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2010-02-11	The InnoDB Team

	* api/api0api.c, include/api0api.h, innodb.h:
	Add a transaction handle argument to ib_table_drop() and ib_index_drop()
	This forces a change to the API version too.

2010-02-11	The InnoDB Team

	* api/api0api.c, tests/ib_dict.c:
	Add an api function to check whether a transaction currently holds
	a shared lock on the InnoDB data dictionary.

2010-02-11	The InnoDB Team

	* api/api0api.c, include/api0api.h, innodb.h, tests/ib_cfg.c:
	Add an api function (ib_cfg_get_all()) to retrieve all
	configuration variables.

2010-02-11	The InnoDB Team

	* include/mem0mem.h, include/mem0mem.ic, mem/mem0mem.c:
	Fix Bug#49535 Available memory check slows down crash recovery tens
	of times

2010-02-10	The InnoDB Team

	* api/api0api.c:
	Normalize the table name arg specified by the client. On Windows we
	convert the name to lower case (currently using tolower()).

2010-02-09	The InnoDB Team

	*,, m4/acx_pthread.m4, tests/
	Add a m4 macro to test for POSIX threads library.

2010-02-09	The InnoDB Team

	* buf/buf0buf.c:
	Fix Bug#38901 InnoDB logs error repeatedly when trying to load page
	into buffer pool

2010-02-09	The InnoDB Team

	* srv/srv0srv.c:
	Let the master thread sleep if the amount of work to be done is
	calibrated as taking less than a second.

2010-02-04	The InnoDB Team

	* api/api0api.c:
	Check for reserved characters in DOS/Windows when validating

2010-02-04	The InnoDB Team

	* api/api0api.c, api/api0api.h:
	Add IB_DECIMAL column type.

2010-02-04	The InnoDB Team

	* btr/btr0btr.c, btr/btr0cur.c, btr/btr0pcur.c, buf/buf0buf.c,
	include/btr0btr.h, include/btr0cur.h, include/btr0pcur.h,
	include/btr0pcur.ic, include/buf0buf.h, row/row0ins.c, row/row0sel.c:
	Pass the file name and line number of the caller of the b-tree cursor
	functions to the buffer pool requests, in order to make the latch
	diagnostics more accurate.

2010-02-03	The InnoDB Team

	* lock/lock0lock.c:
	Fix Bug#49001 SHOW INNODB STATUS deadlock info incorrect when deadlock
	detection aborts

2010-02-03	The InnoDB Team

	* buf/buf0lru.c:
	compressed tables

2010-01-27	The InnoDB Team

	* ddl/ddl0ddl.c, include/ddl0ddl.h, log/log0recv.c:
	Drop temporary tables at startup.
	This addresses the third aspect of
	Bug#41609 Crash recovery does not work for InnoDB temporary tables.

2010-01-21	The InnoDB Team

	* buf/buf0buf.c:
	Do not merge buffered inserts to compressed pages before the redo log
	has been applied in crash recovery.

2010-01-21	The InnoDB Team

	* api/api0api.c, row/row0sel.c:
	Fix the case where the search match mode is IB_EXACT_MATCH.

2010-01-13	The InnoDB Team

	* row/row0sel.c:
	On the READ UNCOMMITTED isolation level, do not attempt to access a
	clustered index record that has been marked for deletion.

2010-01-13	The InnoDB Team

	* buf/buf0buf.c:
	When disabling the adaptive hash index, check the block state before
	checking block->is_hashed, because the latter may be uninitialized
	right after server startup.

2009-12-15      The InnoDB Team

	* api/api0api.c, include/api0api.h, innodb.h:
	Remove API function that is a no-op (ib_table_schema_set_temp_dir).

2009-12-02	The InnoDB Team

	* srv/srv0start.c:
	Display the zlib version number at startup.
	InnoDB compressed tables use zlib, and the implementation depends
	on the zlib function compressBound(), whose definition was slightly
	changed in zlib version in 2006. 

2009-11-30	The InnoDB Team

	* dict/dict0boot.c, dict/dict0crea.c, dict/dict0load.c,
	dict/dict0mem.c, fil/fil0fil.c, include/dict0mem.h:
	Fix the bogus warning messages for non-existing temporary
	tables that were reported in
	Bug#41609 Crash recovery does not work for InnoDB temporary tables.
	The actual crash recovery bug was corrected on 2009-04-29.

2009-11-19	The InnoDB Team

	* btr/btr0btr.c:
	Fix Bug#48469 when innodb tablespace is configured too small, crash
	and corruption!

