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2008-12-07  "Daniel P. Berrange  <>

	* src/gvnc.c, src/x_keymap.c, src/x_keymap.h:
	Fix key mapping with evdev
	[49bde4aa5c01] [tip]

	Initial RPM spec for mingw & add mingw to automated builds

2008-11-26  "Daniel P. Berrange  <>

	* src/vncdisplay.c:
	Use GVNC_DEBUG instead of fprintf for diagnostic

2008-11-19  anthony  <anthony@squirrel>

	* src/continuation.c, src/coroutine_gthread.c,
	src/coroutine_ucontext.c, src/gvnc.c, src/vncdisplay.c:
	branch merge

	* examples/gvncviewer.c, examples/, src/blt.h,
	src/blt1.h, src/continuation.c, src/continuation.h, src/coroutine.h,
	src/coroutine_gthread.c, src/coroutine_ucontext.c, src/gvnc.c,
	src/gvnc.h, src/utils.h, src/vnc_keycodes.h, src/vncdisplay.c,
	src/vncdisplay.h, src/vncmodule.c, src/x_keymap.c, src/x_keymap.h:
	Update licensing text for all files to be the full FSF LGPL

	Signed-off-by: Anthony Liguori <>

	* src/d3des.c, src/d3des.h:
	Switch to an older, still public domain version of d3des. The
	RealVNC changes were GPL and we wish to remain LGPL.

2008-11-17  "Daniel P. Berrange  <>

	* src/vncdisplay.c:
	Simplify keyboard modifier handling to try and fix non-US keyboards

2008-11-12  "Daniel P. Berrange  <>

	* src/gvnc.c:
	Save updates dimensions from resize event

	* src/gvnc.c:
	Avoid triggering bogus screen updates for pseudo-encodings

	* src/gvnc.c:
	Fix Win32 socket/fd handle mix-up. Make read/write routines always
	use the FD, not the giochannel which could be a socket handle on

2008-10-30  "Daniel P. Berrange  <>

	* plugin/
	Fix $(DESTDIR) in plugin rule

	Use LIBS instead of LDFLAGS when checking for cairo for Win32
	portability (Richard Jones)

	* .hgignore:
	Ignore more gnulib files

	* src/vncdisplay.c:
	Replace __MINGW32__ with WIN32 macro (Richard Jones)

	* src/vncdisplay.c:
	Call winsock initialization functions on startup (patch from Richard

	* src/gvnc.c:
	Use ioctl() instead of ioctlsocket() on Win32 platforms

	* src/gvnc.c:
	Switch to using recv/send for I/O to work on Win32 platforms

2008-10-09  "Daniel P. Berrange  <>

	* .hgignore,,, bootstrap,,
	gnulib/lib/, gnulib/lib/,
	gnulib/lib/, gnulib/lib/asnprintf.c,
	gnulib/lib/dummy.c, gnulib/lib/, gnulib/lib/float+.h,
	gnulib/lib/, gnulib/lib/gai_strerror.c,
	gnulib/lib/getaddrinfo.c, gnulib/lib/getaddrinfo.h,
	gnulib/lib/gettext.h, gnulib/lib/inet_ntop.c, gnulib/lib/malloc.c,
	gnulib/lib/, gnulib/lib/printf-args.c, gnulib/lib
	/printf-args.h, gnulib/lib/printf-parse.c, gnulib/lib/printf-
	parse.h, gnulib/lib/size_max.h, gnulib/lib/snprintf.c,
	gnulib/lib/, gnulib/lib/, gnulib/lib/stdio-
	write.c, gnulib/lib/, gnulib/lib/,
	gnulib/lib/, gnulib/lib/,
	gnulib/lib/vasnprintf.c, gnulib/lib/vasnprintf.h,
	gnulib/lib/, gnulib/lib/winsock.c, gnulib/lib/xsize.h,
	gnulib/m4/alloca.m4, gnulib/m4/arpa_inet_h.m4, gnulib/m4/errno_h.m4,
	gnulib/m4/extensions.m4, gnulib/m4/float_h.m4,
	gnulib/m4/getaddrinfo.m4, gnulib/m4/gnulib-cache.m4, gnulib/m4
	/gnulib-common.m4, gnulib/m4/gnulib-comp.m4, gnulib/m4/gnulib-
	tool.m4, gnulib/m4/include_next.m4, gnulib/m4/inet_ntop.m4,
	gnulib/m4/intmax_t.m4, gnulib/m4/inttypes_h.m4,
	gnulib/m4/longlong.m4, gnulib/m4/malloc.m4,
	gnulib/m4/netinet_in_h.m4, gnulib/m4/onceonly.m4,
	gnulib/m4/printf.m4, gnulib/m4/size_max.m4, gnulib/m4/snprintf.m4,
	gnulib/m4/socklen.m4, gnulib/m4/sockpfaf.m4, gnulib/m4/stdbool.m4,
	gnulib/m4/stdint.m4, gnulib/m4/stdint_h.m4, gnulib/m4/stdio_h.m4,
	gnulib/m4/stdlib_h.m4, gnulib/m4/sys_socket_h.m4,
	gnulib/m4/unistd_h.m4, gnulib/m4/vasnprintf.m4, gnulib/m4/wchar.m4,
	gnulib/m4/wchar_t.m4, gnulib/m4/wint_t.m4, gnulib/m4/xsize.m4,
	gnulib/tests/, gnulib/tests/dummy.c,
	gnulib/tests/intprops.h, gnulib/tests/test-alloca-opt.c,
	gnulib/tests/test-arpa_inet.c, gnulib/tests/test-errno.c,
	gnulib/tests/test-getaddrinfo.c, gnulib/tests/test-netinet_in.c,
	gnulib/tests/test-snprintf.c, gnulib/tests/test-stdbool.c,
	gnulib/tests/test-stdint.c, gnulib/tests/test-stdio.c, gnulib/tests
	/test-stdlib.c, gnulib/tests/test-sys_socket.c, gnulib/tests/test-
	unistd.c, gnulib/tests/test-vasnprintf.c, gnulib/tests/test-vc-list-, gnulib/tests/, gnulib/tests
	/test-wchar.c, gnulib/tests/verify.h, link-warning.h,
	src/, src/continuation.c, src/coroutine_gthread.c,
	src/coroutine_ucontext.c, src/gvnc.c, src/vncdisplay.c, vc-list-
	Import gnulib, and make use of it for mingw portability

