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2005-09-25  Rodney Dawes  <>

	* NEWS:
	* Updated for 2.11.0 release

2005-09-25  Rodney Dawes  <>

	* (AC_OUTPUT): Add tests/samples/Makefile

	* docs/
	* libgtkhtml/
	* libgtkhtml/a11y/
	* libgtkhtml/css/
	* libgtkhtml/document/
	* libgtkhtml/dom/
	* libgtkhtml/dom/core/
	* libgtkhtml/dom/css/
	* libgtkhtml/dom/events/
	* libgtkhtml/dom/html/
	* libgtkhtml/dom/stylesheets/
	* libgtkhtml/dom/traversal/
	* libgtkhtml/dom/views/
	* libgtkhtml/graphics/
	* libgtkhtml/layout/
	* libgtkhtml/layout/html/
	* libgtkhtml/util/
	* libgtkhtml/view/
	(MAINTAINERCLEANFILES): Add variable to remove extraneous files when
	we do a maintainer-clean
	* tests/ (MAINTAINERCLEANFILES): Add variable to remove
	files that should get removed by maintainer-clean
	(SUBDIRS): Add samples so that we dist the samples for the tests
	* tests/samples/ New file to dist the samples
2005-09-25  Rodney Dawes  <>

	* (MAINTAINERCLEANFILES): Add this variable to list all
	the files we need to delete when we run make maintainer-clean

	* This does not belong in cvs
	* po/ChangeLog:
	* po/cat-id-tbl.c:
	Removed these files as there are no translatable strings in gtkhtml2

2005-09-24  Rodney Dawes  <>

	* libgtkhtml/css/cssparser.c (css_parser_parse_value): If the list
	is not finished due to extraneous quotes or something similar, then
	continue parsing the rest of the document
	Patch from Sylvain Defresne <>

	Fixes #316475

2005-09-04  Vinay M R  <>

	* libgtkhtml/view/htmlview.c (html_view_removed): Fixes the issue
	of Yelp crashing with keynav/mouse highlighting.

	Fixes #167585

2005-06-07  Rodney Dawes  <>

	* libgtkhtml/css/cssmatcher.c (css_matcher_apply_rule): Get rid of the
	check for HTML_ATOM_BOTTOM for the text-align tag
	Replace the g_assert_not_reached with a g_message which handles both
	the bottom align case, as well as unknown alignment values

	Fixes #306746

2005-02-21  Rodney Dawes  <>

	* libgtkhtml/document/htmldocument.c (_RefreshData): New structure
	for storing the data we need to pass to the timeout callback for
	handling <meta http-eqiv="refresh"/> tags
	(html_document_refresh_timeout): New callback method for handling
	the <meta http-equiv="refresh"/> tag in an HTML document
	(html_document_node_inserted_traverser): Add a block to begin adding
	support for the <meta/> tags in HTML documents
	Currently only handle <meta http-equiv="refresh"/> completely

2005-02-19  Rodney Dawes  <>

	* layout/html/htmlembedded.c (html_embedded_parse_properties):
	Convert property names to all lowercase

2005-02-19  Rodney Dawes  <>

	* libgtkhtml/dom/html/dom-htmlformelement.c
	(dom_HTMLFormElement__get_encoding): If we are a select element,
	then get the encoding from the DomHTMLSelectElement

	* libgtkhtml/dom/html/dom-htmlselectelement.[ch]:
	(dom_HTMLSelect_element__set_{name,size}): Update the method
	declerations to match those in dom-htmlselectelement.h
	(dom_HTMLSelectElement__get_value): New method to get the value
	for a select element (only works for single select for now)
	(dom_HTMLSelectElement__set_value): New method so that the layout
	can set the value on the select element, when it changes
	(dom_HTMLSelectElement_add): Don't set the list store data yet
	(dom_html_select_element_encode): New method to encode the selected
	value for a select-single select element

	* libgtkhtml/layout/html/htmlboxembeddedselect.c
	(combo_selection_changed): Set the value for the select element when
	we get a change from the combo box
2005-02-18  Rodney Dawes  <>

	* We require gtk+ 2.4.0 or newer for GtkComboBox now

2005-02-17  Rodney Dawes  <>

	* libgtkhtml/dom/html/dom-htmlselectelement.c:
	(dom_html_select_element_update_option_data): Get rid of the odd
	check for whether we should use g_free or not, we should always use it

	* libgtkhtml/layout/html/htmlboxembeddedselect.c (create_list_foreach):
	(update_combo_list): Remove these methods, don't need them any more
	(html_box_embedded_select_relayout): Don't do weird resizing if we are
	set to use auto-size for the form element
	(combo_select_default): New method to select the default element in the
	selection form element when using GtkComboBox
	(update_treeview_selection): If we are a GtkComboBox, then we need to
	call the combo_select_default method instead of treeview_select_default
	(row_changed_callback): Update the combo's default selection here
	(combo_selection_changed): New method for updating the value for the
	form element in the dom tree, so we can actually use forms (#if 0 now)
	(create_combo_widget): Use a GtkComboBox now instead of GtkCombo

2005-02-13  Rodney Dawes  <>

	* libgtkhtml/document/htmldocument.[ch] (html_document_class_init):
	Create the new "request_icon" signal for when we get a favicon
	(html_document_node_inserted_traverser): Check if a link's rel is icon
	and emit the new "requst_icon" signal if it is
	Use g_free instead of xmlFree in some places
	(request_icon): New virtual method definition for the signal

2005-02-12  Rodney Dawes  <>

	* Up version to 2.9.90 for cvs HEAD

	* libgtkhtml/layout/html/htmlboxembeddedobject.[ch]: Add a DomNode
	pointer to the instance object's structure
	(html_box_embedded_object_timeout): Add this new private method so
	that we only create the HtmlEmbedded widget, and emit the
	request_object signal when we have all the properties available
	(html_box_embedded_object_new): Remove the debug spew
	Move all of the HtmlEmbedded creation code to a timeout and set up
	the timeout callback here

	* libgtkhtml/layout/html/htmlboxembedded.[ch]: Add a new private
	structure to store the hash table of properties for the embedded item
	(html_embedded_class_init): Set up the handler for the destroy signal
	(html_embedded_init): Initialize our private struct and hash table
	(html_embedded_prop_remove): Add this private method to free the
	values in the properties hash table, so we can remove them
	(html_embedded_destroy): Add a destroy handler so that we can clean
	up the memory used by the properties hash table
	(html_embedded_parse_properties): Parse the attributes of the object
	tag, and the child param tags, and shove them into a hash table
	(html_embedded_new): Parse the properties for the embedded object
	(html_embedded_get_prop): Add new API to get a property out of the
	embedded object's properties hash table
2005-02-12  Rodney Dawes  <>

	* NEWS, Updated for 2.6.3 release

2005-02-09  Kjartan Maraas  <>

	* libgtkhtml/util/htmlatomlist.c: (html_atom_list_get_atom): Don't
	strdup stuff into g_ascii_strdown() since that allocates a new string
	anyway. Fixes almost 400 kb leakage from opening slashdot...

2005-02-07  Rodney Dawes  <>

	* libgtkhtml/document/htmlparser.c (html_comment):
	(html_characters, html_startElement, html_endElement):
	(html_startDocument, html_endDocument): Update all these functions
	to call the xmlSAX2 versions of the deprecated functions

	Fixes #164808

2005-02-04  Rodney Dawes  <>

	* Replace with an that uses gnome-common

2005-01-28  Padraig O'Briain  <>

	* libgtkhtml/view/htmlview.c (html_view_get_box_text_for_offset): 
	Return NULL at end of function; bug #165455; patch from Chris Lahey.

2005-01-06  Padraig O'Briain  <>

	* libgtkhtml/css/cssmatcher.c (css_matcher_apply_rule): Change
	g_warning to g_print; bug 163071; fix from Pawel Sawek.

