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This example is a very simple example, showing how to use the Kokyu
dispatcher to dispatch command objects in a FIFO manner. The test
configures the Kokyu dispatcher with 3 FIFO lanes, each having a
different priority. Typically this would be done by an RMS scheduler
which assigns priorities to tasks based on the rate of tasks. To
ensure that the command objects enqueued in the dispatcher are
dispatched in the correct order, we enqueue the command objects and
*then* activate the dispatcher. Only when the dispatcher is activated,
the thread watching each dispatch queue starts running. 

To run this example, 

./test -p<fifo|rr|other>

The following is the expected output

Priority of command1 is 2
Priority of command2 is 3
Priority of command3 is 1
command 3 executed
command 1 executed
command 2 executed

Note that a lower number means a higher priority for the task.
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