2009-11-19	The InnoDB Team

	* data/data0type.c:
	Fix Bug#48526 Data type for float and double is incorrectly reported
	in InnoDB table monitor

2009-11-19	The InnoDB Team

	* CMakeLists.txt:
	Fix Bug#48317 cannot build innodb as static library

2009-11-12	The InnoDB Team

	* include/db0err.h, row/row0merge.c:
	Allow CREATE INDEX to be interrupted.
	Also, when CHECK TABLE is interrupted, report ER_QUERY_INTERRUPTED.

2009-11-11	The InnoDB Team

	* include/os0file.h, os/os0file.c:
	Fix Bug#3139 Mysql crashes: "windows error 995" after several selects
	on a large DB

2009-11-07	The InnoDB Team

	* row/row0sel.c:
	Fix a bug in row fetch reported by JonMeredith:,913,913#msg-913

2009-11-06	The InnoDB Team

	* row/row0sel.c
	When doing a unique search there is no need to fetch the next N
	records. This should speed up search a little too.

2009-10-29	The InnoDB Team

	* os/os0proc.c:
	Fix Bug#48237 Error handling in os_mem_alloc_large appears to be

2009-10-29	The InnoDB Team

	* buf/buf0buf.c, buf/buf0lru.c, include/buf0buf.h, include/buf0buf.ic:
	Fix corruption of the buf_pool->LRU_old list and improve debug

2009-10-28	The InnoDB Team

	* srv/srv0start.c:
	Fix Bug#41490 After enlargement of InnoDB page size, the error message
	become inaccurate

2009-10-26	The InnoDB Team

	* row/row0ins.c:
	When allocating a data tuple, zero out the system fields in order to
	avoid Valgrind warnings about uninitialized fields in

2009-10-15	The InnoDB Team

	* include/page0page.ic:
	Fix Bug#47058 Failure to compile on solaris 10u7 + spro cc/CC 5.10

2009-10-15	The InnoDB Team
	* srv/srv0start.c, srv/srv0srv.c, include/db0err.h:
	Add a new error code, DB_FATAL. This code now replaces some of the
	exit(3) calls during the startup phase.

2009-10-13	The InnoDB Team

	* buf/buf0flu.c:
	Call fsync() on datafiles after a batch of pages is written to disk
	even when skip_innodb_doublewrite is set.

2009-10-05	The InnoDB Team

	* buf/buf0buf.c:
	Do not invalidate buffer pool while an LRU batch is active. Added code
	to buf_pool_invalidate() to wait for the running batches to finish.

2009-10-01	The InnoDB Team

	* fsp/fsp0fsp.c, row/row0merge.c:
	Clean up after a crash during DROP INDEX. When InnoDB crashes while
	dropping an index, ensure that the index will be completely dropped
	during crash recovery.

2009-10-01	The InnoDB Team

	* api/api0cfg.c, include/srv0srv.h, srv/srv0srv.c:
	Introduce a new boolean config parameter "adaptive_flushing" which
	can be set to OFF to disable the adaptive flushing.

2009-09-28	The InnoDB Team

	* btr/btr0btr.c, buf/buf0buf.c, include/page0page.h,
	include/page0zip.h, page/page0cur.c, page/page0page.c,
	Do not write to PAGE_INDEX_ID when restoring an uncompressed page
	after a compression failure. The field should only be written
	when creating a B-tree page. This fix addresses a race condition
	in a debug assertion.

2009-09-28	The InnoDB Team

	* fil/fil0fil.c:
	Try to prevent the reuse of tablespace identifiers after InnoDB
	has crashed during table creation. Also, refuse to start if files
	with duplicate tablespace identifiers are encountered.

2009-09-25	The InnoDB Team

	* include/os0file.h, os/os0file.c:
	Fix Bug#47055 unconditional exit(1) on ERROR_WORKING_SET_QUOTA
	1453 (0x5AD) for InnoDB backend

2009-09-19	The InnoDB Team

	* fsp/fsp0fsp.c:
	Fix Bug#31183 Tablespace full problems not reported in error log,
	error message unclear

2009-09-17	The InnoDB Team

	* api/api0api.c:
	Fix memory leak reported by JonMeredith:,821,821#msg-821

2009-08-31	The InnoDB Team

	* api/api0api.c:
	Enforce NOT NULL column constraint during insert and update.

2009-08-27	The InnoDB Team

	* row/row0merge.c:
	Fix a bug in the merge sort that can corrupt indexes in fast index
	creation. Add some consistency checks. Check that the number of
	records remains constant in every merge sort pass.