	* Merge heads

	* src/coroutine_gthread.c:
	Add missing mutex lock calls at init time

	* src/vncdisplay.c:
	Allow ungrab sequence if currently grabbed, even if abs pointer mode
	is active

2008-09-15  Jonh Wendell  <>

	* src/vncdisplay.c:
	Fix the scaling factor for mouse motion.

	Fix checking gdk_cairo_create() in

2008-09-11  "Daniel P. Berrange  <>

	*, src/vncdisplay.c:
	Use cairo for drawing if available, including scaling support

	*, examples/,,
	plugin/, src/, src/vncdisplay.c:
	Remove use of gtkglext for scaling

2008-09-05  "Daniel P. Berrange  <>

	* .hgtags:
	Added tag release-0.3.7 for changeset 37c0b4255895

	* ChangeLog:
	Re-generate changelog
	[37c0b4255895] [release-0.3.7]

	* NEWS,
	Update version & NEWS for 0.3.7

	* src/vncdisplay.c:
	Register internal signal handlers against class, instead of each

2008-06-30  Jonh Wendell  <>

	* src/libgtk-vnc_sym.version, src/vncdisplay.c, src/vncdisplay.h:
	Added vnc_display_[gs]et_force_size(), which tell if the widget has
	a fixed size. This helps scaling down work properly.

2008-06-05  Jonh Wendell  <>

	* src/vncdisplay.c:
	Backed out changeset dba0c3d837dd

2008-06-04  Jonh Wendell  <>

	* src/vncdisplay.c:
	Fix an error message in destructor, when using scaling

2008-06-01  Jonh Wendell  <>

	* src/gvnc.c:
	Do more checks if connection is still alive in initialisation. This
	fix a crash when closing the connection right after connecting.

2008-05-30  Jonh Wendell  <>

	* src/gvnc.c, src/gvnc.h, src/vncdisplay.c:
	Use a preferred pixmap format when we receive true_color_flag 0 from

2008-05-29  Jonh Wendell  <>

	* src/vncdisplay.c:
	Ignore CTRL-ALT key combination if we are autograbbing and pointer
	is absolute

2008-05-21  "Daniel P. Berrange  <>

	* src/vncdisplay.c:
	Ungrab pointer upon loosing focus

2008-05-05  Anthony Liguori  <>

	* .hgtags:
	Added tag release-0.3.6 for changeset 9daca7e451a5

	branch merge
	[9daca7e451a5] [release-0.3.6]

	* .hgtags:
	Added tag release-0.3.6 for changeset 8050c87f404b

	* ChangeLog, NEWS,
	Update for 0.3.6

	* .hgtags:
	Added tag release-0.3.6 for changeset 854c8ce46e5a

2008-04-30  Jonh Wendell  <>

	* src/libgtk-vnc_sym.version, src/vncdisplay.c, src/vncdisplay.h:
	Created a function to let the app take control over the shared flag.

2008-04-27  Jonh Wendell  <>

	* src/vncdisplay.c:
	Implement preferable auth methods

2008-04-24  "Daniel P. Berrange  <>

	Fix typo

2008-04-22  "Daniel P. Berrange  <>

	* src/continuation.c:
	Fix gcc warning about variable that can be clobbered by
	longjump/vfork (Atsushi Sakai)

	*, src/
	Use regex for symbol visibility in linker on Solaris (Halton Huo)

2008-04-15  Jonh Wendell  <>

	* src/vncdisplay.c:
	Fixed a crash when closing the connection in a middle of an update

2008-04-11  Jonh Wendell  <>

	* src/gvnc.c:
	Use GLib memory functions

2008-04-06  Anthony Liguori  <>

	* .hgtags:
	Added tag release-0.3.5 for changeset d8003db700fd

	* ChangeLog, NEWS,
	Prepare for 0.3.5 release
	[d8003db700fd] [release-0.3.5]

2008-04-04  Jonh Wendell  <>

	* src/gvnc.c:
	Maintain the consistency: create with g_strdup, free with g_free

2008-04-03  "Daniel P. Berrange  <>

	*, examples/gvncviewer.c, src/vncdisplay.c:
	Fixed z-buffer depth to avoid rendering ontop of other windows.
	Enable scaling in gvncviewer if not composited

2008-04-03  Jonh Wendell  <>

	* plugin/
	Dropped DEBUG_CFLAGS from plugin/, noticed by Richard
	W.M. Jones

	* src/vncdisplay.c:
	Use g_strdup() instead of strdup() in vnc_display_open_host(): It
	doesn't crash if we pass NULL as argument.

2008-04-02  "Daniel P. Berrange  <>

	* src/continuation.c:
	Fix makecontext() for 64-bit args

	* src/blt.h, src/gvnc.c:
	Fixed endianness conversions. Disable ZRLE for broken pixel depths.
	Fix CPIXEL size calculations

2008-04-02  Atsushi SAKAI  <>

	* src/x_keymap.h:
	This fixes following warnings about x_keymap. x_keymap.c:149:
	warning: no previous prototype for 'x_keymap_set_keymap_entries'
	x_keymap.c:162: warning: no previous prototype for

	At this moment, all compile warnings are cleanuped by this patch.

