (through localtime_r() or localtime(), depending on
	the localtime_r() existence) if available and fallback to the
	'timezone' or _timezone global variables if struct tm.tm_gmtoff
	field is not available.

	* Check for existence of localtime_r() function and
	struct tm.tm_gmtoff field.

2009-03-21  Christophe Fergeau  <>

	Patch from: Jorg Schuller

	* src/itdb_itunesdb.c: simplify pos_comp, make get_playlist more

2009-03-21  Christophe Fergeau  <>

	* src/itdb_itunesdb.c: remove commented out code

2009-03-14  Christophe Fergeau  <>

	* src/itdb_device.c: directly read firewire ID from SysInfoExtended
	when it's available.

2009-03-14  Christophe Fergeau  <>

	* src/itdb.h
	* src/itdb_device.c
	* src/itdb_device.h: add itdb_device_supports_chapter_image method
	to test if an iPod support chapter images or not.

2009-03-14  Christophe Fergeau  <>

	* src/itdb_device.c: factorize some code in legacy artwork

2009-03-14  Christophe Fergeau  <>

	* src/itdb.h:
	* src/itdb_device.c:
	* src/itdb_sysinfo_extended_parser.c:
	* src/itdb_sysinfo_extended_parser.h: add
	itdb_device_supports_podcast method to test if an iPod supports
	podcasts or not.

2009-03-14  Jorg Schuler <jcsjcs at>

	* src/itdb_itunesdb.c

	  Implement reading of big/little endian integers/floats using
	  references to the respective functions rather than if/then
	  statements. Thanks to Javier Kohen for the patch.

2009-03-01  Christophe Fergeau <>

	* src/itdb_device.c: fix nano3g/ipod classic artwork information

2009-02-28  Christophe Fergeau <>

	* src/itdb_itunesdb.c: Set field at offset 0x70 in the mhbd to 2
	If this field isn't set to 2, iTunes thinks databases written 
	to the iPhone are corrupted

2009-02-28  Javier Kohen <>

	* src/itdb_itunesdb.c:
	* src/itdb_private.h: avoid linked list scans in get_playlist/get_mhip.

	Replaced code that scanned the linked list twice on each
	insertion (once for sorting, once for finding the previous
	insert position) by a single sort and scan at the end.
	As a side-effect removed dependency of get_mhip on Itdb
	structures (easier to unittest, etc.).

2009-02-28  Javier Kohen <>

	* src/db-artwork-parser: replace linear look-up of songs with
	local hashtable.

2009-02-09  Christophe Fergeau  <>

	* src/itdb_itunesdb.c: fix crash when generating the album list
	when a track has a NULL album. Thanks to Peter and Todd for
	reporting that bug and pinpointing what was wrong.

2009-01-31  Todd Zullinger  <tmzullinger at>

	* README.SysInfo: Add info on determining FirewireGUID on
	FreeBSD. Also reformat the text to make the example commands
	stand out more.

2009-01-31  Todd Zullinger  <tmzullinger at>

	* Remove unused expanded_libdir definition. This
	was only used when setting the hal callout dir, and is no
	longer needed.

2009-01-31  Todd Zullinger  <tmzullinger at>

	Improve the default hal callout path. The search path hal uses
	for its callouts differs on various platforms. The new path
	should work on more systems out of the box. The fdi file now
	also defaults to a path more likely to work by default.

2009-01-31  Todd Zullinger  <tmzullinger at>

	* bindings/python/,
	Only use PYGOBJECT_{CFLAGS,LIBS} in bindings/python.  Thanks
	to Frank Lichtenheld (fixes Debian bug #452829).

2009-01-21  Christophe Fergeau  <teuf at>

	* src/itdb_device.c: fix itdb_device_new prototype

2009-01-21  Christophe Fergeau  <teuf at>

	* src/itdb_device.c: itdb_device_get_checksum_type can be static

2009-01-21  Christophe Fergeau  <teuf at>

	* src/itdb_device.c: itdb_device_write_hash58 should only be called
	on devices supporting this hash type, it's a programming error to
	call it with something else

2009-01-21  Christophe Fergeau  <teuf at>

	* src/itdb_device.c: set the hashing scheme in
	itdb_device_write_checksum instead of doing it in itdb_itunesdb,
	allows more flexibility if we ever add different checksumming

2009-01-21  Christophe Fergeau  <teuf at>

	* src/itdb_device.c:
	* src/itdb_private.h: get rid of itdb_device_requires_checksum
	which is now unused

2009-01-21  Christophe Fergeau  <teuf at>

	* src/itdb_device.c:
	* src/itdb_device.h:
	* src/itdb_itunesdb.c: move checksumming function from
	itdb_itunesdb.c to itdb_device.c to make it easier to support
	different checksumming methods depending on the ipod model

2009-01-21  Christophe Fergeau  <teuf at>

	* src/db-itunes-parser.h: add tons of new fields to struct MhbdHeader 

2009-01-20  Christophe Fergeau  <teuf at>

	* src/itdb_itunesdb.c: generate list of albums and write it in a
	MHLA header in the iTunesDB
	* src/itdb_private.h: store album list in FExport

2009-01-20  Christophe Fergeau  <teuf at>

	* src/itdb_itunesdb.c: add new enum value for MHOD types found as
	children of the MHLA header (list of albums)

2009-01-18  Todd Zullinger  <tmzullinger at>

	* Bump version to 0.7.1SVN for further development

	* Bump version for 0.7.0 final

	* src/db-artwork-parser.c: Quiet artwork mhii_link warning

2009-01-17  Christophe Fergeau  <teuf at>

	* src/itdb_device.c: Silver iPod Classic 160GB is B145, not B155
	(noticed thanks to a Banshee bug report, verified on ebay sales of
	such iPods)

2009-01-14  Jorg Schuler <jcsjcs at>

	* po/ro.po: updated Romanian translation. Thanks to Alex

2009-01-13  Todd Zullinger  <tmzullinger at>

	* README.SysInfo, TROUBLESHOOTING: Add some notes on the hal

	* TROUBLESHOOTING: Minor grammatical fixes

2009-01-13  Christophe Fergeau  <teuf at>

	* itdb_sysinfo_extended_parser.c: use a gint instead of a gchar as a
	loop index since we are comparing against >= 0

2009-01-11  Jorg Schuler <jcsjcs at>

	* src/itdb_itunesdb.c (itdb_rename_files): remove the
	  "iTunesStats" file used by Shuffles instead of the "Play Counts"
	  file after writing the iTunesSD -- otherwise the playcounts are
	  never reset. Thanks to Peter Maydell for pointing this
	  out. Fixes tracker item #2481322.

2009-01-06  Todd Zullinger  <tmzullinger at>

	* po/zh_CN.po: Add simple Chinese translation (Tan Zhixin)

2009-01-05  Todd Zullinger  <tmzullinger at>

	* po/de.po: Update German translation (Jonas Cleve)

2009-01-02  Todd Zullinger  <tmzullinger at>

	* Bump version for 0.7.0rc2

	* docs/reference/tmpl/track.sgml, src/itdb.h:
	Document Itdb_Track->album_id

	* bindings/python/
	Make Track.get_coverart() return None if artwork is absent

2009-01-02  Christophe Fergeau  <>

	* NEWS: more news, hope the packagers will notice the new
	libxml2-devel dependency...

