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2008-05-01 László Németh <nemeth at OOo>:
        * hyphen.c, hyphen.h: compound word hyphenation support by recursive
          pattern matching based on two hyphenation pattern sets, see
          README.compound. Especially useful for languages with arbitrary
          number of compounds (Danish, Dutch, Finnish, German, Hungarian,
          Icelandic, Norwegian, Swedish etc.).
        - dictionary options for compound word hyphenation:
          COMPOUNDLEFTHYPHENMIN: minimal hyphenation distance from the
          left compound word boundary
          COMPOUNDRIGHTHYPHENMIN: minimal hyphenation distance from the right
          compound word boundary
        * README.compound: documentation
        * tests/compound.*: test data for compound word hyphenation and

        * tests/
        - add Valgrind debugger support, usage:
          make check
          VALGRIND=memcheck make check
        - fix false return when an error occurred
        - fix make distcheck target

        * tests/*.pat, using static pattern files processed by
 instead of run-time processed patterns.

        * hyphen.c: add default hyphenmin support to the dictionaries:
          LEFTHYPHENMIN: minimal hyphenation distance from the left
          end of the word
          RIGHTHYPHENMIN: minimal hyphenation distance from the right
          end of the word.
          Problems with the LEFTHYPHENMIN and RIGHTHYPHENMIN and a 
          possible solution reported by Joan Montané in Bug ID 1777894.
        * tests/settings*.*: test data of LEFTHYPHENMIN and 
          RIGHTHYPHENMIN. First test (settings.*) is based on the test data
          of Joan Montané ( Bug ID 1777894).

        * example.c: changed options:
        - old -d (non-standard hyph.) mode is the default now
        - -dd (listing possible hyphenations) -> -d
        - -o : old (without non-standard hyphenation support) mode

        - remove unused csutil from the shared library (-20 kB and
          solve a csutil conflict with Hunspell reported by
          Rene Engerhald in Bug 1939988).

        * : add lefthyphenmin and righthyphemin options:
 infile outfile [encoding [lefthyphenmin [righthyphenmin]]]

        * hyph_en_US.dic, set right default values for
          American English, based on the original TeX settings and
          American English orthography:

        * README_hyph_en_US.dic: add README for en_US hyphenation patterns

        * tbhyphext.tex: TugBoat hyphenation exception log with
          thousand word fixes, source:
          processed by the script (see in the same folder).
        * conversion script for tbhyphext.pat.

2008-02-19 László Németh <nemeth at OOo>:
        * hyphen.c: fix unconditional jump in the obsolete
          hnj_hyphen_hyphenate() (it was already fixed in the
          preferred hnj_hyphen_hyphenate2()). Possible fix for the problem
          reported by Rene Engelhard in SourceForge Bug ID 1896207.

        * add missing $(srcdir)s for make dist

        * NEWS: add NEWS for autoreconf

2007-11-22 László Németh <nemeth at OOo>:
        * hyphen.c: fix a bad condition that introduced in the previous version.
          Problem reported by Joan Montané under SourceForge Bug ID 1772381.
        * rename the library to "hyphen".

        * hyphen.tex: use the last official version and its time stamp.

        * tests/*: add make check support
        * doc/tb87nemeth.pdf: TugBoat article about non-standard
          hyphenation and its implementation.

2007-11-12 Caolan McNamara <cmc at OO.o>:
        * autoconf/automake/libtoolize it
          Which as a side effect makes it fit into the existing
          --with-system-altlinuxhyph configure support in OOo to use a system
          pre-installed library for OOo hyphenation.

        * make a shared library from it

        * install the hyphen.h header

        * hyphen.patch: document by a make target how to go from the
          original hyphen.tex file to the interim to the final
          hyph_en_US.dic that OOo uses. (For example, converting
          \hyphenate section of hyphen.tex.)

2007-05-14 László Németh <nemeth at OOo>:
	* README: add information about conversion and HyFo
	Java hyphenation module.

	* README.hyphen: add the following references about hyphenation:
	Franklin M. Liang: Word Hy-phen-a-tion by Com-put-er.
	Stanford University, 1983.

	László Németh: Automatic non-standard hyphenation in,
	TUGboat (27), 2006. No. 2.,

	* README. nonstandard: add information about narrow subpatterns,
	and a problem reported by Peter B. West.

2006-11-27 László Németh <nemeth at OOo>:
        * restore previous version to fix rare non-standard hyphenation
          problems reported by Peter B. West, HyFo (Java XSLT formatter) developer

2006-08-03 László Németh <nemeth at OOo>:
        * hyphen.c: fix bad Unicode non-standard hyphenation (reset deleted
          break in UTF-8 length conversion code in hnj_hyphen_load())
        * tests/unicode*, Makefile: test for this fix
        * hyphen.c: fix bad hyphen duplication in hyphword output in hnj_hyphenate2()
        * example.c: fix empty input fault in single_hyphenations() 
          (unsigned return value of strlen() output couldn't be negative in the condition)
        * shorter version with Nanning Buitenhuis's fix.

2006-07-28 Nanning Buitenhuis <nanning at elvenkind dot com>:
        * substrings.c: faster C version of
        - It also fixed a minor bug in combine(): if a sub-pattern is found twice 
          (or more) in the main pattern, then all occurences were changed instead 
          of (the correct) last occurence. Only example in is 'tanta3'

2006-01-27 László Németh <nemeth at OOo>:
	* *.{c,h}: add non-standard hyphenation and Unicode support
        * README.discretionary: documentation
        - add tests/ (see make check)

2005-10-13 Daniel Naber <dnaber at OOo>:
	* example.c: fixed the call to hnj_hyphen_hyphenate() in example.c so that
	patterns ending in a dot should now work (Daniel Naber)

Libhnj was written by Raph Levien <>
Adapted to by Peter Novodvorsky <>
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