2004-12-10  Padraig O'Briain  <>

	* libgtkhtml/view/htmlview.c (html_view_update_focus_element): New
	function from refactored code which updates focus element when cursor
	is moved or toggled showing.
	(html_view_notify_cursor_position): New function from refactored
	code called by html_view_set_cursor_position.
	(html_view_toggle_cursor): Add call to html_view_notify_cursor_position.
	(move_cursor): Removed refactored code with call as 
	html_view_set_cursor_position now causes code to be executed.

	Fixes bug #160705.

	(html_view_focus_element): Correct condition under which adjustment is
	set to 0.

2004-11-24  Padraig O'Briain  <>

	* libgtkhtml/a11y/htmlviewaccessible.c 
	(html_view_accessible_initialize): Connect after grab_focus instead of
	before. This ensure that when widget is focused for the first time
	We report focus on the focused link. This was a regression caused by
	fix for bug 156582.
	(html_view_accessible_grab_focus_cb): Report focus on HtmlView
	when fovus moves from a link. Fixes bug #157330.
2004-11-04  Padraig O'Briain  <>

	* libgtkhtml/view/htmlview.c (move_cursor): Keep offset value relative 
	to start of htmlView rather than start of current of current 
	HtmlBoxText when finding current object. Fixes bug #157328.

2004-10-27  Thomas Fitzsimmons	<>			       

	* Support non-srcdir builds. Bug #156554

2004-10-27  Padraig O'Briain  <>

	* Depend on gail 1.8
	* libgtkhtml/a11y/htmlviewaccessible.c: Remove set_focus_object().
	Fixes bug #156582.

2004-09-12  Peter Williams  <>

	* libgtkhtml/view/htmlview.c (html_view_motion_notify): Move the
	button press check to after the html_event_mouse_move call, so
	that the on_url signal is fired even if the mouse button isn't 
	being pressed. Move the call to html_selection_update from
	html_event_mouse_move to after the button-press check.

	* libgtkhtml/view/htmlevent.c (html_event_mouse_move): Don't call
	html_selection_update here.

2004-09-05  Padraig O'Briain  <>

	* libgtkhtml/a11y.htmlboxaccessible.c 
	libgtkhtml/graphics/htmlimagefactory.c libgtkhtml/layout/htmlbox.h
	libgtkhtml/layout/htmlboxblock.h  libgtkhtml/layout/htmlboxtable.h
	libgtkhtml/util/htmlatomlist.c libgtkhtml/view/htmlview.c
	tests/browser-window.c tests-dom-test-node-menu.c
	tests/dom-test-window.c tests/prop-editor.c tests/simple.c:
	Fix for bug 151005; patch from Kjartan Marass.

2004-06-10  Padraig O'Briain  <>

	* libgtkhtml/view/htmlview.c (move_cursor):  Unset focus element 
	before setting the cursor position and selection bound. Fix for
	remaining problem in bug #143502.

2004-06-08  Padraig O'Briain  <>

        * Release 2.6.2

        * NEWS: Updated for 2.6.2

2004-06-08  Padraig O'Briain  <>

	* libgtkhtml/a11y/htmlboxblocktextaccessible.c (get_text_near_offset):
	Add implementation for boundary_type ATK_TEXT_BOUNDARY_LINE_START and
	ATK_TEXT_BOUNDARY_LINE_END. Part of fix for bug #138091.

	* libgtkhtml/view/htmlview.c (move_cursor):  Unset focus element if
	cursor is moved out of link.
	(html_view_move_focus_element): Call set_adjustment_clamped() only if
	cursor is visible. Fix for bug #143502.
2004-05-06  Padraig O'Briain  <>

	* libgtkhtml/a11y/htmlboxblocktextaccessible.c
	( html_box_block_text_accessible_get_default_attributes): Initialize
	variable len before using it.

	* libgtkhtml/a11y/htmlboxblockaccessible.c
	( html_box_text_accessible_get_default_attributes): Initialize
	variable len before using it.

	* libgtkhtml/css/cssparser.c (css_parser_parse_value): Initialize
	variable term before using it.

	* libgtkhtml/layout/htmlboxtext.c (html_box_text_get_len): Use
	g_return_val_if_fail instead of g_return_if_fail.

	Fix for bug #141962 from Bart Martens.

2004-04-27  Padraig O'Briain  <>

	* libgtkhtml/document/htmldocument.c 
	(html_document_node_inserted_traverser): Remove call to 
	html_stream_close. (bug #140522)

2004-04-22  Morten Welinder  <>

	* libgtkhtml/css/cssmatcher.c (free_decl_entry): Unref
	(css_matcher_get_style): Ref entry->decl->expr.  Fixes #140747.

2004-04-21  Padraig O'Briain  <>

	* libgtkhml/a11y/htmlboxtextaccessible.c
	(html_box_text_accessible_get_character_at_offset): Fix warnings.
	Bug #140738.

2004-04-21  Padraig O'Briain  <>

	* libgtkhtml/css/cssparser.c (css_parser_parse_declaration): Avoid
	leaking CssValue. Fixes bug #140727.
	(css_parser_parse_ruleset): Avoid leaking CssRuleset. Fixes bug #140730.
2004-04-21  Padraig O'Briain  <>

	* libgtkhtml/css/cssmatcher.c (css_matcher_apply_stylesheet): 
	Increment reference count on CssValue
	(css_matcher_get_style): Call css_rulesset_destroy to free all
	memory for CssRuleset.

	* libgtkhtml/css/cssparser.c (css_parser_parse_style_attr): Initialize
	all field of CssRuleset.

	* libgtkhtml/css/cssstylesheet.c (css_ruleset_destroy): Make it 

	* libgtkhtml/css/cssvalue.[ch]: Add new function css_value_ref.

	Fixes bug #140596.

	* libgtkhtml/layout/htmlboxtablecaption.c 
	(html_box_table_caption_finalize): Chain up to call parent class
	finalize function.

	Fixes bug #140664.

2004-04-21  Padraig O'Briain  <>

	* libgtkhtml/view/htmlview.c (html_view_finalize): Ensure that
	jump_to_anchor is not leaked. Bug #140628.

2004-04-20  Padraig O'Briain  <>

        * bumped to 2.6.2

	* libgtkhtml/css/cssmatcher.c (css_matcher_apply_stylesheet): Copy
	CssDeclaration instead of assigning it.
	(css_matcher_get_style): Copy CssDeclaration instead of assigning it.
	Free declaration list.

	Fixes bug #140520.

	* libgtkhtml/document/htmldocument.c 
	(html_document_node_inserted_traverser): Add call to html_stream_close.

	* libgtkhtml/util/htmlstreambuffer.c (html_stream_buffer_close):
	Add call to g_free (user_data);

	Fixes bug #140522.

2004-04-19  Padraig O'Briain  <>

        * Release 2.6.1

        * bumped to 2.6.1

        * NEWS: Updated for 2.6.1

2004-04-19  Padraig O'Briain  <>

	* libgtkhtml/document/htmldocument.c: (html_document_open_stream):
	Add call to html_document_clear.

	* libgkthtml/document/htmlparser.c (html_startDocument): Add warning
	message if HtmlDocument's DomDocument is set.

	* libgtkhtml/view/htmlview.c (html_view_insert_node): Add warning
	message if focus element is set when root node is added.

	Fixes bug #135489.

2004-03-25  Padraig O'Briain  <>

	* libgtkhtml/view/htmlview.c (html_view_style_updated): Use focus_width
	instead of 2 * focus_width.
	(html_view_update_box_style_style): Use focus_width instead of
	2 * focus_width. 

	Fix for bug #125290 from Balamurali Vishwanathan.

2004-03-22  Padraig O'Briain  <>

	* libgtkhtml/document/htmldocument.c (find_anchor_helper): Look for 
	"id" attribute of anchor element as XHTML 1.0 deprecates "name"
	attribute and replaces it with "id" attribute. Fixes bug #137854.
	Patch from Sven Neumann.

