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libgtkdatabox-0.9.1-1-glade - Gtk+ library to display large amounts of numerical data…  more info»


2009-05-10 (
   -Patch which replaces the static grid value arrays by
      per-object arrays (adding appropriate get/set functions and object
      properties). In addition to being better style this also allows users 
      to define more than one grid with their own values.
2009-04-15 (
	 - This project now has a new maintainer, Brian R Phelps.  He can be
	   reached at lm317t at gmail dot com
	 - Added log base 2 support to the scale/ruler libraries
	    - In gtkdatabox.c I Copied log10 code and pasted, it 
	      after the linear code replacing log10 calls with log2
	    - In gtkdatabox_grid.c, added in support for assigning grid 
	      values, instead of the default automatic assign done heuristically 
	      by the library.
	      - Uses a new API GtkDataboxGraph *gtk_databox_grid_array_new
		(gint hlines, gint vlines, gfloat *hline_vals, gfloat *vline_vals, GdkColor * color, guint size);
	      - These are not done using the same coding style priv->val 
	        because I could not figure out how to make this work properly.
		Instead I used a global gfloat pointer defaulted to NULL for
		these arrays.  The NULL value is used to determine if grid
		values are displayed from the array or heuristically
	    - In gtkdatabox_scale, copied log10 code and pasted, it after the linear 
	      code replacing log10 calls with log2
	    - Updated all headers to reflect new API change (see diff)
	    -Added documentation for the new function
	    -Added example for grid_array, added example for log2 in the
	    logarithmic examples
2008-05-13 (
        - Added reference documentation via GtkDoc! Finally :-)
	- Interface changes, inspired by the documentation:
	   - removed gtk_databox_redraw(). Please use gtk_widget_queue_draw()
	   - gtk_databox_graph_add(), gtk_databox_graph_remove(),
	     gtk_databox_graph_remove_all() now return gint instead 
	     of gboolean or void (0 == success).
	   - Renamed signals (removed the "databox_" prefix and changed
	     cancelled (British) to canceled (US) and harmonized:
	     zoomed, selection_started, selection-changed, selection-finalized,
	   - Harmonized all horizontal/vertical things to x/y:
	     gtk_databox_set_hadjustment() => gtk_databox_set_adjustment_x()
	     gtk_databox_set_vadjustment() => gtk_databox_set_adjustment_y()
	     gtk_databox_get_hadjustment() => gtk_databox_get_adjustment_x()
	     gtk_databox_get_vadjustment() => gtk_databox_get_adjustment_y()
	     gtk_databox_set_hruler() => gtk_databox_set_ruler_x()
	     gtk_databox_set_vruler() => gtk_databox_set_ruler_y()
	     gtk_databox_get_hruler() => gtk_databox_get_ruler_x()
	     gtk_databox_get_vruler() => gtk_databox_get_ruler_y()
	   - Harmonized property names:
	     adjustment-x, adjustment-y, ruler-x, ruler-y, scale-type-x,
	     scale-type-y, enable-selection, enable-zoom
	   - Renamed GtkDataboxMarker to GtkDataboxMarkers (plural). This is
	     now consistent with GtkDataboxPoints, GtkDataboxLines and
	     GtkDataboxBars. If you use GtkDataboxMarkers, you need to replace
	   - moved GtkDataboxGraph@gc into GtkDataboxGraph@priv, introduced
	     gtk_databox_graph_get_gc() and gtk_databox_graph_set_gc().
	   - GtkDatabox inherits from GtkWidget directly instead of
	 - Other changes:
	   - gtk_databox_auto_rescale now also works in case of data which has 
	     zero width and/or zero height. 
	 - BugFixes
	   - gtk_databox_graph_set_size now actually changes the line width
	     (thanks to Jim George)
2007-12-30 (
        - Small bug fixes (hints by Brian Phelbs)
	- Corrected internal signal definition.
2007-12-20 (
        - Corrected configuration file for pkg-config.
2007-12-09 (
	- Removal of struct GtkDataboxValue
	- Introduction of struct GtkDataboxValueRectangle
	- Results:
	  - Changed selection signal API (instead of two pairs of pixel
	    coordinates, now one struct of "real" values is sent with the
	    signal). Since most applications are interested in values instead
	    of pixels, this should simplify application code. It also should
	    eliminate signal marshaller problems.
	  - the set/get limits functions use parameters, left, right, top and
	    bottom instead of top_left and bottom_right (which led to much
	    confusion in the past).
	  - similar with the get_extrema_function
	  - in order to transform pixel coordinates into values and vice
	    versa, there are now four functions:
2007-12-06 (
       - Configure script and Makefile changes (mainly thanks to Hans
2007-12-04 (
       - Configure script now checks for pango and cairo (thanks to Brian
       - Support for glade added (thanks to Hans Nieuwenhuis)
2007-11-26 (
       - Maintenance release (Code cleanup, based on hints from 
         Fabian Foerg.
2007-11-25 (
       - Added support for logarithmic scales for drawing
       - Replaced original gtkruler with gtkdatabox_ruler.
         - GtkDataboxRuler supports logarithmic scales
	 - Instead of HRuler and VRuler, GtkDataboxRuler has an orientation
	 - No big changes in existing projects required, see examples
       - renamed the following functions:
	 gtk_databox_get_canvas         => gtk_databox_get_total_limits
         gtk_databox_set_canvas         => gtk_databox_set_total_limits
	 gtk_databox_get_visible_canvas => gtk_databox_get_visible_limits
	 gtk_databox_set_visible_canvas => gtk_databox_set_visible_limits
       - replaced GtkDataboxCoord by GdkPoint (which is just the same)
       - Added example which shows linear, logarithmic and double logarithmic
       - Added example which shows easiest way to start with GtkDatabox
2006-08-10 (
       - Added -W to the compile options in addition to -Wall and -pedantic
         Thanks to Fabian Foerg for the hint.
       - Adjusted code to get rid of most of the remaining warnings
       - very small interface change: lengths of datasets for points, 
         lines, bars, etc are now guint instead of int
2006-08-06 (
       - Has nobody ever installed the library?
         I wonder how the hundreds of people could work with the library?
         By my understanding, the include paths were wrong. 
         Thanks to Andreas Tille for the hint.
         (I do hope that not suddenly hundreds of users cannot use the 
         library anymore after this change!)
       - Changed the include paths in all .c and .h files for gtkdatabox*.h
2006-08-01 (
       - There is now a mailinglist for GtkDatabox! It is hosted by the 
         Gnome Project and maintained by Jos´┐Ż Romildo Malaquias. Thanks a lot!
       - three more changes to get rid of warnings that my old compiler