2009-08-27	The InnoDB Team

	* buf/buf0buf.c, buf/buf0lru.c, buf/buf0rea.c,
	include/buf0buf.h, include/buf0buf.ic, include/buf0lru.h,
	include/ut0ut.h, ut/ut0ut.c:
	Make it possible to tune the buffer pool LRU eviction policy to be
	more resistant against index scans. Introduce the settable global
	variables lru_old_blocks_pct and lru_block_access_recency for
	controlling the buffer pool eviction policy. The parameter
	lru_old_blocks_pct (5..95) controls the desired amount of "old"
	blocks in the LRU list. The default is 37, corresponding to the
	old fixed ratio of 3/8. Each time a block is accessed, it will be
	moved to the "new" blocks if its first access was at least
	innodb_old_blocks_time milliseconds ago (default 0, meaning every
	block). The idea is that in index scans, blocks will be accessed
	a few times within lru_block_access_recency, and they will remain in
	the "old" section of the LRU list. Thus, when lru_block_access_recency
	is nonzero, blocks retrieved for one-time index scans will be more
	likely candidates for eviction than blocks that are accessed in
	random patterns.

2009-08-03	The InnoDB Team

	* api/api0api.c, include/api0api.h, innodb.h, tests/ib_dict.c:
	Enable the VARBINARY column type

2009-07-24	The InnoDB Team

	* api/api0api.c, api/api0status.c, include/api0api.h, innodb.h:
	Add a new function (ib_status_get_i64()) to the API that allows users
	to read the InnoDB system variables.

2009-08-11	The InnoDB Team

	InnoDB Plugin 1.0.4 released

2009-07-20	The InnoDB Team

	* buf/buf0rea.c, include/srv0srv.h, srv/srv0srv.c:
	Change the meaning of this parameter to signify the number of pages
	that must be sequentially accessed for InnoDB to trigger a readahead

2009-07-16	The InnoDB Team

	* include/univ.i:
	Support inlining of functions and prefetch with Sun Studio.
	These changes are based on contribution from Sun Microsystems Inc.
	under a BSD license.

2009-07-10	The InnoDB Team

	* srv/srv0srv.c:
	Change the defaults for:
	sync_spin_loops: 20 -> 30
	spin_wait_delay: 5 -> 6

2009-07-08	The InnoDB Team

	* srv/srv0srv.c, buf/buf0flu.c:
	include/srv0srv.h, include/log0log.ic, include/buf0flu.h,
	Implement the adaptive flushing of dirty pages, which uses
	a heuristics based flushing rate of dirty pages to avoid IO
	bursts at checkpoint. 

2009-07-07	The InnoDB Team

	* srv/srv0srv.c, log/log0log.c, include/srv0srv.h:
	Implement IO capacity tuning. The ibuf merge is also changed
	from synchronous to asynchronous. These changes are based on
	contribution from Google Inc. under a BSD license.

2009-07-02	The InnoDB Team

	* ddl/ddl0ddl.c:
	Do not rollback the transaction if the table create fails. Let the
	user handle the transaction rollback.

2009-06-24	The InnoDB Team

	Embedded InnoDB released

2009-05-30	The InnoDB Team

	* api/api0api.c:
	Return a meaningful error code when creating a table if the table
	name, supplied by the user, is not in 'database/table_name' format
	instead of asserting.

2009-05-29	The InnoDB Team

	* api/api0api.c,
	Add a function to return the API version number. The version number
	format is a 64 bit unsigned integer encoded as follows:
	| 16 bits reserverd | 16 bits current | 16 bits revision | 16 bits age |

	- If the library source code has changed at all since the last release,
	then revision will be incremented (`c:r:a' becomes `c:r+1:a').
	- If any interfaces have been added, removed, or changed since the last
	update, current will be incremented, and revision will be set to 0.
	- If any interfaces have been added (but not changed or removed) since
	the last release, then age will be incremented.
	- If any interfaces have been changed or removed since the last release,
	then age will be set to 0.

2009-05-28	The InnoDB Team

	* fil/fil0fil.c, srv/srv0start.c:
	Change ib_database_create() to create the database sub-directory
	relative to the data_home_dir setting.

2009-05-27	The InnoDB Team

	* api/api0cfg.c, include/api0api.h:
	Change the ib_cfg_set*() functions to return ib_err_t instead of

2009-05-26	The InnoDB Team

	* api/api0api.c:
	Fix a bug in the 1.0.0 release were INTs were stored incorrectly. The
	sign flag was being set incorrectly when converting the value to the
	storage format.