2004-03-22  Padraig O'Briain  <>

        * Release 2.6.0

        * bumped to 2.6.0

        * NEWS: Updated for 2.6.0

2004-03-08  Padraig O'Briain  <>

        * Release 2.5.6

        * bumped to 2.5.6

        * NEWS: Updated for 2.5.6

2004-03-07  Padraig O'Briain  <>

	* libgtkhtml/view/htmlview.c (html_view_pend_cursor_blink):
	Add call to html_view_set_cursor-visible() so that cursor is redrawn 
	promptly when it is moved. Fixes bug #135484.
	(html_view_focus_element): Fix compiler warning.

	* NEWS: Fix typo in release version.

2004-02-23  Padraig O'Briain  <>

        * Release 2.5.5

        * bumped to 2.5.5

        * NEWS: Updated for 2.5.5

2004-02-20  Padraig O'Briain  <>

	* libgtkhtml/css/cssstylesheet.h:
	tests/dom-test-tree-model.h: IBM C compiler does not like forward
	definition of enums.

	* libgtkhtml/css/cssparser.c:
	tests/dom-test-window.c: Remove C++ style comments

	* libgtkhtml/document/htmlparser.c:  Remove unneeded 

	* libgtkhtml/dom/html/dom-htmlinputelement.h:
	libgtkhtml/graphics/htmlfontspecification.h: IBM C compiler wants
	bit types to be of signed or unsigned int.

	* libgtkhtml/dom/dom-types.h:
	tests/dom-test-tree-model.h: IBM C compiler does not like trailing
	comma on last enum constant

	* libgtkhtml/view/htmnlview.c: Include "document/htmldocument.h"
	instead of "document/htmlparser.h"

	Fix for bug #134860 from
2004-02-16  Padraig O'Briain  <>

        * Release 2.5.4

        * bumped to 2.5.4

        * NEWS: Updated for 2.5.4

2004-02-07  Tomasz K´┐Żoczko <>

	 * libgtkhtml/util/ cleanups for paralel build
	   (make -j<N>).

2004-02-06  Padraig O'Briain  <>

	* libgtkhtml/css/cssparser.c (css_parser_prepare_stylesheet):
	Avoid writing to unallocated memory.

	* libgtkhtml/layout/htmlboxtext.c (html_box_text_destroy_slaves):
	Avoid referring to deleted object.

	Fixes bug #133518.

2004-02-03  Padraig O'Briain  <>

        * Release 2.5.3

        * bumped to 2.5.3

        * NEWS: Updated for 2.5.3

2004-02-02  Padraig O'Briain  <>

	* data/gtkhtml2.xcf: Remove file as it is not used. Fixes bug #132891.

2004-01-30  Padraig O'Briain  <>

	* libgtkhtml/a11y/htmlboxblocktextaccessible.c:
	* libgtkhtml/a11y/htmlboxtableaccessible.c:
	* libgtkhtml/a11y/htmlboxtextaccessible.c:
	* libgtkhtml/a11y/htmlviewaccessible.c: Fix return types in checks.
	Fixes bug #132980.

2004-01-19  Padraig O'Briain  <>

	* libgtkhtml/view/htmlviewaccessible.c 
	(html_view_accessible_get_focus_object): Set link index correctly for
	HtmlBoxTextAccessible. Fixes bug #131912.

	* libgtkhtml/view/htmlview.c (html_view_focus_element): Update cursor
	position when element is focused. Fixes bug #131908.

2004-01-19  Padraig O'Briain  <>

	* libgtkhtml/a11y/htmlboxaccessible.c: 
	* libgtkhtml/a11y/htmlboxembeddedaccessible.c: 
	* libgtkhtml/a11y/htmlboxtableaccessible.c: 
	Change call to atk_object_set_parent to an assignment to avoid 
	notification of change of accessible parent.

	* htmlboxblocktextaccessible.c: Add implementation of 
	atk_object_ref_relation_set to add FLOWS_FROM and FLOWS_TO relations.

	* htmlboxtextaccessible.c: Add implementation of 
	atk_object_ref_relation_set to add FLOWS_FROM and FLOWS_TO relations.
	(html_box_text_accessible_get_n_children): return 0 as number of 
	(html_box_text_accessible_ref_child): return NULL as child.

	This fixes bug #131462.

2004-01-16  Padraig O'Briain  <>

	* libgtkhtml/a11y/htmlboxblocktextaccessible.c (append_text): Remove
	reference to HtmlBoxTable.
	(html_box_block_text_accessible_get_n_children): Return number of 
	children as 0.
	(html_box_block_text_accessible_ref_child): Return NULL as child.
	(find_offset): New function which finds the offset in a HtmlBox
	of an offset in a contained HtmlBoxText.
	(html_box_block_text_accessible_get_caret_offset): Implement using

	* libgtkhtml/view/htmlview.c: 
	(html_view_get_cursor_position): Add emission of text-caret-moved 
	signal if accessibility is enabled.
	(html_view_get_cursor_location): Rework to use new function
	(html_view_init): Remove unnecessary call to 

	Fixes bug #131465.
2004-01-16  Padraig O'Briain  <>

	* libgtkhtml/a11y/ Add htmlboxtextaccessible.c,
	htmlboxtextaccessible.h, htmlboxtextlinkaccessible.c and 

	* libgtkhtml/a11y/htmlboxaccessible.c (html_box_accessible_new):
	Create a HtmlBoxTextAccessible if a HtmlBoxText is not inside a 
	HtmlBoxBlock corresponding to a paragraph.

	* libgtkhtml/a11y/htmlboxblockaccessible.c (contains_link): Fix
	compiler warning. Correct to find link inside a HtmlBoxInLine.
	(contains_text): Add check that HtmlBoxBlock corresponds to a 

	* libgtkhtml/a11y/htmlboxblocklinkaccessible.c (is_link): Fix
	compiler warnings.
	(html_box_block_link_accessible_get_link): Remove unused variable.

	* libgtkhtml/a11y/htmlboxblockaccessible.h:
	* libgtkhtml/a11y/htmlboxblocklinkaccessible.h:
	* libgtkhtml/a11y/htmlboxblocktextaccessible.h: Correct typos
	in defines.

	* libgtkhtml/a11y/htmlboxtextaccessible.c:
	* libgtkhtml/a11y/htmlboxtextaccessible.h:
	* libgtkhtml/a11y/htmlboxtextlinkaccessible.c:
	* libgtkhtml/a11y/htmlboxtextlinkaccessible.h: New files.

	* libgtkhtml/a11y/htmlboxblocktextaccessible.c:
	(html_box_block_text_accessible_text_info): Remove duplicate get_text.
	(html_box_block_set_caret_offset): Remove incorrect implementation.

	* libgtkhtml/a11y/htmlviewaccessible.c (debug_dump_boxes): Add
	more debug information.
	(html_view_accessible_get_focus_object): Find correct focus object, 
	i.e. check whether HtmlBoxInLine is inside a paragraph. 
	Fixes bug #131553.

2004-01-15  Padraig O'Briain  <>

	* libgtkhtml.htmlview.c:
	(is_box_in_paragraph): New function,
	(is_offset_in_paragraph): New function.
	(is_at_line_boundary): Made function static. 
	(html_view_move_visually): Check whether in paragraph when moving
	forward and at end of box or moving backward and at beginning of box.
	Do not allow cursor to be placed at the end of the text inside a
	(set_offset_for_box_text): Take into account whether the box in inside
	a paragraph when line is shorter than virtual cursor x position.

	This fixes bug #131550.

2004-01-14  Padraig O'Briain  <>

	* libgtkhtml/a11y/htmlboxaccessible.c:
	(html_box_accessible_new): Check that HtmlBoxText contains some
	text before returning its parent's accessible object.
	Set role to ATK_ROLE_PANEL instead of ATK_ROLER_UNKNOWN.