2008-04-01  Jonh Wendell  <>

	* src/gvnc.c:
	Re-checked protocol version negotiation

	* src/gvnc.c:
	Added a workaround to work with AppleVNCServer, based on patch from
	Jin Choi

	* examples/gvncviewer.c, src/vncdisplay.c:
	Fix some warnings, patch from Atsushi SAKAI

2008-03-30  Jonh Wendell  <>

	* src/gvnc.c:
	Changed debug output in protocol initialization

2008-03-29  Jonh Wendell  <>

	*, examples/gvncviewer.c, src/, src/libgtk-
	vnc_sym.version, src/utils.h, src/vncdisplay.c, src/vncdisplay.h:
	Changed debug behavior.

	Dropped --enable-debug flag in configure stage. We always build with
	debug framework.

	Also, we use GLib to generate debug messages, through g_debug()
	function, and we provide a new public symbol,
	vnc_display_get_option_group(), to be used with the GLib's command
	line parser, GOptionContext.

2008-03-25  Jonh Wendell  <>

	* src/utils.h, src/vncdisplay.c:
	Use GLib's G_N_ELEMENTS instead of our ARRAY_SIZE macro

	* src/vncdisplay.c:
	Added GObject properties

2008-03-19  "Daniel P. Berrange  <>

	* src/blt.h, src/gvnc.c, src/vncdisplay.c:
	Fix multiple big-endian conversion bugs

2008-03-19  Atsushi SAKAI  <>

	* src/gvnc.c, src/vncdisplay.c:
	This is code clean up of "{" location.

2008-03-15  Jonh Wendell  <>

	* src/gvnc.c, src/vncdisplay.c:
	Put more debug output

2008-03-14  Jonh Wendell  <>

	* src/vncdisplay.c:
	branches merged

	* src/libgtk-vnc_sym.version, src/vncdisplay.c, src/vncdisplay.h:
	Added _get() for various properties

2008-03-14  Hiroyuki Kaguchi  <>

	* src/vncdisplay.c, src/x_keymap.c:
	This patch fixes compilation warnings for ISO_Left_Tab feature.

2008-03-12  Hiroyuki Kaguchi  <>

	* src/vncdisplay.c, src/x_keymap.c, src/x_keymap.h:
	I make the patch that applied your two indications. Moreover, this
	patch contains the fix of two bugs and a modification besides the

	The change points from the last patch:

	1)Use GDK key symbols instead of X11 key symbols.

	2)Remove CR characters.

	3)Make keycode conversion function.
	  - I make the keycode conversion function on "x_keymap.c".

	4)Modify structure used for keycode conversion.
	  - The type of the keycodes member variable is changed from "guint*"
	to "GdkKeymapKey*".

	5)Modify getting timing and release timing of keymap entries.
	  - Because "g_free" function is not called on the last patch, the
	memory leak is done.

2008-03-11  Anthony Liguori  <>

	* src/vncdisplay.c:
	Propagate key press events. This is needed for kvm-test.

	* src/libgtk-vnc_sym.version, src/vncdisplay.c, src/vncdisplay.h:
	Add accessor to determine if widget is in absolute mode. This is
	needed by kvm-test.

2008-03-07  Anthony Liguori  <>

	* src/vncdisplay.c:
	branch merge

2008-03-06  Atsushi SAKAI  <>

	* src/gvnc.c, src/vncdisplay.c:
	This patch changes endian definition from endian.h to gtypes.h.

	A.L. also remove endian.h include

	* src/gvnc.c, src/vncdisplay.c:
	fix typos

2008-03-07  "Daniel P. Berrange  <>

	* src/vncdisplay.c:
	Don't setup gl textures if display isn't active

2008-03-05  Anthony Liguori  <>

	* .hgtags:
	Added tag release-0.3.4 for changeset 313620c58d69

	* NEWS:
	Update news for release
	[313620c58d69] [release-0.3.4]

	* .hgtags:
	Added tag release-0.3.4 for changeset a1fb42cb7694

2008-03-05  "Daniel P. Berrange  <>

	Add missing BuildRequires for gnutls/gtkglext. Add sub-package for
	mozilla plugin (disabled by default)

	Make check for mozilla-plugin pkgconfig file for
	Firefox 3 build compatabiltiy

2008-03-02  Anthony Liguori  <>

	* .hgtags:
	Added tag release-0.3.4 for changeset 96433efe0e7d

	* src/vncdisplay.c:
	We don't use tex_max so let's not query it for now.

	* .hgtags:
	Added tag release-0.3.4 for changeset fa6db40bad43

	* ChangeLog, NEWS,, examples/gvncviewer.c,
	Prepare for release and also make gtkgl usage transparent.

	* .hgtags:
	Added tag release-0.3.4 for changeset 7ea3a341f452

	* .hgtags:
	Added tag release-0.3.4 for changeset 09836ab4d17a

	* src/vncdisplay.c:
	Fixup cursor grab so that it works properly in relative mode.

	* src/vncdisplay.c:
	For the Hardy release cycle, Ubuntu seems to be building some
	versions of GTK with G_ENABLE_DEBUG. When G_ENABLE_DEBUG is set,
	the marshal functions use g_value_get_XXX() instead of directly
	accessing the members. This function will validate that the
	parameter holds the exact type of value being requested. Without
	G_ENABLE_DEBUG set, no parameter type checking is done.

	After writing a marshaling function from scratch, I discovered that
	what we really need to use is the BOXED marshaling type as this is
	the GValue type that a GValueArray will be set to. This should
	hopefully fix this problem once and for all.

	* src/vncdisplay.c:
	Remove unused function

	* src/vncdisplay.c:
	Remove debug printf.