         did not even show. Thanks to Fabian Foerg.
       - added -pedantic to the compile flags and adjusted code to be 
         accepted without warnings
2006-04-24 (
       - added a new example (keycontrol) based on ideas by Alain Vigne
       - fixed a bug in gtkdatabox_marker_set_label (text did not change after 
         being set the first time)
       - added functions to public interface
2006-04-01 (
       - some further code cleanups
2006-03-26 (
       - some cosmetic interface adjustments for clarity and ease of 
         use (thanks to Amish S. Dave for several hints):
         - gtk_databox_graph_remove now takes a graph as argument instead of 
           the "index" of the graph within the GtkDatabox widget.
         - gtk_databox_graph_remove_all added; it removes all graphs
         - (set|get)[_visible]_extrema have been renamed into 
           (set|get)[_visible]_canvas, since you don't set/get the extrema but
           the corner values of the displayed data.
         - added another property to the GtkDatabox class: "hide" determines 
           wether a graph is drawn or not. There also are the appropriate 
           gtk_databox_graph_(set|get)_hide methods. The default value for 
           "hide" is FALSE, meaning that the graph is displayed.
       - did some magic to speed up line drawing. To be honest, I do not know
         why this is faster now: if line width is 1, it is set to 0 in the 
         GC and it is twice as fast on my machine... (if you are interested, 
         play around with the code in gtkdatabox_graph.c (and if you find 
         the explanation, please tell me))
2006-03-20 (
       - everything is new.
       - well, not "everything"...
       - but most of it
       - there is no need to worry, you will find that migrating 
         is rather easy (and starting with the widget is easy, too)
       - There were a lot of inconsistencies in handling data and special 
         functions (like grid or markers or coordinate cross) for display. 
         These are now resolved by the introduction of a graph class:
         Instead of giving GtkDatabox widgets data for display, and associate 
         drawing functions with the data, you now add graphs for display.
         There are various classes that inherit from the basic graph class. 
         These classes now handle data (if they need data) and can be 
         configured according to their features.
         See examples/*.c for getting the picture. It is quite easy to 
         change from old versions. Please ask, if you have any problems.
         There is a clearly defined way for adding customized drawing 
         functions, now. Just create a class derived from the graph class,
         and you are ready to go.
       - There were a lot of functions and special features (e.g. setting 
         the background color or the cursor) included in the older versions 
         due to the fact that GtkDatabox was a composite widget. This has 
         changed. GtkDatabox does not automatically come with scrollbars 
         and rulers attached to it. You can now access the "databox" itself
         directly without using any internal data of the widget.
         For ease of use, there is a function for creating a GtkDatabox widget
         with scrollbars and rulers, though :-)
       - rescaling has received a rehawl, too. Setting total extrema and 
         visible extrema is now easily possible. 
       - a gtkdatabox.spec for creating RPM files is included, now, thanks 
         to Eric
       - A lot of small things, too.
       - A riddle is included, as well: Why on earth is drawing lines about 
         50% slower than it used to be? I have no idea, as of now.
       - In the source code "@@@" marks passages which I doubt to be correct
2006-01-02 (
       - Bugfixes (Thanks to Muppet)
2005-08-29 (
       - Bugfixes
       - added functions for configuring the cursor for the drawing area.
2005-08-28 (
       - GtkDatabox now supports the addition of new drawing functions
         even at runtime
       - added drawing functions for markers and texts (Thanks to 
         Juan Carlos Remis)
       - added example for using markers and texts
       - added functions to enable and disable horizontal and vertical 
         rulers and scrollbars separately (Thanks to C.James Callaway)
       - Moved all drawing functions to separate files
       - Slightly changed interface for the grid functions (Sorry, but 
         the whole stuff is now much more streamlined than before)
       - Removed one of the grid examples
       - Fixed a bug in the rescaling functionality (possible segmentation 
         fault when data has been removed)
2005-08-09 (
       - added support for pkg-config (Thanks to Lance Dillon)
       - fixed a bug in gtk_databox_data_remove (Thanks to Thomas Henkel)
       - removed the following functions:
         gint gtk_databox_data_destroy
         gint gtk_databox_data_destroy_all
         The destroy functions were deprecated in several versions now. 
         Releasing data should be handled outside gtkdatabox, because the 
         allocation of the data is happening outside of it.
         The ...add_x and ...add_y functions have also been removed, since 
         it does not make much of a difference whether you use a pointer or 
         a gint value as a parameter. Thus, these two functions did not make 
         very much sense.
       - renamed gtk_databox_data_add_x_y to gtk_databox_data_add
         Since the other ...add_[xy] functions are removed, there is no need 
         to specify what data is to be added in this function. 
       - Sorry for the work you have to do due to interface changes. These 
         are the first interface changes in years and I think they making 
         the interface leaner and easier to use.
2005-05-05 (
       - updated libtool to 1.5.16
       - modified signals example to show coordinate values in the window
2005-04-29 (
       - replaced GtkItemFactory stuff (deprecated in gtk+-2.6) 
         from colors example. Thanks to Olivier Hervieu.
2004-05-01 (
       - fixed a bug that left rulers in a senseless state when they
         were disabled and enabled without delay. Thanks to Sven Garbade.
2004-04-24 (
       - changed grid positions from gint to float. Thanks to Jesse B. Forsmann
2004-01-18 (
       - added function for inverting X and Y scales (idea by Andrej Prsa)
       - Corrected two small bugs in the gtk_databox_draw_grid function,
         reported by A.J. Aranyosi.
       - Run all code through indent. Much nicer now (especially the examples).
       - Added background color to some of the examples
       - re-animated the old colors example

