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Overview of Changes in gtkhtml2 2.11.0
* Support for getting at various properties of embedded objects [Rodney Dawes]
* Support for favicons in documents [Rodney Dawes]
* Use GtkComboBox for drop-down selection form elements [Rodney Dawes]
* Set default values for select form elements [Rodney Dawes]
* Support meta http-equiv="refresh" [Rodney Dawes]
* Don't abort on unhandled text alignments (bug #306746) [Rodney Dawes]
* Fix crash with keynav/mouse hilighting in yelp (bug #167585) [Vinay]
* Be lenient with incomplete list elements in CSS (bug #316475)
  [Sylvain Defresne]
* Distrubute the sample html files for the test programs [Rodney Dawes]
* General build system cleanup and fixes [Rodney Dawes]

Overview of Changes in gtkhtml2 2.6.3
* Fix large memory leak [Kjartan Maraas]
* Use xmlSAX2 API instead of deprecated SAXv1 API (bug #164808) [Rodney Dawes]
* Use gnome-common in [Rodney Dawes]
* Return NULL at end of non-void function (bug #165455) [Chris Lahey]
* Use g_print instead of g_warning (bug #163071) [Pawel Sawek]
* Miscellaneous bug fixes (bug #151005) [Kjartan Maraas]
* Miscellaneous bug fixes [Peter Williams]
* Miscellaneous bug fixes (bugs #143502, #156582, #157328, #157330, #160704)
  [Padraig O'Briain]

Overview of Changes in gtkhtml2 2.6.2
* Fix memory leaks. (bugs #140628, #140664, #140596, #140730, #140727,
#140747, #140522, #140520) [Morten Wilander]

* Fix compiler warnings. (bug #141962) [Bart Martens]

Overview of Changes in gtkhtml2 2.6.1
* Look for "id" attribute of anchor element as XHTML 1.0 deprecates
"name" attribute. (bug 137854) [Sven Neumann]

* Use focus-width when restyling box. (bug 125290) [Balamurali Vishwnanthan]

* Fix crasher bug in gnochm when displaying new page. (bug #135489).

Overview of Changes in gtkhtml2 2.6.0

Overview of Changes in gtkhtml2 2.5.6
* Redraw cursor quickly when cursor is moved. (bug #135484)

Overview of Changes in gtkhtml2 2.5.5
* Fix porting issues for AIX C complier (bug #134860)

Overview of Changes in gtkhtml2 2.5.4
* Fix memory corruption problems. (bug #133518).

Overview of Changes in gtkhtml2 2.5.3
* Correct inconsistency between byte offset and character offset when 
selecting text. (bug #131425)

* Add support for virtual cursor position when scrolling up and down with
cursor showing. (bug 131216)

* Fix loooping error which occurred when reading accessible content of page
which contained HtmlBoxText without any text. (bug #131453)

* Correct cursor placement at end of paragraphs. (bug #131550)

* Correct creation of accessible objects for objects containing text. 
(bug #131553)

* Emit text-caret-moved signal when cursor is moved and accessibility is 
enabled. (bug #131465)

* Added FLOWS_FROM and FLOW_TO relations for accessible objects containing
text. (bug #131462)

* Move cursor when focus changes. (bug #131908)

* Correct link index value in link-selected signal (bug #131912)

* Remove file data/gtkhtml2.xcf as it is not used.

Overview of Changes in gtkhtml2 2.5.2
* Emit selection-changed events when accessibility is enabled and
text is selected. (bug #125309)

* Fix crasher bug when float:center is specified in the html. (bug #129486)

* Fix crasher bug when multiple HTML documents are used in a HtmlView. 
(bug #130789)

* Implement F7 to toggle showing cursor. Implement moving cursor by character, 
word, line and page and to top or end using the keyboard.. Also implement 
selection of text.

Overview of Changes in gtkhtml2 2.5.1
* Fix crasher bug when document is deleted. (bug #127946)

Overview of Changes in gtkhtml2 2.5.0
* Emit notification when new HTML page is displayed. (bugg #124199)

* Use correct language so that glyphs are displayed correctly for Chinese.
[Phill Zhang] (bug #124650)

* Make focus line visible, particularly when large font is uded. (bug #125290)

* Show text in correct font after font size is decreased. (bug #125301)

* Fix crasher problem when gok is used with yelp. (bug #126294)

* Correct implementation of moving focus out of HtmlView (bug #90281)

Overview of Changes in gtkhtml2 2.4.1
* Fix crasher bug after using debug->properties dialog in testgtkhtml
(bug #121301)

* Fix crashewr bug in balsa (bug #121434)

* Add check that variable is not NULL before dereferencing it [Sven Neumann]

* Correct inconsistencies in atk_object_get_index_in_parent for children
of tables (bug #123450)

* Replace gettimeofday with g_get_current_time to allow build on Windows.
(bug #123704)

* Fix crasher bug in balsa when UTF-8 characters encountered (bug #123721)

* Fix crasher bug when dom-test is run (bug #121300)

Overview of Changes in gtkhtml2 2.4.0

Overview of Changes in gtkhtml2 2.3.6
* Fix crasher bug when used with python. (bug #119496)

Overview of Changes in gtkhtml2 2.3.5
* Fix name of library (.so was missing) (bug #117029)

Overview of Changes in gtkhtml2 2.3.4
*  Ensure that activating a link when using Assistive Technology works.
(bug #116105)

* Fix ref counting error (bug #116177) [Richard Hult]

* Make link colour more visible when using Inverse themes (bug #95190)

* Fix crasher bug on devhelp startup (bug #114341)

* Set shadow_type to GTK_SHADOW_IN for scrolled windows containing 
GtkTreeView for lists in forms (bug #114705) [Rodney Dawes]

* Embed GtkTextView in a scolled window and set scrolled windows shadow_type
to GTK_SHADOW_IN (bug #114713) [Rodney Dawes]

* Set form defaults correctly. (bug #114703) [Rodney Dawes]

Overview of Changes in gtkhtml2 2.3.3

* Fix error exposed on 64-bit (bug #113869)

Overview of Changes in gtkhtml2 2.3.2

* Fix crasher bug when mouse is moved while page is being loaded (bug #112302)

Overview of Changes in gtkhtml2 2.3.1

* Fix crasher in yelp when changing page with text selected (bug #110012)

* Add support for <nobr> tag (bug #110265) (

* Do not return NULL for accessible child of HtmlBoxTable if there are 
subsequent cells in the table. (bug #110247)

* Send notification of page change when running yelp with accessibility 
enabled (bug #110267)

* Report correct number of links when run with accessibility enabled 
(bug #109946)

* Make function html_selection_get_text public (bug #98381)

Overview of Changes in gtkhtml2 2.3.0

* Fix crasher caused by incorrect reference to GtkStyle, (bug #104946)

* Rework how accessible text is presented. All the text in a paragraph is
in one accessible object instead of having an accessible object corresponding
to each HtmlBoxText, (bug #98324)

* Fix crasher caused by Korean spam, (bug #107910)

Overview of Changes in gtkhtml2 2.2.0

* Update size in HtmlFontSpecification if HtmlView's style size changes
font size.

* Fix regression in display of, bug #102742.

* Show html is tag is missing, bug #102008

* Implement alternative fix for bug 98577 as previous fix caused regression.

* Add Hindi language.

Overview of Changes in gtkhtml2 2.1.7

* Fix infinite loop caused by invalid HTML. bug #98677.

* Fix another looping problem, bug #86657

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