2009-01-02  Christophe Fergeau  <>

	* src/ we need to link with -lm since ithumb-writer.c
	uses round and ceil

2009-01-02  Christophe Fergeau  <>

	* NEWS: update NEWS file, I probably forgot some things, feel free
	to update it :)

2009-01-01  Christophe Fergeau  <>
	* src/itdb_device.c: fix static artwork formats for the nano4g, C&P
	is really a bad thing ;)

2009-01-01  Christophe Fergeau  <>

	* src/itdb.h: add album_id field to Itdb_Track. It's unused yet but
	will be used later and adding it now will avoid ABI breakage later

2008-12-29  Christophe Fergeau  <>

	* src/itdb_device.c: add serial number for silver and pink
	16GB nano 4g, the last missing ones :)

2008-12-28  Todd Zullinger  <tmzullinger at>

	* bindings/python/
	Python: fix sha DeprecationWarning with python-2.6 (thanks to
	Alex Ghitza)

2008-12-26  Todd Zullinger  <tmzullinger at>

	* po/es.po: Update Spanish translation (Alejandro Lamas Daviña)

2008-12-22  Christophe Fergeau  <>

	* src/itdb_device.c: I didn't mean to commit that hunk
	from Neil's patch, adding a model name here with no
	matching entry in the model enum would break building
	a user visible list of known ipod models

2008-12-22  Christophe Fergeau  <>

	* src/itdb_device.c: add ipod shuffle info from Neil Campbell

2008-12-22  Christophe Fergeau  <>

	* src/itdb_device.c: add serial number for yellow and green
	16GB nano 4g.

2008-12-18  Christophe Fergeau  <>

	* src/itdb_device.c: add serial number for purple 16GB nano 4g,
	thanks to Ronald for providing the information

2008-12-16  Daniele Forsi <dforsi at>

        * po/it.po: updated Italian translation

2008-12-15  Jorg Schuler <jcsjcs at>

	* src/itdb_plist.c: substitute g_base64_decode() between version
	  2.8 and 2.11 of glib.

	* src/itdb_device.c: handle timezone correctly on CYGWIN

	  Patches courtesy of Éric Lassauge.

2008-12-13  Jorg Schuler <jcsjcs at>

	* po/fr.po: Update French translation (Éric Lassauge)

2008-12-12  Christophe Fergeau  <>

	* src/itdb_device.c: add hardcoded table for nano4g artwork
	formats. I haven't tested I got everything perfectly right so there
	might be issues with them. Thanks to Tijs van Roon for pinpointing
	these missing tables

2008-12-12  Christophe Fergeau  <>

	* src/itdb_device.c: add serial number for 16GB Orange Nano 4g,
	thanks to Tijs van Roon for providing the data

2008-12-10  Todd Zullinger  <tmzullinger at>

	* po/he.po: Update Hebrew translation (Assaf Gillat)

	* po/sv.po: Update Swedish translation (Stefan Asserhäll)

2008-12-08  Todd Zullinger  <tmzullinger at>

	* Bump version and soname for 0.7.0rc1

	* po/de.po
	  po/sv.po: Update po files

2008-12-07  Todd Zullinger  <tmzullinger at>

	* docs/reference/libgpod-docs.xml
	  Update API documentation

	  Add new functions and missing enums, macros, and structs to the proper
	  places in the documentation, remove old/unused functions, and clean up
	  various minor issues.

2008-12-07  Jorg Schuler <jcsjcs at>

	* itdb_itunesdb.c (jump_table_letter): don't terminate when
	  an invalid utf8 string is encountered (replaced g_assert() with

2008-11-30  Jorg Schuler <jcsjcs at>

	* don't add "-Wall" to CFLAGS
	  unconditionally. I believe this line was overlooked when this
	  issue was fixed earlier. Thanks to Tim Mooney.

2008-11-30  Jorg Schuler <jcsjcs at>

	* src/db-parse-context.h: remove unneeded G_GNUC_INTERNAL at the
	  end of a declaration as this can cause problems with some
	  compilers (and doesn't seem to make sense in the first
	  place). Thanks to Tim Mooney.

2008-11-17  Christophe Fergeau  <>

	* src/ithumb-writer.c: rework the way we calculate that thumbnails
	must be resized to when being transferred to the ipod. The old way
	had rounding errors which led to display bugs on the nano4g (in the
	album list)

2008-11-17  Christophe Fergeau  <>

	* src/ithumb-writer.c: stricter sanity check 

2008-11-17  Christophe Fergeau  <>

	* src/ithumb-writer.c: add checks for int overflows on malloc args

2008-11-14  Todd Zullinger  <tmzullinger at>

	* docs/reference/tmpl/track.sgml
	  Remove chapterdata_raw and chapterdata_raw_length from

	  These are no longer needed now that proper Chapter Data
	  support is available (since svn revision 1936/1937).

2008-10-21  Christophe Fergeau  <>

	* src/itdb_device.c: SN YX6 corresponds to a Shuffle model B225
	according to a report on #gtkpod

2008-10-21  Christophe Fergeau  <>
	* src/itdb_device.c: use information from SysInfoExtended to tell
	if an ipod supports photos or not instead of only using the
	hard-coded tables in libgpod

2008-10-21  Christophe Fergeau  <>

	* src/itdb_device.c: add serial number for 16GB blue ipod nano,
	thanks to Thomas Pani for providing that SN.

2008-10-13  Christophe Fergeau  <>

	* src/itdb_device.c: add serial number for 16GB black ipod nano,
	thanks to Doug Larrick for providing that SN :)

2008-10-07  Christophe Fergeau  <>

	* src/db-artwork-debug.c: use %z modifier to print size_t values
	and G_GINT64_MODIFIER to print 64 bit values, fix compilation
	on 64 bit systems when artwork debugging is enabled

2008-10-08  Christophe Fergeau  <>

	* src/itdb_device.h: switch members in Itdb_ArtworkFormat from
	guint16 to gint since the SysInfoExtended parser will assume 
	they are gint value and will try to write to them through a 
	gint* pointer (ie it will overwrite whatever is around the 
	guint16 value if we don't change it)

2008-10-07  Christophe Fergeau  <>

	* src/itdb_device.c: fix itdb_device_supports_artwork to properly
	take into account data from SysInfoExtended if available

2008-10-07  Christophe Fergeau  <>

	* src/itdb_sysinfoextended_parser.c: artwork is stored in <array>
	nodes (which are parsed to a GValueArray), reflect that in the
	SysInfoExtended parsing code.