       - Added gtk_databox_set_background_color

       - Changed the various show/hide/enable/disable functions to 
         set_xxx_enable. They also have their get_xxx_enable counterpart,
	 which now allows you to check the current status
       - Fixed a bug that let parts of old selection boxes remain under
         certain circumstances
       - Changed some internal variable/function names for better consistence

       - Testing and cleanup for
       - Added another example to demonstrate the show/hide functions

       - Fixed another bug detected by Mario Motta (widget crashed 
         when rulers were removed)
       - Eliminated all functions of glib and gtk that are deprecated
       - Corrected mis-spelled cancelled signal

       - Fixed a bug detected by Mario Motta (ruler positions were
         not updated correctly)
       - Signal handlers now return FALSE according to GTK+ policies
         (hint by Mario Motta, too)

       - Ooops, GTK is LGPL'd. I have therefore changed to LGPL (again)

       - preparing GtkDatabox- for release
       - Realising that I had a mixture of some files saying that 
         GtkDatabox is provided under LGPL, some saying GPL, I now
         changed everything to GPL. If you want to use GtkDatabox in 
	 non-free software, please use one of the older versions or
	 contact me for a special licence for you.
       - the website has been given a cleanup
       - Added GPL-link
       - added a bunch of comments to the header file.
       - removed a few small bugs that made selection boxes stay even
         when the selection was canceled
       - added new examples

        Major cleanup.

	- Compatibility with Gtk+-2.0.0
	- Grid and Coordinate System are now "data types"
	- removed deprecated functions
	- range checks (only draw inside window) have been removed for two 
	  a) The code was looking terrible and was practically not maintainable
	  b) The code was not completly correct
	  A reason to re-implement the stuff is that line drawing is 
	  definitly slower than before when you zoom far into the data.

