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pkg://libmath-bigint-perl_1.997.orig.tar.gz:213533/Math-BigInt-1.997/  downloads


Rewrite project of Math::BigInt, Math::BigFloat.

(C) Copyright ..--- ----- ----- .---- - ..--- by - . .-.. ... .-.-.-

This package contains completely rewritten versions of Math::BigInt and

To test, unzip & untar package, then run

	perl Makefile.PL
	make test
	make install

See also ./examples for some example scripts.

See INSTALL for detailed help on installing these modules.

You can look on CPAN ( for modules that replace the
core math routines of Math::BigInt (look for Math::BigInt::BitVect, f.i.).

More information including HTMLified help are available under:			# project homepage	# benchmarks

Please send me test-reports, your experiences with this and your ideas - I love
to hear about my work!

Tels <>
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