2008-03-02  Marton Balint  <>

	* src/vncdisplay.c:
	A break statement is missing from the key event handler, where the
	keypress event of an already pressed key is sent as a key release
	and a key press event.

	Without this patch, the effect of the normal auto-repeat is
	multiplied, and if you hold down the backspace key for a long time
	and then release it, you won't be able to press a key before
	releasing the previously pressed key.

2008-03-02  Atsushi SAKAI  <>

	* examples/gvncviewer.c:
	This patch removes redundunt headers from examples/gvncviewer.c.
	Currently network is handled on src/gvnc.c

2008-02-25  "Daniel P. Berrange  <>

	* src/vncdisplay.c:
	Do key event tracking based on scancode instead of keyval to ensure
	matching press & release events

2008-02-25  Atsushi SAKAI  <>

	* src/vncdisplay.c:
	This is compilation warning fix for Cset153.

2008-02-22  Atsushi SAKAI  <>

	* examples/gvncviewer.c, src/gvnc.c, src/vncdisplay.c:
	This patch clean up all compilation warning except vncmarshal.c

2008-02-22  Saori Fukuta  <>

	* src/vncdisplay.c:
	At Cset:127, Anthony changed the c_marshaller of vnc-auth-
	credentials from PARAM to POINTER, and also the parameter types
	changed from G_TYPE_VALUE_ARRAY to G_TYPE_POINTER. http://gtk- Do we need to
	change the parameter type ?

	AL: this fixes not only Python, but more recent versions of GTK that
	are very strict about enforcing the type of the signal parameter.

2008-02-22  Anthony Liguori  <>

	* src/gvnc.c, src/gvnc.h, src/vncdisplay.c:
	Branch merge

2008-02-20  Anthony Liguori  <>

	* src/gvnc.h:
	Fix compile warnings introduced by previous commit.

2008-02-20  Stefano Stabellini  <>

	* src/gvnc.c, src/gvnc.h, src/vncdisplay.c:
	Hi all, I am attaching a simple patch to add support for WMVi in
	gtk-vnc. Seems to work well with xen-unstable.

2008-02-08  Anthony Liguori  <>

	* src/vncdisplay.c:
	Make sure to free image data on close.

	* src/vncdisplay.c:
	Make sure to draw something to the widget even when not connected.

2008-02-19  "Daniel P. Berrange  <>

	* src/blt.h, src/vncdisplay.c:
	Re-add bits of big endian fix which got lost in merge

2008-02-18  "Daniel P. Berrange  <>

	* src/gvnc.h:
	Added missing variable

	* src/gvnc.c:
	Merge heads

	* AUTHORS, src/blt.h, src/gvnc.c, src/gvnc.h, src/vncdisplay.c:
	Fix big endian color conversion (Hiroyuki Kaguchi)

2008-02-18  Jonh Wendell  <>

	* src/gvnc.c:
	Added lots of debug messages where we set the flag has_error to TRUE

2008-02-08  Jonh Wendell  <>

	Show 'support scaling?' in configure summary

	* src/vncdisplay.c:
	Focus the widget on mouse click

2008-02-06  Anthony Liguori  <>

	* examples/gvncviewer.c, src/libgtk-vnc_sym.version, src/vncdisplay.c,
	Add interface to force pointer grab.

	* src/vncdisplay.c:
	Make sure to support key break when using raw keycodes

	* src/vncdisplay.c:
	on_resize() is called based on some events which aren't in a
	coroutine. So we need to supress the signals when called like this
	to avoid yielding to a non-existent coroutine.

	* src/vncdisplay.c:
	Always emit signals from system coroutine.

	When using threads to simulate coroutines, GTK gets very confused as
	signal handlers are run in a different thread than the main loop
	when the signal handlers aren't expecting it.

	This patch changes all of the signals emitted from the VNC coroutine
	to use a delay function to actually issue the signals. This appears
	to fix the GThread coroutine issue.

	* src/blt.h, src/gvnc.c, src/gvnc.h, src/vncdisplay.c:
	Revert e65d8e4758b3eed4ae7b3a225c2d5a35d9de146b until we figure out
	what the regression it introduced with UltraVNC.

	* examples/gvncviewer.c:
	SetActive has the behavior we want so let's use that.

	* src/vncdisplay.c:
	Update cursor grab to have the following behavior:

	For normal VNC servers, keyboard/mouse grab should only be activated
	when ctrl-alt is clicked. If the server is doing cursor offloading,
	we should use that cursor.

	For servers supporting PointerTypeChange, when in absolute mode,
	they should behave as above. When in relative mode, pointer grab
	should also be activated on the first left-click in the window. The
	cursor should *not* be hidden when cursor grab is not activated.

2008-02-06  Hiroyuki Kaguchi  <>

	* src/blt.h, src/gvnc.c, src/gvnc.h, src/vncdisplay.c:
	When the endian between VNC server and X server is different, the
	displayed color is abnormal. This is because the endian conversion
	of the pixel data is not done .

	X server that uses big endian cannot be used. The reason is that
	most Linux vncserver sends data by little endian.

	Of course, Fedora8(Linux) and Windows(Xming) works fine, since it
	uses little endian for X protocol.

	This patch applies follows: (a)The endian conversion function is
	called by the SET_PIXEL function. (b)It is checked whether there is
	difference in endian between X server and VNC Server. (c)The
	byte_order variable is added to the gvnc_framebuffer structure.

	Sign-off-by: Hiroyuki Kaguchi <>

2008-02-06  Atsushi SAKAI  <>

	* src/coroutine_gthread.c:
	Just remove redundunt code. (same action is doing on

2008-02-04  Anthony Liguori  <>

	* src/vncdisplay.c:
	Make sure to flush the gl buffer. This fixes updates on some
	graphics cards. This patch was originally from Dan Berrange.