	This fixes bug #131453.

2004-01-14  Padraig O'Briain  <>

	Add support for virtual cursor when moving cursor. Also some tidy up.

	* libgtkhtml.view/htmlview.c:
	(html_view_get_box_text_for_offset): Change boolean third argument
	to be TRUE when at eend of line.
	(html_view_set_virtual_cursor_y): New functions to get or set x or y
	position of virtual cursor.x.
	(html_view_set_cursor_end_of_line): New function which get or set 
	whether cursor should appear at end of line or beginning of next line.
	(html_view_get_cursor_position): Convert index used for selection
	to offset.
	(html_view_set_cursor_position): Set virtual cursor x and y values 
	to -1.
	(html_view_get_selection_bound): Convert index used for selection
	to offset.
	(html_view_get_location): New function which returns the HtmlBox at
	(html_view_get_cursor_location): New function which returns the 
	HtmlBox and its position at the cursor.
	(html_view_draw_cursor): Refactor to use html_view_get_cursor_location.
	(is_at_line_boundary): New function which determines wheter an offset
	is at a line boundary.
	(html_view_move_visually): Allow cursor to move to end of line before
	moving to start of next line.
	(html_view_move_backward_word): Update for change to 
	html_view_get_box_text_for_offset. Add call to 
	(html_view_move_forward_word): Update for change to 
	html_view_get_box_text_for_offset. Add call to 
	(html_view_set_virtual_cursor_pos): New functions which get or set the 
	virtual cursor position.
	(find_box_text_for_x_pos): New function which finds the HtmlBoxText
	on the same line as the specified htmlBoxText and at the specified x
	(set_offset_for_box_text): New function which sets the offset for
	a HtmlBoxText at a specified x position.
	(move_cursor): New function which contains code previously in
	html_view_real_move_cursor to update cursor position, update selection
	if required and update focus element is required.
	(html_move_cursor_by_line): Update function to deal with virtual cursor
	position. Reorganized code.
	(get_end_text_offset): Update for change to
	(htjml_view_move_cursor_to_start): Update for change to
	(htmnl_view_scroll_pages): Rename from html_view_move_cursor_by_page.
	Update to use move_cursor and virtual cursor position.
	(html_view_real_move_cursor): Rename new_pos to new_offset to
	clarify that it is a character offset. Refactored code to remove
	move_cursor functionality. Add support for virtual cursor.

	Fixes bug #131216.
2004-01-14  Padraig O'Briain  <>

	* libgtkhtml/view/htmlselection.c:
	(html_selection_get_text): Correct as sel_start_index, sel_end_index
	and  length are byte index not character offset.
	(set_traversal: Pass byte index not character offset to
	html_box_text_set_selection. Fixes bug #131425.

2004-01-12  Padraig O'Briain  <>

        * Release 2.5.2

        * bumped to 2.5.2

        * NEWS: Updated for 2.5.2

2004-01-12  Padraig O'Briain  <>

	Add support  for movement to start, end, next line, previous line,
	next page, previous page when cursor is showing. Also some tidy up.

	* libgtkhtml/view/htmlview.c:
	(find_last_child): New function which finds last HtmlBox for a 
	(find_previous_box): New function which finds the HtmlBox immediately
	previous to a specified HtmlBox.
	(find_previous_box_text): New function which finds the first 
	HtmlBoxText previous to a specified HtmlBox.
	(find_next_box): New function which finds the HtmlBox immediately
	after a specified HtmlBox.
	(find_next_box_text): New function which finds the first HtmlBoxText
	after a specified HtmlBox.
	(find_box): This function is removed.
	(html_view_get_box_text_for_offset): Update function to use
	find_next_box_text instead of find_box.
	(html_view_draw_cursor): Remove variable at_end. If cursor is at the
	end html_view_get_box_text_for_offset will return the correct position.
	(html_view_move_cursor_by_line): New function which move the cursor
	to the next or previous line when cursor is showing..
	(get_end_text_offset): Return the last HtmlBox which is a HtmlBoxText
	and contains text.
	(html_view_move_cursor_to_end): New function which moves cursor to
	end when cursor is showing.
	(html_view_move_cursor_to_start): New function which moves cursor to
	start when cursor is showing.
	(html_view_move_cursor_by_page): New function which move the cursor
	to the next or previous page when cursor is showing.
	(html_view_real_move_cursor): Add support for moving cursor, by line,
	by page and to start and end when cursor is showing.

2004-01-08  Padraig O'Briain  <>

	* libgtkhtml/view/htmlview.c (html_view_real_move_cursor): Separate
	codes for cursor showing and cursor not showing.

2004-01-08  Padraig O'Briain  <>

	* libgtkhtml/view/htmlview.c (add_text): Correct getting of text
	from HtmlBoxText.
	(html_view_draw_cursor): Correct cursor position for HtmlBoxText with
	box's coordinates are set. Fixes bug #130883.

2004-01-08  Padraig O'Briain  <>

	* libgtkhtml/view/htmlview.c (html_view_draw_cursor): Draw cursor
	in correct position. Fixes bug #130881.

2004-01-08  Padraig O'Briain  <>

	* libgtkhtml/layout/htmlboxtext.c (html_box_text_finalize): 
	Delete call to remove weak pointer for dom_node as it is now done
	in html_box_finalize. Fixes bug #130867.

2004-01-08  Padraig O'Briain  <>

	* libgtkhtml/layout/htmlbox.c (html_box_finalize): Remove weak pointer
	for dom_node. Fixes bug #130789.

2004-01-08  Padraig O'Briain  <>

	This is part of the fix for bug #123008. It uses F7 to toggle whether
	cursor should be visible. It adds support for Left, Right, Ctrl+Left
	and Ctrl+Right keybindings to navigate or select the text in a 
	HtmlView when cursor is vissible; the text is selected by also using 
	the Shift key. If cursor is moved to a focusable object that object 
	receives focus.

	* libgtkhtml/view/htmlselection.[ch]:
	(html_selection_get_text): Add casts to fix compiler warnings.
	(set_traversal): Add casts to fix compiler warnings.
	Update *len variable after setting selection for 
	(html_selection_extend): New function to extend the current selection.

