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INTRODUCTION: - Write Perl subroutines in other programming languages.

Inline lets you write Perl subroutines in other programming languages
like C, C++, Java, Python, Tcl and even Assembly. You don't need to
compile anything. All the details are handled transparently so you
can just run your Perl script like normal.


    use Inline::Files;
    use Inline C;
    print JAxH('Inline'), "\n";

    SV* JAxH(char* x) {
        return newSVpvf ("Just Another %s Hacker",x);

When run, this complete program prints:

    Just Another Inline Hacker

The one line version is:

    perl -le 'use Inline C=>q{SV*JAxH(char*x){return newSVpvf("Just Another %s Hacker",x);}};print JAxH+Inline'


Inline version 0.44 is a semi-major release:
+ This version is intended to be backwards compatible with 0.43.
+ Fixed many bugs reported since 0.43
+ Sped up parsing of C with 'USING => ParseRegExp'
+ Added BUILD_NOISY and BUILD_TIMERS options
+ Use File::Spec for all path operations. First step in porting to all
+ Always call ILSM->validate()
+ Allow C++ modules to be written with Inline
+ New improved Inline::MakeMaker

Inline version 0.43 is a minor release:

+ Added XSMODE for using Inline directly with XS
+ Now works with *all* Perl release versions over 5.005 (5.005_02, etc)
+ Removed old deprecated funstionality
+ Works on Mac OS X
+ Added support for ILSMs who don't want to invoke a build
+ Added script's working directory to the #include path for C
+ Tighter integration between Inline::C and Inline::CPP
+ Bug fixes reported on the mailing list.

Inline version 0.42 is a minor release:

+ Applied a couple patches. Python and Tcl now install properly.

Inline version 0.41 is a minor release:

+ Added the AUTOWRAP feature for C
  - Inline can now create wrappers from C function *declarations* alone.
+ Made Inline::MakeMaker work correctly in nested Makefile.PL trees.
+ Fixed bug preventing other Inline::* modules from installing in some cases.
+ Fixed platform dependent CRLF issues.

Inline version 0.40 is a major upgrade. It includes:
+ Inline::MakeMaker
  + Rock solid support for writing CPAN extension modules
+ Short file names.
  + No more _Inline/lib/auto/Foo_C_3cee729d1d942c6792ca5a741dc21879/
  + Now it's _Inline/lib/auto/Foo/
+ Support for creating binary distributions.
  + Can even do it without shipping C source code.
+ Support for Damian Conway's Inline::Files
  + No more __END__ markers.
+ Safe new config and caching format.
  + Similar to Data::Denter format
+ New Inline-FAQ.pod.

Inline version 0.34 fixes 2 minor bugs:

+ Makefile.PL got confused on $Config::Config{cc} with full pathnames or flags
+ Makefile.PL/Makefile dependency caused a problem in one rare case.

Inline version 0.33 is a minor upgrade with the following changes:

+ Support for Inline::Struct and Inline::Filters
+ Added ENABLE and DISABLE configuration modifiers.
+ C installation is optional
+ Test harness reworked. Faster testing.
+ Fixed all reported (and some unreported) bugs.
+ Documentation enhancements.

Inline version 0.32 is a minor upgrade with the following changes:

  configuration options.
+ Fixed all reported (and some unreported) bugs.
+ Documentation enhancements.

Inline version 0.31 is a minor upgrade with the following changes:

+ "use Inline C;" is now a synonym for "use Inline C => DATA;"
+ Default build/install directory changed from "blib_I/" to ".Inline/"
+ Build/Install directory structure simplified.
  + Short install paths.
  + Build areas in ".Inline/build/" subdirectory.
+ Added 'CC', 'CCFLAGS', 'LD', and 'LDFLAGS' config options to C.
+ More recipes in Cookbook.

Inline version 0.30 is a major upgrade from previous verions. It includes:

+ Integrated support for typemap files in C.
  + All the recognized types now come *only* from typemaps.
  + The default types come from the default typemap installed with core Perl.
  + Typemaps are used to modify the Parse::RecDescent grammar for parsing C.
  + This means you can easily use your existing typemaps.
+ Language support completely separated from base Inline code.
  + Beta supoort for C (Inline::C, included)
  + Alpha support for C++ (Inline::CPP, available separately)
  + Alpha support for Python (Inline::Python, available separately)
  + Support for 'embedding' Perl in C with my new programming language, CPR.
    (Inline::CPR, available separately) This one may warp your mind :^)
  + Simple API for adding your own language support.
    + Write your own Inline::Foo
    + Write your own implementation of Inline::C, or just modify
  + Support for interpreted languages in addition to compiled ones.
+ Autodetection of new Inline language modules.
+ Much easier and more powerful configuration syntax.
  + More XS and MakeMaker features exposed for configuration (for C and C++).
+ Flexible new syntax for specifying source code.
  + Use DATA section for AutoLoader, Inline, and POD simultaneously.
+ Support for using Inline 'with' other modules.
  + "use Inline with 'Event';" lets pass config info to
  + 0.80 has built in support for 0.30 and higher.
    + Write Event callbacks in C with extreme ease.
+ More documentation
  + perldoc Inline
  + perldoc Inline-FAQ
  + perldoc Inline-API
  + perldoc Inline::C
  + perldoc Inline::C-Cookbook
+ Better error messages and easier debugging.
+ Mailing list:

Other features of include:

= Automatically compiles your source code and caches the shared object.
= Automatically DynaLoads the shared object and binds it to Perl.
= Recompiles only when the C code changes.
= Changing the Perl code will not cause a recompile of the C code.
= Support for writing extension modules, suitable for distributing to the CPAN.
= Support for generating and binding Inline subs at run time. <bind()>
= Works on all Unix and MS Windows configurations.


This module requires the Digest::MD5 and Parse::RecDescent modules. It also
requires the appropriate C compiler. (Where appropriate means the one referred
to in your

To install Inline do this:

perl Makefile.PL
make test
make install

On ActivePerl for MSWin32, use nmake instead of make. Or just use:
    ppm install Inline

For convenience, Inline::C is packaged with Inline, and will be automatically
installed as well.


= For more information on Inline, see 'perldoc Inline' and 'perldoc Inline-FAQ'
= For information about Inline::, see 'perldoc Inline::C' and
  'perldoc Inline::C-Cookbook'
= For information on writing your own Inline extension see 'perldoc Inline-API'
= For information about the Perl5 internal C API, see 'perldoc perlapi' or
= The Fall 2000 edition of The Perl Journal has an article about Inline

The mailing list is Send email to to subscribe.

Please send questions and comments to "Brian Ingerson" <>

Copyright (c) 2000-2002. Brian Ingerson.
Copyright (c) 2008, 2010-2012. Sisyphus.
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