2008-02-03  Anthony Liguori  <>

	* src/libgtk-vnc_sym.version:
	Add the new symbol

2008-02-02  Anthony Liguori  <>

	* src/, src/gvnc.c, src/gvnc.h, src/vnc_keycodes.h,
	src/vncdisplay.c, src/x_keymap.c, src/x_keymap.h:
	Support VNC Scancode extension.

	*, examples/, examples/gvncviewer.c,
	plugin/, src/, src/vncdisplay.c,
	Support for OpenGL scaling

	* .hgtags:
	Added tag release-0.3.3 for changeset 784fc0419a5e

	* ChangeLog, NEWS,
	Prepare for 0.3.3 release
	[784fc0419a5e] [release-0.3.3]

2008-01-28  Atsushi SAKAI  <>

	* src/gvnc.c:
	Fix ZRLE encoding where multiple palette sizes of different lengths
	occur in a single update.

2008-01-27  Anthony Liguori  <>

	* src/vncdisplay.c:
	Change vnc-auth-credentials to a POINTER instead of a PARAM.

	Newer versions of gtk are enforcing that PARMs are actually PARAMs
	so this was triggering an assert. We switch to POINTER to avoid
	breaking the ABI.

2008-01-25  Richard W.M. Jones  <>

	* plugin/README:
	After some discussion here about plugin security, this documents
	what we think are the potential vulnerabilities of letting an
	unconstrained plugin live in your browser

2008-01-21  Anthony Liguori  <>

	* src/blt1.h, src/continuation.c, src/continuation.h, src/coroutine.h,
	src/coroutine_gthread.c, src/coroutine_ucontext.c, src/gvnc.c,
	src/utils.h, src/vncdisplay.c, src/vncdisplay.h, src/vncmodule.c:
	Clarify license to be LGPLv2 or later.

	* src/vncdisplay.c:
	Make sure to free coroutine after it exits

2008-01-16  Jonh Wendell  <>

	* src/gvnc.c:
	Print a debug message when receive an unknown message

2008-01-15  "Daniel P. Berrange  <>

	* examples/gvncviewer.c, plugin/gtk-vnc-plugin.c:
	Hide password characters in auth text entry (Rich Jones)

2008-01-14  Anthony Liguori  <>

	* src/blt.h, src/gvnc.c:
	When doing pixel math, we have to take endianness into account.
	This sucks for performance :-/

	* src/gvnc.c:
	Fix case where client byte order != server byte order

2008-01-11  Richard W.M. Jones  <>

	* .hgignore, plugin/, plugin/gtk-vnc-plugin.c, plugin/gtk-
	vnc-plugin.h, plugin/npshell.c, plugin/test.html:
	This patch contains further fixes to the browser plugin:

	(1) As Dan suggested, use -module -avoid-version. This still
	installs a static library and the linker script, both of which are
	unhelpful to have in the plugins directory, so I have to delete them
	by hand. Couldn't see any option in the libtool info to not have it
	build or install those.

	(2) Use the global ENABLE_DEBUG setting to turn on/off debug

	(3) Move the debug() function into a common header file.

	(4) Include test.html, which I missed out from the first patch.

	(5) Put #if 1 ... #endif around the Gtk toolkit test. I'll probably
	remove this test altogether in future since (in theory) XEmbed
	should let you embed a widget from any toolkit in any other toolkit,
	so this test doesn't really matter.

2008-01-11  Jonh Wendell  <>

	Output configure summary

2008-01-11  Anthony Liguori  <>

	* plugin/, plugin/README, plugin/gtk-vnc-plugin.c, plugin
	/gtk-vnc-plugin.h, plugin/npshell.c, plugin/npunix.c:
	Add the files from the plugin patch. Sorry about that!

2008-01-11  Richard W.M. Jones  <>

	* .hgignore,,
	Gtk-VNC browser plugin.

2008-01-10  Richard W.M. Jones  <>

	* src/gvnc.c:
	This patch detects if the server responds with (illegal) VNC
	protocol version "3.6" and negotiates version 3.3.

	(This fix actually supplied for me by Dan Berrange ...)

2008-01-10  Anthony Liguori  <>

	* src/gvnc.c:
	uint8_t's are always greater than 0 and less than 255. Removing
	these checks keeps GCC happy.

2008-01-10  Halton Huo  <>

	* src/gvnc.c:
	suncc does not range case for swith statement.

2008-01-10  Richard W.M. Jones  <>

	* src/vncdisplay.c:
	If you call one of the vnc_display_open* functions followed quickly
	by vnc_display_close, then the library segfaults.

	The reason is that the vnc_display_open* functions register an idle
	callback to launch the coroutine, but if vnc_display_close is called
	before the idle loop has had a moment to run, this idle callback
	remains. The coroutine later runs - in my case, after the plugin
	I'm writing has been unmapped from memory, with unhappy

	The attached patch fixes this by remembering the callback ID and
	unregistering it if necessary.

2008-01-09  "Daniel P. Berrange  <>

	* src/vncdisplay.c:
	Track keystate & send fake events for GTK key-repeat flaw & to reset
	state on focus out

2008-01-01  Anthony Liguori  <>

	* src/vncdisplay.c:
	Relax the jpeg compression a bit.

	* NEWS, src/blt.h, src/gvnc.c, src/gvnc.h, src/libgtk-vnc_sym.version,
	src/vncdisplay.c, src/vncdisplay.h:
	Add support for Tight encoding. Also add an interface to enable the
	use of lossy-encodings such as the Tight JPEG encoding.