	* libgtkhtml/view/htmlview.c:
	Add include for htmlselection.h for html_selection_extend.
	(html_view_get_box_text_for_offset): New function which returns
	the HtmlBoxText which contains the specified character offset.
	(html_view_get_offset_for_box_text): New function which returns
	the offset for the start of a specified HtmlBoxText.
	(html_view_get_cursor_position): New function which returns the 
	cursor position. If text is selected it uses the end of the selection.
	(html_view_set_cursor_position): New function which sets the cursor
	(html_view_get_selection_bound): New function which returns the 
	selection bound. If text is selected it used the start of the 
	(html_view_set_selection_bound): New function which sets the selection
	(html_view_get_cursor_visible): New function which returns whether the 
	cursor should be visible when blinking.
	(html_view_set_cursor_visible): New function which sets whether the
	cursor should be visible when blinking.
	(html_view_get_blink_timeout): New function which gets the blink 
	timeout handler id.
	(html_view_set_blink_timeout): New function which sets the blink 
	timeout handler id.
	(html_view_get_button): New function which gets the mouse button 
	which is pressed.
	(html_view_set_button): New function which sets the mouse button 
	which is pressed.
	(html_view_get_layout): New function which gets the PangoLayout for
	the HtmlView which is used to navigate the text.
	(html_view_get_layout_text): New function which gets the txet in the
	PangoLayout for the HtmlView.
	(html_view_set_layout): New function which sets the PangoLayout for
	the HtmlView.
	(html_view_setup_layout): New function which sets the text in the
	PangoLayout for the HtmlView.
	(html_view_toggle_cursor): New function used to toggle whether the
	cursor should be shown.
	(html_view_draw_insertion_cursor): New function to draw the cursor.
	It is based on _gtk_draw_insertion_cursor() from gtkstyle.c.
	(html_view_draw_cursor): New function whether determines whether the
	cursor should be drawn. If so, it determines it should be drawn and
	calls html_view_draw_insertion_cursor.
	(html_view_check_cursor_blink): New function which checks whether
	a cursor should be drawn and calls a timeout handler to blink the
	cursor or remove a timeout handler if one exists.
	(html_view_pend_cursor_blink): New function which determines whether
	cursor should blink and calls a timeout handler to blink the cursor.
	(html_view_move_visually): New function which moves a character
	offset visually.
	(html_view_move_backward_word): New function which moves a character 
	offset to the start of a word.
	(html_view_move_forward_word): New function which moves a character 
	offset to the end of a word.
	(html_view_paint): Add code to draw the cursor if it should be drawn.
	(html_view_insert_node): Remove PangoLayout if root node is being set.
	Set cursor position and selection bound to 0.
	(html_view_text_updated): Fix compiler warning.
	(html_view_disconnect_document): Fix compiler warnings.
	(html_view_motion_notify): Check that correct mouse button is pressed.
	All call to html_view_check_cursor_blink
	(html_view_button_press): Store the mouse button which is pressed.
	(html_view_button_release): Check that correct mouse button is pressed.
	Unset the stored mouse button.
	(html_view_focus_in): Add call to html_view_check_cursor_blink.
	(html_view_focus_out): Add call to html_view_check_cursor_blink.
	(html_view_key_press): New function which calls 
	html_view_pend_cursor_blink abd chains up.
	(html_view_finalize): Destroy the PangoLayout.
	(html_real_move_cursor): Add code to support GtkMovementTypes
	cursor. Add support for selection using the keyboard.
	Update focus element if cursor is moved to a focusable object.
	(html_view_add_move_key_binding): Add support for selection extension.
	(html_view_class_init): Add signal "toggle-cursor" which no
	default signal handler.
	Add keybindings for Ctrl+Left and Ctrl+Right for word movement.
	Bind toggle-cursor to F7.
	(html_view_init): Add signal handler for toggle-cursor.

2004-01-06  Padraig O'Briain  <>

	* libgtkhtml/layout/htmlboxblock.c: (html_box_block_handle_float):
	Do not crash if float:center is specified.

	* libgtkhtml/layout/htmlboxroot.c: (html_box_root_add_float):
	Do not crash if float:center is specified.

	This fixes bug #129486.

2003-12-14  Padraig O'Briain  <>

	* libgtkhtml/a11y/htmlboxaccessible.c (html_box_text_accessible_new):
	If object is a HtmlBoxText return accessible for its containing 
	HtmlBoxBlockAccessible. The function may be called when a HtmlBoxText's
	selection has changed and we want to report the selection as changed 
	on the accessible object we expose.
	(html_box_accessible_initialize): Remove g_assert call.

	* libgtkhtml/a11y/htmlboxblocktextaccessible.c 
	(html_box_block_text_get_selection): Correct for 

	* libgtkhtml/layout/htmlboxtext.c: (html_box_text_get_accessible):
	New function to get the accessible object corresponding to HtmlBoxText.
	(html_box_text_set_selection): If selection changes emit AtkText signal
	text-selection-changed on accessible object.

	This fixes bug #125309.
2003-12-04  Padraig O'Briain  <>

        * Release 2.5.1

        * bumped to 2.5.1

        * NEWS: Updated for 2.5.1

2003-11-28  Padraig O'Briain  <>

	* libgtkhtml/view/htmlview.c (html_view_disconnect_document): Only
	disconnect the signal handlers for the current HtmlView.
	(html_view_destroy): Call html_view_disconnect_document() for view's
	document. Destroy view's node table. Fixes bug #127946.

2003-11-20  Padraig O'Briain  <>

        * Release 2.5.0

        * bumped to 2.5.0

        * NEWS: Updated for 2.5.0

2003-11-19  Padraig O'Briain  <>

	* libgtkhtml/view/htmlview.c:
	Add new functions set_moving_out and is_moving_out.
	(html_view_real_move_focus_out): Correct implementation.
	Fixes bug #90281.

2003-11-06  Padraig O'Briain  <>

	* libgtkhtml/a11y/htmlboxaccessible.c 
	(html_box_accessible_get_view_widget): If box does not have view data 
	set, look on box's parent. Fixes bug #126294.

2003-10-28  Padraig O'Briain  <>

	* libgtkhtml/css/html.css.h: Set 2px for focus.

	* libgtkhtml/view/htmlview.c
	(html_view_update_box_style_size): Set HtmlStyle's outline width to 
	2 * focus-width
	Call html_box_set_unrelayouted_up to ensure that boxes are relaid
	out when font size changes.

	This fixes bugs #125290 and #125301.

2003-10-21  Padraig O'Briain  <>

	* libgtkhtml/layout/htmlboxtext.c (html_box_text_recalc_items): Get
	language from locale instead of hardcoding it. Patch from Fix for bug #124650.

2003-10-10  Padraig O'Briain  <>

	* libgtkhtml/a11y/htmlviewaccessible.c:
	Remove html_view_size_allocate as "size-allocate" signal does not
	reliably indicate when html document has changed.
	(html_view_accessible_ref_accessible_child): Emit children_changed::add
	signal if root node has changed.

	* libgtkhtml/view/htmlview.c (html_view_relayout): Add code to 
	ensure that accessibility code is aware of when a new root node has 
	been added.

	This fixes bug #124199.

2003-10-10  Padraig O'Briain  <>

        * Release 2.4.1

        * bumped to 2.4.1

        * NEWS: Updated for 2.4.1

2003-10-07  Padraig O'Briain  <>

	* tests/dom-test-tree-model.c: 
	Add function dom_test_tree_model_get_column_type
	(dom_test_tree_model_get_value): Add test that iter->user_data 
	is non NULL before referencing it.
	(dom_test_tree_model_iter_nth_child): Add test that parent->user_data
	is non NULL before referencing it.
	(dom_test_tree_model_iter_next): Add test that iter->user_data 
	is non NULL before referencing it.

	* tests/dom-test-window.c: Use text and pixbuf cell renderer in column
	instead of trying to test attribute text on pixbug cell renderer.

	This fixes bug #121300.

2003-10-04  Padraig O'Briain  <>

	* libgtkhtml/a11y/htmlboxaccessible.[ch]:
	Add index field to HtmlBoxAccessible data structure.
	(html_box_accessible_initialize): Initialize index field to -1.
	(html_box_accessible_get_index_in_parent):  Return index value if 
	is not -1.

	* libgtkhtml/a11y/htmlboxblockaccessible.[ch]: Remove references
	to index field. It is now implemented in HtmlBoxAccessible.

	* libgtkhtml/a11y/htmlboxblocktextaccessible.c:
	(append_text): Stop appending text if HtmlBoxTable is encountered.
	(html_box_block_text_accessible): Report accessibles for HtmlBoxTable
	as children.
	(html_box_block_text_accessible): Count accessibles for HtmlBoxTable
	as children.

	* libgtkhtml/a11y/htmlboxtableaccesible.c:
	(html_box_table_accessible_ref_child): Check that accessible created 
	for empty cell is a HtmlBoxAccessible instead of a

	* libgtkhtml/a11y/htmlboxtableaccessible.h: Derive 
	HtmlBoxTableAccessible from HtmlBoxAccessible instead of 

2003-10-03  Padraig O'Briain  <>

	* libgtkhtml2/css/cssparser.c (css_parser_parse_string): Correct
	start_pos value in call to css_parser_parse_escape.
	Add support for UTF-8 characters.

	This fixes bug #123721.