2008-10-07  Christophe Fergeau  <>

	* src/itdb_plist.c: fix handling on blank nodes (ie nodes
	containing only white spaces), fixes parsing of SysInfoExtended files
	as well ;)

2008-10-07  Christophe Fergeau  <>

	* src/itdb_plist.c: add support for <array> tags to the plist
	parser, this is needed to support SysInfoExtended files as found on
	on the 4g nanos

2008-10-05  Christophe Fergeau  <>

	* src/itdb_device.c: add serial number for the 8GB Silver Nano 4g
	and model number for the 4GB Blue Nano 4g

2008-10-01  Christophe Fergeau  <>

	* src/itdb_device.c: a few more fixes in device model

2008-10-01  Christophe Fergeau  <>

	* src/itdb_device.c: add missing name for the yellow ipod nano

2008-10-01  Christophe Fergeau  <>

	* src/itdb_device.c: and add SN for the 8GB Red Nano

2008-10-01  Christophe Fergeau  <>

	* src/itdb_device.c: add SN for 16GB Red Nano

2008-10-01  Christophe Fergeau  <>

	* src/itdb.h: add enum entries for the new ipod classic and the new
	* src/itdb_device.c: add entries for the new nanos and the new ipod
	classic, add some serial numbers for older ipod models

2008-09-11  Christophe Fergeau  <>

	* src/itdb_device.c: add missing string description for the red ipod
	shuffle that was added some time ago, without it gtkpod was badly
	broken wrt ipod model selection :-/

2008-08-23  Todd Zullinger  <tmzullinger at>

	* bindings/python/
	  Add a quiet parameter to Database.remove() and use it in

	* bindings/python/
	  Be more consistent with other python container objects and

	  This enables testing whether a key exists in an object (e.g.
	  "'title' in track") as well as iterating over a Track or
	  Photo object's keys, values, or items.  The items() and
	  pairs() methods were renamed to values() and items(),
	  respectively, in the Track and Photo classes.

	* bindings/python/tests/
	  Whitespace cleanup

	* bindings/python/
	  Set the mediatype field for Track objects

2008-08-20  Todd Zullinger  <tmzullinger at>

	* bindings/python/examples/
	  Update python bindings to work with the new thumbnail API.

	  This removes sw_get_artwork_thumbnails() and the Thumbnail
	  class from the python bindings.  The get_pixbuf() function
	  is now in the Photo class.

2008-08-09  Paul Richardson  <phantom_sf at>

	* Added eclipse project related files to svn:ignore
	* src/db-artwork-parser.c
	  Added to Itdb_PhotoAlbum, a reference to its parent Photo DB.
	  When albums are constructed upon loading of the Photo DB, the
	  reference is added as part of initialisation.

2008-08-09  Todd Zullinger  <tmzullinger at>

	* src/itdb_playlist.c
	  tests/test-ls.c: Remove uses of deprecated itdb_time_* functions

2008-08-03  Jorg Schuler <jcsjcs at>

        * src/ithumb-writer (ithumb_writer_handle_pixbuf_transform):
	  handle rotation correctly: don't interchange width and height
	  for the thumbnail on the iPod.

2008-08-02  Todd Zullinger  <tmzullinger at>

	* src/itdb_track.c: Fix typo in itdb_track_get_thumbnail() doc

2008-07-31  Christophe Fergeau <>

	* s/test -a/test -e/ since this is what I really
	meant, thanks tmz

2008-07-31  Christophe Fergeau <>

	* instead of looking for .svn or {arch}, look for to decide if we are compiling a version checked out from
	svn or a release tarball.

2008-07-31  Christophe Fergeau <>

	* src/itdb_device.h:
	* src/itdb_plist.h: move itdb_device_error_quark from itdb_plist.h
	to itdb_device.h 

2008-07-30  Todd Zullinger  <tmzullinger at>

	* docs/reference/tmpl/track.sgml
	  src/itdb_itunesdb.c: Rename unk146 to explicit_flag in
	  Itdb_Track now that it's purpose is known

2008-07-27  Christophe Fergeau  <>

	* src/itdb_sysinfo_extended_parser.c:
	* src/itdb_plist.c: add gtk-doc documentation

2008-07-27  Christophe Fergeau  <>

	* src/itdb_sysinfo_extended_parser.c: 
	* src/itdb_sysinfo_extended_parser.h: add a GError argument to
	SysInfoExtended parsing functions
	* src/itdb_device.c: pass NULL GError argument to call to
	SysInfoExtended functions
	* tests/test-sysinfo-extended.c: add a GError argument when calling
	SysInfoExtended parsing functions

2008-07-27  Christophe Fergeau  <>

	* src/itdb_device.c: add itdb_device_error_quark()
	* src/itdb_plist.h:
	* src/itdb_plist.c: add error handling to XML parsing (using
	* src/itdb_sysinfo_extended_parser.c: pass a NULL GError to call to
	plist parsing function

2008-07-26  Christophe Fergeau  <>

	* tests/test-fw-id.c: (main): add missing call to g_type_init

2008-07-20  Jorg Schuler <jcsjcs at>

	* src/ithumb-writer.c (pack_RGB_565), (pack_RGB_555)
          (pack_RGB_888): handle horizontal padding correctly
          (affected pictures in portrait format).

	* src/itdb_device.c: added some comments.

2008-07-18  Jorg Schuler <jcsjcs at>

	* src/itdb_device.c (itdb_device_set_timezone_info): avoid g_stat
	  on NULL filename. Thanks to Andrea.

2008-07-18  Jorg Schuler <jcsjcs at>

	* src/itdb_device.c: assume the following generations do not
	  support sparse artwork:

2008-07-17  Todd Zullinger  <tmzullinger at>

	  src/itdb.h: Remove references to itdb_thumb_get_gdk_pixbuf()

2008-07-10  Christophe Fergeau <>

	* src/db-artwork-writer.c: if we fail to write ithmb files for some
	reason, don't go on trying to write the ArtworkDB/PhotoDB as well

2008-07-09  Todd Zullinger  <tmzullinger at>

	* po/ add src/itdb_thumb.c

2008-07-09  Christophe Fergeau  <>

	* properly detect newer libsgutils (the so name was
	* tools/ipod-scsi-inquiry.c: add missing include
	Based on a patch from Dan Horák (

2008-07-06  Christophe Fergeau <>

	* src/itdb_device.c: fix model number information grabbed from

2008-07-06  Christophe Fergeau <>

	* src/itdb_device.c: add a mapping from serial numbers to model
	numbers to make it easy to go from a serial number read from
	SysInfoExtended to an Itdb_IpodInfo

2008-07-06  Christophe Fergeau <>

	* src/itdb_device.c:
	* src/itdb_device.h: add missing red ipod shuffles as well as 2GB
	shuffles to the list of known ipod models

2008-07-06  Christophe Fergeau <>

	* src/itdb_device.c:
	* src/itdb_device.h: add itdb_device_get_storage_info method
	* src/itdb_itunesdb.c: use that method instead of directly using
	statvfs, makes it easier to port things over to MSVC8