2007-12-30  Anthony Liguori  <>

	* .hgtags:
	Added tag release-0.3.2 for changeset 978cb4791ef2

2007-12-28  Anthony Liguori  <>

	* .hgtags:
	Added tag release-0.3.2-rc0 for changeset ae93c84b5fc8
	[978cb4791ef2] [release-0.3.2]

	* src/gvnc.c:
	Client cut text should used buffered writes to avoid race conditions
	since it may be called while the coroutine is blocked on IO.
	[ae93c84b5fc8] [release-0.3.2-rc0]

	* .hgtags:
	Added tag release-0.3.2-rc0 for changeset b4006353448c

	* NEWS,
	Update news and prepare for 0.3.2

	* ChangeLog:
	Update ChangeLog

	*,, src/blt.h, src/gvnc.c,
	Add support for ZRLE encoding

	* NEWS:
	Update news

	* src/blt.h, src/gvnc.c:
	Fix rich cursor encoding.

	If the depth of the server is less than 24, when we built the
	cursor, we were expanding the smaller pixels to the lower bits of
	the new pixel instead of the upper bits. The result was that colors
	in the cursor were showing up as dark grays.

	This patch refactors the cursor blitting function to be more similar
	to the rest of the blitting functions and ensures that the proper
	shift values are used.

2007-12-26  Anthony Liguori  <>

	* NEWS:
	Update news

2007-12-25  Anthony Liguori  <>

	* src/libgtk-vnc_sym.version, src/vncdisplay.c, src/vncdisplay.h:
	Add pointer pass through support

2007-12-21  Anthony Liguori  <>

	* src/gvnc.h:
	Remove unused declaration.

	* src/coroutine.c:
	Remove unused file.

2007-12-20  Anthony Liguori  <>

	* NEWS:
	Update the NEWS file to make the next release a bit easier.

	*, src/, src/coroutine.h,
	src/coroutine_gthread.c, src/coroutine_ucontext.c, src/libgtk-
	Add gthread-based coroutine implementation. Many thanks to danpb
	for autconf support.

	* src/blt.h, src/gvnc.c, src/vncdisplay.c:
	Add support for RRE encoding.

	* src/gvnc.h, src/utils.h, src/vncdisplay.c:
	We weren't passing the right number of encodings to set_encodings().
	This is actually non-standard behavior since all clients are
	required to support at least raw!

2007-12-18  Anthony Liguori  <>

	* src/, src/gvnc.c, src/gvnc.h, src/libgtk-vnc_sym.version,
	src/vncdisplay.c, src/vncdisplay.h, src/vncshmimage.c,
	Revert support for shared memory transport. The code is fine but
	the protocol definition is incomplete. The current protocol has a
	race condition whereas the guest may disconnect before acking the
	shmid which can lead to shared memory segment being leaked.

	Besides, I think I need to add an accessor to gdkimage to get the
	shared memory ID instead of reinventing the wheel.

2007-12-14  Anthony Liguori  <>

	* src/libgtk-vnc_sym.version, src/vncdisplay.c, src/vncdisplay.h:
	Add an interface for setting the widget to be read-only

	* src/vncdisplay.c:
	Propagate mouse events.

	* src/libgtk-vnc_sym.version, src/vnc.override, src/vncdisplay.c,
	Extend send_keys() interface to allow raw key presses to be

	* src/vnc.override:
	Make sure the Display.send_keys() returns a value.

2007-12-13  Anthony Liguori  <>

	* .hgtags:
	Added tag release-0.3.1 for changeset 493439fe2664

	* NEWS,,
	Prepare for 0.3.1 release and fix bug in autogen script.
	[493439fe2664] [release-0.3.1]

2007-12-12  Anthony Liguori  <>

	* .hgtags:
	Added tag release-0.3.0 for changeset 1bbb129cb1ca

	* NEWS,
	Prepare for 0.3.0 release
	[1bbb129cb1ca] [release-0.3.0]

2007-11-24  Jonh Wendell  <>

	* src/gvnc.c:
	gvnc_open_host(): Do not consider connect() return value EISCONN as
	an error, fix connection in Solaris

2007-10-26  "Daniel P. Berrange  <>

	* src/coroutine.c, src/coroutine.h, src/gvnc.c, src/libgtk-
	vnc_sym.version, src/vncdisplay.c:
	Prefix yield()/yieldto() methods with coroutine_ to avoid namespace
	clash with unistd on Solaris

	* AUTHORS, src/blt.h:
	Re-order SPLICE macros to avoid Solaris compiler/cpp bug (patch from
	Halton Huo)

2007-10-21  Jonh Wendell  <>

	* src/vncdisplay.c:
	Grab the cursor correctly

2007-10-10  "Daniel P. Berrange  <>

	* src/coroutine.c:
	Clear coroutine caller when exiting coroutine

2007-10-10  Jonh Wendell  <>

	* src/vncdisplay.c:
	Added the mask GDK_KEY_PRESS_MASK to the widget

2007-10-04  "Daniel P. Berrange  <>

	* src/coroutine.c:
	Fix to coroutine caller state management to avoid SEGV

2007-10-04  Jonh Wendell  <>

	* src/gvnc.c, src/vncdisplay.c:
	Added support to bell message in vncdisplay widget.