	* libgtkhtml/dom/core/dom-node.c (dom_Node_invokeListener):
	Use g_get_current_time instead of gettimeofday. (bug #123704)

2003-09-29  Padraig O'Briain  <>

	* libgtkhtml/a11y/htmlboxblockaccessible.[ch]:
	Add index field to HtmlBoxBlockAccessible data structure.
	(html_box_block_accessible_new): Initialize index field to -1;
	(html_box_block_get_index_in_parent): new function returns index
	value if not -1.
	* libgtkhtml/a11y/htmlboxtableaccessible.c
	(html_box_table_accessible_ref_child): Set index value in 
	HtmlBoxBlockAccessible data structure when creating child for
	cell which is not displayed.

	This fixes bug #123450.

	* libgtkhml/a11y/htmlviewaccessible.c: Add define of DUMP_BOXES to make
	it easier to compile code which dump debug info about boxes.

	* libgtkhtml/graphisc/htmlimagefactory.c (html_image_factory_get_image):
	Add weak pointer for stream's user_data.

	* libgtkhtml/util/htmlstream.c (Html_stream_new): Remove adding of
	weak pointer for user_data as user_data may not always be a Gobject.

	This addresses remaining issue for bug #82962.

2003-09-19  Sven Neumann  <>

	* libgtkhtml/document/htmlparser.c (html_parser_stream_write)
	* libgtkhtml/graphics/htmlimagefactory.c (write_pixbuf): check if
	the user_data pointer in HtmlStream callbacks is not NULL before
	dereferencing it. It is created as a weak pointer in
	html_stream_new() and might have been nullified (see bug #82962).

2003-09-10  Padraig O'Briain  <>

	* libgtkhtml/css/cssmatcher.c (css_matcher_apply_rule): Do not
	dump core for text-align: bottom.

	* libgtkhtml/css/cssparser.c (css_parser_parse_term): Allow text 
	inside brackets to be just a string.

	This fixes bug #121434.

	* libgtkhtml/view/htmlview.c (html_view_style_updated): Add check 
	that DomNode is not NULL.

	This fixes bug #121301.
2003-09-02  Padraig O'Briain  <>

        * Release 2.4.0

        * bumped to 2.4.0

        * NEWS: Updated for 2.4.0

2003-08-25  Padraig O'Briain  <>

        * Release 2.3.6

        * bumped to 2.3.6

        * NEWS: Updated for 2.3.6

2003-08-13  Padraig O'Briain  <>

	* libgtkhtml/document/htmldocument.c (htmL_document_clear): Fix 
	typo in previous fix. (bug #119767)

2003-08-12  Padraig O'Briain  <>

	* libgtkhtml/document/htmldocument.c (htmL_document_clear): Check
	when document ref count is greater than zero, i.e. html_document_clear 
	is not being called from html_document_finalize before emitting
	node-removed signals.

	This fixes bug #119496.

2003-07-09  Padraig O'Briain  <>

        * Release 2.3.5

        * bumped to 2.3.5

        * NEWS: Updated for 2.3.5

2003-07-02  Padraig O'Briain  <>

        * Release 2.3.4

        * bumped to 2.3.4

        * NEWS: Updated for 2.3.4

2003-07-01  Padraig O'Briain  <>

	* libgthtml/a11y/htmlboxblocklinkaccessible.c 
	(html_box_block_link_accessible_get_link): Store HtmlView on box_link.
	This fixes bug #116105.

	* libgtkhtml/layout/htmlboxlistitem.c: Add include of strings.h to
	silence compiler warnings.

	The attempt to commit on June 27th did not work.

2003-06-30  Richard Hult  <>

	* libgtkhtml/css/cssmatcher.c (css_parse_color): Copy refcount.

	* libgtkhtml/graphics/htmlcolor.c (html_color_new_from_name):
	Initialize refcount to 1.

	Fixes bug #116177.
2003-06-27  Padraig O'Briain  <>

	* libgthtml/a11y/htmlboxblocklinkaccessible.c 
	(html_box_block_link_accessible_get_link): Store HtmlView on box_link.
	This fixes bug #116105.

	* libgtkhtml/layout/htmlboxlistitem.c: Add include of strings.h to
	silence compiler warnings.

2003-06-12  Padraig O'Briain  <>

	* libgtkhtml/css/html.css.h: Use special color of linkblue to
	allow the color of links to be changed when theme changes.

	* libgtkhtml/graphics/htmlcolor.c:
	Add definition  of color linkblue.
	(html_color_dup): Return reference to standard linkblue color if
	called for that color.
	(html_color_new_from_name): Add support for linkblue.

	* libgtkhtml/graphics/htmlcolor.[ch]:
	(html_color_set_linkblue): New function to update linkblue color
	if theme changes.

	* libgtkhtml/layout/htmlstyle.c (html_style_get_gtk_text_color):
	Update linkblue color when theme changes.

	This completes fix for bug #95190.

2003-06-11  Padraig O'Briain  <>

	* libgtkhtml/graphics/htmlimage.c (html_image_finalize): Disconnect
	signal handler. This fixes bug #114341.

2003-06-10  Rodney Dawes  <>

	* libgtkhtml/layout/html/htmlboxembeddedselect.c:
	(create_treeview_widget): Set the shadow type for the treeview's
	scrolled window to GTK_SHADOW_IN (bug #114705)
	* libgtkhtml/layout/html/htmlboxembeddedtextarea.c:
	(html_box_embedded_textarea_new): Set embedded->widget to be a
	GtkScrolledWindow of GTK_SHADOW_IN
	Create the textview here and put it in the GtkScrolledWindow, fix
	the code to use this new widget instead of embedded->widget
	This fixes bug #114713
2003-06-09  Rodney Dawes  <>

	* libgtkhtml/layout/html/htmlboxembeddedselect.c:
	Set the default values in lists for html forms (bug #114703)
2003-05-30  Padraig O'Briain  <>

	* Release 2.3.3

	* bumped to 2.3.3

	* NEWS: Updated for 2.3.3

2003-05-28  Padraig O'Briain  <>

	* libgtkhtml/util/htmlatomlist.c (html_atom_list_get_atom): Correct
	error exposed on 64 bit. (Fix provided by

2003-05-15  Padraig O'Briain  <>

	* Release 2.3.2

	* bumped to 2.3.2

	* NEWS: Updated for 2.3.2

2003-05-07  Padraig O'Briain  <>

	* libgtkhtml/document/htmldocument.c (html_document_clear): Emit
	node-removed signal for nodes being deleted. This causes the layout
	structure to be deleted and fixes crasher bug when mouse is moved 
	while getting new html page. This fixes bug #112302.

	* libgtkhtml/view/htmlview.c (html_view-relayout): Add check for 
	view->document->dom_document being NULL to avoid warning messages.

2003-05-06  Padraig O'Briain  <>

	* libgtkhtml/layout/htmlbox.c (html_box_containing_block): Remove
	#if 1. This fixes bug #112351. Problem reported by Ali Akcaagac.

2003-05-01  Padraig O'Briain  <>

	* Release 2.3.1

	* bumped to 2.3.1

	* NEWS: Updated for 2.3.1

2003-04-17  Padraig O'Briain  <>

	* libgtkhtml/layout/htmlboxtext.c (html_box_text_finalize):
	Remove weak pointer for box->dom_node for slave HtmlBoxText if
	DomNode has not been destroyed. Fixes bug #110012.
2003-04-14  Padraig O'Briain  <>

	* libgtkhtml/layout/htmlboxtext.c (html_box_text_relayout):
	Add weak pointer so that box->node becomes NULL when DomNode is 

	* libgtkhtml/view/htmlselection.c (repaint_sel): Check whether
	box's node is non NULL before repainting.

	Fixes bug #110710.

2003-04-11  Padraig O'Briain  <>

	* libgtkhtml/css/html.css.h: Add entry for NOBR. This causes <nobr>
	tag to be handled correctly. Fixes bug #110265.