2008-07-05  Christophe Fergeau <>

	Patch from: Songbird (

	* src/db-itunes-parser.h: remove unused constant
	* src/db-parse-context.c:
	* src/db-parse-context.h: use GMappedFile instead of directly using
	mmap, it's needed for MSVC8 portability

2008-07-05  Christophe Fergeau <>

	Patch from: Songbird (

	* src/itdb_itunesdb.c
	* src/itdb_track.c: get rid of inner functions since it is a gcc
	specific extension and MSVC8 doesn't like that

2008-07-05  Christophe Fergeau <>

	Patch from: Songbird (

	* src/db-artwork-parser.c
	* src/db-parse-context.c
	* src/db-parse-context.h: get rid of unused argument to
	db_parse_context_destroy (it was always set to TRUE)

2008-07-06  Christophe Fergeau <>

	* src/ithumb-writer.c: fix bug in the function scaling and cropping
	thumbnails, in the non-cropping case, the returned pixbuf size
	didn't reflect the size of the scaled pixbuf

2008-07-05  Christophe Fergeau <>

	* src/db-artwork-parser.c: fix small memory leak

2008-07-05  Christophe Fergeau <>

	* src/ithumb-writer.c: fix typo in thumbnail rearranging code, we
	were wrongly appending Itdb_Thumb_Ipod instances to lists of

2008-07-05  Christophe Fergeau <>

	* src/db-artwork-writer.c: properly set padding to 0 in mhods type 3

2008-07-05  Christophe Fergeau <>

	Patch from: Songbird (

	* src/ithumb-writer.c: don't leak the list of image formats we get
	from the ItdbDevice

2008-06-29  Daniele Forsi <dforsi at>

        * src/itdb_itunesdb.c src/itdb_thumb.c src/itdb_device.c 
	  src/itdb_photoalbum.c: fix typos in comments

2008-06-29  Jorg Schuler <jcsjcs at>

	* src/ithumb-writer.c (itdb_write_ithumb_files): fix bug when
	  writing photos (loop variable "it" re-used inside loop).
	  Rename loop variable to "itw" also in case of writing artwork.

	* src/itdb_thumb.c (itdb_thumb_to_pixbuf_at_size):

	  If requesting a thumb from the iPod smaller than available, none
	  would be returned. Fixed. Thumbs from the iPod would not be
	  scaled even if requested. Fixed.

	  If requesting a thumb from a file or existing pixbuf, scaling
	  was done even if none was requested (width/height =
	  0/-1). Fixed.

	  Introduced selection of smallest available thumbnail
	  (width/height = 0) besides largest available thumbnail
	  (width/height = -1).

	  TODO: consider aspect ratio of requested picture (currently it
	  is very likely that some of the square thumbs are returned...)
	  src/itdb_artwork.c (itdb_artwork_get_thumbnail):
	  Introduced selection of smallest available thumbnail
	  (width/height = 0) besides largest available thumbnail
	  (width/height = -1). (Only necessary documentation.)

2008-06-28  Christophe Fergeau  <>

	patch by: Mike Heffner <>

	* src/
	* src/db-artwork-writer.c: fix compilation with older glib (without

2008-06-24  Christophe Fergeau  <>

	* src/itdb_device.c: rework timezone handling: handle timezones as
	stored on 5g ipods (hopefully) and fallback to using the computer
	timezone if we can't figure out the ipod timezone
	* tests/get-timezone.c: use functions from libgpod to get the
	timezone instead of duplicating some itdb_device code

2008-06-15  Christophe Fergeau  <>

	* src/itdb_device.c: oops, forgot a ','

2008-06-14  Christophe Fergeau  <>

	* src/itdb_device.c: fix some entries in the ipod_model_table by
	using libipoddevice and podsleuth as a reference

2008-06-14  Christophe Fergeau  <>

	* src/itdb_track.c: remove bogus function to check if the ipod
	supports video: it didn't take into account the new ipods released
	after the 1st ipod video

2008-06-09  Christophe Fergeau  <>

	* src/itdb_device.h:
	* src/itdb_sysinfo_extended_parser.c:
	* src/ithumb-writer.c: use background color and alignement
	information from SysInfoExtended if available

2008-06-09  Christophe Fergeau  <>

	* src/db-artwork-writer.c:
	* src/itdb_device.c:
	* src/itdb_device.h:
	* src/itdb_sysinfo_extended_parser.c:
	* src/itdb_sysinfo_extended_parser.h: implements
	itdb_device_supports_sparse_artwork (instead of the old stub always
	returning TRUE). Use data from SysInfoExtended if it's available,
	use hardcoded table from libgpod if not.

2008-06-09  Christophe Fergeau  <>

	* src/itdb_device.c:
	* src/itdb_device.h:
	* src/itdb_sysinfo_extended_parser.c:
	* src/itdb_sysinfo_extended_parser.h: merge Itdb_ArtworkFormat and
	SysInfoImageFormat, use artwork formats from SysInfoExtended when
	it's available instead of using the hardcoded tables from libgpod

2008-06-09  Christophe Fergeau  <>

	* src/db-artwork-writer.c:
	* src/db-image-parser.h:
	* src/itdb.h:
	* src/itdb_device.c:
	* src/itdb_device.h:
	* src/ithumb-writer.c: get rid of ItdbThumbType, it's replaced by
	pointers to the appropriate Itdb_ArtworkFormat for the thumbnail
	type when it's needed

2008-06-09  Christophe Fergeau  <>

	* src/db-artwork-parser.c: remove duplicated artwork/photo support
	testing functions
	* src/db-artwork-parser.h: ditto
	* src/itdb_itunesdb.c: s/ipod_supports_XXX/itdb_device_supports_XXX
	* src/itdb_photoalbum.c: ditto
	* src/itdb.h: use a const Itdb_Device argument for
	itdb_device_supports_*, add  ITDB_IPOD_GENERATION_IPHONE_1 to
	Itdb_IpodGeneration, get rid of ITDB_IPOD_GENERATION_FIFTH and 
	* src/itdb_device.c: split functions to get artwork format from the
	ipod in 2 separate functions: instead of
	itdb_device_get_artwork_formats we now have
	itdb_device_get_photo_formats and itdb_device_get_cover_art_formats
	* src/itdb_device.h:
	* src/db-image-parser.c: use the separate
	get_cover_art_formats/get_photos_formats functions
	* src/db-artwork-writer.c: ditto
	* src/ithumb-writer.c: ditto

2008-06-09  Christophe Fergeau  <>

	* src/gchecksum.c: fix compilation (it's only compiled on system with
	older glib versions)

2008-06-09  Christophe Fergeau  <>

	* src/db-artwork-writer.c:
	* src/itdb_artwork.c:
	* src/itdb_thumb.c:
	* src/itdb_thumb.h: fix compilation when gdk-pixbuf isn't present

2008-06-02  Jorg Schuler <jcsjcs at>

	* src/itdb_track.c (itdb_track_remove_thumbnails): set mhii_link
	  to 0.

	* src/db-artwork-parser.c (mhfd_associate_itunesdb_artwork):
	  remove thumbnails if mhii_link is invalid.