	* src/gvnc.c, src/libgtk-vnc_sym.version, src/vncdisplay.c,
	Implemented clipboard feature in vncdisplay widget

2007-10-03  Jonh Wendell  <>

	* src/gvnc.c, src/gvnc.h, src/vncdisplay.c:
	Added a signal for unsupported auth method

2007-10-02  Jonh Wendell  <>

	* src/gvnc.c:
	Added compatibility to RFB 3.4 (UltraVNC again)

2007-09-26  "Daniel P. Berrange  <>

	* src/coroutine.c:
	Remove use of PROT_EXEC with mmap to avoid execmem SELinux errors

2007-09-13  "Daniel P. Berrange  <>

	* .hgtags:
	Added tag release-0.2.0 for changeset cebd472323b7

	* ChangeLog:
	Regenerate changelog
	[cebd472323b7] [release-0.2.0]

	* src/gvnc.c:
	Remove unused variable

	* NEWS,,
	Prepare for 0.2.0 release

	* examples/gvncviewer.c, src/, src/gvnc.c, src/gvnc.h,
	src/vncdisplay.c, src/vncmarshal.txt:
	Added signals for authentication failure reports & desktop resizes

2007-09-10  "Daniel P. Berrange  <>

	* src/gvnc.c, src/gvnc.h:
	Support VINO's TLS auth method

2007-09-01  Jonh Wendell  <>

	* src/gvnc.c:
	Added some paranoid checkings before free() the things

2007-08-31  "Daniel P. Berrange  <>

	* src/vncdisplay.c:
	Hook into destroy method to do shutdown of GVNC couroutine. Keep a
	ref on vncdisplay, so widget isn't finalized unless the GVNC
	coroutine is complete

	* src/gvnc.c, src/vncdisplay.c:
	Monitor IO errors & close socket when shutting down to interrupt

	* src/gvnc.c, src/vncdisplay.c:
	Get graceful shutdown working correctly (ie interrupting & waking up
	message thread)

2007-08-31  Jonh Wendell  <>

	* src/vncdisplay.c:
	Added a destructor for VncDisplay widget

	* .hgignore:
	Added some ignored files to hgignore

	* src/vncdisplay.c:
	Uses g_signal_connect() instead of gtk_signal_connect()

2007-08-31  "Daniel P. Berrange  <>

	* src/gvnc.c, src/gvnc.h, src/vncdisplay.c:
	Added impl of xcursor and richcursor encodings for OSX-VNC and
	TightVNC compatability

	* src/blt.h, src/gvnc.c, src/gvnc.h, src/vncdisplay.c:
	Fix decoding of mixed colour depths between client & server

2007-08-29  Jonh Wendell  <>

	*, src/, src/gvnc.c, src/utils.h:
	Enable debugging messages

2007-08-22  "Daniel P. Berrange  <>

	* src/vncdisplay.c:
	Clear excess space in widget

	* src/blt.h, src/gvnc.c:
	Fixed handling of shifts for BGR displays and mixed endian client vs

	* src/gvnc.h, src/vncdisplay.c:
	typedef the enums to aid API readability/docs generation

	* examples/
	Fix offf by one in argv use

2007-08-15  "Daniel P. Berrange  <>

	* .hgtags:
	Added tag release-0.1.0 for changeset 87259132efca

	Update version to 0.1.0 for release
	[87259132efca] [release-0.1.0]

	* src/
	Fix makefile rule for python bindings to install in lib64 on x86_64

2007-08-13  "Daniel P. Berrange  <>

	* src/gvnc.c, src/vncdisplay.c:
	Merge heads

2007-08-01  Jonh Wendell  <>

	* src/gvnc.c, src/vncdisplay.c:
	Changed boolean functions (which use gvnc_has_error) to return FALSE
	when failure

2007-08-13  "Daniel P. Berrange  <>

	* examples/gvncviewer.c, examples/, src/,
	src/gvnc.c, src/gvnc.h, src/vncdisplay.c, src/vncdisplay.h:
	Added support for TLS related credentials

2007-07-30  "Daniel P. Berrange  <>

	* src/gvnc.c:
	Fixed up handling of TLS i/o functions

	* src/gvnc.c:
	Only print GNU TLS debug if debug level > 1

	* src/gvnc.c:
	Remove hardcoded hostname & use user supplied hostname in
	certificate validation

2007-07-20  "Daniel P. Berrange  <>

	* examples/gvncviewer.c, examples/, src/libgtk-
	vnc_sym.version, src/vncdisplay.c, src/vncdisplay.h,
	src/vncshmimage.c, src/vncshmimage.h:
	Added API for taking a screenshot

	* src/vncdisplay.c:
	Fixed typo in conditional test

	* examples/gvncviewer.c, examples/, src/gvnc.c,
	src/gvnc.h, src/libgtk-vnc_sym.version, src/vncdisplay.c,
	src/vncdisplay.h, src/vncmodule.c:
	Added more general purpose authentication API

	* examples/, examples/gvncviewer.c, examples/,
	src/gvnc.c, src/gvnc.h, src/libgtk-vnc_sym.version,
	src/vncdisplay.c, src/vncdisplay.h:
	Refactor GVNC open/close lifecycle APIs

2007-07-19  Anthony Liguori  <>

	*, examples/, examples/gvncviewer.c:
	[PATCH] Enhance gvncviewer a bit This patch adds the following to

	1) install by default 2) make title consistently displayed 3) make
	the VNC session part of the title 4) use a command line syntax more
	common with vnc viewers

	Signed-off-by: Anthony Liguori <>

	* merge

	Line up the output of ./configure --help and correct a typo

2007-07-18  "Daniel P. Berrange  <>

	* Merge

2007-07-18  Anthony Liguori  <>

	* src/gvnc.c:
	Buffer client messages to avoid race condition when write() blocks.