	Patch supplied by

2003-04-09  Padraig O'Briain  <>

	* libgtkhtml/a11y/htmlboxblocklinkaccessible.c
	(html_box_block_link_accessible_finalize): Free data structure
	allocated in html_box_block_link_accessible_real_initialize.

	* libgtkhtml/a11y/htmlboxtableaccessible.[ch]:
	Add pointer to HtmlBoxTableAccessiblePrivate to HtmlBoxTableAccessible
	data structure.
	Use this data structure to store accessible objects for empty cells
	(html_box_table_accessible_real_initialize): Allocate 
	HtmlBoxTableAccessiblePrivate data structure.
	(html_box_table_accessible_finalize): Free HtmlBoxTableAccessiblePrivate
	data structure and its contents.
	(html_box_table_accessible_ref_child): Return accessible object even
	if the corresponding cell in HtmlBoxTable is empty.
	(find_cell): New function which returns the accessible object for
	an empty index.

	Fixes bug #110247.

	* libgtkhtml/a11y/htmlviewaccessible.c:
	(debug_dump_boxes); Print indent value.
	(html_view_accessible_initialize): Call set_root_object() for 
	HtmlViewAccessible. Connect to "size-allocate" signal where we can check
	whether root node of HtmlView has changed.
	(root_node_destroyed): New function which is called when root node
	is destroyed. It emits children_chnaged::remove signal on 
	(set_root_object): Store root node of HtmlView in HtmlViewAccessible.
	Specify that root_object_destroyed() should be called when root node
	is destroyed.
	(html_view_accessible_size_allocate): Check whether new root node has
	been added to HtmlView. Emit children_changed::add signal if so.

	Fixes bug #110267.

2003-04-07  Padraig O'Briain  <>

	* libgtkhtml/a11y/htmlboxblocklinkaccessible.c: Ensure that number
	of links is counted correctly. This fixes bug #109946.

	* libgtkhtml/view/htmlselection.[ch]: Make html_selection_get_text
	public. This fixes bug #98381.

2003-03-20  Padraig O'Briain  <>

	* Release 2.3.0

	* bumped to 2.3.0

	* NEWS: Updated for 2.3.0

2003-03-19  Padraig O'Briain  <>

	* libgtkhtml/css/cssparser.c (css_parser_parse_string): Use g_warning()
	instead of g_error() when unexpected character is encountered.

	This fixes crash reported in bug #107910.

2003-02-14  Padraig O'Briain  <>

	* libgtkhtml/view/htmlview.c libgtlhtml/a11y/htmllinkaccessible.c
	tests/browser-window.c tests/simple.c: Replace use of gtk_timeout_* 
	and gtk_idle_* by their non-deprecated GLib counterparts.

2003-02-13  Padraig O'Briain  <>

	* libgtkhtml/view/htmlview.c: Remove reference to 

2003-02-13  Padraig O'Briain  <>

	These changes rework how accessible text is presented. See bug #98324.
	* libgtkhtml/a11y/ 
	Add files htmlboxblocktextaccessible.[ch] 
	Remove files htmlboxtextaccessible.[ch].

	* libgtkhtml/a11y/htmlboxblockaccessible.c
	(html_box_block_accessible_new): Create HtmlBoxBlockTextAccessible
	if HtmlBlock contains  text, i.e. a HtmlBoxText or HtmlBoxInLine which 
	contains a HtmlBoxText. 
	Create a HtmlBoxBlockLinkAccessible if HtmlBoxBlock contains text and

	* libgtkhtml/a11y/htmlboxblocktextaccessible.[ch]: New file which
	implements HtmlBoxBlockTextAccessible, the accessible object for a
	HtmlBoxBlock which contains text.

	* libgtkhtml/a11y/htmlboxblocklinkaccessible.[ch]: New file which
	implements HtmlBoxBlockLinkAccessible, the accessible object for a
	HtmlBoxBlock which contains text and links.

	* libgtkhtml/a11y/htmllinkaccessible.[ch]:
	Add box to store HtmlBoxInLine containing link and index to store
	index of text for link in HtmlBoxBlockTextAccessible.
	Update implement to take account of this.

	* libgtkhtml/a11y/htmlviewaccessible.c:
	(debug_dump_boxes): Debug function to print out layout structure
	(html_view_accessible_get_focus_object): Add extra paraemter which 
	returns the link index of the focus element in the focus object.

	* libgtkhtml/view/htmlview.c (html_view_get_accessible):
	Remove reference to HtmlBoxTextAccessible.

2003-02-04  Padraig O'Briain  <>

	* libgtkhtml/htmlstyle.c (html_style_get_gtk_style): Add reference
	to style so it can be safely unreffed later. Problem and patch
	supplied by Richard Hult (bug #104946)

2003-01-27  Padraig O'Briain  <>

	* Change GTK dependency to 2.0.0

2003-01-20  Padraig O'Briain  <>

	* Release 2.2.0

	* bumped to 2.2.0

	* NEWS: Updated for 2.2.0,

2003-01-08  Padraig O'Briain  <>

	* libgtkhtml/htmlview.c
	(html_view_realize): Store the font size so we can adjust size in 
	HtmlFontSpecification if the size changes.
	(html_view_update_box_style_size): New function which traverses all the
	HtmlBox structures and updates size field of its style's 
	htmlFontSpecification, if it has not been updated already.
	(html_view_style_set): Make function static.
	Add check whether font size has changed and if it has, call
	html_view_update_box_style_size() on the view root.
	* libgtkhtml/layout/htmlstyle.c (html_default_style_new): Unref
	HtmlColor used to set color in default style to avoid leaking it. 

2003-01-07  Padraig O'Briain  <>

	* libgtkhtml/css/parser.c (css_parser_parse_string): Update changes 
	made for bug #84480 to avoid regression displaying
	(bug #102742)

	Problem reported by Ali Akcaagac.

	* libgtkhtml/document/parser.c: (html_parser_new): Remove call to
	htmlHandleOmittedElem(). (bug #102008)

	* libgtkhtml/layout/htmlboxblock.c 
	(html_box_block_create_inline_lines): Apply alternative fix for 
	bug #98577.

	* libgtkhtml/layout/htmlboxtablerow.c 
	(html_box_table_row_update_spaninfo): Avoid warning about casting
	HtmlBoxForm to HtmlBoxTableRow.

	* libgtkhtml/layout/htmllinbebox.c (html_line_box_add_inlines):
	Remove previous fix for bug #98577 as it causes a regression.

	Problem reported by Ali Akcaagac.

	* libgtkhtml/layout/html/htmlboxembeddedentry.c 
	(html_box_embedded_entry_finalize): Check box->dom_node still exists
	before disconnecting signal handlers.

	* libgtkhtml/layout/html/htmlboxembeddedradio.c 
	(html_box_embedded_radio_finalize): Check box->dom_node still exists
	before disconnecting signal handlers.

2002-01-07  Naba Kumar  <>

	* Added hi (hindi) in ALL_LINGUAS

2003-01-06  Padraig O'Briain  <>

	* Release 2.1.8

	* bumped to 2.1.8

	* NEWS: Updated for 2.1.8,

2003-01-06  Padraig O'Briain  <>

	* README: Refer to HACKING file

	* libgtkhtml/layout/htmlboxroot.c (html_box_root_get_boundaries): Do
	not update boxwidth if child of HtmlBoxRoot is not a HtmlBoxBlock.

	This fixes bug #86657.

	* libgtkhtml/layout/htmllinebox.c (html_line_box_add_inlines):
	Increment box if box is not being displayed.

	This fixes bug # 98577.

2002-12-23  Padraig O'Briain  <>

	* Release 2.1.7

	* bumped to 2.1.7

2002-12-23  Biswapesh Chattopadhyay <>
	* libgtkhtml/layout/html/htmlboxembeddedselect.c: GCC ompile fix.

