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libio-prompter-perl - Perl module to prompt for input, read it, clean it, return it…  more info»


Revision history for IO-Prompter

0.0.1  Fri May  1 17:34:17 2009
       Initial release.

0.001001  Tue Jun 22 05:39:09 2010

    * More documentation

    * Fixed README

    * Tweaked Makefile.PL and Build.PL

    * Fixed history completion (removed prefix)

    * Added 'dirnames' as a completion option

    * Allowed use of -number or -integer to specify numerically indexed -menu

    * Made $SIG{INT} handling transparent

    * Made constraints apply to -default value
      (and issue a warning if they aren't satisfied)

    * Added -DEFAULT option to override constraint checking

    * Added -keyletters option to extract guarantees and defaults
      from the prompt

0.002000  Tue Apr 10 17:25:54 2012

    * Fixed selection of menu items specified by non-single character
      (Thanks Chris!)

    * Tweaked varname in docs (thanks Salvatore)

    * Other doc fixes

    * Made default values echo when selected

    * Fixed -default value handling on -menu prompts
      (disabled constraint-checking on that case)

    * Fixed -keyletters example (-guarantee regex was wrong)

    * Allowed -key and -keys as abbreviations for -keyletters

    * Added -style and -echostyle features

    * Added: use IO::Prompter -argv

    * Improved -argv prompting

0.003000  Thu Jun 14 21:26:48 2012

    * Added lexically scoped automatic options
      (e.g. use IO::Prompter [-yesno, -single])

    * Fixes for -argv mode (especially filename completion)

    * Added -yesno => $count option

    * BACKWARDS INCOMPATIBLE CHANGE: Changed behaviour of prompt() in
      list contexts: now returns empty list on failure.
      Use C<scalar prompt @args> to get old behaviour.
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