2007-07-18  "Daniel P. Berrange  <>

	* examples/gvncviewer.c, examples/, src/libgtk-
	vnc_sym.version, src/vnc.override, src/vncdisplay.c,
	Added vnc_display_send_keys API & example usage

2007-07-15  "Daniel P. Berrange  <>

	Run automated builds with -Werror enabled

	* src/
	Disable verbose compiler warnings for python module - the auto-
	generated code is crap

2007-07-12  Anthony Liguori  <>

	* src/libgtk-vnc_sym.version:

	* src/, src/libgtk-vnc_sym.version:
	Expose GVNC in libgtk-vnc-1.0

	This patch exposes gvnc as part of the public API for libgtk-vnc.
	We won't considered this a supported API for the first release. I'm
	using this lower level API at the moment to build an automation

	Signed-off-by: Anthony Liguori <>

2007-07-10  "Daniel P. Berrange  <>

	* src/vncdisplay.c:
	Fixed keycode -> keysym conversion wrt to modifier state

	* src/continuation.c, src/coroutine.c:
	Fix coroutine cleanup/release

	* examples/gvncviewer.c, examples/, src/libgtk-
	vnc_sym.version, src/vncdisplay.c, src/vncdisplay.h:
	Allow local pointer hiding to be configurable

	* examples/gvncviewer.c, examples/, src/libgtk-
	vnc_sym.version, src/vncdisplay.c, src/vncdisplay.h:
	Add APIs for keyboard & pointer grab policy

	* src/gvnc.c:
	Treat EHOSTUNREACH as non-fatal connection error

2007-07-04  "Daniel P. Berrange  <>

	* examples/gvncviewer.c, examples/, src/blt.h,
	src/gvnc.c, src/gvnc.h, src/vncdisplay.c, src/vncdisplay.h:
	Separate creation of gvnc object, from connect opening. Add ability
	to free/cleanup object & notify upon disconnect

	* src/gvnc.c, src/gvnc.h, src/vncdisplay.c:
	Use constants for framebuffer encodings

	*,, examples/,
	examples/gvncviewer.c, examples/,
	Added really simple example programs in both C & python

	* src/gvnc.c, src/gvnc.h, src/libgtk-vnc_sym.version,
	src/vncdisplay.c, src/vncdisplay.h, src/vncmodule.c:
	Allow connecting based on a host & port, vs a filedescriptor

	* src/continuation.c, src/continuation.h, src/coroutine.c,
	src/coroutine.h, src/gvnc.h, src/vncdisplay.c, src/vncdisplay.h:
	Tidy whitespace & put emacs formatting rules at bottom of files

	* src/blt.h, src/gvnc.c, src/vncdisplay.c, src/vncmodule.c,
	Fixed a number of compiler warnings

	* .hgignore, AUTHORS, COPYING.LIB, COPYING.lib, ChangeLog, MANIFEST,, NEWS, README, acinclude.m4,,,,,,,, src/Makefile, src/, src/gen-vnc.defs.c, src
	/libgtk-vnc_sym.version, src/vnc.defs, src/vnc.override,
	Switched over to using automake/conf/libtool. Added pkgconfig data
	file. Added linker script to control library symbols

2007-06-20  Jonh Wendell  <>

	* src/gvnc.c, src/gvnc.h, src/vncdisplay.c, src/vncdisplay.h:
	- Created two public get functions: get_width() and get_height()
	- Created a vnc-initialized signal
	- Made small changes in order to work with ultravnc, which reports rfb

2007-02-24  Anthony Liguori  <>

	* src/gvnc.c:
	Make sure to flush after set_shared_memory

	* src/gvnc.c:

2007-02-24  "Daniel P. Berrange  <>

	* src/gvnc.c:
	Merge heads

	* src/gvnc.c:
	Buffer all outgoing writes until gvnc_flush() is called. Fix
	signed/unsigned comparisons

2007-02-23  "Daniel P. Berrange  <>

	* src/gvnc.c:
	Add in missing diffie-hellman params. Fixed reading of TLS data wrt
	to internal buffer

2007-02-24  Anthony Liguori  <>

	*, src/Makefile, src/gen-vnc.defs.c, src/gvnc.c, src/gvnc.h,
	src/vnc.defs, src/vncdisplay.c, src/vncdisplay.h, src/vncshmimage.c,
	Add initial support for shared memory transport. It's off by

2007-02-23  Anthony Liguori  <>

	*, src/gvnc.c:
	Fix python widget build and add proper support for RFB 3.3

2007-02-21  "Daniel P. Berrange  <>

	* src/gvnc.c:
	Support the plain no X509 certificate auth types. Remove mistaken 1
	byte write. Allow use of TLS 1.0 for compatability

	* src/Makefile, src/gvnc.c:
	Initial suppport for protocol 3.7/3.8 and VeNCrypt TLS

	* src/vncdisplay.c:
	Remove redundant call to resize - gvnc_set_vnc_ops triggers a resize

2007-01-05  anthony  <anthony@rhesus>

	*,, src/Makefile:
	Some updates

	* MANIFEST, Makefile, blt.h, blt1.h, continuation.c, continuation.h,
	coroutine.c, coroutine.h, d3des.c, d3des.h,, gvnc.c,
	gvnc.h,, src/Makefile, src/blt.h, src/blt1.h,
	src/continuation.c, src/continuation.h, src/coroutine.c,
	src/coroutine.h, src/d3des.c, src/d3des.h, src/gen-vnc.defs.c,
	src/gvnc.c, src/gvnc.h, src/vnc.defs, src/vnc.override,
	src/vncdisplay.c, src/vncdisplay.h, src/vncmodule.c,, vnc-
	test.c, vnc.override, vncdisplay.c, vncdisplay.h, vncmodule.c:
	Reorganize repo and create a proper

	* COPYING.lib, blt1.h, continuation.c, continuation.h, coroutine.c,
	coroutine.h, gvnc.c, vncdisplay.c, vncdisplay.h, vncmodule.c:
	Add licensing stuff

	*, vncdisplay.c, vncdisplay.h:
	Add a proper set of signals to notify of grab change

2006-12-20  anthony  <anthony@rhesus>

	* Makefile, blt.h, blt1.h, continuation.c, continuation.h,
	coroutine.c, coroutine.h, d3des.c, d3des.h, gvnc.c, gvnc.h,,
	vnc-test.c, vnc.override, vncdisplay.c, vncdisplay.h, vncmodule.c:
	Put vnc widget into a separate repo

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