2008-06-02  Jorg Schuler <jcsjcs at>

	* src/gchecksum.c
	  src/ copied gchecksum from glib 2.16.3. It's used if we
	  compile on a system that does not have glib 2.16 or
	  higher. Testing is needed whether it's really pulled in in those
	  cases -- I'm using 2.16.3 myself.

	* src/itdb_itunesdb.c (mk_mhit): write mhii_link.

	* src/db-artwork-writer.c: code to handle sparse artwork
	  (ipod_supports_sparse_artwork): currently hard-coded to
	  TRUE. Will be changed in the future to reflect the information
	  given in the SysInfoExtended. Change yourself if your iPod does
	  not support Sparse Artwork (sharing of thumbnails between
	  several tracks).

2008-06-01  Jorg Schuler <jcsjcs at>

	* src/itdb_thumb.c
	  remove some unnecessary checks for NULL pointer
	  (itdb_thumb_duplicate): move g_list_reverse() outside the loop
	  modifying the list.
2008-05-30  Jorg Schuler <jcsjcs at>

	* src/itdb_thumb.c
	  src/itdb_photoalbum.c: fixed a number of compile-time warnings.

2008-05-30  Christophe Fergeau  <>

	Patch from Ian Stewart

	* src/itdb_itunesdb.c: don't pass NULL sort_composer names down to
	jump_table_letter, fixes a crash reported by Andy Busch

2008-05-30  Christophe Fergeau  <>

	* src/
	* src/db-artwork-parser.c:
	* src/db-artwork-writer.c:
	* src/db-image-parser.c:
	* src/db-image-parser.h:
	* src/itdb.h:
	* src/itdb_artwork.c:
	* src/itdb_device.h:
	* src/itdb_photoalbum.c:
	* src/itdb_track.c:
	* src/ithumb-writer.c:
	* tests/test-covers.c:
	* tests/test-photos.c: rework Itdb_Thumb type. Now it's split into
	different subtypes depending on what it represents (GdkPixbuf,
	thumbnail read from the ipod, ...). Itdb_Artwork now contains only a
	pointer to a single Itdb_Thumb (it used to contain a GList * of
	Itdb_Thumb) since the only time when the list is useful is for thumbs
	read from the ipod. Using a list for the other types of thumbnails
	created some complications when trying to set art on an Itdb_Track that
	wasn't attached to an Itdb_iTunesDB.

2008-05-29  Christophe Fergeau <teuf at>

	* src/itunesdb.c:
	* src/ithumb-writer.c: add missing static to internal functions

2008-05-28  Jorg Schuler <jcsjcs at>

        * src/db-artwork-parser.c (parse_mhii): removed artwork_fallback
	  variable upon Christophe's suggestion and streamlined code.

2008-05-28  Jorg Schuler <jcsjcs at>

	* src/itdb_track.c (itdb_track_set_thumbnails_internal): set
	  artwork ID to 0 after removing thumbnails.

	* src/db-artwork-parser.c (parse_mhii): move out dbid association
	  to a separate function.

	  (mhfd_associate_itunesdb_artwork): handle dbid and mhii_link
	  association of artwork to track

	  (parse_mhfd): loop over the number of mhsd hunks instead of
	  hardcoding it. Call mhfd_associate_itunesdb_artwork().

	* src/itdb_itunesdb.c (get_mhit): read the mhii_link field.

	* src/db-artwork-writer.c (write_mhli): handle unset artwork

	  (itdb_track_filter_thumbnails): remove thumbnails correctly.

	* src/db-parse-context.c (db_parse_context_get_sub_context): copy
	  newly introduced artwork field.

	* tests/test-covers.c: print mhii_link.

	* src/itdb.h: (Itdb_Track) added mhii_link. (Itdb_Artwork): added

	* src/itdb.h, src/db-artwork-parser.c, src/db-artwork-writer.c,
	  src/itdb_device.c, src/ithumb-writer.c, src/itdb_artwork.c:

	* src/itdb_device.c: ipod_classic_1_artwork_info: correct
2008-05-25  Christophe Fergeau <teuf at>

	* libxml presence is mandatory unless
	--disable-libxml is passed to configure

2008-05-25  Christophe Fergeau <teuf at>

	* src/itdb_device.c: don't insert NULL firewire IDs in the SysInfo
	hash table

2008-05-25  Christophe Fergeau <teuf at>

	* rework libxml detection
	* src/ remove LIBXML_CFLAGS/LIBXML_LIBS since they are
	no longer used
	* src/itdb_plist.c: add stub functions when libxml isn't available
	* src/itdb_sysinfo_extended_parser.c: include config.h

2008-05-25  Christophe Fergeau <teuf at>

	* src/db-artwork-debug.c:
	* src/db-artwork-writer.c:
	* src/db-image-parser.c:
	* src/db-itunes-parser.h:
	* src/itdb_device.h:
	* src/ithumb-writer.c: rename correlation_id to format_id (this is
	how that value is called in SysInfoExtended)

2008-05-25  Christophe Fergeau <teuf at>

	* check libxml presence
	* src/ add new files, remove obsolete ones
	* src/itdb_plist.h: 
	* src/itdb_plist.c: plist parser, this parses a plist XML file to a
	GHashTable of GValue *. This parser should be generic, ie it
	doesn't know it's parsing SysInfoExtended, it only cares about it
	being a plist file
	* src/itdb_sysinfo_extended_parser.h:
	* src/itdb_sysinfo_extended_parser.c: convert the parsed plist data
	to data structures usable by libgpod
	* src/itdb_device.h:
	* src/itdb_device.c: parses SysInfoExtended in addition to SysInfo
	* src/itdb_sysinfo.c: this hacky parser is obsoleted by the new
	(much more complete) SysInfoExtended parser, so it's removed
	* tests/
	* tests/test-sysinfo-extended-parsing.c: small test program for the
	new parser

2008-05-25  Christophe Fergeau <teuf at>

	Patch from Ian Stewart <ian.stewart at>

	* src/itdb_itunesdb.c: add jump letter support (mhod53)

2008-05-24  Christophe Fergeau <teuf at>

	* src/ithumb-writer.c: factor some code out of
	ithumb_writer_write_thumbnail into separate functions to make the
	code more readable

2008-05-24  Christophe Fergeau <teuf at>

	Patch from Jacob Hoffman-Andrews <jsha at>
	* src/itdb_device.h: add 'crop' field to Itdb_ArtworkFormat
	* src/itdb_device.c: fill this 'crop' field for the iphone
	* src/ithumb-writer.c: use that new 'crop' field to crop the
	thumbnails when the Itdb_ArtworkFormat requires it.

2008-05-24  Christophe Fergeau <teuf at>

	Patch from Jacob Hoffman-Andrews <jsha at>

	* tools/hal-callout.c: add missing #include <unistd.h>

2008-05-17  Jorg Schuler <jcsjcs at>

	* tests/test-covers.c: print more info (marginally)

2008-05-11  Jorg Schuler <jcsjcs at>

        * src/itdb_photoalbum.c
	  src/db-artwork-writer.c: renamed itdb_get_free_photo_id() to
	  itdb_get_max_photo_id() and implemented Jacob Hoffman-Andrew's
	  patch about the photo_ids and album_ids being shared.