2002-12-18  Padraig O'Briain  <>

	* Release 2.1.6

	* bumped to 2.1.6

2002-12-18  Padraig O'Briain  <>

	* libgtkhtml/layout/html/htmlboxembeddedselect.c
	(html_box_embedded-slect_finalize): Check that box's dom_node still
	exists before referring to it.

	* libgtkhtml/layout/html/htmlboximage.c
	(html_box_image_update_scaled_pixbuf): Add reference to 
	image->scaled_pixbuf no matter how it is created.
	(html_box_image_finalize): Unreference scaled_pixbuf.

	This fixes a crasher bug reported by Frederic Crozat

2002-12-16  Padraig O'Briain  <>

	* Release 2.1.5

	* bumped to 2.1.5

2002-12-16  Padraig O'Briain  <>

	* libgtkhtml/graphics/htmlimagefactory.c (close_pixbuf): Check whether
	the HtmlStream still has an image. The image may have been destroyed 
	before the HtmlStream is closed.

	* libgtkhtml/util/htmlstream.c (html_stream_new): Add weak pointer
	to user_data so that it is set to NULL if user_data is destroyed.

	This fixes bug #82962.

	* tests/browser-window.c (free_stream_data): Add object reference in
	htmlStream cancel function before calling html_stream_close() as both
	html_stream_cancel() and html_stream_close() remove object reference.

	* libgtkhtml/view/htmlview.c
	(html_view_paint): Add check that the HtmlView's root's dom_node is 
	(html_view_insert_node): Add call to g_object_add_weak_pointer() to
	set box's dom_node to NULL where it is deleted.

	This fixes bug #101113.
2002-12-12  Padraig O'Briain  <>

	* libgtkhtml/css/cssparser.c (css_parser_parse_string): Add
	support for escaping. This fixes bug #84480.

	* libgtkhtml/dom/html/dom-htmlselectelement.c: Make parent_class

	* libgtkhtml/view/htmlview.c (html_view_insert_node): If a HtmlBox 
	does not have a parent and is not a HtmlBoxRoot make it a child of 
	root. This fixes bug #82503.
	* tests/simple.c: Remove a document from a HtmlView before calling
	html_document_clear(). This fixes bug #100941.

2002-12-09  Padraig O'Briain  <>

	* libgtkhtml/layout/htmlstyle.c:
	Ensure that GtkStyle returned by html_style_get_gtk_style() is not 
	leaked. Use same GtkStyle for font_spec and color.

	This fixes bug # 95931.

	* libgtkhtml/document/htmldocument.c 
	(html_document_finalize): Call to html_document_clear() before 
	calling g_object_unref() on document->parser. This prevents 
	references to memory which has been freed.
	(html_document_clear): Remove signal handlers before removing nodes 
	from DOM. This fixes bugs #79782 and #87567.

	* libgtkhtml/graphics/htmlcolor.c (html_color_new_from_name):
	Finish when color found. This prevents a small number of CPU cycles 
	being wasted.

	* libgtkhtml/layout/htmlstyleborder.c
	* libgtkhtml/layout/htmlstylebox.c
	* libgtkhtml/layout/htmlstylesurround.c
	Remove redundant tests for variable being NULL.

2002-12-07  Padraig O'Briain  <>

	* Release 2.1.4

	* bumped to 2.1.4

2002-12-04  Padraig O'Briain  <>

	* libgtkhtml/css/cssdebug.c libgtkhtml/css/cssdebug.h
	libgtkhtml/css/cssmatcher.c libgtkhtml/css/cssmatcher.h
	libgtkhtml/css/cssparser.c libgtkhtml/css/cssparser.h
	libgtkhtml/css/cssstylesheet.c libgtkhtml/css/cssstylesheet.h
	libgtkhtml/css/cssvalue.c libgtkhtml/css/cssvalue.h
	libgtkhtml/css/html.css.h libgtkhtml/css/test-css-parser.c
	libgtkhtml/dom/dom-types.h libgtkhtml/dom/dom.h
	libgtkhtml/dom/core/dom-attr.c libgtkhtml/dom/core/dom-attr.h
	libgtkhtml/dom/core/dom-core.c libgtkhtml/dom/core/dom-core.h
	libgtkhtml/dom/core/dom-node.c libgtkhtml/dom/core/dom-node.h
	libgtkhtml/dom/core/dom-text.h libgtkhtml/dom/core/test-core.c
	libgtkhtml/layout/htmlbox.h libgtkhtml/layout/htmlboxblock.h
	libgtkhtml/layout/htmlstyle.c libgtkhtml/layout/htmlstyle.h
	libgtkhtml/util/htmlstreambuffer.h libgtkhtml/util/rfc1738.c
	libgtkhtml/util/rfc1738.h libgtkhtml/util/test-atoms.c
	libgtkhtml/view/htmlselection.c tests/dom-test-node-menu.c
	tests/dom-test-node-menu.h tests/dom-test-pixmaps.h
	tests/dom-test-tree-model.c tests/dom-test-tree-model.h
	tests/dom-test-window.c tests/dom-test-window.h
	tests/dom-test.c tests/simple.c: Add Copyright headers

	* libgtkhtml/view/htmlselection.c (html_selection_get_text):
	Add check whether HtmlBoxText contains any text.

	This fixes bug #94575.

2002-12-03  Padraig O'Briain  <>

	* libgtkhtml/document/htmldocument.c 
	(html_document_parsed_document_node): Create DomEventListener only if
	it does not already exist. Store the listener in object data.
	(html_document_clear): Remove DomEventListener if it exists

	* dom/core/dom-node.c (dom_Node_removeEventListener): Fix code.

	This fixes bug #79783.

2002-11-27  Padraig O'Briain  <>

	* libgtkhtml/document/htmldocument.c (html_document_clear):
	Call xmlFreeNode() to free memory allocated to parsed document

	* libgtkhtml/document/htmlparser.c (html_parser_finalize):
	Call xmlFreeDoc() when freeing parser context

	This fixes the DOM leaks when displaying html pages in yelp 
	(bug #73631)

	* libgtkhtml/dom/core/dom-node.c (dom_node_finalize): Remove call to
	xmlFreeNode as its argument is always NULL.

2002-11-22  Padraig O'Briain  <>

	* Release 2.1.3

	* bumped to 2.1.3

2002-11-21  Padraig O'Briain  <>

	* libgtkhtml/layout/htmlstyle.c
	(html_style_notify_settings): New signal handler for notify
	signal for GtkSettings; used to find when gtk-theme has changed
	and update the default color.
	(html_style_new): Connect signal handler for notify signal on

	(html_view_style_set): New signal handler for style-set signal
	which sets bg color to base color
	(html_view_new): Connect signal handler for style-set signal for

	This addresses part of bug #95190.

	* libgtkhtml/css/cssmatcher.c (css_matcher_apply_rule):
	Avoid defererence of potentially NULL parent_style.
	(Fixes bug #94415, patch from

2002-11-13  Padraig O'Briain  <>

	*libgtkhtml/a11y/htmlboxaccessible.c (html_box_accessible_get_parent):
	use atk_object_set_parent() when setting parent. Fixes bug #98388)

2002-11-01  Mikael Hallendal  <>

	* Release 2.1.2

	* bumped to 2.1.2

2002-10-28  Richard Hult  <>

	* libgtkhtml/view/htmlselection.c (set_traversal): Fix bug where
	selection the last character on a line would select the first on
	the line below as well.

2002-10-21  Mikael Hallendal  <>

	* Release 2.1.1

	* bumped to 2.1.1

2002-10-21  Richard Hult  <>

	* libgtkhtml/layout/htmlboxtext.c (html_box_text_new): Initialize

2002-10-19  Richard Hult  <>

        * libgtkhtml/graphics/htmlfontspecification.c
	(html_font_specification_get_pango_font_description): Map between
	html and pango name for mono-spaced font.

2002-10-11  Padraig O'Briain  <>

	* libgtkhtml2/a11y/htmlboxembeddedaccessible
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