2009-05-26	The InnoDB Team

	* api/api0cfg.c:
	Change the default value of "log_group_home_dir" from "log" to ".".

2009-05-25	The InnoDB Team

	* api/api0api.c, include/api0api.h:
	Introduce two new types:
	  - IB_CHAR_ANYCHARSET		- Fixed width column with any charset
	  - IB_VARCHAR_ANYCHARSET	- Variable length column, any charset

2009-05-20	The InnoDB Team

	* api/api0api.c, include/api0api.h:
	Add an API function to list all tables in the data dictionary

2009-05-19	The InnoDB Team

	* ddl/ddl0ddl.c, api/api0api.c:
	Add a function to drop a database. All the tables are first dropped
	and then the database. If the tables are in use then the referenced
	tables will be put in a background drop queue. The tables in the
	background drop queue will be dropped once the reference count for
	that table reaches 0.

2009-05-19	The InnoDB Team

	* btr/btr0btr.c, btr/btr0cur.c, lock/lock0lock.c,
	include/page0page.ic, include/lock0lock.h, include/dict0dict.h,
	include/page0page.h, include/dict0dict.ic, ibuf/ibuf0ibuf.c,
	page/page0zip.c, page/page0page.c:
	Write updates of PAGE_MAX_TRX_ID to the redo log and add debug
	assertions for checking that PAGE_MAX_TRX_ID is valid on leaf
	pages of secondary indexes and the insert buffer B-tree. This bug
	could cause failures in secondary index lookups in consistent
	reads right after crash recovery.

2009-05-18	The InnoDB Team

	* btr/btr0cur.c:
	Correctly estimate the space needed on the compressed page when
	performing an update by delete-and-insert.

2009-05-14	The InnoDB Team

	* include/srv0srv.h, srv/srv0srv.c, api/api0cfg.c:
	Remove unused variable.

2009-05-13	The InnoDB Team

	* dict/dict0dict.c:
	Fix Bug#44320 InnoDB: missing DB_ROLL_PTR in Table Monitor COLUMNS

2009-04-29	The InnoDB Team

	* fil/fil0fil.c, include/fil0fil.h, include/mtr0mtr.h,
	Fix Bug#41609 Crash recovery does not work for InnoDB temporary tables

2009-04-23	The InnoDB Team

	* api/api0api.c:
	Fix a bug that prevented creation of compressed tables.

2009-04-23	The InnoDB Team

	* api/api0api.c, include/api0api.h:
	Add a function to convert error codes to strings, similar to

2009-05-13	The InnoDB Team

	* row/row0sel.c:
	Add row caching when fetching rows with row_search_for_client(). This
	change will fetch more than one row and cache it in the row_prebuilt_t
	structure to reduce CPU and locking overhead. This port from the
	plugin branch is different because in Embedded InnoDB we cache the
	rows in InnoDB row format, in the plugin we cache the rows in the
	MySQL row format.

2009-05-13	The InnoDB Team

	* api/api0api.c:
	Make the insert row code more efficient, we do a shallow copy when
	inserting rows and cache the dtuple_t instance in the query graph
	rather than creating it for each insert.

	Aggressive inlining of some frequently called API functions. The ones
	that are called from within the API implementation.

2009-05-12	The InnoDB Team

	* api/api0api.c:
	Add row caching when fetching rows with row_search_for_client()

2009-05-12	The InnoDB Team

	* api/api0cfg.c, tests/, tests/ib_cfg.c:
	Fix a bug when retrieving a string configuration parameters with
	ib_cfg_get(), reported in,584,584#msg-584

2009-05-06	The InnoDB Team

	* innodb.h:
	Remove the dependency on the config.h file generated by autoconf
	and CMake. API code assumes C99 compiler to work out the integer
	width. We make an exception for VisualStudio by using the __int8
	etc. instead of the standard aliases uint8_t etc.

2009-05-06	The InnoDB Team

	* innodb.h:
	Replace the public interface file api0api.h with innodb.h.

2009-05-05	The InnoDB Team

	* innodb.h api/api0api.c etc.:
	Allow users to set a callback function and the output stream to print
	the InnoDB error messages. Currently this callback function must be a
	drop-in replacement for fprintf().

2009-04-23	The InnoDB Team

	* include/trx0types.h:
	Define the logical type names trx_id_t, roll_ptr_t, and undo_no_t
	and use them in place of dulint everywhere.

2009-04-21	The InnoDB Team

	Embedded InnoDB 1.0.0 released
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