2001-12-16 Ooops, time flies :-)
        Following a suggestion by Stefan Doehla, an optional grid 
	has been added (like in an oscilloscope).

	The corresponing functions are:
2000-03-19 Modified the non flickering selection to allow for unfilled
	rectangles as selection marked again
	Added four new functions (idea by Paul Kienzle): 


	These functions allow to enable (default) or disable the selection
	of an area of the box, and whether this area is marked with a filled 
	or unfilled (default) rectangle.

	Selections are now allways started with height and width zero.

	Range checks (do not draw things that are outside the window) now
	only occur, when you zoom into the data a certain amount, which may 
	be set via

	  gtk_databox_set_range_check_threshold(GtkDatabox *box, gfloat threshold)
	Default value for threshold is 0.25, meaning, that if you zoom into
	the data an display less than a quarter of the complete set, range
	checks occur. Settig threshold to zero, disables range checks
	completely. The best value (fastest drawing) depends on the data.

2000-03-01 Changed to ISO dates for the ChangeLog.
	Imported some nice changes by Paul Kienzle
        ( who removed the flickering of the 
	selection box.

08.06.99 Removed some errors from gtk_databox_destroy and gtk_databox_remove
	that resulted in loss of data or too early removal of shared X or Y

23.09.99 Memory allocation bug fix in GTK_DATABOX_BARS
	freeing of segments pointer removed

19.05.99 gtk_databox_set_color() and gtk_databox_get_color now return 0 on  
        success and -1 on failure instead of void
        Drawing style of data may now be changed or investigated by two new
        gtk_databox_set_data_style() and gtk_databox_get_data_style()

	Nothing special about that, I guess

11.05.99 Inconsistencies in LINES style have been removed.
	Former solution did not draw lines to points outside the drawing
	area to avoid possible overflow errors. 
	Now the points are connected by segments. If one or two points are
	outside the drawing area, the part of line between the points inside
	the drawing area is calculated and displayed. This might need some
	further effort to get really smooth, but at least it is much better
	than before :-)

09.05.99 Changed comments from // to /**/ to remove problems on some systems
	Several small bugs fixed
	(Remove data now returns -1 on error)

	Rulers and Scrollbars are now destroyed instead of hidden (much
	cleaner solution)

24.03.99 Several bugs fixed, better implemetation of signals for use with
	Third party wrappers for Gtk-- and VDK have been developed
	and are now available. Take a look at the Web-Site for more

	A new drawing mode has been implemented.  The value of this drawing 
	Bars that rise (or drop)
	from X-Axis. An example has been added to the test program

11.03.99 Lots of bugfixes, added some signals
	Added an example for the signals to the test program
06.03.99 +
07.03.99 Rewrite of most functions, scrolling, rulers and display are now
	more clearly structured, fixed some memory leaks, the 3D-functions
	and data model have been dropped completely (too much inconsistency)
	data model is now hidden from the user, interface functions are now 
	Scrolling, zoom, rulers and cross are now optional to use.
	Complete rewrite of the example program.
	Some additions to the files that add the correct
	dependencies to the library (hopefully)

jan-mar 99 Unlogged changes, mostly notable the patch by Walter Brisken,
	that adds rulers to the widget
17.12.98 Announcement of GtkDatabox on gtk-list and gtk-app-devel-list
	Thanks to Andreas Tille, who encouraged 
	me to create a nice example program and who rewrote the configure
	script so that GtkDatabox may be linked dynamically now.
08.12.98 Tearoff. GtkDatabox is it's own project now.
29.11.98 Incorporated slightly changed changes of Andreas Tille and his
	example program.
28.11.98 First Contact. Andreas Tille
	introduces some changes to GtkDatabox.
	These are a function to set colors and a new style of representing
        data with coordinates. 
01.11.98 Using gdk_draw_points instead of gdk_draw_point speeds the program
	up, even with Win95
20.10.98 Succeeded to compile gfit with Windoze. Slow is the only word that
05.10.98 Up to 7 columns of data are supported right now. Automatic color
	generation for more columns is planned (and necessary as the program 
	would die with more columns)
04.10.98 Opened the project for gtk-app-devel-list
30.09.98 GTK_TYPE_OPTION_MENU and Item Factory problems solved after some
	questions to gtk-app-devel-list
24.09.98 Changes for gtk+-1.1.2
	 Still have problems with GTK_TYPE_OPTION_MENU and Item Factory...
15.09.98 Creating databox widget with scrollbars
13.09.98 Start of the gfit project with gtk+-1.1.1
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