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Upgrading from Debian Lenny to Debian Squeeze

KDE 4 applications on Debian Lenny use ~/.kde4 directory to store user settings
and data. However, this has changed in Debian Squeeze. Once kdelibs5 package is
upgraded (or multiple new lib* packages repace it), all newly started KDE 4
applications will switch to using ~/.kde directory for this purpose.

In order to avoid data loss, you should make sure there are no KDE 4
applications running when upgrading. It is also recommended to terminate all
running KDE sessions first.

You may use Kaboom, the Debian KDE Settings Migration Wizard, to migrate your
old KDE 4 settings to a new location. The wizard also features backing up of
exising KDE settings to protect your data if something goes wrong with upgrade.
Please refer to for more

Kaboom will start automatically when you start a KDE 4 session for the first
time after upgrade from KDE 3.5 desktop shipped with Debian Lenny. However, if
you only use individual KDE 4 applications, you will need to run Kaboom
manually. Executable is named 'kaboom' and it is included in the kaboom
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