	* tests/test-covers.c: print more info (marginally)

2008-05-10  Jorg Schuler <jcsjcs at>

	* tests/test-covers.c: print more status messages.

2008-05-01  Todd Zullinger  <tmzullinger at>

	  Bump version to 0.6.1SVN

	* bindings/python/ write shuffle data (thanks to Diogo

2008-04-19  Jorg Schuler <jcsjcs at>

        * bindings/python/examples/
	  Added provided by Thomas Perl.

2008-03-29  Todd Zullinger  <tmzullinger at>

	* bindings/python/
	  src/ cleanup more of our dirs with make uninstall

	* tests/ include string.h to fix builds
	  with gcc 4.3 (fixes SF tracker #1928618)

2008-03-02  Todd Zullinger  <tmzullinger at>

	  m4/python.m4: shell portability fixes (courtesy of Klaus Heinz)

2008-02-13  Todd Zullinger  <tmzullinger at>

	* bindings/python/ Track.set_thumbnail() was renamed
	  to Track.set_coverart_from_file() a long time ago

2008-02-03  Christophe Fergeau  <>

	* src/db-artwork-debug.c:
	* src/db-artwork-debug.h: fix mhod type1 and mhod type3 dumping
	when debugging is enabled

2008-02-03  Christophe Fergeau  <>

	* src/db-artwork-debug.h: merge mhod type1 and mhod type3 dumping
	* src/db-artwork-writer.c: adjust to the change above
	* src/db-artwork-parser.c: merge mhod type1 and mhod type3 parsing
	* src/db-itunes-parser.h: remove obsolete comment

2008-02-03  Christophe Fergeau  <>

	* src/db-artwork-parser.c: use enum name instead of hardcoded int
	* src/db-artwork-writer.c: add comments about values that aren't
	swapped because they are 8 bit values

2008-02-03  Christophe Fergeau  <>

	* src/db-itunes-parser.h: merge ArtworkDB_MhodHeaderArtworkType3
	and MhodHeaderArtworkType1 into a single struct called
	* src/db-artwork-parser.c: 
	* src/db-artwork-writer.c: adjust to the above change

2008-02-03  Christophe Fergeau  <>

	* src/db-artwork-parser.c: add missing g_free that could cause
	memory leaks

2008-01-30  Christophe Fergeau  <>

	Patch by Martin Aumueller 	

	* tests/test-ls.c: make sure the various fields we are trying to
	print aren't NULL, this fixes a crash that was observed with

2007-11-15  Christophe Fergeau  <>

	* src/itdb_itunesdb.c: don't use itdb_filename_ipod2fs to generate
	the filename to put on the shuffle since on windows that would use
	\ as a path separator instead of the correct /

2007-11-15  Christophe Fergeau  <>

	* src/itdb_private.h:
	* src/itdb_itunesdb.c: add itdb_file_set_contents to workaround a
	rename issue on sshfs (existing files on the FS can't be
	atomatically erased during a rename). Use it in wcontents_write
	* src/db-artwork-writer.c: use itdb_file_set_contents to write the

2007-11-15  Christophe Fergeau  <>
	* src/db-artwork-writer.c:
	* src/db-parse-context.c:
	* src/itdb_device.c:
	* src/itdb_itunesdb.c:
	* src/ithumb-writer.c: don't include unistd.h on systems which
	don't have it

2007-11-16  Christophe Fergeau <>

	* src/itdb_itunesdb.c: rework itdb_cp for MacOSX/Windows

2008-01-26  Michael Tiffany <tiffman at>

        * src/itdb_chapterdata.c: file missed being added in
	previous checkin

2008-01-26  Jorg Schuler <jcsjcs at>

        * src/itdb_track.c
	* src/itdb_itunesdb.c
	* src/itdb_chapterdata
	* src/itdb.h
	* src/ applied chapterdata patch by Michael Tiffany.

2008-01-02  Christophe Fergeau <>

	* src/itdb_device.c: fix ITDB_THUMB_PHOTO_FULL_SCREEN format on
	ipod classic and nano video, thanks to Tomas Carnecky for pointing
	that out

2007-12-13  Todd Zullinger  <tmzullinger at>

	* add ACLOCAL_AMFLAGS to fix some autoreconf
	  issues (thanks to Frank Lichtenheld at Debian)

2007-11-26  Todd Zullinger  <tmzullinger at>

	  conditionally add gdk-pixbuf to pkg-config Requires.
	  exit with an error if gdk-pixbuf or pygobject are explicitly
	  requested and not found.
	  add AM_PROG_CC_C_O to make automake happy about per-target
	  flags in tests/

2007-11-25  Todd Zullinger  <tmzullinger at>

	* pass any user-specified options to configure

2007-11-17  Jorg Schuler <jcsjcs at>

	* src/itdb_playlist.c (itdb_splr_eval): track length in rules for
	  smart playlists was treated as seconds, but the iPod treats them
	  as milliseconds. If you told libgpod to create a smart playlist
	  with tracks less than 100 secs in length, but the life update of
	  the iPod would interpret that rule as "tracks less than 100 msec
	  in length", giving a vastly different result. Tested with iPod
	  Nano 1G and iPod nano Video (3G).

	  Requires corresponding fix in GUIs using this function.

2007-11-16  Christophe Fergeau <>

	* src/itdb_device.c: fix typoes in iPod Touch model lists

2007-11-14  Christophe <>

	* src/itdb_itunesdb.c: use libgpod as the prefix of music files to
	be copied to the ipod instead of gtkpod

2007-11-14  Christophe <>

	* src/itdb_itunesdb.c: get rid of local g_mkdir_with_parents copy
	since we now depend on glib 2.8 which have it. Replace mkdir with

2007-11-14  Christophe <>

	* src/itdb_itunesdb.c: ignore invalid UTF-8 paths which might have
	been added to the iPod by the user

2007-11-14  Christophe <>

	* src/itdb_photoalbum.c: use g_list_remove all instead of an
	inefficient combination of g_list_find + g_list_remove

2007-11-14  Jorg Schuler <jcsjcs at>

	* src/itdb_photoalbum.c (itdb_photodb_photoalbum_remove): make
	  sure same photo isn't freed multiple times if it was added in an
	  album multiple times.

2007-11-13  Christophe Fergeau <>

	* src/itdb_photoalbum.c: fix bug in itdb_photodb_photoalbum_remove,
	when removing all the photos from the photodatabase, we were
	erasing elements and iterating over the list at the same time,
	which resulted in the function not working properly

2007-11-10  Christophe Fergeau <>

	* add README.SysInfo to EXTRADIST

2007-11-10  Christophe Fergeau <>

	* NEWS: update for 0.6.0 release
	* README.SysInfo: explain how to get the firewire id from an iPod Touch

2007-11-10  Jorg Schuler <jcsjcs at>

	* src/db-artwork-parser.c (parse_mhba): fix double g_free on mhba
	  chunks with multiple mhods. Currently only mhods of type 1 are
	  handled, the rest (type 2: image transition style) are being

	* src/itdb_device.c: added photo thumbnail definitions for iPod
	  Touch. I'm not sure how reasonable the "PHOTO_LARGE,
	  _FULL_SCREEN, _TV_SCREEN" classification is, however...

	* src/itdb_device.c: use the same photo thumbnail definitions for
	  the iPhone as well as the iPod Touch until further input is

2007-11-09  Jorg Schuler <jcsjcs at>

	* src/db-parse-context.c (db_parse_context_get_m_header_internal):
	  fixed memory leak.

2007-11-08  Christophe Fergeau <>

	* src/itdb_device.c: (itdb_device_requires_checksum): the iPod Touch
	needs a firewire id as well

2007-11-08  Christophe Fergeau  <>

	* tools/hal-callout.c: (mount_ipod): use g_get_tmp_dir instead of
	hardcoding /tmp

2007-11-07  Jorg Schuler <jcsjcs at>

	* tools/hal-callout.c (mount_ipod): fix bug that prevented
	  creation of the SysInfoExtended file if it hadn't already
	  Add copyright header.

	* tools/ipod-scsi-inquiry.c: added project name to the copyright

2007-11-06  Christophe Fergeau  <>

	* raise version number and soname in preparation for a
	0.6.0 release

2007-11-06  Christophe Fergeau  <>

	* tools/20-libgpod-sysinfo-extended.fdi:
	* tools/
	* tools/hal-callout.c: 
	* tools/ipod-scsi-inquiry.c: 
	* tools/read-sysinfoextended-sgutils.c: add hal callout which
	automatically write SysinfoExtended to iPods when they are plugged
	if it's properly installed

2007-11-06  Jorg Schuler <jcsjcs at>

	* itdb_itunesdb.c (itdb_create_directories): Add support for
	  iPod Touch (wrong directories were created).

2007-11-04  Jorg Schuler <jcsjcs at>

	* itdb_itunesdb.c (itdb_create_directories): Add support for
	  iPhones (wrong directories were created). Thanks to Jesse
	  Bouwman for the patch.
	Added support for video output of photos for iPod Nano Videos and
	iPod Classics.

	* src/ithumb-writer.c
	  (pack_I420): added packer for iPod Nano Video and iPod Classic
	  TV output photo format.
	  (itdb_write_ithumb_files): make sure only valid thumbnail types
	  are written.

	* src/db-image-parser.h: added declaration for

	* src/itdb_photoalbum.c (itdb_photodb_add_photo_internal): make
	  sure only photo thumbnails are added.

	* src/db-artwork-writer.c

	  (write_mhii): correctly skip unneeded thumbnails (thumbnails not
	  relevant for the current iPod type).

	  (should_write): renamed to itdb_thumb_type_is_valid_for_db()

	  src/itdb_artwork.c: minor formatting.

2007-10-30  Christophe Fergeau  <>

	Additional clean-ups after the glib requirement bumping pointed out by
	tmz on IRC

	* bump glib requirement there as well
	* src/
	* src/db-parse-context.c:
	* src/glib-compat.h:
	* src/itdb_artwork.c:
	* src/itdb_itunesdb.c:
	* src/itdb_photoalbum.c:
	* src/itdb_private.h:
	* src/ithumb-writer.c: get rid of glib-compat.h since we raised the
	  minimum version to 2.8

2007-10-30  Christophe Fergeau <>

	Patch from Filippo Giunchedi <>

	* src/db-artwork-debug.c: (dump_mhni): another endianness fix

2007-10-29  Christophe Fergeau <>

	* src/itdb_artwork.c:
	* src/ithumb-writer.c: replace // comments with /* */ pairs, fixes
	  compilation on my machine

2007-10-29  Christophe Fergeau <>

	Patch from Filippo Giunchedi <>

	* src/itdb_artwork.c: add I420 unpacker
	* src/itdb_device.c: iPod classic full screen photo format is I420
	* src/itdb_device.h: add I420 format
	* src/ithumb-writer.c: add stub for an I420 packer

2007-10-29  Christophe Fergeau <>

	* src/itdb_device.c: the iPod Touch probably uses the same image format
	  as the iPhone

2007-10-29  Christophe Fergeau <>

	* raise glib requirement to 2.8 (because of

2007-10-29  Christophe Fergeau <>

	* remove mremap check
	* src/db-artwork-writer.c: get rid mmap/mremap use

2007-10-29  Christophe Fergeau <>

	* src/db-artwork-writer.c: reread the pointer for memory mapped
	  buffers when it may have changed
	  Artwork writing works by mapping structs to memory and by
	  directly accessing/modifying it. This works until we need to
	  move the mmap base address. This patch makes sure we reset the
	  struct mapping every time the mmap base pointer may have changed

2007-10-27 Jorg Schuler <jcsjcs at>

        * src/itdb_device.c (ipod_classic_1_artwork_info)
	  src/ithumb-writer.c (pack_RGB_888, pack_RGB_565, pack_RGB_555,
	                       pack_rec_RGB_555, ithumb_writer_write_thumbnail)
	  src/db-image-parser.h (_888 definitions)
	  src/itdb_device.h (RGB888 thumb format enum definitions)
	  src/itdb_artwork.c (unpack_RGB_888, unpack_experimental,

	  Partial support for photos on new iPod Nano 3G and iPod

	  Photos should be displayed correctly on the iPod but the video
	  output will show garbage (couldn't try video output per se, but
	  from the data iTunes produces this is clear).

2007-10-24  Christophe Fergeau  <>

	* src/db-artwork-writer.c: (write_mhif), (should_write),
	  (write_mhlf): don't hardcode the number of mhif entries we
	  write, but write as many entries as the number of thumbnail
	  formats supported by the device

2007-10-24  Christophe Fergeau  <>

	* src/db-artwork-writer.c: (write_mhla): yet another missing endianness

2007-10-24  Christophe Fergeau  <>

	Patch from Filippo Giunchedi <>

	* src/db-artwork-parser.c: (parse_mhba): another missing endianness

2007-10-21  Christophe Fergeau  <>

	Patch from Filippo Giunchedi <>

	* src/db-artwork-debug.c: (dump_mhod_type_3): add missing byte-swap
	which resulted in over huge allocation

2007-10-21  Christophe Fergeau  <>

	Patch from Filippo Giunchedi <>

	* src/db-artwork-debug.c: (dump_mhba): fix dumping function in debug
	* src/db-itunes-parser.h: indentation fixes

2007-10-21  Christophe Fergeau  <>

	* src/itdb_photoalbum.c: (itdb_get_photos_dir):
	* src/ithumb-writer.c: (ipod_image_get_ithmb_filename):

2007-10-16  Todd Zullinger  <tmzullinger at>

	* add --enable-gtk-doc to the
	call. This allows make distcheck to work correctly and to use
	an unmodified copy of from the upstream
	gnome-common package.

2007-10-16  Christophe Fergeau  <>

	* switch to newer version of that file 
	(with automake 1.10 support)

2007-10-09  Christophe Fergeau <>

	* src/itdb_device.c: (itdb_device_requires_checksum): add missing 
	(unreachable) return

2007-10-07  Christophe Fergeau  <>

	* src/itdb_device.c: (itdb_device_requires_checksum):
	* src/itdb_itunesdb.c: (write_db_checksum):
	* src/itdb_private.h: add an itdb_device_requires_checksum function so 
	that we only error out because of checksum writing issues on ipods which 
	require a checksum. Ideally, we should restore the old file when there is
	a fatal checksum writing error, but libgpod isn't currently doing that

2007-10-05  Christophe Fergeau  <>

	* src/itdb_sha1.c: (generate_key): move cryptic calculations 
	into the precomputed tables. Patch by Simon Schulz.

2007-10-05  Christophe Fergeau  <>

	* src/itdb_device.c:
          Remove duplicate reference to ithmb file

          The iPod classic artwork formats contained two references to an 
	  ithmb file using 1060 as its filename. This confuses the ithumb 
	  writing code which can't handle that properly. Fixes that for now by
	  removing the entry. We could probably be more clever in 
	  itdb_write_ithumb_files and generate two lists of iThumbWriters,
	  one for artwork and another one for photos. This would fix that bug 
	  as well

2007-10-05  Christophe Fergeau  <>

	* src/db-artwork-writer.c: (itdb_track_filter_thumbnails),
	(itdb_filter_thumbnails), (ipod_write_artwork_db):
	* src/itdb_track.c: (itdb_track_set_thumbnails_internal):
         Set thumbnails for all known cover types in itdb_track_set_thumbnails

         itdb_track_set_thumbnails can be called when the track isn't attached
	 to any device (eg it's natural to create a track, fill its metadata 
	 including the cover art, and then add it to an iTunesDB and its 
	 associated device). This means we can't know which artwork types the
	 iPod corresponding to the iTunesDB will be able to handle. i
	 Consequently, we create Itdb_Thumb objects for all known cover types,
	 and we filter that list when we don't have a choice (ie when we're 
	 about to write the ArtworkDB and the thumbnails)

2007-10-05  Christophe Fergeau  <>

	* src/itdb_itunesdb.c: (itdb_write_file): set Itdb_Track::id
	before writing the artwork since artwork writing uses them

2007-10-01  Christophe Fergeau <>

	* README.SysInfo: add explanations about how the iPod needs to be 
	set up so that libgpod can read the firewire id

2007-10-01  Christophe Fergeau <>

	* src/itdb_itunesdb.c: get rid of unused headers

2007-09-26 Jorg Schuler <jcsjcs at>

        * src/itdb_itunesdb.c (mk_mhit): write extended mhit header for
	  new iPod Nanos and Classics so they display artwork (Christophe)

	* src/db-artwork-writer (ipod_artwork_set_ids): modify the
	  assignment of IDs for artwork (Christophe)

	* src/itdb_device.c: added artwork definition file (cover only)
	  for iPod Nano Videos (3G). Thanks to Simon Schulz.

	* src/itdb_itunesdb.c: integrate checksum writing into the
	  creation of the iTunesDB instead of modifying the iTunesDB file
	  in place (Christophe)

	* src/itdb_device.c: re-use artwork definition for iPod classic
	  also for iPod Nanos 3G.

2007-09-30  Christophe Fergeau  <>

	* src/itdb_itunesdb.c: (itdb_write_checksum): remove debugging g_print

2007-09-30  Christophe Fergeau  <>

	* src/itdb_device.c: fix typo and don't mark iPod Classic as read-only

2007-09-28  Christophe Fergeau  <>

	* tools/read-sysinfoextended-sgutils.c: (main): use g_build_filename
	instead of itdb_resolve_filename since the latter will fail if
	SysInfoExtended does not already exist

2007-09-27  Christophe Fergeau  <>

	* build tool to generate the iPod SysInfoExtended file
	if sgutils is detected
	* tools/
	* tools/ changes to optionally build the sgutils-based tool
	* tools/read-sysinfoextended-sgutils.c: (do_sg_inquiry),
	(read_sysinfo_extended), (main): new file, reads the SysInfoExtended
	file from the iPod using SCSI queries

2007-09-27  Christophe Fergeau  <>

	* src/itdb_itunesdb.c: (calculate_db_checksum),
	* src/itdb_sha1.c: (itdb_compute_hash):
	* src/itdb_sha1.h: propagate the calculated checksum length as an out
	parameter to the checksumming functions, fixes a bug where a partial 
	checksum would be written if it contained a \0
	* tests/test-checksum.c: (calculate_db_checksum): update test program
	to that API change

2007-09-26 Jorg Schuler <jcsjcs at>

	* src/itdb_device.c: remove "read only" notice on Nano Video

	* ChangeLog: explained better about SysInfo* files.

2007-09-24 Jorg Schuler <jcsjcs at>

	** code courtesy of Christophe Fergeau **

	* src/itdb_itunesdb.c (mk_mhbd): write extended header needed
          for new iPod Nanos (3G Video) and iPod Classics (must fill
          in SysInfo or SysInfoFileExtended -- see below).

	  src/itdb_device.h: Code to parse SysInfoExtended and SysInfo
	  for the FireWireGUID. You must either copy the iPod
	  description XML file to Device/SysInfoExtended or add a line
	  'FirewireGuid: 000A27....' to Device/SysInfo. You can get
	  your FirewireGuid by looking at /proc/bus/usb/devices and
	  search for a serial number close to the "Apple" entry. The
	  serial number will probably start with 000A27.

	* src/sha1.c
	  New files for obscure hash generation code.

	* src/ added new files.

        * tests/test-checksum.c
	  tests/ test programs to retrieve the
	  FirewireGuid and calculate/write the obscure hash.

2007-09-15 Jorg Schuler <jcsjcs at>

	* src/itdb_device.c:
	  Re-organized the representation of iPod models -- instead of 1st
	  to 7th generation more well-known names like "iPod Nano 1G",
	  "iPod Nano 2G"... are used.

	  Added untested support for iPod Classic Artwork. Not clear which
	  thumbnail type is used for what.

	  src/itdb_track.c (itdb_track_set_thumbnails_internal):
	  Please note: itdb_track_set_thumbnails() needs to be thought
	  over to make sure all thumbnail types are added properly. Please
	  see note in itdb_track.c for details.

	  src/itdb.h: Added symbols for the new representation indicated

2007-09-08 Jorg Schuler <jcsjcs at>

	* src/db-image-parser.c
	  tests/test-covers.c: added support to read and write coverart on
	  iPhones. New cover formats are: MEDIUM, XLARGE, XSMALL, SMEDIUM
	  -- should be renamed if function becomes clearer.

	  Introduced New image formats for t
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